Due Date

Items to Complete
 Develop electronic flashcards vocabulary and


decoding flashcards according to predetermined district curriculum
 Distribute teacher created materials to

administrator and gain permission to use electronic flashcards October 5, - October 16, 2009
 Make paper flashcards for homework and partner

use, as well as accessible to the group if systems fail

 Share the files or handouts with core teachers for use in classroom
 Students learn rules of cooperation and cultivate

skills in partnerships  Group partners according to skill needs  Instruct or review basic rules of using a computer  Complete a vocabulary and word skills pretest


 Daily engage in lessons with whole group choral

unison response utilizing flashcards with five to six new vocabulary words per week, as well as sounds and formulation of new words described in teacher’s lessons manual in Corrective Reading Decoding program

 Pair learners with a reading buddy in a ten minute

flashcard practice time

October 19 - November 16, 2009

 Allow friendly competitions and team games at week’s end  Communicate with core instructor on the progress of student learning  Verbal praise and reinforcement of skills in daily lessons  Fill in observation sheets to track motivational level when using electronic flashcards

Post Instruction

 Evaluate the learners with post tests  Consider the learner’s motivation level using observation sheets
 Invite core teachers to answer a survey regarding

November 16- November 20th, 2009

project progress
 Recognize constructive comments from grade level

teachers  Reflect on teaching delivery and methods
 Decide on techniques that worked and, those that

need to be improved
 Recognize constructive comments from grade

level teachers

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