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Skate Out Hunger

December 4

Table of Contents

Meet the Team 4
Org Chart 5
Mission, Vision, Values 6
Needs Assessment 7
Goals and Objectives 8
Logic Model 9
Program Description 10
Marketing Plan 11
Financial Plan 14
Operations Plan 18
Animation Plan 21
Risk Management Plan 22
Evaluation Plan 26
Diversity Plan 28
Appendix: Risk Management 31
Appendix: Marketing 40
Appendix: Evaluation 49
Appendix: Financial 50

The Team

Group Org Chart

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9$1& :;5"$,-%<
75"<+5%& /%)1$,-% /%0"5>
B=5*<5#& CD$*8$,-% 9(-E
Mission, Vision, Values
To provide a safe, memorable, fun and successful charity event that promotes active living, character development, and
education to the families of greater Salt Lake community.
To raise awareness for a charitable cause and promote healthy lifestyles through family and community interactions.
We value charity, active living, sustainability, social justice, education, tolerance and respect.


The main focus of the program plan is to help the people of Utah on two fronts. The first is that 60% of Utahns are overweight or
obese. (Utah Department of Health, 2013) This is a focus for us, because this obesity can cause many health problems and can be
dangerous to those who struggle with it. Obesity can lead to many problems including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Coronary
Artery Disease, Coronary Vascular Disease, Heart attack and Strokes. In order to help with this we want to hold a free skate where
families can come and exercise together and try to develop a habit of physical activity.
The second is that 17% of Utahns are at risk of missing 1 or more meals a day, which is equivalent to about 472,00 people.
( Because of this, we feel it would be important to help raise food and awareness for
these individuals. Last year the Utah Food bank was able to raise 36 million pounds of food, or 28 million meals for the families of
Utah. Our goal of raising 100 lbs. of food will help toward the goal of feeding the needy families in Utah.
For this program we wanted to have an activity that encouraged people to become more active within their lifestyles to help them
avoid these health problems. The reason why it was important to do a family based activity is because the surrounding area in the
arena and the school is family based. The family aspect would also help to encourage one another to improve their physical health and
grow closer together in the process.

Goal 1: Increase the number of people from diverse and underserved populations who can participate in our program.
Create a Diversity/Inclusion Committee to research ways to encourage the involvement of these groups.
Provide information for an alternative mode of transportation to and from the event.
Educate volunteers and staff on intercultural competency
Post flyers in culturally diverse areas of the community.
Goal 2: Provide an opportunity for families to bond through recreation within the community.
Encourage people to bring their families.
Facilitate 2 or more family activities and games during the program.
Goal 3: Help raise monetary and food donations for Utah Food Bank.
Raise $200 and 100 lbs. of food for donation to the Utah Food Bank.
Goal 4: Encourage high activity level through skating related activities.
3 hours of skating time available.


- laclllLy
- lce SkaLes
- 1ables &
- Sponsors
- CharlLy
- 8udgeL
- 2 8eglsLrauon
- 6 Callons of
PoL Cocoa
- lree SkaLe
- 8efreshmenLs
- SeL-up/Clean-
- osLerlng
- llndlng
- 1hank ?ou's
- llnd a laclllLy
- LxlL Surveys
- CollecL
- Make Survey
- ConLacL
- LvaluaLe LvenL
- Make Walver
- Manage
- 3 Pours of
LvenL 1lme
- 8alse $200 for
- CollecL 100
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- 400 llyers
osLed wlLhln
- lnvolvmenL
lrom lamllles
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- LngagemenL
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uLah wlLh food

The program exists to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle by teaching and providing a safe and fun environment for
community members to skate and learn. Lastly, it exists to promote social justice. By teaming up with the Utah Food Bank we can
fight hunger and promote public service and awareness for the food banks mission. This fits into the emphasis area by engaging
people into a physical activity that will promote active living. It also engages our emphasis with age and disability by bringing in
families of all ages and thinking through the different ways we can assist and help those who may attend that are disabled.
Who: Students, faculty, families, and community members.
What: Family Skate Night
When: December 7th, 2013
Why: To bring families and community members together to have a good time and teach and educate those to a new activity.

The marketing strategy for Skate Out Hunger will be primarily done through word of mouth by those within the founding group. The secondary methods of
marketing will be through online presence and printed promotions. By using the previously mentioned methods of promotion we will provide the opportunity to
meet and exceed our goals.

Goals and Objectives:
o Communicate the value of Skate out Hunger and motivate the community to participate.
! Design a creative and fun logo that is unique to our event.
! Set a price that is affordable to families.
! Describe possible prizes to be gained in attendance.

o Advertise a fun atmosphere for families to get an opportunity to skate on the ice at the Maverick Center.
! Use a logo that is child friendly and specific to our event.
! Place posters in family frequent areas.

o Successfully promote our programs mission to community businesses to hopefully receive sponsorship.
! Travel in person to businesses around the community and describe Skate Out Hunger and its values and goals.
! Dress in a manner that is business appropriate.
! Provide solicitation letters to businesses to validate our requests,

Gain logo permissions:
o Food Bank: See Appendix A
o Grizzlies: See Appendix A
o Ice Skating Cow: See Appendix A

Develop graphics to assist in promotion and direction of event
o Poster: See Appendix B
o Ticket attachment: See Appendix B
o Prize attachment: See Appendix B
o Directional signs for the event: See Appendix B

Who is your target audience?
o Local families
o People of all ages, and ability levels
o The marketing team has worked to get word of the event out to the community. The target audience is anyone in the communities area, with a focus on

What are their needs and wants?
o Safe environment
o entertainment
o Value in their purchase
o The event focuses on providing a safe, memorable, fun, and successful charity event that promotes active living, character development and education to
the families of the greater Salt Lake community.

4 P's...
o Product:
! Grizzlies Hockey Tickets with accompanying ice skating time, promoting a food drive to assist the Utah Food Bank during the holidays.

o Price:
! $10
! The amount of the ticket needs to cover the cost that we are paying to sell the tickets.
! The tickets need to be priced low enough to make it affordable to families with multiple children.
! The goal is to raise food for the Utah Food Bank so the ticket needs to be cost effective so that participants will purchase and bring food to the
food drive.

o Place:
! On campus food drive with barrel at the Burbage Athletic Center
! Maverick Center Skate time and food drive
! Maverick Center Hockey Game and chuck-a-puck sales

o Promotion:
! Word of Mouth:
o All program founders will be given tickets to sell to their peers and acquaintances.

! Posters:
o Posted around East and West Village Apartments on campus.
This location was selected due to the large number of families that live there.
o Posted in buildings around campus.
Buildings were selected based on the amount of traffic that building sees during the week. The buildings selected for posters were
those that host more students providing a larger crowd of people to see them.
o Posted at grocery stores downtown.
Grocery stores provide a place to advertise to a large group of diverse people as they provide service to both families and individuals
of all ability levels.

! Online Presence:
o Skate Out Hunger will create a Facebook event that will let interested people know about the event. The details of the event such as
date, time, and place it will be held will be provided on the Page. Information on who to contact to purchase tickets will also be

! Ticket attachment:
o The Marketing team has developed attachments to distribute with the tickets, which will remind all of the participants of the food
drive planned for the Utah Food Bank.
o $50
! $0 to printing costs. All costs for printed materials were eliminated through personal connections.
o 45 Flyers
o 75 Ticket Attachments
o 21 Prize attachments
o 8 Directional signs
! $3.08 to Informational Posters
o $0.44 x 7 poster board
o $0 paint
o Total used $3.08
o Total remaining $46.92

o Ticket Attachments to be done no later than 12 Nov (3 weeks out)
o Flyers to be created and posted no later than 19 Nov (2 weeks out)
o Prize Attachments and directional signs to be designed and printed no later than 29 Nov (5 days out)
Information Posters to be drawn and painted no later than 2 Dec (2 days out)

The goal of the financial team was to oversee the budgetary spending and use of donation items. Over the course of Skate Out Hunger we
divided up funds to allocate for ticket purchasing and use in marketing and operational needs such as the team saw fit.
Prize Donations
During the planning stages of Skate Out Hunger, we approached several businesses in the area to ask for donations for items we could
raffle off. Many businesses agreed and we were able to secure over 20 items totaling over $600 that we used as raffle prizes at the event.
Donating Organization Item Priced Value
Hogle Zoo Water Bottle (4) $28
Hogle Zoo Backpack (1) $20
Cummings Cummings (2) $56
Hogle Zoo Zoo Tickets (5) $50
Hockey (1) $25
Costa Vida Gift Cards (2) $18
Sugarhouse BBQ Gift Cards (2) $30
Olive Garden Gift Cards (2) $10
Megaplex Movies Gift Cards (2) $12
2 Ilb. Coffee (2) $24
Utah Grizzlies Grizzlies Ticket Package (2) $216
T-Shirts (12) $120
Total: $609

Income Statement
Revenue $530
Expenses $624.97
Net Income ($94.97)

Balance Sheet
Cash $750
Chuck-A-Puck Donations $166
Prize Donations $609
Total Assets: $1,525
Ticket Sales $530.00
Marketing $3.08
Operations $91.89
Total Expenses: $624.97

Utah Food Bank
One of our goals for Skate Out Hunger was to benefit the Utah Food Bank by asking for food and money donations from the public. We
encouraged community members that attended our event to bring non-perishable food items to donate upon arrival. We achieved our goal of 100
pounds of donated food by receiving 132 pounds of food from the community.
Through the Utah Grizzlies Chuck-A-Puck program, we were able to raise $165.50 for donation to the Utah Food Bank to help fight
hunger in the state of Utah.
Volunteer Hours

SL Pours 1oLal
CcL 19-CcL
CcL 2-nov
Andrew Albers 0 0 0 2 1.3 0 1 1 1 3 1 10.3
kody uavls 0 0 0 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 4 14
!esslca larmer 0 1 2 2 3 6 3 7 8 10 4 48
!ames larnan 0 0 0 1 1 0.3 0 1 4 2 2 11.3
Samuel Creenburg 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 2 8 16
Mlcheal kesler 0 0 0 1 0.3 3 3 2 2 3.3 8.3 23.3
8ryan Lafeen 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 2 10 2 8.3 26.3
Sarah Malyn 0 0 0 1.3 1.3 0 3 4 3 3 3 19
kersLen Merry 0 1 0 2 2 1 3 2 3 8 6 28
ScoL Mlchle 0 0 0 0.3 1 0 1.3 1 3 4 2 13
Mark alrlLz 0 0 0 1 1 0 1.3 1 3.3 3 4 19
Chelsey Schofleld 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1.3 4 2 2 11.3
naLhon Scholz 3 1 3 4 3 7 10 3 3 0 7 48
nolan SLouder 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 0.3 3 3 0 12.3
Mlchaela Sulllvan 0 0 1 2 2 2 2 1.3 3 4 2 19.3
Maurlce 1alley 0 0 0 0 0 1.3 1 2 2 4 2 12.3

1he fllled ln squares show hours when sLudenLs were meeLlng wlLh ouLslde organlzaLlons.

Lvery SLudenL parLlclpaLed ln class as well whlch added up Lo a LoLal
of 273 hours!

CuLslde Class : 323.3

LngagmenL hours : 78 hours

ln Class :


Crand 1oLal: 600.3

Goals and objectives:
To work with each of the other subgroups effectively to accomplish the goals laid out by the entire Skate Out Hunger group.
To make the most efficient plan to suit the needs to operate a program
Work with the Maverik Center to acquire, setup, supervise, and take down tables for both the registration, and hot chocolate
Work with the Maverik Center to acquire, setup, distribute, and recollect ice skates for participants of the Skate Out Hunger
Assist in set up and supervision of all on ice activities.
Assist other groups whenever needed and possible.

Event Budget:
Pkg Foam Cups
Pkg Foam Cups
Hershey Kisses
Hershey Kisses
Swiss Miss Cocoa
Swiss Miss Cocoa
Swiss Miss Cocoa
Swiss Miss Cocoa
Pkg Napkins
Pkg Napkins
Bakery Cookies
Bakery Cookies
Pup Pot

Group/ Staff Member Conduct:
All members of the Community Recreation and Sport Management group will be expected to be friendly and assist participants in any
way they can. Members of the group are expected to be upbeat, professional, and to encourage family oriented fun while maintaining
a safe and organized event.

It is also vital that all members of the group/staff keep in mind that they are representatives of not only the Skate Out Hunger event,
but also the University of Utah as well. Furthermore, it is important to behave in a way that will encourage both the Maverik center
and the Utah Grizzlies organization to invite future University of Utah groups to participate in similar events.

Event Supplies:
4 Tables and 15 chairs will be provided by the Maverik Center and used to accommodate a hot chocolate/refreshment stand, skate
checkout station, and a registration table. They will be set up at each specified location and taken down in time for the Maverick
Center to carry out their pregame operations.
Hot chocolate, cups, and other refreshments and/or supplies will be purchased with the PRT programs allotted money and set up on
the day of the event in the specified location.

The program policies will work in accordance with both the Maverik Center Policies and the Risk Management group policies, which
will be outlined later in the program plan.
Financial and Registration Procedures:
In order to help people through registration a table will be set up at the designated entrance where tickets will be redeemed. Each
participant of the event will receive a wristband/stamp signifying that they have paid and are allowed to participate in the free skate.
All of the tickets that are going to be sold will be dispersed and accounted for by the Marketing Team. All ticket sales will be cash
only and the money will be given to the Financial Team to keep track of all purchases and income. All receipts for purchases will be
copied and the copies will be given to the Financial Team lead so that they can all be tracked.
Event Procedures:
In order to make sure that the volunteers are prepared, we will utilize the members of the group as a whole. Some of the members of
the group/staff have current CPR/First Aid and will be assisting in safety precautions and procedures throughout the event, while other
members of the group/staff have current food handlers permits, and will be in charge of providing and maintaining the hot chocolate
station. Remaining members of the group/staff will be briefed on the facilitys procedures and will be expected to assist those with
certification in any way they can. It has been agreed upon that members of each station will rotate through each station when possible
in order to experience different aspects of the event.
Registration and Check-In Table.
1 table will be set up with 2 chairs at the designated entrance located near the Utah Grizzlies corporate offices. Participants
will check in here, pay if necessary, receive wristbands, and be directed to the skate checkout station. Jessica and Jimmy will
start at this station but, as previously stated, all group members will be briefed on waiver and registration information allowing
for the rotation of group members throughout each station at the event.
Skate Checkout Table.
1 table will be set up in front of a designated locker room provided by the Maverik Center with 2 chairs for group/staff
members. The mobile skate cart will be set up here as well, and skates will be distributed to all participants with a wristband.
Participants will also be allowed to leave their shoes, coats, and other items in the locker room provided. Again, all members
of the group/staff will be briefed on each station and will be allowed to rotate through each station when possible.
Refreshment and Rest Area.
2 tables and all remaining chairs will be set up in the designated area located next to the ice. This area will be used to serve
participants hot chocolate and cookies, and as a rest area for participants to sit and relax. Sarah will be in charge of the
refreshment portion of this station as she has the proper food handler certifications. Because Nolan has First-aid/ CPR
certification, he will also be stationed here due to the proximity to the ice. Finally, a minimum of two other members will be
expected to be at this station to assist participants on and off the ice.
On Ice.
It is important that there are always at least 2 members on ice at all times to ensure the safety of the participants on the ice.
Micheala will be on ice taking pictures and helping shoot video for the event. Relay races and other mini games will be
organized by staff/group members, if so desired by the participants of the event. Mini games will be a voluntary portion of the
on ice activities, and the rink will be divided to accommodate both open skate and organized mini games if necessary.
Remaining members of the group will be roaming the event and assisting group members at stations in anyway they can. This
will allow for smooth transition of group members from station to station, and provide coverage of any issues that may arise
during the event.

Animation Plan

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H(1$"IJK"$%)"( E5>: 8L .*$$"+ #$3'
)&" M8$. *(1 .$5(4 )3 F*7"$5>: 0"()"$
9*$*& *$$57"% *) F*7"$5>: >"()"$ )3 %")
8L $"#$"%&'"() )*.+"N 2") &3) I*)"$ #3$
&3) >&3>3+*)"O 3L"( >33:5"%O '*:" %8$"
*$"* 5% %*#"N
F*8$5>" *$$57"% *) F*7"$5>: >"()"$ )3
%") 8L %54(% *) "()$*(>"O )*.+"% *(1
*$38(1 )&" $5(:N
K31P *$$57"% *) F*7"$5>: >"()"$ )3 %")
8L %54(% *) "()$*(>"O )*.+"% *(1 *$38(1
)&" $5(:N H+%3 '*:" %8$" %:*)"% *$" %")
8L *(1 $"*1P #3$ L*$)5>5L*()% )3 8%"N
9*'JF5>&*+"* *$$57"% *) F*7"$5>:
>"()"$ )3 %") 8L )*.+"% *(1 >&*5$%N
Q"%%5>* *$$57"% *) F*7"$5>: >"()"$ )3
%") 8L %54(% *) "()$*(>"O )*.+"% *(1
*$38(1 )&" $5(:N
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,* -,"!#./0
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,* -,"!#./0
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,* -,"!#./0
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,* -,"!#./0
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,* -,"!#./0
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,*
!"!#$%&! &!!() *% +! ,*
9*$*& I5++ '*:" %8$" "7"$P)&5(4 5% %")
8L *(1 $"*1P )3 43 #3$ L*$)5>5L*()%N
F*8$5>" *(1 F*$: I5++ '*:" %8$" )&"
.*$$"+ 3# #331 5% .P )&" $"45%)$*)53(
)*.+"N ;*7" )&" $*##+" )5>:")% $"*1PO *%
I"++ *% * %54( "GL+*5(5(4 #3$
L*$)5>5L*()% )3 R8%) L8) )&"5$ L&3("
(8'."$ 3( )5>:")N
S*)" *(1 Q5''P '*:" %8$" "7"$P)&5(4
5% $"*1P )3 43 #3$ L*$)5>5L*()% )3 >3'"
5( )&" 133$N T$5%).*(1%O %54(%O '3("P
.3GO ")>NU )&"P I5++ ." I$5%) .*(15(4O
&*75(4 L*$)5>5L*()% #5++ 38) I*57"$%O *(1
"GL+*5(5(4 "7"$P)&5(4 435(4 3(N
9>3)) '*:"% %8$" "7*+8*)53(% *$" 3(
)&" )*.+" .P )&" "G5) *(1 &*% "7"$P)&5(4
%") 8LO %8>& *% )&" >*(1P #3$ )&"
>&5+1$"(V% "7*+8*)53(O L"(%O %&"")%O ")>N
K31PO H(1$"I*(1 S3+*( &*(1 38)
%:*)"% )3 L*$)5>5L*()%
K"$%)"(O 9*'O Q"%%5>* *(1 F5>&*+"*
(""1 )3 ." 3( 5>" )3 &"+L
L*$)5>5L*()% %:*)"N
M$P*( I5++ ." I*+:5(4 *$38(1 '*:5(4
%8$" "7"$P)&5(4 5% 435(4 *>>3$15(4 )3
0X6HS YEB 9*$*& I5++ >+"*( 8L +"#)37"$
&3) >&3>3+*)"O >33:5"% *(1 I5++ 18'L
38) "G>"%% I*)"$ #$3'L3)N F*:" %8$"
)&" *$"* 5% >+"*(O %I"L) *(1 I5L"1
0X6HS YEB F*8$5>" *(1 F*$: I5++ L8)
*++ )&" $*##+" )5>:")% )&*) &*7" (8'."$%
3( 5) 5()3 .*4N F37" )&" #331 .*$$"+ )3
)&" '*5( "()$*(>"N
0X6HS YEB S*)" *(1 Q5''P I5++ >+"*(
8L $"45%)$*)53( )*.+"N -&$3I38) %54(%
)&*) (3 3(" I*()% )3 :""LN Q"%%5>* I5++
.$5(4 '3("P )3 Z*>& [Y)*& 2$5\\+5"%]N
0X6HS YEB 9>3)) I5++ >3++">) *++ )&"
"7*+8*)53(% )&*) &*7" .""( >3'L+")"1N
;" I5++ *+%3 >38() )&" *'38() 3# >*(1P
+"#) #3$ )&" >&5+1$"(V% "7*+8*)53(N
0X6HS YEB K31PO H(1$"I*(1 S3+*(
I5++ L8) *I*P *) )&" %:*)"% )&*) )&"
L*$)5>5L*()% 8%"1 *(1 .$5(4 )&" %:*)"%
.*>: )3 I&"$" I" #5$%) 43) )&"'#$3'N
0X6HS YEB K"$%)"(O 9*'O F5>&*+"*
*(1 Q"%%5>* '37" L3%)"$% #$3'
*$38(1 $5(:N F*:" %8$" )&"$" 5% (3
4*$.*4" *$38(1 $5(:N
M$P*( I5++ 37"$%"" "()5$" 3L"$*)53(N
!"!#$%&! -!!* ,* /67/08,857/0
*,+9! .&).(! %: ;,-!< )=> ?> @AB@C8?8
!"!#$%&! -!!* ,* /67/08,857/0
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!"!#$%&! -!!* ,* /67/08,857/0
*,+9! .&).(! %: ;,-!< )=> ?> @AB@C8?8
!"!#$%&! -!!* ,* /67/08,857/0
*,+9! .&).(! %: ;,-!< )=> ?> @AB@C8
Q24R5- ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#* ;,-! )*,#*
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3 &"+L
>+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3 &"+L
>+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3 &"+L
>+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3 &"+L
>+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3 &"+L
>+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3
&"+L >+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
67"$P3(" 43 13I( )3 )&" $5(: )3
&"+L >+"*( 8L )&" >&8>:_*_L8>:N
9*$*& 43"% )3 >38() *(1 $">"57" )&"
>&8>:_*_L8>: '3("PN
F*$: 43"% )3 >38() *(1 $">"57" )&"
>&8>:_*_L8>: '3("PN
U2445- !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG !"!&* .) %"!#V *=NG >K PK AKNG
2$38L F"'."$% 9*$*& F*8$5>" JF*$: S*)" JQ5''P 9>3)) H(1$"IO K31P *(1 S3+*( 9*'O K"$%)"(O Q"%%5>* *(1 F5>&*+"* M$P*(
9:*)" <8) ;8(4"$ 9L3$)% F*(*4"'"() J03''8(5)P !">$"*)53(

The risk management plan was compiled with the assistance of the Maverik center in order to minimize as many risks as
possible during this event.

The risk management team started, by coming up with goals and objectives to help us achieve our goal. The goal of the risk
management team is to create an efficient plan, which analyzes all aspects of the event and venue that may be susceptible to any and
all forms of risk.

Our risk management team will achieve this goal by completing a walk thru of the venue to ensure that we can cover all forms of risk.
We are also focused on following and enforcing all Maverik Center safety and security protocols in case of an emergency situation.
Following each of these steps will help us to reach our goal to avoid the risks associated with planning and carrying out a program

During the walk thru of the Maverik Center the risk management team compiled a list and photos (see photos below) of the possible
risks associated with this program plan and then put together a plan to avoid the risk and how we will handle it when it comes. This
plan is as follows:

1. Due to the dangerous nature of ice-skating, a plan for minimizing and avoiding risk must be in place. In this section, we have listed
a variety of probable risk.
Some of the more probable risk involved would consist of injuries resulting from falling on or around the ice. A number of
injuries, both minor and serious could consist of possible broken bones or limbs, cuts, bruises, and contusions. Also, a
participant falling on the ice and hitting their head could result in concussion like symptoms, a split open head and loss of
consciousness. These injuries have the potential to become even more serious in the event that paralysis or other serious
trauma happens. Similarly, injuries from running into the hockey protection walls or from bumping into other participants on
the ice could result in these types of injuries as well.
While people are wearing ice skates around the facility, tripping and slipping is a real hazard to the participants. Should
someone venture from the special rubber non-slip mats, possible injuries such as bruises, broken bones, concussion, pulled
muscles and other strains could result.
Should someone venture into unauthorized areas where dangers and hazards exist, injuries resulting from tripping, falling,
hitting their head, or from tinkering with various maintenance equipment could result in injuries such as concussion, cuts,
lacerations, loss of limbs or other serious injury.
Another probable risk could come from the risk of elevated heart rates or exertion, resulting in heart attack, stroke, exhaustion
or dehydration.
Other possible injuries/situations could involve people being burnt by hot chocolate that is served too hot, or by people
choking on donuts or other refreshment. Also, food poisoning by improper food handling is a real possibility.
The possibility of someone bringing a dangerous weapon or substance is always a possibility at events where a large number of
people gather. Injuries from an incidence like this could be devastating and possibly fatal, should someone get a weapon or
dangerous substance into the building

2. In this section, we address the potential identified risks and our plan to minimize them.
Minimizing the risk involved in ice skating would come from a few different plans and procedures. In order to minimize the
risk of people being injured while entering and leaving the ice, we will position staff at the entrance to assist participants in any
way possible. This will provide warning and assistance to minimize the dangers of getting on the ice. While people ice-skate,
we are going to minimize the on-ice risk by staffing personnel on the ice to ranger and regulate horseplay and misconduct
while promoting safety practices at the same time. This should minimize on-ice dangers while promoting a safe ice-skating
experience. Should someone be injured on or at the ice, we have placed and positioned staff with proper First-Aid and CPR
certification to treat cuts, broken bones, bruises, concussions and contusions. The abovementioned First-Aid and CPR staff
must also be comfortable working on and around ice. Because of this, it is very important that the assigned First-Aid and CPR
staff have previous ice-skating or on-ice experience. Should the other serious on-ice injuries such as paralysis and loss of
consciousness occur, our First-Aid and CPR certified staff has been trained to secure the patient and call 911, dispatching the
proper emergency medical service technicians to get them to the hospital.
Because people will be wearing ice-skates in a number of different places in the facility, the floor will be properly covered in
non-slip rubber mats made especially for ice-skates. Much of the risk will be minimized by ensuring that all of the mats are in
place, however, other risk of people going off of the mats and slipping can be properly minimized by using a series of ropes
and barriers that will control the participants from leaving the safe zone. Staff will be in place to properly setup and control
these boundaries throughout the event in order to minimize the risk most efficiently.
At the Maverik Center, there are a number of dangerous areas and risks surrounding the ice access. In order to minimize and
eliminate the risk that someone could venture into one of these areas full of hazards, we will need to setup and maintain
boundaries around these areas. Barriers made of rope and fence will help separate these areas from participants. However, staff
will play a large role in ensuring that risk around these areas is minimized.
Because ice-skating is a form of exercise, elevated heart rate and possible exhaustion will be present. Our CPR and First-Aid
certified staffing will play a role in looking for those looking to be overly exerted and overheated. Should someone exhibit
these symptoms, First-Aid staff will go into preventative type care, minimizing the risk that more serious injury could occur.
Serving hot chocolate and donuts carries some risk and danger with it. To minimize the risk that dangerously hot, hot chocolate
is served, food service staff will be in charge of double-checking serving temperature prior to service. Because donuts can
become a choking hazard to those participants that partake, First-Aid and CPR certified staff will be on-hand and ready to
deploy in the event that someone begins to choke on their food. Also, it is important that all food/refreshment service staff
have proper food handling certification in order to prevent food poisoning. Should food poisoning occur during the event,
First-Aid staff will create an area for initial food poisoning treatment; including nausea and vomiting control, preventing
dehydration and contacting the proper emergency medical technician services.
Because the possibility of someone bringing in a dangerous weapon or substance is real, we will be staffing the registration
table with security personnel that are responsible for scanning every participant for any of the prohibited items or any outside
liquids (food or drink as well) listed below on the Maverik Center safety and security protocols. Doing this will minimize the
possibility that someone will bring a weapon or dangerous substance inside the facility.

In order to make sure that we are able to keep our guests safe and give them the best experience possible, we have put together an
organization for how the supervision will be handled both on and off ice. They have been laid out in the following manner to make
sure that all areas of the arena are covered for the program.
Jimmy will be at the registration table to provide event security, information, Maverik Center/event policies, and
liability waivers. (See copy of Maverik Center liability waiver below)
Nolan will be at/on the ice-rink during the event to offer safety and security to ice-skaters as they come and go.
Risk management will provide an on-ice skating ranger to ensure safety and security on the ice.
Nathan will provide risk management assistance by hovering around the facility in order to provide event safety and
security, in addition to providing help and event information.
First-aid and CPR certified personnel will be staffed and located just off the ice.
Other student event staff members can be made available to assist as necessary.
All Maverik Center Rules will be posted at the registration table. (See Maverik Center Safety and Security protocols below)
During event setup, risk management will follow a specific risk management checklist to ensure that nothing has been missed
or forgotten. (See risk management checklist below)

! All liability is transferred to The Maverik Center
! This is done via the Maverik Centers Liability Waiver (See Appendix)

Lost/Stolen Items Liability
! Personal items lost/stolen waiver will be posted in the locker room, seating area and at the registration table. Skate Out Hunger
and The Maverik Center are not liable for any lost/stolen items. (See Appendix)

Photography Release and Waiver
! Provide a posted bulletin at the registration table stating that participation in this event waives and releases their consent for
Skate Out Hunger has the right to use their picture, portrait or photograph. (See Appendix)

The evaluation team has come up with 2 goals that will help us reach the goal of providing a safe, memorable, fun and successful
charity event that promotes active living, character development and education to the families of greater Salt Lake community. These
goals are listed below:
Goal 1: Create an evaluation plan that allows for each team goal to be assed and addressed
Goal 2: create an overall assessment that will display and explain what happened in the event, what went well and recommendations
for the future.
Below are the event goals that we plan to address and evaluate through the survey and observation.
Goal 1:
-Increase the number of people from diverse and underserved populations who can participate in our program.
-Create a Diversity/Inclusion Committee to research ways to encourage the involvement of these groups.
Goal 2:
-Provide opportunity for families to bond through recreation within the community.

Goal 3:
-Help raise food donations for Utah Food Bank.
-Raise $200 and 100 lbs. of food for donation to the Utah Food Bank.

Goal 4:
-Encourage high activity level through skating related activities.

In order to measure our how effective our plan was and how much food we were able to raise for the Utah Food bank we will use a
survey that will be handed out during and after the program. In order to get as many people as possible taking the survey, we will enter
a ticket in a prize drawing for each survey that is taken.
We will also be encouraging individuals to bring a canned food item by entering them into a prize drawing for each item of food that
they bring to the event. This will help us to reach our food goal of 100 lbs.
We will be using different ways to collect data; through observations, counting and a survey. The survey includes both quantitative
and qualitative data that will address the event.
In conclusion we were able to accomplish most of what we wanted. According to the data we were able to get families to the event to
spend time together. We were also able to make the make the event one that promoted and encouraged exercise. According to the
responses most participants felt like this was a physical activity that caused their heart rate to increase. We also collected 132 lbs of
canned goods, which was above our goal. Our logic model was followed closely and we were able to complete all that we had written
down and in a timely matter. The group was well-organized and prepared when event day come. Set up and take down went smoothly
and overall the entire event was a success.
The one area we could have done better was marketing and selling tickets. Unfortunately we did not have very many people show up
and therefore the data collected was little. One way we could improve participation numbers is advertising more and going to different
organizations to sell more tickets. We could even find a way to reduce the price of the tickets.
The feedback we received to help improve the event was to have better refreshments. Most participants suggested that the cookies be
softer. Some participants also suggested that we have walkers for smaller children to be able to hang on and ice-skate. This would
allow more people to be on the ice and have fun. The group noted these suggestions for future events similar to the Skate Out Hunger.

Age: Infants to seniors
Infants and toddlers under 2 years of age:
Face painting, off-ice activities, refreshments, art station.
Young children (ages 2-7):
Ice skating with parents, use walkers, meet players
Childhood (ages 7-11):
Ice skating, relay races
Adolescence (ages 11-18):
Age group specific competitions, play music, learn new skills
Emerging adulthood (ages 18-25)
Family skating, charity, info on participating in drop-in ice sports.
Middle adulthood (ages 26-40)
Info on how to get families/kids involved how to sign up for hockey or figure skating, lessons, curling, drop-in hockey, speed
Older adulthood (ages 41-60)
Ice skating, info on lessons and age appropriate activities, spectating
Seniors (ages 61+)
Ice skating, spectating
Age: Additional Considerations
Age-appropriate prizes for drawing and competitions
Is special equipment necessary?
Yes. Walkers and wheelchair access to ice.
Do the facilities offer space that can be used for spectators, babysitting, nursing, etc.?
Yes. There are benches for spectators, family changing rooms, restrooms, and private spaces for nursing.
How will you utilize spaces appropriately?
Locate off-ice activities in distinct areas; try to get as many people as possible on ice.
Provide a checklist of ADA requirements and facility analysis.
Understand and accommodate ice-skaters of all ability levels and types.
Provide safety measures for all ability levels.
Locate and provide accessible/usable skate equipment.
Address necessary accessibility and usability issues.

Appendix: Risk Management
Maverik Center Liability Waiver


Skate Out Hunger and the
Maverik Center are in no way
responsible for lost, missing,
stolen or damaged items.

Photography Rel ease [Pl ease Read]

Photographs and video may be taken at any time during
Skate Out Hunger at the Maverick Center. Your
attendance at Skate Out Hunger will constitute your
irrevocable consent to be photographed, videotaped and
recorded. It will also constitute your irrevocable consent
to the use of your likeness and/or that of your
child/children and/or family, whether through the use of
photographs, film, videotape, or other media and your
waiver of any compensation or permission for such use.
By this consent, your likeness may be used in
publications, literature, the internet, or other visual
means that Skate Out Hunger may choose to promote
the event and its activities.

Maverik Center Safety and Security Protocols
! All liability is transferred to The Maverik Center
! First Aid:
o The Maverik Center has a fully operational first aid station located in the underground tunnel, west of the front office
entrance. Another first-aid station is located at the northeast corner of the main concourse, behind section 104.
! Emergency Evacuation:
o In the event of an emergency, The Maverik Center staff will assist patrons with the evacuation of the building or call
911 immediately and document the incident.
! Prohibited Items inside the Facility:
o Weapons of any kind
o Long chains, studded spikes, (some jewelry subject to these guidelines as well)
o Fireworks
o Illegal drugs
o Outside food and beverage of any kind
o Bottles, cans and/or coolers
o Audio or recording equipment of any kind
o Laser Pointers, aerosol cans and noise makers

! Alcohol Policy:
! Parking:
o Paid parking (based upon availability) is available at the Maverik Center. Parking for Maverik Center shows is usually
$10.00/vehicle or $6.00/vehicle for Utah Grizzlies Hockey Games; however, prices vary by event. Contact the
Centennial Management Group Office for exact parking prices for each show at 801-988-8800.
! Facility Admission:
o No one will be allowed entry to a Maverik Center event without the appropriate event ticket or event credential. Many
Maverik Center events allow free admission to children two years of age and younger when accompanied by an adult.
However, the child MAY NOT occupy a seat. Please contact the Box Office at 801-988-8888 for information regarding
this policy for individual events. We reserve the right to refuse entry into the facility to anyone.
! Guest Conduct:
o In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, we ask that all guests be courteous to those around them and
abide by all Maverik Center rules and regulations. Any guest(s) engaging in improper behavior will be asked to leave
the premises. Guests attempting to re-enter the facility are subject to a trespassing citation.
! Guest Services Desk:
o The Maverik Center Guest Services desk is located on the main concourse behind section 122. Please do not hesitate to
ask one of our representatives or supervisors for assistance. If you have comments or suggestions on improving our
customer service, please visit the Guest Services Desk and fill out a comment card.
! Restrooms:
o Restrooms are located on the main concourse and club level concourse throughout the facility.
! Lost and Found:
o All found items are turned into the Security office. For all inquiries, please call 988-8800 and ask for the lost and found
! ATMs:
o ATMs are located in the Grand Lobby, main concourse, adjacent to the passenger elevators, and just outside Section
! Smoking:
o Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Maverik Center. At most events, a designated smoking section is available outside
the Grand Lobby entrance. For some events, no designated smoking section is available.
! Cameras:
o Restrictions on the use of still cameras vary by event. Please call in advance to get additional camera-policy
information prior to a specific show at 801-988-8800. Video and recording equipment of any kind are strictly
! Defacement of the facility:
o Any person observed de-facing, damaging or destroying facility property will be subject to prosecution and responsible
for monetary reimbursement for all damages.
! Drinking fountains:
o Drinking fountains are located on the main concourse and club-level concourse throughout the facility.
! Telephones:
o Public telephones are located on each level throughout the facility. A TDD telephone is available in the Grand Lobby.
! Elevators:
o Elevators are located at the southwest corner of the arena.
! Ticket Scalping:
o The re-sale of event tickets is not allowed on Maverik Center property. West Valley City scalping ordinances apply on
Maverik Center property. No smoking inside except in designated room
! Re-Entry:
o There is a "No Re-entry" policy in effect at Maverik Center. Exceptions may be made in the case of medical situations
and emergencies. Guests with medical emergencies should contact a staff member or supervisor for further assistance.
! Service Animals:
o Service animals are permitted inside the facility and must remain on a leash or harness at all times.
! Language:
o No offensive language will be permitted during this event.

Event Risk Management Checklist

" Risk management liability waiver forms in-place at registration table.

" Copy of Maverik Center event policies in-place at the registration table.

" Photo/image release notification in-place at front registration table.

" Check and ensure that lost/stolen items liability notification is in place at registration table and in locker rooms.

" Registration desk personnel in-place.

" At-ice safety personnel in-place.

" Security/safety rover personnel in-place.

" First-aid and certified CPR personnel in-place.

" Check that first-aid and CPR tools/supplies are ready and in-place.

" Check all event areas for loose obstructions and impediments.

" Check that all event areas are clear of dangerous clutter.

" Check parking lot for loose obstructions and impediments.

" Check that emergency evacuation plan is ready and in-place.

" Check restrooms for loose hazards and dangerous clutter.

" Check that all non-slip ice-skate floors are in-place and secure.


The Maverik Center Risk Management (see photos below)

! Item 1: Maverik Center: Main Entrance for Skate Out Hunger event
! Item 2: Lobby of main entrance for Skate Out Hunger. Registration table location.
! Item 3: Main hallway and access to the locker rooms and ice.
! Item 4: Skate Out Hunger lockers and skate changing rooms.
! Item 5: Main access to ice for Skate Out Hunger event.
! Item 6: Ice access and caution icy floor sign.
! Item 7: First-aid supply storage closet.
! Item 8: Maverik Center security search/safety sign posted in entry.
! Item 9: Maverik Center spectator risk management signage.

Unsafe Risk Management (see photos below)

! Item 1: Wheel barrow, shovel, garbage can and tripping hazards near ice entrance.
! Item 2: Tall step without booster to access event spectator area near ice.
! Item 3: Gas can, loose cardboard boxes and trash under grand stand and near ice entrance.
! Item 4: Loose, varied ice hockey equipment near ice access/entrance.
! Item 5: Zamboni and other maintenance equipment near ice access area.


Appendix: Marketing
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