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UNSTRUCTURED Field Experience Log & Reflection

Instructional Technology Department

Candidate: Teresa Tidwell

Joy Hatcher/Teacher/PLF

EAHS/Dekalb County
ITEC 7305
Dr. Padgett-Harrison

Part I: Log
(This log contains space for up to 5 different field experiences for your 10 hours. You may only need one! If you have fewer field
experiences, just delete the extra rows. If you have more than 5 field experiences, please copy and paste additional rows. Thank you!)

Date(s) 1
Field Experience Activity/Time PSC/ISTE Standard(s)
(Minimum of 3-4 sentences per question)


Research for Web 2.0 options and variations for a n in-service on
flexible grouping 2 hours
Prep for departmental in-service presentation 1.5 hours
Deliver Flexible Grouping using technology departmental in-service
1 hour
Review participant surveys regarding the in-service .5 hour
PSC 1.1, 1.2/ISTE 1a, 1b
PSC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5,/
ISTE 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e,
PSC 3.1,3.2,3.3/ISTE 3a,
3b, 3c, 3f
PSC 5.2, 5.3/ISTE 4b, 4c
PSC 6.1, 6.2, 6.3/ISTE 6a,
6b, 6c

1. Briefly describe the field experience.
What did you learn about technology
facilitation and leadership from
completing this field experience?
When leading other teachers it is
important to create positive atmosphere
because some of them may not want to
be there. Troubleshooting by having a
practice session in the lab or with the
computers you are going to use reduces
unexpected problems from occurring.

2. How did this learning relate to the
knowledge (what must you know),
skills (what must you be able to do)
and dispositions (attitudes, beliefs,
enthusiasm) required of a technology
facilitator or technology leader?
(Refer to the standards you selected in
Part I. Use the language of the PSC
standards in your answer and reflect
on all 3knowledge, skills, and
dispositions.) I had to know what tools
would best suit the in-service training
goals and objectives. I had to be able to
conduct the training within the allotted
time. I had to remain positive and
encouraging in order to handle resistors.

3. Describe how this field experience
impacted school improvement, faculty
development or student learning at
your school. How can the impact be
assessed? This in-service gave teachers
an opportunity to learn that flexible
grouping can happen when you use Web
2.0 tools and technology. They also
learned way to facilitate ELL learners
into a group successfully. I will be
giving this in-service to other