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LSM Grade 3 English 2nd Trim Exam SY 2009-2010

LSM Grade 3 English 2nd Trim Exam SY 2009-2010

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Published by Mauie Flores
Lourdes School of Mandaluyong
2nd Trimester Exam
Lourdes School of Mandaluyong
2nd Trimester Exam

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Published by: Mauie Flores on Dec 01, 2009
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ENGLISH 3 Lourdes School of Mandaluyong 2nd Trimester Exam

Complete the sentences by supplying the missing personal pronouns that can replace the nouns inside the parentheses. 1. (Efren Peñaflorida) has been named the “CNN Hero of the Year” for 2009. ________ is a twenty-seven year old teacher to street children. 2. The (contest) was created to recognize modern-day heroes. ________ was judged through online voting. 3. (Kuya Ef), as ________ is fondly called, and the members of the Dynamic Teen Company walk the streets of Cavite pushing a cart. 4. The (street children) learn reading, writing and arithmetic from Kuya Ef and his friends. ________ enjoy learning through the Kariton Classroom. 5. The (Kariton Classroom) is a classroom on wheels. ________ is complete with a black board, pieces of chalk, books, pads of paper, pencils, and even a laptop computer. 6. (Filipinos) should be as helpful as Kuya Ef. _______ should always remember being a hero does not only mean fighting in a war. 7. Even ordinary (people) can become heroes if _________ want to. 8. For me, my (teacher) is also a hero. _______ patiently teaches us every day even when my classmates and I are naughty. 9. (Children) like ________ can also become heroes by giving our old books and toys to the poor. 10. The (Philippines) will be a better place when ________ has citizens who help one another. Rewrite the following phrases to show possessive pronouns. The first one is done for you. Riza’s dog 1. Father’s red cup 2. brother’s socks 3. girl’s shoes 4. the book bought by Myla 5. my grandparent’s house 6. the toy my parents bought for me 7. my food and Nikki’s 8. the flowers given to you 9. the kittens of the cat 10. the award given to us
English 3 LSM 2009-2010 1

her dog___________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

hers______________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Prepared by: Mauie Flores www.the24hourmommy.com ©

Encircle the indefinite pronouns used in the following paragraph.

Everyone in our family knows how to play a musical instrument. My dad can play the guitar and my mom can play the piano. I can play the flute while my sister plays the violin. No one can play the drums, though. I guess, someone should teach me to play that instrument. When that happens, anybody can say that we are a truly musical family and I will be so proud. Nothing beats having fun jamming with my parents and sister.
Write the correct demonstrative pronoun in each sentence. 1. “________ tastes good,” Lauren said after tasting her mom’s blueberry muffin. 2. “Hey, make sure you leave some of ________ for me!” her brother reminded her. 3. Their mom smiled quietly. ________ are words she would like to hear from her children. 4. “Don’t worry, Lance, I’ll make more of ________ blueberry muffins tomorrow,” she said while putting some muffins in a bag. 5. “What are ________, Mom?” asked Lauren while pointing to the tray on the kitchen counter. 6. Their mom got the tray and brought it to the table saying, “________ muffins are for your dad. I made sure to leave some for him. “ 7. “But Dad is not a sweet tooth. He will not finish all of ________ treats!” Lauren shrieked as she pointed to the tray of muffins. 8. Lance patted his sister’s back and said, “________ is the time when you need to act like a big girl and stop whining!” 9. “Have ________ cookie instead,” said their mom while reaching inside the cookie jar. 10. Lauren looked at the cookie jar and said, “You really are the best, Mom! I think I’m going to save some of ________ for brother, too.” Encircle the correct form of the verb inside the parenthesis. 1. Everyone (is, are) doing something.

2. Our home (has, have) everything I need. 3. She (watch, watches) closely as the grasshopper hopped on a leaf. 4. They (was, were) at the mall last night. 5. Pipoy (dance, dances) like a professional dancer. 6. My pets (cry, cries) when I leave the house. 7. Brother (think, thinks) that I am a cry baby. 8. My parents (is, are) going to attend a party. 9. The policemen (look, looks) after people’s safety.
English 3 LSM 2009-2010 2 Prepared by: Mauie Flores www.the24hourmommy.com ©

10. Mikee (beat, beats) a toy drum. Write the prefix/suffix beside the root word to complete the sentence. Choose your answers from the box below. im-less pre-ous -ly -ful dis-able reun-

1. This table is _____stable. 2. I don’t want to be penni_____ when I grow up. I dream of becoming a rich man. 3. The earth _____volves around the sun. It goes around it every single year. 4. The boys merri_____ played with their toys. They are very happy. 5. We should do the _____cautionary measures before the typhoon comes. 6. Ana is a cheer_____ girl. She always smiles at everyone she meets. 7. This ink is wash_____. Don’t worry about it getting on the fabric. 8. The road is _____passable. It was blocked around an hour ago. 9. Please _____regard what my sister said. It is not true. 10. It is a joy_____ event. Everybody was singing and dancing with the music. Read the selection below and answer the questions that follow.

The Bundle of Sticks A dying man had five sons who were always fighting with each other. In an effort for them to stop fighting, he asked his servant to gather some sticks and tie them in a bundle. He, then, asked for his sons to visit him in his room. All five sons visited him in his room and sat beside his death bed. He spoke to them in a low voice, “Whoever will be able to break this bundle of sticks will inherit all of my riches.” Each son tried to break the bundle of sticks but failed. The dying man then asked the servant to untie the bundle and give each son one stick. He ordered them to break the sticks. When they had done that successfully, he spoke to all of them: “Like these sticks, no man can break you if you stand together as brothers. You will be defeated easily when you stand alone.” The sons understood what their father meant and never fought again with each other.
1. What did the dying man ask the servant to gather? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. Who were always fighting with each other?

English 3 LSM 2009-2010


Prepared by: Mauie Flores www.the24hourmommy.com ©

__________________________________________________________________________ 3. How many sons did the dying man have? __________________________________________________________________________ 4. Were the brothers successful in breaking the bundle of sticks? Why or why not? __________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the moral lesson of the story? __________________________________________________________________________ Read the paragraphs below. Highlight the sentence that gives the main idea of the paragraph with a green crayon. 1. Mars is called the red planet. The bright part on the surface is reddish rustbrown, while the dark area is greenish-grey or bluish-grey. The soil in Mars is covered with rust.

2. A wound should be washed at once. It is better to use a germicidal soap and clean water to make sure that dust and other dirty particles are removed. After that, an anti-bacterial ointment can be applied on it. Then, a bandage should cover the wound to prevent infection. These are the things that you should remember in treating a wound. 3. The smallest body of water is called a brook. It flows into the river which is larger and has more water. Rivers also flow into lakes which are bodies of water that are totally surrounded by land. Parts of the sea are also surrounded by water but the sea is bigger than a lake. The ocean is the biggest body of water on Earth. Bodies of water have different names and sizes. Write F for fantasy and R for reality. _____ 1. We can make cheese from milk and salt. _____ 2. Elephants can fly using their ears as wings. _____ 3. There are fairies living in the forest and they help humans. _____ 4. Lola boils some herbal leaves to treat my cough. _____ 5. Christmas happens once a year. Write one line under the small idea and two lines under the big idea. 1. grasshopper 2. The Planets 3. mechanical pencil 4. boys 5. months of the year

English 3 LSM 2009-2010


Prepared by: Mauie Flores www.the24hourmommy.com ©

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