Website Design Questionnaire

Client Website Questionnaire

1st Dec, 2009

1. What is the goal or purpose of the site? 2. Describe the concept, product, or service this website is intended to provide or promote? 3. Who is the target audience of the site? (age, local, worldwide) 4. Who do you want to reach? 5. What features do you want the site to have? 6. Do you have company identity materials (logo, letterhead etc) available for use? 7. Do you have a ‘look and feel” in mind for your site? 8. List a few similar websites which you felt were well done. 9. What did you like about these websites? 10. What pages do you want your site to have? List headings 11. How do you want your audience to use/interact with your site? 12. Do you plan to sell products on this website? If so, what and how many? 13. Do you have a preferred vendor in mind for hosting the site? 14. Do you have an existing site? If so, list address. 15. Do you have a domain name? If so, list name 16. What are the key words you think people would look for (10 keywords and phrases) 17. What is the deadline for this project? 18. What is your budget? 19. Who will be my contact person? 20. Who will be maintaining and updating the site?

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