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Christ will hold everyone accountable

for the way they treat
the nation of Israel

Be honest. You probably believe most of the claims in the media and elsewhere
that the 'Palestinian' people have had their land stolen from them by Israel, that
they are being abused and persecuted by Israel, and that Israel is morally obliged
to give back some of its territory, including part of Jerusalem, to create a separate
'Palestinian' state?

If these claims are false, should you continue to believe them? Furthermore, if
there is a major factor that has a decisive bearing on the dispute and how it should
be resolved, a factor which the media never mentions, should you not know about
that also?

Read on and let us explain. It will only take a few minutes but it will likely
transform your view of the entire situation.

"For the LORD is our defence;
and the Holy One of Israel is our king."

Psalm 89:18

First, the ancient state of Israel was re-established and reconstituted under
international law from the territory redistributed by Britain and France after the
collapse of the Ottoman empire in 1918. Since the Jewish people comprised a
significant percentage of the population of the empire, they were entitled to a
corresponding share of the territory. The League of Nations approved a tract of
land for this purpose. This comprised the land of Israel as it is today AND all of
the land which later became the kingdom of Jordan. However the Jews were
cheated by both the Arabs and the British. As a result the land assigned to them
by the League of Nations was reduced to a mere 25 percent of what they had been
guaranteed under international law, half of which was inhospitable desert terrain.

Second, the Arabs expected the new state of Israel to be an easy target for
destruction. After all, it was little bigger than a half dozen Irish counties. They
launched a massive genocidal attack against her in 1948 but were defeated. They
did the same in 1967 and again in 1973. Remember these attacks were designed,
not simply to win some territory, but to utterly annihilate Israel and to kill or
expel her entire population.

The Arabs approved of the Holocaust in Europe and have long expressed the hope
of carrying out another like it in the Middle East. Alas, anyone who chooses to be
ignorant of these facts is effectively falling in with their plan.

Third, since direct military intervention did not work, the Moslem states decided
to turn world opinion against Israel by settling a large population of Arabs inside
Israeli territory and using them as a base for terrorist operations against her.

There is no doubt that the plight of these people known in the media as the
'Palestinians' is very real. They should have been resettled long ago in Jordan, a
country created by the British for all displaced Arabs in the region. Instead they
were driven out of Jordan and Lebanon by their fellow Moslems and forced to
become martyrs in the cause of Islam. In reality they are being oppressed and
sacrificed by Radical Islam for political purposes.

Fourth, there is no such ethnic group as the 'Palestinian' people. Even the Arabs
dont recognise their separate ethnicity and never have. When Jordan controlled
Judea and Samaria (the 'West Bank') in the period 1949-1967, it could have given
the 'Palestinians' their own territory but never did. Why? Because to them the very
idea was ludicrous. The so-called Palestinians are actually the descendants of
Arabs who were displaced during the break-up of the Ottoman empire or who
chose to leave the territory of Israel before she was formally created in 1948.
Those who left voluntarily lost their homes, but so did an even greater number of
Jews who were expelled from Arab countries around the same time.

Fifth, if the leaders of Islam today really wanted to solve the plight of the
'Palestinians' they could do so in a matter of months by providing them with a
small part of the vast tract of unused land in the Sinai peninsula or northern
Arabia. The money could easily be found from international sources to finance
such an initiative. But neither the Islamic radicals nor the league of Arab nations
want a solution. The 'Palestinians' are deliberately being sacrificed by their fellow
Arabs in order to provide a never-ending excuse to attack Israel.

Despite the obvious importance of these five simple facts, they pale into
insignificance beside the one major factor which the world media never mentions.
The Bible clearly states that God will NEVER allow his chosen people, the
children of Israel, to be destroyed. Furthermore, he has said that he will bless
those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her (Genesis 12:3).

Israel today is the focus of a staggering supernatural battle between the forces of
darkness and the will of God. The nations of the world will bring devastating
judgment upon themselves if they side with Islam and abandon Israel.

The land of Israel was given to the Jewish people in perpetuity by the LORD
God of the Bible, to whom all things belong. The Arabs were given extensive
tracts of land for their own use, much of which lies idle. The descendants of Jacob
received a relatively small portion in comparison, but Arab and Islamic jealousy
is such that it rejects the holy will of YAHWEH, the LORD God of Israel, and
instead demands to have everything. [The map overleaf shows just how much of
the world is controlled by Islam.]

If you listen to the world media and fail to study the matter objectively, you too
could end up opposing Gods holy will. Is that what you want?

Please press your government and your national media to support Israel and to
reject all Arab and Islamic claims on Israeli territory, including Jerusalem, the
'West Bank', Gaza and the Golan Heights. Challenge the distortions and false-
hoods. Make your voice heard. And pray for the well-being of Israel at this
critical hour.

The Global Empire of Islam and the tiny state of Israel

As you can see, the Islamic world is enormous compared to Israel (in red). So why do
1,570 million Moslems want to destroy a tiny population of 5 million Jews? Why do
Moslems, with 10,830,000 square miles of land, covet the tiny parcel of land called Israel
a mere 10,800 square miles (one thousandth that of Islam)? Why cant the Moslem
world, with its incredibly vast territory, find a home for four million Arab refugees? Why
do so many Moslem countries continue to oppress and persecute thousands of peace-
loving Christians within their borders? Please take the time to reflect on these deeply
disturbing questions and find Christ-honouring answers.

"Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar
off, and say, 'He who scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a
shepherd does his flock.'" - Jeremiah 31:10

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