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Published by Asim Raza Zaidi

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Published by: Asim Raza Zaidi on Jul 15, 2014
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SYED ASIM Address: A-14, Sector 11-A, North Karachi

Phone: 03112359749, 00922136042842
E-ai!: sasir"#$ahoo%co
'o achie(e e)ce!!ence thro*+h hard ,or-, dedication and coitent *!tiate!$ addin+ si+ni.icant
(a!*e to the or+ani"ation, creatin+ an o//ort*nit$ .or the or+ani"ation to +ro, and /ros/er%
MSc. (Wireless Communications! Uni"ersit# o$ %reen&ic' (on)on% 0K 1ro 2an 2009 to 2*!$,
2010, ,ith 3erit%
4ore S*56ects: Ad(anced 7ire!ess 4o*nications,
Ad(anced 3icro,a(e En+ineerin+,
Ad(anced 3o5i!e 4o*nications,
Strate+$ 8 3ana+eent,
Net,or- Per.orance 8 Adin,
9esearch 3ethodo!o+$%
:ndi(id*a! Pro6ect: Base Station Coo*eration +# Di"ersit# Tec'ni,ue%
9esearch ;etai!: so*nd -no,!ed+e o.: 2<, 2%5< 8 3< s$stes, Antennas, =ase
'ranscei(er Station, Pro/a+ation, 4oo/erati(e =%S 'echni>*es
Antenna ;i(ersit$ and its t$/es%
B.E (Electronics! 1ro NED Uni"ersit# o$ En-ineerin- . Tec'nolo-# /arac'i%
:n the $ear 1999, sec*rin+ <rade A

1ina! $ear /ro6ect: 3icro 4ontro!!er 8057 5ased ?ne to Ei+ht Ports @PA=AB, Pri(ate
A*tooti(e =ranch E)chan+e%
Interme)iate (0re1En-ineerin-! C$dera5ad 5oard, Pa-istan, in the $ear 1990, Sec*rin+ <rade A
Matriculation! Karachi 5oard, Pa-istan, in the $ear 1992, Sec*rin+ <rade =%
A*ril4 5678 to Marc' 5679! 7or-in+ in Netco /(t !iited Pa-istan as 91 En+ineer%
E:*erience an) 2es*onsi+ilities!
;ua&ei .o!!o,in+ /ro6ects ,ith <on- Pa-istan%
1%Net,or- Per.orance 3onitorin+%
2%Net,or- =enchar-in+
Per.ored ;ri(e test o. site .or ca!! ori+ination test, Cando(er
test 8 co(era+e test%
Sector s,a/ 'estin+ and .i) it i. re>*ired in the /ena!%
7or-in+ e)/erience o. 91 o/tii"ation so.t,are too!s *sed in
/!annin+ and dri(e test, !i-e: 3a/:n.o, Asset, Ato!!, 0-net, 'es,
Acti), and Panoraa etc%
So*nd *nderstandin+ o. 1or,ard and 9e(erse channe!
Antenna A"i*th and e!ectrica!Eechanica! 'i!t an+!e settin+s%
Settin+ ='S hei+ht as /er co(era+e re>*ireents, inii"e ca!!
dro/ ratio 5$ /ro/er Cando.. and Sectorisation%
1ine t*nin+ o. KP:Fs i/ortant /araeters !i-e:9)!e(e!,9)>*a!,
=E9, 1E9, 4E:, SG:
Dec4 566= to Octo+er4 5675! 7or-ed as a 44'H roo contro!!er in Sec*ritas sec*rit$ ser(ices
!iited 0K%
>e+4 566? to Dec4 566=! 7or-ed as a Shi.t 3ana+er in One Sto* Con"enience Store,
U/%*nder Tesco 3ana+eent%

Jan4 5667 to Dec4 566@! 7or-ed as Assistant Mana-er ,ith 3Es 3etate) P(t% Itd%
Karachi Pa-istan, in their E!ectrica! and E!ectronics ;e/t%
A+out 2es*onsi+ilities!
 'o st*d$ the e!ectrica! and e!ectronics circ*its E /!ans o. di..erent e>*i/ent .or .i)in+ /ro5!es and
*nderstand the ,ho!e /rocess inc!*din+ the PI4Fs Iadder, 1=;, and S'I ;ia+ras%
 'o re/air di..erent e!ectronic cardsEcirc*its and a!so a//!$ soeties re(erse En+ineerin+%
 'o desi+n !o+ic .or (ario*s sensin+ and contro!!in+ de(ices%
 Kee/ record o. a!! doc*entation re+ardin+ to :S? 9002% A!so -ee/ the record o. s/are co/onents%
 3aintenance o. co/*teri"ed E PI4 5ased s$ste, P4=s, ;4 and A4 dri(es
S:E3ENS: S7-200, 300,400 ,ith ;istri5*ted 4ontro! S$ste E'-200%I< 3AS'E9 K-200%
AIIEN=9A;IAJ s!c 5E03, 5E04%3:'S0=:SC:
ACBDC Dri"es
SIEMENS: 3asterdri(e H4, 34ESiodri(eE3idiasterESiore+ K, EUROTHERM: 590 ;4 8 690 A4%
LENZ: A4 ;ri(e, MITSUBISHI: Ser(o 4ontro!!ers
A+out Installation!
:nsta!!ations that ,ere carried o*t d*rin+ $ 6o5 a!on+ side .orei+n en+ineers are as .o!!o,:
 Printin+ achine 7-4o!o*rs,3a-e: Ha!et 9otoec @PI4 Siatic S5ES7-200, 300B
 Printin+ achine 8-co!o*r,3a-e: Ha!et 9otoec@PI4 Siatic S7-400B
 So!(ent !ess !aination achine @SIIB,3a-e: Ha!et 9otoec@PI4 Siatic S5ES7-300B
 So!(ent !ess !aination achine @SIIB,3a-e: S*/er 4o5i@PI4 Siatic S5ES7-300B
 E)tr*sion !aination 4-Ia$er,3a-e: =ie!!oniE;o!ci
Marc'4 7CCC to Se*4 7CCC! 7or-ed as internshi/ 3ana+eent 'rainee in A!!ied En+ineerin+ Itd,
Pa-istan% :n I< 'H, 'e!e(ision asse5!in+ and testin+ /!ant%
Dec4 7CC= to Jan4 7CCC! 7or-in+ e)/erience in Pa-istan 'e!e(ision 'ransission and
4o*nication de/artent as an :nternshi/ 'rainee%
• 7in98, AP, 3A'IA=, 3s ?..ice, Pac-et 'racer 5%3, Net,or-in+
• Attended 44NA 'rainin+%
E)ce!!ent co*nication 8 ,ritten s-i!!s in:
• En+!ish, 0rd*
• : *sed to 5e the ca/tain o. cric-et tea, d*rin+ the /eriod o. $ secondar$ schoo!%
• ?ther ho55ies are: 4ric-et, <$, and 9eadin+ 'echno!o+$ =oo-s%
• A(ai!a5!e on 9e>*est

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