C-19: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 1. Nuclear Deal-1,2,3 and Indian Environment 2. Inflation V/s International Business 3. FDI - Issues and challenges C-20: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 1. Recent trends in Operations Management 2. Bench Marking in Service Industry. 3. Role of aggregate planning in productivity. C-21: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1. Total Quality Management in Service Sector 2. Six Sigma v/s Total Quality Management 3. ISO 14000 Issues and Challenges. C:22A: INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1. International Financial Marketing 2. International Financial Reports 3. International Cash Management C-23A: SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT 1. Stock Market v/s Volatility 2. Ethics in Security Market 3. Role of Debt Market in Indian Economy

C-24A: FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES 1. Risk Management v/s Derivatives 2. Monsoon Derivative 3. Hedging in commodity market C-22B: ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION 1. Online Advertising – Issues and Challenges 2. Global Advertising v/s Domestic Culture 3. Ethics in Advertising C-23B: INDUSTRIAL MARKETING 1. Industrial Marketing – Recent Trends 2. Organizational Buying Complexity 3. Positioning Strategies for Industrial Products C-24B: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 1. International Marketing and Economic Environment 2. Export promotion measures – Then and Now. 3. Export and Prosper. C-22C: MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 1. Impact of Globalization on Trade Union 2. Cross Cultural Management 3. Industrial Unrest – Consequences. C-23C: INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1. Cultural Shock – Impact on Expatriates 2. Social Dumping – Issues and Challenges. 3. Emerging Issues in IHRM

C-24C: LABOUR LEGISLATION 1. New Pension Fund – Pros and Cons. 2. Legal Protection and Women Workers. 3. Equal Work and Equal Pay – Issues and Challenges.

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