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System Maturity

Metric Value
System Integration Time 3 Weeks
Flight Testing Duration 4 Months
Number Of Full Mission Simulations 13
Average Mission Simulation Time 34 Minutes
Flight Time 550 Minutes
Autonomous Flight Time 408 Minutes
Auto Take-Off Attempts 46
Successful Auto Take-Offs 32
Auto Land Attempts 28
Successful Auto Lands 22
Target Identification & Classification
Search Area Target Capture Ratio 8.8/10
Mission Completion Rate 84%
Current System Setup Time 21 Minutes
Mean Cycle Time 3 Minutes
Backup Computer Terminals 3
Number Of Crashes 10
Number Of Hard Landings 16
Number Of Airspace Boundary
Number Of In-Flight RC Link Loss 0
Number Of In-Flight GCS Link Loss ???
Tested Operating Temperature Range 77 F 120 F
Tested Wind Tolerance 20 Knots
Man Hours Invested 2144 Hours