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CAT II Question Bank Chemistry

CAT II Question Bank Chemistry

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CAT-II - QUESTION BANK SHORT QUESTIONS 1. Define the term corrosion. 2. What is pitting corrosion? 3.

Explain the type of corrosion when screw and washer are made of different metals. 4. How is Pilling Bedworth ratio related to the protective capacity of an oxide layer? 5. Copper equipment should not possess a small steel bolt. Give reasons. 6. Wire mesh corrodes faster at the joints. Why? 7. What is meant by corrosion inhibitors? Give two examples. 8. Mention the important steps involved in electro less plating? DESCRIPTIVE QUESTIONS 1. Explain the mechanism of hydrogen evolution and oxygen absorption in electrochemical corrosion. 2. Explain the mechanism of dry corrosion. 3. Explain the sacrificial anodic and impressed current technique to control corrosion. 4. Discuss in detail the galvanic and differential aeration corrosion. 5. Explain with examples “corrosion inhibitors”. 6. What are the factors which affects the rate of corrosion? 7. What are the important constituents of paint? Explain the function of each. 8. Describe electro-less Ni plating process and discuss its application. 9. Explain the mechanism of drying of oil in paint. 10. Explain the principle and process of electroplating with the example of gold plating.

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