First, choose your style of beef
· Regular Beef $35 /pound
· Grass Fed $70 /pound
· Aged $85/pound
Next; choose your cut & style
· Lean cut, predominantly all fat has been removed prior to curing
· Traditional cut, which includes a fine layer of fat
· All biltong is available in wet, medium or dry
Finally, choose your slice
· Shredded, most common way to eat Biltong in perfectly sized pieces
· Hand cut chunks, the South African way in larger, thicker slices
· Sliced, paper thin and recommended for our aged beef
Don’t forget to add some of the Jonty Jacobs spice blend if you like a kick!

Choose your style of beef (available regular or spiced)
· Regular Beef $35/pound
· Grass Fed $70 /pound


• Beef $18.99/1 pound round

• Grass Fed Beef $24.99/1 pound round

• Beef and Pork $16.99/1 pound round


• Beef and Lamb $38.99/2 pound pack of 6

• Beef, Pork and Lamb $37.99/2 pound pack of 6

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