6 Performing the Managed Systems Setup
SAP Solution Manager Overview 1
Designing the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape 2
3 Performing SAP Solution Manager Sizing, Installation and Upgrade
Maintaining SLD and LMDB as Data Sources for SAP Solution Manager 4
Post Installation and System configuration 5
Authorizations in SAP Solution Manager 7
8 Administrating Projects in SAP Solution Manager
9 Technical administration and Technical Monitoring
10 Application Incident Management
Change control Management 11
12 Overview of functional areas
Supporting the Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager
Working in SAP Solution Manager Work Centers
Third Party integration
SAP Solution Manager Architecture and Landscape
The Agent Infrastructure of the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape
Sizing Considerations for SAP Solution Manager
Installation and Upgrade
Concept of SLD
Perform the Prerequisites for the Solution Manager Configuration
System Preparation and Basic configuration
Prepare and Perform the Managed Systems Configuration
The SAP Solution Manager Authorization Concept
Business Partner
Creation of Solution , adding systems to it
Creation of projects and administration
Business Process addition
The Central System Administration (CSA)
Set up Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
Understand the End-User Experience Monitoring,RCA and Connection Monitoring
Monitoring Functions in SAP Solution Manager
Alert Inbox
Reports (EWA , SLR etc.)
Introduction of Application Incident Management
Basic Configuration and Concepts of ORG structure & Support team
Introduction of Change Control Management
License Management and Maintenance Certificates
Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ)
Basic ChaRm configuration
Business Process Monitoring and Analytics
Custom code lifecycle Management
Quality Gate Management

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