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(2007) Radical Grace

(2007) Radical Grace

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Published by Dave Mendoza
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Radical Grace" available from DaveMendoza.com
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Radical Grace" available from DaveMendoza.com

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Published by: Dave Mendoza on Dec 01, 2009
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(2007) Radical Grace

I’m no perfect husband to my wife But I have a perfect God I don’t have a perfect house & man, you should see the car I drive but I have a perfect God And He’s all I need & all you need, too With Him there is nothing that we can’t do & know everything’s alright Cause His perfect care cares for me & you & His perfect strength will make all things new & love us, imperfect as we are Cause what greater thing can a great God do Than give His own Son for both, me & you To show us that we’ve got a perfect God

1.) Desire

Hold me close, don’t let me get singed by the fire Hold me tight, don’t let me lead myself astray Keep me close, don’t let me drown in my desire Keep me near, don’t let my heart wander away Jesus, You know me better than I know myself I put on a show, pretend to be somebody else Haven’t we all believed those lies we tell ourselves Help me to be the one You want & no one else (Ch.) Beautiful daydreams, wishing the world were another place Imagining perfect scenes & all flaws gone without a trace But life cannot all be fun & bliss without hard times to face The greater the darkness & sin, the more the light shines with radical grace (Ch.) 2.) Perfect God I woke up this morning & once again I looked at the state that my life is in Beginning to wonder if it’s right Is this really the way that things should be Or have I failed God or’s He failing me? Then I hear His voice, “Not in your life!” (Chorus:) I don’t have a perfect life,

So I walk through my day & once again It’s me and my Savior holding my hand & I’m thinking, “Gosh, what a life!” For I can see beauty in everything & meaning & sense where before there’s been barely the hint of a glimpse of light (Chorus, last half twice)

3.) All I Want I've just gotta tell You, You're really the Best Compared to Your greatness, we're all just a mess To honor You means to be awesomely blessed All I want is You, forget about the rest So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, You're simply the Best Lord, what would I do if I didn't have You? I've said this before, but I've just got no clue Many are called but the chosen are few The few who know nothing else matters but You So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You

4.) Take Me Back (Sept.13, 2006) I poured my money into pockets with holes I stored up glitter for what I thought was gold Instead of wealth I've got a handful of stones and a sore spot in my soul I poured my water into cisterns with cracks I thought I had so much, turns out that I lacked the essence I lost somewhere along the track won't You please bring it back (Chorus:) Bring it back, bring it back, the one thing that I most lack Take me back, take me back to Your safe and golden track Keep me safe, secure on Your path so pure Help me stay on the attck Let me be quite sure that there's always more of You Lord Jesus, take me back I tried to sail the storm with boats that would leak Thought my own wisdom would be all that I'd need But now there's blisters on my hands and my feet and a shell that once was me I'd conquer Heaven with a stairway, I thought 'cause, after all, what's there that couldn't be bought? But all my efforts & attempts came to naught Your love's the thing I can't affort (Chorus)

(Chorus) If you’re better than Joe, Congratulations! Way to go! If you’re better than Jim, self-righteousness might be your sin Just remember, that little splinter In Jim & Joe’s eye, they’ll survive It would seem, that old beam In my own eye needs more attention (Ch.) 6.) It's Gotta Be I was (G) talkin' to the Lord about some things I'd said 'cause I (Bm7) couldn't really tell had they been good or bad Our in(Am7)tentions may so often be quite good and pure then there's (C) other times that I just wouldn't be so sure So, the Lord said, 'Honey, don't fret nor dismay, there's a simple little rule by which you've got to play And if you'll stick to it you won't go astray, What(C)ever you do, what(D)ever you say, It's gotta be (G) love. It's gotta be (Em) humble it's gotta be (C) true, kind, give peace to the troubled and sight (Am7) to the blind it's gotta set the (Bm) captives free and (C) most of all, (D) it's gotta be (G) Me So I went about my life & what life's all about and I stuck to the rule, followed that golden route Till a week or so later, must have sheer forgot and a nasty little thing to say slipped out The reaction wasn't quite what I had hoped it was And well, isn't that the way that it so often goes So I'm goin' back to Jesus, what He has to say Said "Remember what I told you just the other day?" (Ch.) So if you're some fellow who's quick with his lip Let me share this with you: don't let nothin' slip that you wouldn't want someone to have said to you and remember that Jesus gave this golden rule: (Ch.)

5.) Sinning Saint (Chorus:) I’m not better than you no matter what it is you do We’ve all blowin it, it’s true: I have surely messed up, too I’m not bad better than you I’m a sinning saint like you Some folks just can’t wait They’ve got to bend each bent line straight They see things black & white They’ve got to know what’s wrong or right But Jesus said, it’s best to wait To see what grows there: wheat or weed As much as we would like to be, Perfect’s not the way we emerge yet

7.) St. Francis’ Prayer There’s an old (D) song we used to (G) sing Called “All I (Bm) Want Is Serve The (G) King” God, how I long to feel that (D) way To want (G) nothing else but pour (F#/G) myself (Em) out for You (A) every (D) day I thought my foes had hoofs & hornes To vanquish each & everyone’s what I had sworn But no one came as close to putting out my fire As the most treacherous of all my enemies, my own desire (Chorus:) So, let me (Bm) give all I can (D) Let me no (Bm) longer seek to just re(F#m)ceive (A) Let me do (G)anything for any(D)one, any(Bm)where & let me (Em)pray with (F#/Dsus2) all my (G) heart (A) St. Francis’ (D) prayer Where there is hate, let me sow love Let me no longer seek to just be loved Where there is injury and pain Let me forgive again, again and again For it’s in giving we receive By letting go we find the treasures we most seek We’ll be forgiven as much as we forgive And it’s by dying that forever we live (Bridge:) Lord, (Bm) make me an instrument (A) of Your (D) peace (Bm) Let me bring light where (A) darkness (D) is Let (G) me, let (A) me (Chorus 2x) 8.) Anytime Any(E)time, any (F#m°) place, any(Asus2)how (Bsus2) You can tune in to heaven right now Anytime, any place, anyway You can find peace and freedom and All that you’re needing today Anytime, any place, anyhow You can tune in to heavenly music right now Anytime, any place, anyway You can find peace and freedom and All that you’re needing today

(F#m°) Maybe you feel (G#m°) tired & weak Or (Asus2) useless, growing (Bsus2) old Maybe you’ve been cheated by a lie that’s often told You don’t need to look that far for answers to it all Heaven’s right next door, if you need help, give us a call (Chorus) Feeling you’re forsaken & forgotten all along? Honey, there’s a whole new better world that’s coming on Just a drop of His elixir, and you’ll be renewed Tune into the station that is gonna see you through (Chorus) 9.) Winning Team I'd vote for you if you would run for president I'd have you elected as my queen I'd choose you any day over the government 'cause you're the sweetest boss I've ever seen (Ch.:) Cause, Baby, I think you & me, we are a winning team It's true, you see, you can have the driver's seat Cause all we need is love and unity and some humility for us to become a winning team The same goes for our brothers, sisters, all our friends who're with us, trying to change the world with love If we will stick together till the very end our King will find us joined as one when He'll come from above Cause brother, I think you... (Chorus)

10.) Judgment Day What is it that makes you try to avoid me? What makes you run and turn the other way? What is it that you just get so annoyed by Before there's even one word I can say? Why are you so afraid to hear me talking? And way too scared to look into my eyes? Exactly what's it you can't keep from stalking What makes you hide & put on your disguise?

Oh well, that's (D) just too bad that (C) you can't stand the (G) fire Too bad that you're allergic to the heat So sad that it's the truth you don't desire but you prefer to play your game of cheats Your pitiful addiction to the darkness has made you come to fight against the light In this life's play you've fogotten what your part is no longer able to tell wrong from right One simple choice from you could well reverse this and put you back onto a better way: the childlike act of saying 'yes' to Jesus and you'll be justified on Judgement Day What good is it when one man owns the whole world and finds himself afraid to face the light No pinball wizard failed to see "game over" No day failed to be followed by the night

Here He comes, here comes the Son We're all gonna be as one, as one, as one We're all gonna be as one when He comes We're all gonna be as one

12.) Now Now is the moment to touch and to feel You Now is the time to let You live in me Now to experience Your total realness Now I can know, I may trust, I must be Now You're as real as You ever will be Now I can taste You & know I'm alive Now I can tell You're always right here with me Now is the place in time I finally realize (Ch.:) Now & forever You're Power to heal us Now You're the Essence of all that we need Now we are clean through the Words that You give us Now we can be just as free as we'll ever be Now is the moment I want to live in You Now is as good a time as can ever be Now's the time to finally let go and let You Now You are here, so it's perfect enough for me Now - one more moment in service to my King Now's where the past and the future unite Now and each day I know You're Everything Happiness, comfort, bliss, love, warmth and power and light (Ch.) Now we can be just as free as we'll ever be

11.) As One (Am) Here (B/G) we (C) are, (F) we've come this (C) far (F) crossing that (C) bridge to the (Am) stars and Here we stand daring to defy (F) those who will (C) say that we (G) can't and here we walk, the few who believe that there's more to do than just talk and here we live, ready to die for the truth we must give (Chorus:) Ready to (C) fight an(G)other (F)day It's (G) time to shake off that (C) old, back(G)breaking (F) weight Stop paying the price that He already paid No use hanging on this way Here He comes, here comes the Son the Son and the Father are One and here we run, run to His arms we have only just begun and here we sing, we sing our song cause we belong, let it ring and here we stand because we can do no other than here to stand (Ch.) (G) Here (F) we (C) are, we've (G) come this (F) far Here we stand because we can do no other Here we sing, we sing our song cause we belong

13.) Today Oughtta be hittin' the road, oughtta be hittin' a load of folks out there today Got something stuck in my throat somebody don't want me to get anywhere today So I'm-a pull out my keys and I'm a-stickin' my sword in the face of the Enemy After all, am I free, or am I free, or am I free, or am I free? Free to go where He shows, free to be who my Lord tells me to be today Free to do what He says free enough to serve Him, free to obey

If I don't make any sense is it possible friends you have not yet looked God's way? But if you lend me a hand He can teach you to stand upon His rock today (Ch.:) Cause today is the day Love can show you the way and no matter what they do our say Today's the tomorrow you dreamed of yesterday the sun shines, a good time to make hay yes, today is a good day to live and a good day to give all you got, today Love is more than a pond, it's an ocean upon which we all can sail away it's as big as the sun & you can change anyone with just one of its rays Come & let's make a move, come & get with a groove, things are gonna be okay It's not a hard one to choose what have you got to lose, c'mon let's have some fun today

Although your outside’s shiny like a golden polished cow Am I gonna fall for you when all the others will do? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Cause in my heart there burns a flame that’s gonna put your pride to shame, A flame that’s even older than the fallen likes of you In my soul there glows a name that signifies the end of your game Satan, in the name of Jesus, I defy you (solo) Do you really think you stand a chance against the Master of the dance? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way!

15.) Forevermore I hear them say the words we read don't really mean quite what they say I hear them pray as if they don't expect an answer anyway I hear them say that God could not have made the world in 7 days I hear them justify themselves by saying "loving doesn't pay." I see them endlessly continuing their selfish, rotten game I see them point their crooked finger and yet never take the blame Why do they have to keep on killing, fighting, hurting, in His name? I cannot see how they'll escape from everlasting grief, contempt and shame Why do they have to keep on taking His most holy name in vain? Why won't they ever make attempts to put an end to all this pain? Why are they lying to themselves and to each other for mere gain? Why can't we be content with what we have, but murmur and complain? How can we say that we know better if our works don't show the same? Now is the day to break the fetters, strengthen the things that will remain

14.) No Friggin’ Way Would I trade my faith for your deluded ways of hatred? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Sell my life of freedom for a fake steak in the Matrix? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way! You can tell me all you want how life evolved in ancient swamps Repeat your mantras ‘til you almost fall for them yourselves Still I won’t believe a word of all your expert schemes I’ve heard enough of all of that so put your book back in the shelf Am I gonna bow down to your idol on the mount? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Take your mark into my head or hand for a discount? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way! Maybe I won’t be as brave then as I feel right now But I know my God’s gonna save me from your clutches anyhow You can tell me to behave, but I still think you’re so depraved

"Thou shalt not kill" was hewn in letters that we'd better read again How can we hope He'll come & get us before tribulation reigns? I cannot see, I cannot hear, I cannot speak, I'm powerless I only feel and mourn and pray and await that ancient, promised bliss When He that was to come will come again and restore righteousness And every nation on this earth will once again call itself blessed Then will that mountain fill the earth, nothing will hurt kill or destroy New life will be born from the ashes, sorrow will turn into joy His name and truth will then be known by each man, woman, girl and boy No longer will the tempter and his legions pester and annoy I don't know when or how but I know one thing is for sure That day will come when all the nations will be cured The project "man" will be renewed, revamped and totally restored The rightful Heir and true King, Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore

We’ll start again & play it from the top, the way it ought When You come, when You come Soon the sky will open like a tent You’ll beckon us to come on in And join the greatest wedding party there has ever been Oh, soon, we’ll finally make love not war The way we used to do before the fall of man & soon you’ll open up Your Kingdom’s door When You come 17.) Breathe Sweet, sweet, ever so much sweeter is to me the taste of your love When I breathe you in ever so much deeper Deep, deep, Your heavenly love I live, I see, my scope's so much wider Wide, wide as the heavens above (Ch.:) I breathe You in When I breathe You in Climb, I climb ever so much higher strive toward You with all of my heart and soul When I dive, dive into your golden fire that burns the chaff & yet heals like the sun I come to life, I rise from the ashes of what I was before I found the One (Ch.) I fight, I fight ever so much harder while light, ever lighter becomes every task You're my bright shining, ever so much brighter light shower me, in Your love I will bask I'm alright tonight as long as You hold me tight oh right within You to be's all I ask (Ch.)

16.) Soon Soon You will return and pick me up The sky will burn and time will stop All that we yearned for will finally start to come to pass And soon the curse will be removed again Then is this madness gonna end And we will finally be one and walk on hand in hand When You come When You come Soon You’ll wipe the teardrops from our eyes You’ll finally silence all those lies That we’ve been fed for centuries by the traitor, day and night And soon the world will finally wake up & be restored to what it was

18.) Everything Belongs II I was thinking if my life was going right or wrong wondering if things were okay as they are But then a sweet voice inside me whispered this song and a warm comfort entered my heart (Chorus:) Singing "Oooeee-yeah-eeyeah-eeyeah, Everything belongs! Singing ooeee-yeahee, come sing along Singing ooeee-yeah-eeyeahee, if everything belongs, how can there be anything going wrong? Worries are useless, let them be gone, keep your heart full of trust and be strong Through condemnation nothing's ever been won Tell your self-castigations to run" (Chorus) I could feel how my pride was egging me on: "You gotta get up & get something done!" But a voice in my weakness beckoned me to hold on Jesus called me, "Come, let us be one!" (Chorus 2x) Oooeee-yeah-eeyeah-eeyeah, Everything belongs! Ooeee-yeahee, come sing along Oooeee-yeah-eeyeah-eeyeah, Everything belongs! Oooeee-yeah-eeyeah-eeyeah I was thinking if my life was going right or wrong then you came in & sang me this song 19.) Wer bin ich (Lyrics: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1945)

(C) frei und (Ds2) freundlich und (Em) klar, als (G) hätte ich zu ge(As2)bieten. (C) (Ds2) (Em) Wer bin ich? Sie sagen mir (G) auch, ich trüge die (As2) Tage des Unglücks (C) gleichmütig, (Ds2) lächelnd und (Em) stolz, wie (G) einer, der Siegen ge(As2)wohnt ist. (C) (Ds2) (Em) Bin ich das wirklich, was ander(C)e von mir (Ds2) sagen? Oder (Em) bin ich nur das, was ich (C) selbst von mir (Ds2) weiß? Un(G)ruhig, sehnsüchtig, (D) krank, wie ein Vogel im (Em) Käfig, (C) ringend nach (Ds2) Lebens(Em)atem, als (G) würgte mir einer die (D) Kehle, hungernd nach (Am) Farben, nach (Em) Blumen, (G) nach Vogel(D)stimmen, (G) dürstend nach guten (D) Worten, nach menschlicher (Am) Nähe, (C) (Am) zitternd vor (Em) Zorn über (D) Willkür und kleinlichste (Am) Kränkung, umge(C)trieben vom (Em)Warten (C) auf große (D) Dinge, (G) ohnmächtig bangend um (D) Freunde in endloser (Am) Ferne, müde und (C) zu leer zum (Em) Beten, zum (C) Denken, zum (D) Schaffen, (Am) matt und be(Em)reit, von allem (C) Abschied zu (D) nehmen? Wer bin (Am) ich? (C) Der oder (D) jener? (G) Bin ich denn heute (D) dieser und morgen ein (Am) anderer? Bin ich (C) beides zu(Em)gleich? Vor (C) Menschen ein (D) Heuchler und vor mir (Am) selbst ein ver(Em)ächtlich weh(C)leidiger (D) Schwächling? Oder (G) gleicht, was in mir noch (D) ist, dem geschlagenen (Am) Heer, das in (C) Unordnung (Em) weicht vor schon ge(C)wonnenem (D) Sieg? Wer bin (Am) ich? (C) Einsames (D) Fragen (F) treibt (G) mit mir (Am) Spott. Wer ich auch (C) bin, Du (D) kennst mich, (F) Dein bin (G) ich, o (Am) Gott! Wer bin (C) ich? Einsames (D) Fragen...

(Em) Wer bin (G) ich? Endloses (As2) Fragen (C) treibt (Ds2) mit mir (Em) Spott Wer ich auch (G) bin, Du (As2) kennst mich (C) Dein bin (Ds2) ich, oh (Em) Gott (Em)Wer bin ich? Sie (G) sagen mir oft, ich träte (As2) aus meiner Zelle ge(C)lassen und (Ds2)heiter und (Em) fest wie ein (G)Gutsherr aus seinem (As2) Schloß. (C) (Ds2) (Em)Wer bin ich? Sie sagen mir (G) oft, ich spräche mit (As2) meinen Bewachern

20.) Bald Bald kommst Du zurück & holst mich ab in der Entrückung in der Nacht wenn Du das Glück nach dem wir uns sehnen vollkommen machst Und bald wird auch der Fluch behoben sein der auf uns lastet wie ein Stein wir werden endlich und für immer frei sein und vereint wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst Bald wischst Du die letzte Träne fort wenn wir Dich seh'n an jenem Ort an dem Du zu Beginn die Welten erschufst durch Dein Wort und bald wird alles Tote auferstehen und neues Leben wird erblüh'n und offenbar jedes Geheimnis das wir nicht verstehen wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst Bald - ein neuer Anfang für die Welt wenn die Zeit selbst plötzlich anhält & Du uns zu Dir rufst, hinauf in's off'ne Himmelszelt Und bald wird Frieden herrschen wo einst Krieg aller Hass von Sanftmut besiegt Wenn jedes Auge dieser Welt endlich Dein Licht erblickt wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst
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