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Substance Associated Risk Risk to User Action Following Incident
Eye: Irrigate thoroughly with water for a minimum of 10
Calcium chloride 2- Irritating to eyes Irritation to Use of personal minutes. If discomfort persists seek medical attention.
hydrate eyes/skin protective Inhalation: Remove from exposure, in severe cases seek
equipment medical attention.
MSDS Ref: including safety Skin: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove and
VWR International glasses. wash contaminated clothing. In severe cases seek medical
ID – attention.
1007000 Ingestion: Wash out mouth thoroughly with water and give
plenty of water to drink. Seek medical attention.
Spillage: Mix with dry sand, transfer to container, arrange
removal by disposal company. Wash area thoroughly with
water and detergent.
Eye: Irrigate thoroughly with water. If discomfort persists
D-Mannose Not Classified as Low risk Use of personal seek medical attention.
dangerous protective Inhalation: Remove from exposure.
MSDS Ref: according to EC equipment. Skin: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.
VWR International Directives Ingestion: Wash out mouth thoroughly with water, in severe
ID – 3804800 cases seek medical attention.
Spillage: Clean affected area. For large spills liquids should
be contained with sand.