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Ian Peers

(604) 375-5843
6531 McKenzie Dr
Delta, BC V4E 1P1

Delta BC, V5E 1P
“Ian works hard to create a positive and safe learning environment. While faced with a very diverse
learning environment, Ian approached the challenge with vigor and determination. Communication
with staff was and is professional and collegial” – Colin Sharpe, Sands Secondary School

0'-1%.'- .23-*4%53 – $6789:6;< .76=>?@ *A6 B 3>@ CDEF
4GH8>I 4J:K87L
• Selected for three week Community Field Experience as an ambassador of UBC
• Will be teaching special Canadian studies unit in an English-speaking German school

4*-M4 4'+#-M*"2 4+,##& – M7IJ>< N+ $79 B *A6 CDEF
4GH8>I 4J:K87L O< 4GH8>I 4J:K87L EE< !L@HPGIG;@ EE< &>Q EC #HJ B -GR CDES
• Student teacher for 13 weeks, teaching Social Studies 9 & 11, Psychology 11 and Law 12
• Jr. Boys Basketball team and after school Weight Room supervisor
• Co-organized field trips to BC provincial court house in Vancouver for Law 12

Teaching Highlights:
• Cooperative learning format to explore French Revolution in Social Studies 9; collaboratively-planned units and
a flip-classroom format for Psychology 11 (students view teacher lecture-video for homework, class-time is
used for group projects); student-created assessment portfolios for metacognitive learning

4'*U5*3 4'+#-M*"2 4+,##& – M7IJ>< N+ CDEC B ES
4GH8>IL 4J:K87L O +P>II7?;7 V 4GH8>I 4J:K87L EE
• Volunteered 105 hours at Seaquam Secondary School in a high-level Grade 9 Social Studies Challenge and
Social Studies 11 classroom under the mentorship of teacher Colin Sharpe

Teaching Highlights:
• Led engaging classroom activities and critical discussion; monitored classroom during individual and group
work, engaging with students in both contexts; organized and supervised field trip to local ecosystem, Burns Bog

&7>6?8?; *LL8LJ>?H7 +7?J67 – )7>HP76 *LL8LJ>?J 3>@ CDEC B W:? CDES
• Volunteered 140 hours at Seaquam Secondary School’s Learning Assistance centre, under the mentorship of
Bill Richards, Learning Assistance Centre director
• Worked in various group settings from one-on-one to classroom sizes
• Facilitated and assisted class-work, homework, organization and planning

Teaching Highlights:
• Worked with a wide range of learners from students with autistic spectrum disorders and/or behaviour disorders
to students with literacy difficulties, which facilitated my development in becoming an adaptable, multimodal

+G6?76LJG?7 !6G;6>= – )7>HP76 *LL8LJ>?J CDEC B ES
A program developed to help grade 8 and 9 students who have learning difficulties and or have fallen behind a
year in English or Social Studies

Teaching Highlights:
Assisting alongside lead teacher, Stephanie Staller, in developing student motivation and creating engaging
differentiated curriculum ; this challenging environment taught me how to motivate student learning and

(604) 375-5843| 6531 McKenzie Dr, Delta, BC V4E 1P1|
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Ian Peers
• Assisted and coached with James Johnston in annual Seaquam Summer Basketball Camp for ages 12 to 16
• Responsibilities include leading drills, evaluating skill levels and creating plans for development

Highlights: Conducted individual and group coaching sessions to analyze skills and assess areas needing

*LL8LJ>?J +G>HP GZ 47>[:>= .6\ O NG@L N>LX7J9>II J7>=
• Responsible for running and organizing practices, games and transportation during games and tournaments

Highlights: Motivated and coached players to achieve their full potential with a focus on goal-fulfillment

"'*+, +,%&M V M'T'&#!3'-) 4#+%')2 – M7IJ>< N+ *A6 CDES B !67L7?J
"7LA8J7 ]G6X76
• Respite Worker for local children with different autism spectrum designations
• Helped create life plans with several adolescents and integrated them into community recreational facilities
such as gym memberships and basketball programs

'M+*3! M'&)* CDEF – M7IJ>< N+ W>? EE
Discussed student-centered assessment, technology in the classroom and teacher-student collaboration

N+44)* +#-$'"'-+' – T>?HG:R76< N+ #HJ C^
Attended workshops by technology guru, Amy Burvall:
Choice and Voice: Cultivating a Personalized Learning Strategy for Assessment and Reflection
Once Upon a Hashtag: Storytelling with Social Media


5-%T'"4%)2 #$ N"%)%4, +#&53N%* – T>?HG:R76< N+ CDES B EF
BC Teacher Certificate & Bachelor of Education
• Teacher Professional Development Program; International Community Field Experience delegate

4%3#- $"*4'" 5-%T'"4%)2 – N:6?>9@< N+ CDEE B ES
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
• History Major, Counselling Psychology and Human Development
Notable Coursework: Social-Emotional Lives of Children

M#5.&*4 +#&&'.' – -7Q ]7LJ=8?LJ76< N+ CDD_ B ED
Associates Degree
• General Studies

• Backpacked through South East Asia in the summer of 2011, visiting China, Hong Kong and Indonesia
Experienced local cultures through personal interactions; learned the importance of education on a universal
• Ice Hockey and Basketball, coaching and provincial-level; Tennis; Hiking (recreational and guiding); Rock-
climbing; Snow-shoeing; Photography; Music (guitar); currently learning German