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By: Rosa Soto.

The word globalization comes from the Anglicism globalization. Speak of
globalization takes us to a large topic, but interesting. Thats why we have to considerate
the positive points but also the negatives. According to Royal Spanish Academy, the
concept of globalization refers to the market and companies trends to extend, reaching a
worldwide dimension that overcomes the national frontiers.
I can conclude that the only purpose globalization is commercial, but then where
is all the rest? Is important to reflect our point of view about our own architectures
concept. For me, architecture its art but can also have commercial goals. Even so, this
last goal, doesnt have to be the most important. Architecture has also the responsibility to
guide the society to the good sight, giving to the people spaces that can provide
happiness. I think that globalization negative points are that they promote the competition
in the society and by that way, they create a social division.
I must mention that globalization creates inequality. Social categories have marked
notoriously this. Social differences are evident in the urbanism of a city, to the extent that
when you cross a street you can have a different panorama about the rich and the poor.
As Adam Smith said No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far
greater part of the members are poor and miserable It might sound as a commercial but is
our responsibility to make a difference, to change our minds, our values in order to get a
better place to live.