Emily is in middle school in the .U.S.. she’s 13. This is her typical day.

On school days, Emily gets up at 6 A.M. she doesn’t have time for breakfast. She
drinks milk and is out of the house by !"". She #aits for the school bus near her
house. $t arrives at !%&. 'er first class starts at (!"". She has four classes in the
)unch is from noon to %!"" *.M. Emily and her friends have lunch in the cafeteria.
Afternoon classes start at one. Emily has t#o afternoon classes.
School ends at +!"" *.M., but Emily doesn’t get home until o’clock. She has a lot
of activities, such as school clubs and sports. ,hen does Emily do her home#ork-
She starts at (!"" and finishes at %%!"". She usually goes on her .acebook page
to check messages from her classmates about home#ork. She and her friends
also te/t each other about home#ork.
On .ridays, Emily volunteers at an animal shelter. She has a favorite dog there.
She takes him out for #alks and plays #ith him. On Saturdays, Emily is also very
busy. She has violin lessons, karate, and soccer practice. Sundays are 0free days1
for Emily. $t’s a day for shopping, going to the movies, or 2ust hanging out.