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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
July 15, 2014

Present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Shaun Gonzalez, Linda Slater, Lynn Davis

Past business: None
Financials: No new fund statement yet. Same numbers as last time.
Rose Foundation Grant: David will submit grant tonight. Thanks for all the comments and edits. Seems
particularly suited for our small group. Transportation for first experiences in Preserve, education, etc.
all seem relevant to our group. David would really like to target outdoor adventure group that JT
Reynolds is involved with. Lynn mentioned Outside Las Vegas as another possible group. Need to be
careful about making sure money goes to hard expenses and not for administrative overhead. David
asked about possible school groups. Shaun has connections in Victor Valley. Community colleges
mentioned also. Linda has been working with STEM program in Barstow and this is something we could
talk to them about.
Star Party: With grant we want to raise awareness of event, and to target certain groups and possibly
provide transportation. Discussed shuttle vans and possible bus, including costs. No decision. Shaun
mentioned possible Facebook advertising. David mentioned concern about possibly creating too large
of an event and changing the character of the event. Probably no more than 100 people.
CDPA Celebration: This event at Kelso will be on same day as star party. Should try to link them so
people can have two experiences. Preserve staff will turn out that day and free up interpreters to lead
hikes. Possibly author of new hiking Mojave book could lead hike?
Restoration: No discussion yet about possible event with MDLT. Concern about conflict with CDPA
event if on Saturday. Park staff tied up. Possible to do on Sunday? No shortage of sites to work on.
Other issues: Lynn asked about our awareness of the Starry, Starry Night initiative. NPS partnering with
Lowell Observatory to sponsor conference. Focus on getting night sky designations. Should we pay for
registration for someone to attend, or pay for a minimal sponsorship ($1000). David mentioned that our
presence could help with efforts to designate Mojave NP as a dark sky park.

Call adjourned at 6:30pm. Next meeting is August 19
at 5:30pm