Soft, The Velvet Sunshine Presses Written by Randy Vanlandingham Tuesday, 22 January 2008 Soft, The Velvet Sunshine

Presses © 2007 by Randall A. VanLandingham Jr. Soft, the velvet sunshine presses Into hidden rows of shaping, Ever rolling, shifting darkness, Molten shadows, broken shading. Slips, a lifting light is sailing Through the sagging crags, undaunted; Rides this waving warmth, enchanting, Atmospheric lens has flaunted. Now, the brilliant globe, majestic, Peaks, its cresting arch, triumphant; Blazing down its rays of brightness, Buries dark beneath transparent. Slow, the drifted spotlight ambles, Circumscribing earthly staging, Pointing out, for life's small actors, Props and paths, in time, their aging. Soft, the velvet sunshine presses Through a ruby sky, advancing; Yet, encroaching night brings comfort, Glittered, royal blanket, glowing.

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