Internship Report: Warid

A Study on Customer Service of Warid Telecom International Limited.


Internship Report: Warid

“A Study on Customer Service of Warid Telecom International Limited”

PREPARED FOR Mr. Monjur Murshed
Asst. professor Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh.

PREPARED BY A.K.M. Arifuzzaman Talukder
MBA, 2nd Batch ID No. 073-14-0045 Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh.

Date of Submission: 27th September 2009


Internship Report: Warid

Date: 15/09/09

Mr. Monjur Murshed
Asst. professor Faculty of Business and Supervisor ASA University Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Sir, It is my pleasure to submit the report on “A Study on Customer Service of Warid Telecom International Limited” as a part of my Internship Report in spring 2009. I have enjoyed preparing this Internship report which enriched my practical knowledge of the theoretical concept. I tried to reflect the practical operational aspects of the organization which is complementary to the theoretical lessons. Should you need any further information to evaluate the Internship report, it would be my immense pleasure to furnish you the same.

Sincerely Yours

…………………………………. A.K.M. Arifuzzaman Talukder MBA, 2nd Batch Id: 073-14-0045 Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh


Internship Report: Warid


Date: 17/09/09

I hereby certified that this Internship report titled “A Study on Customer Service of Warid Telecom International Limited” Is a bonafide record of the research work done by A.K.M. Arifuzzaman Talukder, MBA student of ASA University Bangladesh having ID 073-14-0045. This report represents an independent and original work prepared on the basis of primary and secondary data collected and analyzed by the candidate. This report has not been accepted for any other degree and is not concurrently submitted in candidature of any other degree. The entire work has been planned and carried out by the candidate under my supervision and guidance. In my opinion, this report is sufficient in terms of scope and quality for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ASA University Bangladesh.


Mr. Monjur Murshed
Asst. professor Faculty of Business and Supervisor

ASA University Bangladesh


Internship Report: Warid


At first my heartiest thanks to Almighty Allah allowing me to prepare my report and in the same time I would like to express my sincere gratitude and cordial thanks to my reverend teacher and Supervisor Mr. Monjur Murshed Asst. professor, ASA University Bangladesh, for his constant supervision, moral support, valuable instructions and helpful advice during the course of studies and research work. I also express my warm gratitude and cordial thanks to another supervisor Dewan Hamid altamas Manager, Quality Assurance, Customer Service Under the guidance of Jafri Shamim, Manger, Customer Service, Warid Telecom International & for his kind prior permission and introducing me to different sections where received generous helps. His direction, critical comments, criticism, generous patience greatly helped me in improving the research capability, writing skills. It would have been quite impossible to carry on the report and give it a final shape without his encouragement. I am also grateful to all of my colleagues of Warid Telecom International and to my friends. And last, but not the least, my heartiest thanks and deepest gratitude is to my parents and family members for their long encouragement patience, sacrifice and tolerance showed to me during my study period.


Internship Report: Warid

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The mandatory internship in MBA (regular) program is very beneficial to have practical exposure of how things really go in the market. Being a student who wants to make a mark in marketing field, the best place to gain practical understanding of marketing was to do internship in the customer service, marketing department of telecom industry. I took the internship with Warid Telecom International which stands as a prominent name in Telecom industry. I am proud to work as an internee with Warid and this experience will surely help me in my future assignments as a marketing professional. The absolute guidance and concern of higher management, perfect working environment with immense cooperation of the staff of all departments especially the Customer Service department facilitated in making my internship a wonderful learning experience in all aspects. Internship duration offered to me was twelve weeks and based on projects with marketing collateral section; new city launches section, events section, BTL advertising section, prepaid segment section and mainly Quality assurance section Through these projects, I was able to get direct interaction with staff of Customer service, procurement and logistics, marketing, marketing communications, public relations, information technology, administration and human resources departments of Warid telecom.


Internship Report: Warid


Chapter one

INTRODUCTION ................................................................................9 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND ......................................10 Chapter Two HISTORY OF CELL PHONE .........................................................13 Chapter Three BANGLADESH AND CELL PHONE INDUSTRY .......................16 Chapter Four BACKGROUND OF WARID TELECOM .....................................19
The Network ........................................................................................... 23 Research & Development ....................................................................... 23 Our place at the technological frontier .................................................. 24 Exclusive Customer Care........................................................................ 24 Best Practices.......................................................................................... 24 Innovation ............................................................................................... 24 Policies.................................................................................................... 25

Chapter Five Chapter Six

BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY ..................................27 DEPARTMENTS .................................................................................33
Segmentation and Strategy Division...................................................... 35 Process Flow in Marketing Department ................................................ 36 Sections of segmentation and strategy Division .................................... 37 Marketing Operations Division ............................................................. 38 Marketing Communications Division.................................................... 41 Marketing Finance Division .................................................................. 42 Loyalty Division .................................................................................... 42 Warid Telecom Internationl in Dhaka................................................................ 45 Warid Telecom Internationl in Comilla ............................................................. 48 Warid Telecom Internationl in Chittagong. ....................................................... 49 Warid Telecom Internationl in Sylhet................................................................ 50 Warid Telecom Internationl in Bugora. ............................................................. 51 Warid Telecom Internationl in Khulna. ............................................................. 52

Chapter Seven THEORIES IMPLEMENTATION...................................................54
Strengths of Warid .................................................................................. 55 Weaknesses of Warid.............................................................................. 55 Opprortunities for Warid ........................................................................ 56 Threats for Warid.................................................................................... 56

Chapter Eight

LEARNING AS A STUDENT INTERN ..........................................57
Duties...................................................................................................... 58 Target Groups ......................................................................................... 58 Method of Survey ................................................................................... 59

Chapter Nine

Reception ................................................................................................ 71 CSR Performance ................................................................................... 71 First Contact Resolution ......................................................................... 72 Overall Business Center Performance .................................................... 72

Chapter Ten CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS ...........................73 Chapter Eleven GLOSSARY......................................................................................75


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid

WARID Telecom

MBA academic program is the building up of the theoretical knowledge about business administration which is the base of practical knowledge. MBA project work is an attempt to provide business students an orientation to a real life business situation in which we can observe and evaluate the use and applicability of the theoretical concepts which were taught in the classrooms. As per norm this report is the requirement of the fulfillment of the project work. This report is the out come of our work in Warid Telecom International Limited


Broad Objectives of the Study: To find out whether quality in customer service retains customers.

Specific Objectives of the Research: 1. To find out whether (pre & post sale-) customer service can make an operator ‘different’ (better or worse in customer perception) from its competitors 2. To identify the effect of product / service availability on customers’ perception 3. To identify the effect of lead time variability on customers reaction toward an operator 4. To identify the effect of ‘system recovery time’ on customers’ level of satisfaction 5. To find whether having a shadow system makes customers satisfied 6. To identify the effect of system information availability on customers’ perception toward an operator 7. To identify effect of post-sale support system on customer perception 8. Mystery survey at different mobile operators Business Centers in order to observe the overall impression of the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). 9. To find out the satisfaction level of Warid Telecom’s subscriber. 10. Compare Warid with other operators Customer Services.
Internship Report: Warid


The scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of Warid Telecom International. And for that reason that information was very much restrictive within the organization as the telecommunication business is going to be very much competitive. Here we discuss with the topics related to the profile of the organization, Customer Service Activities of Warid Telecom International.

Time Limitations Covers only Dhaka City (outside Dhaka city was not possible) Lack of Manpower Banglalink has a Care Center inside the Airport which was not covered for entry restriction


Internship Report: Warid

The company does not have sufficient source of secondary data and collecting of data was not smooth. Analyzing financial data is much more confusing and complicated than any other data. It was really difficult for me to accumulate confidential financial data. Sample sizes for Warid, Tele Talk and City Cell subscribers are short of the planned so any deductions based on these samples regarding Tele Talk and City Cell might not be statistically correct Many of the findings & concepts from the qualitative study could not be accommodated. Some of them (as following) were dropped from quantitative survey:o Development of new features in mobile packages o Role of pricing in customer perception etc. Customer service (a comprehensive construct) was replaced by 6 parameters – product/service availability, lead time variability, availability of shadow system, system recovery time, availability of system information, and availability of post sales support service. Respondents of the quantitative survey have shown a tendency to over state the time for which they are using the current operator


Internship Report: Warid

History of cell Phone


Internship Report: Warid

Cell Phones are everywhere and their use is growing. Basically a cell phone is a radiotelephone and its application is growing because of the rapid rise of digital computers and very small and powerful microprocessors. One of the most important advantages of microprocessors is their ability to do very complicated operations with high reliability. The problem with early radiotelephones was that they quickly ran out of available frequencies, i.e. channels. Often a wealthy individual with a radio telephone in his car would have one of his employees make a series of calls starting very early in the morning to reserve a channel for himself and guarantee that he could have his radio telephone available as he was being driven to work. The problem was that to be useful, a radiotelephone had to work throughout a whole metropolitan area, and a large area even back then made for a large number of users. The problem could be solved by having many small areas (now called cells) which all shared the same frequencies. A small area only had a small number of users so that the number of frequencies was adequate. In principle doing automatic switchovers from one cell to another could solve this problem, but such automatic switches were very complicated to implement. Enter the digital computer, it was capable of doing the complex job of managing the switchover so that the call would not be lost, and the modern cell phone was born.

At first the speech was analog, and the logic to manage the switchover was digital (i.e. done by a digital computer). These types of cell phones are known today as analog phones even though the switching is digital. A true all digital cell phone, however, would also represent the speech as a series of numbers, i.e. in digital form. A cell phone which also digitizes the speech improves the


Internship Report: Warid

sound quality; gets rid of static on the line, and incidentally, increases the battery life by 3 to 5 times. Since also making the speech digital was even more complicated than just making the switchover digital, the true all digital cell phone had to wait for microprocessors to get smaller and more powerful. This has now been achieved, and one can have truly high quality cell phone service with the new digital units. All digital cell phones have now become so capable, the call rates so low, and the battery life so long that it makes sense for some businesses to have only cell phones for their business extensions.

The cell phone was invented by Bell Labs from about 1947 to 1967, but a controversy has arisen about this. According to an Associated Press Article in the April 12th issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, Page D3 and an April 3, 2003 Chronicle Article, the Cell Phone was invented by Martin Cooper who at that time was a vice-president at Motorola. Both articles state that he made the first cell phone call in 1973 on a street corner in New York using a base station at the top of a tall building in that city. Motorola introduced its cell phone in 1983 after five generations, 15 years, and $90 million; but as mentioned above, the first commercial cell phone service was started by NTT in Japan on December 3, 1979. This by no means the whole story, however, Cooper himself in the 10th paragraph of the April 3rd Chronicle article states that “Bell Labs had invented this thing called Cellular Technology”. What Martin Cooper apparently did was build a relatively small radiotelephone, which could be carried by a person. He did not develop the idea and the mechanism for automatically switching over when a phone went from one cell to another. The true inventor of the cell phone is the person or group who developed the concept of small cells and implemented the automatic switchover system and this was Bell Labs. Finally the explosion of cellular technology, which we now see around us today, was caused by the Microprocessor, i.e. a computer on a small single chip. Intel primarily pioneered this although Motorola and AMD have played significant roles.


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


To understand the potential demand for cell phones in Bangladesh, let us look at some of the key macro-indicators of the country. With a population of nearly 147 million people living in an area slightly larger than the United Kingdom, Bangladesh (total land area 133,910 square kilometer) is the most densely populated country in the world, with roughly 1079 people per square kilometer. More than 80% of its population lives in the rural areas, where two thirds of the population is engaged in agricultural activities. Its standing in the Human Development Index (HDI) remains almost unchanged at 137th position, according to the United Nations Development Report released last year. Bangladesh is also one of the world's ten poorest countries, with a GDP per capita of USD$ 421 with a lower average of USD$ 171 for rural areas. However, the GDP per capita PPP is USD$ 2,000, with a growth rate of nearly 5% in the last 5 years. It has been often cited that Bangladesh’s low level of income is the main reason for its low level of penetration.

In a country such as Bangladesh where the state owned operator, the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board (BTTB), dominates the landline telephone system and provides poor services and infrastructure, cellular phones tend to be substitute for landlines. According to the year end review of BTRC in 2006, there were approximately 1.5 million fixed line and 17 million mobile subscribers available in the country.

Internship Report: Warid

For poor countries and rural areas, it is cheaper to build mobile infrastructure than fixed line communications. In terms of topography, Bangladesh is a flat country where 90% of the country is dominated by alluvial river plains, which does not raise more than 10 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Keokradang (1230 Meter), 80 K. M. South-West of Chittagong in the Hill Tracts. The flatness facilitates the construction of base stations and improves its coverage area. Besides reviewing the macro indicators to identify potential demand, consumer demand for cellular services has also been studied. A case study conducted by the Telecommunications Development Group for the “Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)”, found that there was a consumer willingness to pay for cellular phone services and a significant consumer surplus experienced by the villagers. According to the report, the consumer surplus for a single phone call from a village to Dhaka (the costs of a call that replaces the physical trip to the city and the costs of wages) ranges from 2% to 12% of mean monthly household income, which translates to a saving of 132 to 490 TK.


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid

The Dhabi Group is a multinational company based in the UAE, which owns and operates a wide range of business concerns that are spread across 3 different continents. It has a diversified business interest in the institutions that have enjoyed commercial success as a result of its strong financial resources and extensive management expertise. The Abu Dhabi Group's major investments are in the following sectors: Telecommunications Hospitality services Property development Oil exploration and supplies Banking and financial services Automobile industries. Warid Telecom takes pride in being backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest groups in the Middle East and in Pakistan. Warid Telecom is currently operational in Bangladesh and Pakistan, while it is also setting pace to initiate its operation in Uganda & Congo. Within the markets Warid is already operating, it has quickly developed a large customer base and established itself as one of the leaders of telecom service sector. In Bangladesh, Warid Telecom commenced its operations under a landmark MOU agreed upon by the Dhabi Group and the Government of Bangladesh worth USD 1 billion, out of which USD 750 million was exclusively committed for investment in the telecommunication sector of the country. Succeeding the MOU signing, the BTRC license for telecom service provision was issued to Warid Telecom, followed by the signing of interconnectivity agreement with all the existing telecom companies of Bangladesh. In May 10th, 2007, Warid Telecom launched its commercial operations in Bangladesh with a network encompassing 26 districts. By November 2007, the network had been expanded to cover 61 districts and being used by 2 million customers.


Internship Report: Warid

Based on the NGN (Next-Generation) network, Warid Telecom's operational activities in Bangladesh aim to achieve a new and modern corporate identity, which is congruent with the dynamic changes taking place in the telecom industry today. With a reflection of a new strategy, our aim is to be perceived not only as a telecommunication operator of voice services, but also as a universal provider of comprehensive communications services for both residential and business customers. The subscriber base of over 2 million users in our first year of operation alone serves as a testament to Warid telecom's customer-driven business mandate. These achievements have only been possible due to Warid's uncompromising commitment to provide maximum network coverage and clear connectivity at the most affordable price.


Warid Telecom's vision is "To be the leading national communication provider with a strong international presence." To become the essential communication provider in Bangladesh of high quality voice and innovative data services by offering affordable products and services to all market segments and to become an integral part of their everyday lives. Warid Telecom's brand values include: Simplicity Honesty Innovation Quality Dynamic Friendly


Internship Report: Warid


Establish and sustain as a customer centric organization Provide high quality and innovative communication services, through state of the art infrastructure and a team of professionals Continuously develop, motivate and empower our people Achieve profitable growth for all our stakeholders


Warid Telecom's brand values include: Quality - We want to make a difference to people's lives. Our optimism is contagious. We are passionate about what we do and we have confidence in ourselves. Simplicity - For us, clarity comes through simplicity. We recognize that we are people communicating with other people. We are always direct and easy to understand. Innovation - We constantly look to do things differently and in a better way. We give color to all that we do. We are ready to push the boundaries and take risks. Honesty - We are always open and honest. We say what we do and we do what we say. Friendliness - We enjoy working and succeeding together by building close relationships. While we have a sense of purpose, we also have a sense of humor. We consider the needs both of our customers and of each other.


Internship Report: Warid


The Network
At the corner stone of Warid Telecom’s operational agenda is ensuring that comprehensive network coverage is provided to all subscribers across all locations. In this context, Warid Telecom has decided to opt for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology for its network in Bangladesh, as it is the global standard for digital cellular telephone service. GSM networks support enhanced data applications and more than 1 billion customers in 109 countries are using this technology. Warid Telecom would be launching its cellular services based on 900 and 1800 GSM technology, in order to optimize the utilization of frequency, thus ensuring the highest quality and service. Warid Telecom’s GSM network is set to cover 61 districts of Bangladesh to ensure that our service can seamlessly reach out to every corner of the country. We are also in the process of fast expanding our nationwide network to cover all thanas by the end of 2007. We are partners with some of the leading vendors in the telecom industry who help in providing the best and the latest network solutions for our businesses. These vendors include cellular giants Ericsson, Nortel, Siemens, Cisco and Huawei.

Research & Development

We have made no compromise on investments required for research and development. With a projected capital expenditure of over US $700 million, Warid Telecom has been set up to provide a premium quality GSM service, which will reach out to most parts of Bangladesh by the end of 2007.


Internship Report: Warid

Our place at the technological frontier

Warid has pioneered in key technologies which include the following: Custom-made network for Bangladesh’s environment Congestion-free connectivity in all coverage areas Roll out plan for complete national populated coverage by 200X Future professional network (GPRS compatible and 3G upgraded with soft switch and media gateway architecture) State of the art IP based contact center and leading data center

Exclusive Customer Care
Our mandate for doing businesses by keeping customers at the forefront is reflected in our 'one stop' concept for all your telecom requirements. We have the maximum number of Sales and Customer Service Centers countrywide, equipped with cutting edge technologies to ensure that customer needs and demands are catered for in the shortest possible time. Our highly trained and well-groomed team of Customer Service Executives is on hand 24 hours to provide you support in any area- all to make sure that your communication experience with use is facilitated in the smoothest way possible

Best Practices
We believe in a process driven setup with comprehensive business processes covering all our activities. All business processes are ETOM compliant as per accredited international standards.

Warid is committed to providing superior level of professional services to all its customers before, during and after the deployment of our leading solutions. To accommodate our customer's demands, we have deployed a state-of-the-art 2.5G EDGE compliant network. There are also innovative services of various standards that cater to a wide spectrum of users.


Internship Report: Warid


Warid Telecom believes in working with strategic partners and employees for long term relationships. As a consequence of the above Warid Telecom is looking for the following to deliver its vision: Strategic vendors and partners to assist in rolling out these services in a timely and efficient manner with a focus on turnkey solutions and premium propositions; Strong partners to assist in launching these services and creating effective sales & marketing / business development opportunities for all to operationally and financially gain; Consultants and experts to help deliver this vision; Well rounded employees who wish to become part of this adventure.



Bank Alfalah Limited: Fully licensed commercial bank with operation in the major
financial areas of Bangladesh. They also have many branch networks in Pakistan.


United Bank Limited: A leading commercial bank in Pakistan with a vast branch
network of approximately 1,100 branches including 23 international branches.


Alfalah Exchange Company: Fully licensed exchange company in Abu Dhabi Iranian Sanden Industries PJS Co.: A joint venture with Sanden Singapore to
manufacture car air conditioners in Iran. The project has the capacity to produce up to 300,000 air conditioning units per annum



J.C. Maclean and Co.: Manufacturers of high quality furniture Neo Pharma LLC: Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products



Internship Report: Warid


National Telesystems and Services (NTS): A joint Venture with Bin Jaber Group Ltd. and Thales International Middle East Holding S.A.L. Al Jazira Management Mall: Management joint venture Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company: Manufacturer of edible oils Nama Development Enterprises: Representation of leading companies in the
UAE in the field of oil and gas, engineering, equipment suppliers, consultants etc.





Wholly Owned Properties and Companies Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, previously known as the Abu Dhabi Grand
Hotel, is a 5-star hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It will soon be offering 300 deluxe rooms, suites and other facilities.



Dhabi Contracting: A special category construction company Dhabi Drilling Offshore Rig operations in collaboration with Sedco Forex Al Ain Palace Hotel: A 4-star hotel in Abu Dhabi Dhabi Enterprises Leasing:
Leasing a number of groups and real estate properties across Abu Dhabi.




Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


Mr. Muneer Farooqui Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Muneer Farooqui is the CEO of Warid Telecom International Ltd. He is holding a Master degree in Computer Science from Preston University, USA. He has professional experience of more than 16 years of continuous advancement and expertise in process re-engineering, CS, sales, international business, product support & systems implementations.

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, Ph.D General Manager HR & A Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan is General Manager Human Resource & Administration in Warid Telecom International Limited, Bangladesh. He bags over thirty five years of varied and multidimensional experience where his major work association has been with the telecom sector. He is PhD in Human Resource Development (HRD)

Mr. Ashraful H. Chowhdury General Manager of Govt & Operator Relations Mr. Ashraful H. Chowhdury is the General Manager of Government and Operator Relations. He has 22 years of experience in Private Sector Business Development, HRD Management & Personnel Administration, Project Management & Corporate Communication, International Marketing and Export Development, ICT & Telecommunication Project Management in South Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the Caribbean.


Internship Report: Warid

Mr. Mahboob Hossain General Manager, Sales Division Mr. Mahboob Hossain is leading the Sales Division of Warid Telecom International Limited. His work experience in telecom sector is around ten years. Prior to joining Warid, he was heading Direct Sales of the Sales Discipline in Grameenphone. He has also been a part of RANGS Electronics where he was taking care of the operations pertaining to sales and marketing.

Mr. Yasir Ishaq Ansari Chief Information Officer Mr. Yasir I. Ansari is the CIO of Warid Telecom International, Bangladesh. He bags 15 years of Systems Engineering and Management experience in IT and Data networking with “Tier 1” technology firms. Expertise in design, commissioning, policy making and delivery of costeffective, high performance information technology infrastructures and applications to address complex business problems.

Mr. Amyn Merchant Chief Financial Officer Mr. Merchant possesses 15 years of long and enriched international financial management experience in various celebrated companies like, Ernst & Young and Advanced Telecom Co - a pioneer prepaid calling card company, in Saudi Arabia, British Telecom - in Saudi Arabia & the UAE, & Hewlett Packard in Canada.


Internship Report: Warid

Mr. Azmat Mushtaq Khan Deputy General Manager Strategic Planning & Business Development

Mr. Azmat Mushtaq Khan is handling the business affairs pertaining to strategic planning and business development. He has completed his MBA from Asian Institute of Technology, 1997. As the precursor to developing a strategic plan, it is desirable to clearly identify the current status, objectives and strategies of an existing business or the latest thinking in respect of a new venture. He has the ability to work on such lines and develop business strategies for the Company.

Mr. Nauman Fakhar
Head of Customer Service

Mr. Nauman Fakhar has joined Warid Telecom International Limited on May 07, 2008 as Head of Customer Service Division. He bags 11 years of work experience both in telecom and banking sectors. Before joining Warid, he served in Telenor Pakistan as a lead in Customer Relationship Management. He also worked in American Express Bank for around eight years in various positions.


Internship Report: Warid








Divisional Managers

Asst. Managers








Internship Report: Warid



Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. Head office is in EFU House on Jail road, Lahore. Warid has the maximum number of Sales and Customer Service Centers countrywide, backed by two state-of-the-art Contact Centers of international standards that are equipped with the right facilities to ensure real-time online services. Their highly trained and well-groomed team of Customer Service Executives provides roundthe-clock-support. Warid has setup Corporate Lounges, with a customer-friendly environment to provide personalized care to our corporate clients. Furthermore, an extensive network of franchises, kiosks and mobile units ensure easy and convenient accessibility. Different divisions, department and functionaries working in the head office are

1.Marketing 2. Human Resources 3. Financial Accounting & Revenue Assurance 4. Sales & Customer Services 5. Administration 6. Products & Services 7. Procurement & Logistics 8. Legal Affairs 9. Engineering & Information Technology 10. Audit & Risk Services 11. Quality Assurance 12. International Business 13. Public Relations 1 4. Operations and Project Management 15. Govt. Relations


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


Marketing is one of the core departments of any Telecom industry. Marketing consists of five divisions Marketing Segmentation and Strategy Marketing Finance Marketing Communications Marketing Operations Loyalty Each of above divisions consists of sections Segmentation and Strategy Division Masses Segment Youth Segment Female Segment Postpaid Segment Prepaid Segment Marketing Operations Division Retail Operations New City Launches BTL Collaterals Events Marketing Communications Division ATL Artworks designing

Loyalty Division Sales Records

Marketing Finance Division Signing CEO notes Issues related to payments Preparing PRs Keeping financial records


Internship Report: Warid

Segmentation and Strategy Division
Warid Telecom has divided its segmentation and strategy division into five segments on the basis of their characteristics. Markets consist of buyers and buyers differ in one or more ways. They may differ in their wants, resources, locations, buying attitudes and buying practices. The core concept behind companies using marketing segmentation concept is to divide large homogeneous markets into smaller segments that can be reached effectively and efficiently with products and services that satisfy needs, wants, desires and trends of certain segment. Characteristics that govern segmentation and strategy development in Telecom industry specifically mobile services according to a certain segment are Age Educational background Gender Income National, regional or other geographical areas of origin Social class Religion Culture Behaviors Population Tele density in area to be segmented Now, the roles and responsibilities of different segments are to consider above characteristics and then to


Internship Report: Warid

Process Flow in Marketing Department

Develop an idea that would satisfy the above considerations. The idea can be 1. Development of a product or service; that idea is then shaped in the form of the product or services with the help of Products and Services department, I.T and Engineering departments to develop a product or service. 2. Event to improve sales, public relations, brand awareness e.g. events such as Kabaddi Takkar Series between Pakistan and India in collaboration of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation, Tape Ball tournament and Concerts. After getting the idea approved by the authorities by preparing a feasibility report. The next step is to get documentation done for idea conversion costs. Idea Conversion Costs that note and getting it approved by the authorities. After getting the idea approved will be incurred in converting an idea into reality. This step includes developing a CEO note. CEO note is developed with the help of departments related to the project. Artworks, TVCs elaborating the ideas are designed by the communications department and then it is forwarded to marketing operations for execution of ideas.


Internship Report: Warid

Sections of segmentation and strategy Division

1. Postpaid Segment Section
Postpaid Segment is the one which includes individuals with good income and usage more than that of prepaid customers. Postpaid customers • Pay bill at the end of month depending on the service used. Pay specific amount in line rent every month, no matter they use service or not. Enjoy better range of value added services than prepaid customers. Postpaid Segmentation Section designs marketing activities to better satisfy the needs of postpaid consumers.

2. Masses Segment Section
Masses Segment is the biggest segments involving most no of people. Masses segmentation section develops marketing ideas and activities to perform, so that masses customers enjoy maximum benefits. Consumers from masses segments use relatively less. Masses customers Pay before using the service. Enjoy basic and VAS services Have less brand loyalty in most cases. Ready to switch to other mobile services in case of cheaper services.

3. Female Segment Section
Importance of role of females cannot be overlooked in this modern era. That’s why Warid Telecom has also developed females segment as a separate segment. The role of Female segmentation section is to develop ideas that would entertain female population in Pakistan. Currently ongoing “Zem Baton ke committee Campaign” promoted by Bushra Ansari is such an example.


Internship Report: Warid

4. Youth Segment Section Youth drives a nation; similarly, youth is taken by cellular companies as a segment which can drive other segments as well and affect trends of customers of other segments too. If the youth is targeted in better way, lot of customers can be gained. Warid Floodlight Tape Ball tournament for youth segment is one of such examples. 5. Corporate Segment Section Corporate segment is niche segment which can be source of great revenue for organization. Corporate Segmentation section develops idea that can provide maximum support and facilities to their most profitable segment. Ongoing “Black Berry Campaign” is one of its examples. Corporate segments are provided with Best possible VAS Better rates Security and Network Solutions Corporate Series for employees

Marketing Operations Division
Marketing operations is the part of marketing that is responsible for executing the ideas, turning scraps into whole and giving best possible finishing to the idea. Marketing Operations slogan is “we are those, who execute ideas”. Warid Telecom has divided its marketing operations division into five parts and each part is responsible for carrying out its related tasks. Everything that is seen in market from retailer facias to wall chalking, event branding to billboards, pole signs to panels, road branding to posters, banners to flyers, everything is done by operations. Artworks for the marketing collaterals are provided by the marketing communications. Any execution mishandled by operations team can result in failure of great ideas.


Internship Report: Warid

1. Retail Operations Section Retail operations include branding done at retail shops; that includes facias, availability signs at shops e.g. Easy load Availability. Retail operations is responsible for Spotting the retail shops Finalizing the terms and conditions for contracting Installing Facias / Retail branding

2. New City Launches Section
A new city launch refers to the branding or marketing promotions whenever Warid has launched its service in a new city. The responsibility of this section is to create prelaunch hype and attraction once a service is launched. Branding options that are used so often are City Branding Wall Chalking Shutter Paints Retail Fascia’s Events

3. BTL (Below the line) Advertising Section
Below the line advertising section of Warid typically focuses on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail, e-mail, hoardings, gantries, billboards, pole signs, and traffic signs at prime locations to maximize response rates. Warid Telecom is a telecom company, so here direct mail and email can’t be used effectively. In case of Warid Telecom; the focus is on use of Gantries Billboards Pole signs Sponsoring traffic signs Streamers Hoardings


Internship Report: Warid

4. Marketing Collaterals Section
Warid focuses a lot on effective use of collaterals to create hype for campaigns and events. Marketing collateral, in marketing and sales, is the collection of media used to support the sales of a product or service. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. Warid has a well maintained collateral section in marketing operations division that is responsible for following collaterals supporting Warid promotions and campaigns Tariffs Flyers Standees Posters Coupons Catalogues Visual aids Web content Brochures Leaflets

5. Events
Warid not only participates in events but also organizes such events and activities that highlights its commitment to have good public relations, create brand awareness, taking social responsibilities programs. Instances of such events include Warid sponsoring OIC IT and Telecom expo and conference 2008, taking part in ITCN 2008.

These events include sponsoring and organizing tournaments conferences parties seminars CSR activities


Internship Report: Warid

Marketing Communications Division
Marketing communications in Warid Telecom deals with artworks to be used in BTL & ATL advertising, then its execution and broadcasting in print and electronic media. Above the line is a type of advertising through media such as TV, cinema, radio, print, banners and search engines to promote brands. Major uses include television and radio advertising, web and Internet banner ads. Marketing Communications division divided into two sub-divisions

1. ATL Section
The ATL section of marketing communication comprises of team responsible for
Preparing content for Artworks of campaigns TVCs MMR Newsletters Press releases for media Contacting with Electronic media including Televisions, websites and webzines for issues related to broadcasting TVCs and sponsorship Print media including news papers and magazines for placing advertisement of campaigns, giving press releases, sponsoring columns and special information such as sports events, special occasion such as namaz timings, Iftar and sehri timings

2. Artworks Designing to be used in ATL and BTL
The artwork designing section is responsible for providing artworks to be used in ATL and BTL advertising. The artwork designing section Design artworks itself Outsource artworks to different artworks designing agencies


Internship Report: Warid

Marketing Finance Division

Warid has a division in marketing department that is responsible for financial activities incurred related to marketing promotions, campaigns, and events. It is not a big division; its main purpose is to act as interface b/w marketing and finance departments. Marketing Finance is responsible for Signing CEO notes from authorities Preparing PRs Keeping financial records of costs incurred Issues related to payments of vendors as per invoices

Loyalty Division

Loyalty division of Warid Marketing Department designs marketing programs to benefit the loyal customers that can be prepaid customers, but in most cases Post-paid and Corporate clients. Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior which is potentially in benefit of Warid. Loyalty benefits can include loyalty card, rewards card, points card, advantage card, or club card. Examples of such programs are McDonalds Campaign. Loyalty division is responsible for

Identifying loyal customers Designing marketing programs to benefit the loyal customer Keeping up-to-date profiles of loyal customers: their buying records and patterns Carrying out regular campaigns for the post-paid and corporate clients


Internship Report: Warid


Business Overview
Warid has eleven customer care centers around the country located at key locations. These centers are directly run by Warid itself. Warid has another 120 franchises spread across Bangladesh, the largest chain of retail outlets in the country, which is further backed up by a chain of sub-franchises, affinity partners & distributors. SIM Cards, Scratch Cards and sometimes mobile sets are sold at these outlets. Bill collection for post paid users and Zem top up for pre-paid users can also be availed at the franchises. These franchises directly appoint dealers and sub-dealers in their designated areas

Business Center of Warid Telecom Internationl.
Business Center Tajwar Center Address Tajwar Center House#34 Road#19/A, Banani, Dhaka 1213 ASA Tower (Ground Floor) 23/3 Khilji Road, Shyamoli Dhaka-1207 Novera Square Road #2 House#5 Dhanmondi, Dhaka 64/1, Purana Paltan Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000 Quaderi Chember, 37 Agrabad Commercial area, Chittagong Rahman Tower, House#A/2 Bangabir, Naiorpool Sylhet Dolphin Housing, Jaleshwaritola, Bogra 5800

ASA Tower Novera Tower, Dhanmondi Motijheel Quaderi Chamber, Chittagong Rahman Tower, Sylhet

Dolphin Housing, Bogra


Internship Report: Warid

Parent's Plaza, Rajshahi Uttara Business Centre, Uttara Cox's Bazar Business Center Rangamati Business Center Khagrachori Business Center Bandorban Business Center

Parents Plaza Alupotty, Ghoramara Boalia, Rajshahi Siaam Tower, Dhaka - Mymensingh Road, Plot No. 15, Sector-3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 Hotel Sayeman (Ground Floor) Baharchara, Cox’sBazar – 4700.

New Court Road, Rangamati.

Syed Building,Shapla Chattar, Khagrachori

Abeda Plaza (Ground floor) Opposite of Govt. High School, Bandorban


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Dhaka.
Sl # Area 1 2 Uttara Tejgaon Franchise Location House-9, (1st Floor), Road-12, Sector-6, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 58, Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sharani, Goldeen Plaza, 1st Floor, Rasulbag, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1107/A Ring Road; Baitul Aman Housing Society; Shyamoli; Adabor; Dhaka - 1207 Hasan Apartment Gate, Beside Hasem Plaza, Savar EPZ, Savar, Dhaka B-110, Bazar Road; Savar - 1340 House # 01, Road # 03, Block # A, Mirpur # 6, Mirpur, Dhaka 10; Darus Salam Road; Mirpur-1; Dhaka - 1216 KA - 218/3 Kuril, Progoti Sharani; Dhaka - 1229 Darul Anam, 143, Senpara Parbata, Begum Rokeya Sharani, 1st Floor, Mirpur, Dhaka - 1216 75, Ibrahimpur, Kachukhet, Dhaka. 345/3, Sonargaon Road; Hatirpool; Dhaka - 1205 Shop # 35, Road # 2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205 121, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1212, Dhaka 78, Airport Road, Tejkunipara, Tejgaon, Dhaka - 1215 Centre Point Concord (Ground Floor), 14A & 31A Tejkunipara, Framgate, Dhaka-1215 374/B, Khilgaon, Taltola, Dhaka - 1219 43 Johnson Road, Sutrapur Dhaka - 1100



4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Savar EPZ Savar Bazar Mirpur 11 Mirpur 01 Kuril Kazi Para Kachukhet Hatirpool Dhanmondi Gulshan Farmgate A Farmgate B Shabujbag Sadarghat


Internship Report: Warid

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Rampura Paltan New Market Nawabpur Motijheel Mogbazar Lalbag Keranigonj Jurain Jatra Bari Badda Gazipur East Gazipur West Tongi Joydevpur Sherpur Jamalpur Netrokana Tangail Mymensing West

64/B, Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Malibagh, Dhaka - 1219 50/F Inner Circular Road Subastu Arcade, New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205 223/2A; Bangshal Road, Dhaka 131, Motijheel C/A; Dhaka - 1000 House # 227 (New),331 (Old) Outer Circular Road, Boro Mogbazar, Dhaka - 1217 37/7, Azimpur Road, Dhaka-1205 Shop # 4,5,6, Mona Trade City; Zinzira, Highway Road; Keraniganj, Dhaka 325 South Jatrabari, 1st floor, Dhaka-1204 33/1, Uttar Jatrabari, 1st floor, Dhaka-1204 73/2, North Badda, Progoti Sharani, Dhaka. 171/1, Hasan Banejoya Bitan, Jor Pukur Road, Joydevpur, Gazipur1700 Tasnin Tower, B.I.D.C Road Joydevpur, Gazipur Islamia Market, Mymensing Road, Tongi Bazar, Gazipur Chandna Plaza,Dhaka Road, Chandna Chourasta, Gazipur M/S. Hafizur & Brothers,Section-B Kharampur, Sherpur Town,Sherpur-2100 Kathakoli Market, Doyamoyee More, Jamalpur Town, Jamalpur Imran Plaza,Choto Bazar, Netrokona Al-Hur Super Market (Talukder Market), Old Bus Stand, Tangail Holding # 33, C. K Ghosh Road, Ward # 16, Mymensingh


Internship Report: Warid

38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

Mymensing East Kishoregonj CTG Road Chashara Bandar Fatullah Madaripur Faridpur Shariatpur Rajbari Narshindi Manikganj Munshiganj Gopalganj

15, Madan Babu Road, Mymensingh Station Road, Kishorgonj Sadar, Kishorgonj Shop # 71, 73, AR Rahman Super Market, Shidhirgonj, Narayangonj 81/D, B.B.Road, Naryanganj 638, Wilson Road; Ward No # 2; Bandar; Narayanganj Mostafiz Center, 72 Pagla road, Fatullah, Naryangong 1500 Shabujbag, Main Road, Madaripur Shamsul Ulum Biponi, Mujib sarak, Faridpur 543/1, Tulashar, shariatpur sadar.

18 Islam Plaza, Narsinghdi Sadar 26, Shahid Sharani; Sunlife Insurance Building; Manikganj 443 Jogodhatripara, Jubli Road, Ward-2, Munshigonj Sadar Jimi Market Plaza (Ground Floor), D.C. Road , Gopalganj-8100.


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Comilla.
Area Laxmipur Feni - Mohipal Brahmanbaria Chowmuhoni Chandpur Chawk Bazar Race Course Bishwa Raod Feni - Sadar Franchise Location Hazi Super Market,Bag Bari,Laxmipur Jahan Complex,SSK Road,Feni Mohipal Ether Telecommunications,T.A Road Brahamanbaria Star Plaza,Feni Road,Chowmuhoni,Noakhali Kalibari Moor,Stadium Road,Chandpur Hazi Safar Ali Plaza,Kaporiapotti,Shatipotti,Chawk Bazar,Comilla Rashid Steel House,Race Course,Comilla Upozila Krishi Office,Poduar Bazar,Bishaw Road,Comilla Rajia Mahal,Stadium Road,Sadar,Feni


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Chittagong.

Sl # Area 61 62 63 64 65 66 Alankar Muradpur Mohora Wasa Agrabad Halishahar

Franchise Location Abdur rahim tower, A K Khan Morr, Alankor 158 CDA Avenue, Mohammadpur, Muradpur Mohora Railgate, Kamal Bazar, Mohora 335 CDA Avenue, Shah Puri Tower, Near Ispahani Mour, Chittagong 4000 Shakoza Plaza, Gr. Fl, Amir Hossain Dubash Rd, Chittgaong House # 1; Road # 1; Block # L; Agrabad Access Road; Boropool, Chittagong Bandartila, Opposite Sailors Colony, Near EPZ, South Halishahar, Chittagong 232, Sk. Mujib Road, Chittagong 4100, Hotel Pavalion Bldg, CDA Avenue, GEC, Chittagong. Momin Road, Andarkilla,Beside City Corporation, Chittagong Fourm Center, Ground Floor, 23 MM Ali Road, Chittaging JBC Market, Station Road, Chittagong Kalur Dokan, Takpara, Tarabaniar Chora, Main Road Cox's Bazar Hotel Holiday; Jhawtola, Main Road; Cox's Bazar

67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

CEPZ Chomohoni GEC Lal Dighi Kazir Dewri New Market CXB - Tekpara CXB - Kolatoli / Jhowtola


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Sylhet.

Sl # Area 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 Bandar Bazar Pathantula, Subidbazar Chowhatta Point Uposhahar Habiganj Sunamganj Moulvibazar - Sadar Srimangal

Franchise Location Usmany & company, laldhigirpar,Sylhet. (Beside Rupaly bank),Sylhet Patantula point, sunamgonj Road,Sylhet. (Beside pubali bank),Sylhet 110 Mirboxtula,Chawhatta,Sylhet Shahzalal Plaza,Shop no-6(Ground floor),Subanighat,Sylhet Habiganj sadar, Post office road,Habiganj One palace market, Station road,Sunamganj Dhaka Sylhet Road,Kushumbag area,(Beside patakhury shop), Moulvibazar Afzal Plaza,Moulvibazar Road, Srimangal


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Bugora.
Sl # Area 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Rajshahi - Greater Road Rajshahi - Shaheb Bazar Rajshahi - Laxmipur Jhawtola Sherpur Road Shirajgonj Panchagarh Dinajpur Thakurgaon Nilphamari Lalmunirhat Kurigram Gaibandha Natore Joypurhat Pabna Rangpur Franchise Location Osman Super Market, Greater Road, Rajshahi Moni Chattor, Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi Laxmipur More, Rajshahi Jautola, Borogola, Bogra Amicus Center, Mofiz Paglar More, Sherpur Road, Bogra SS Road, Sirajganj Cinema Hall Road, Panchagarh Lilyr Mor, Bahadur Bazar, Dinajpur Bus Stand Road, Takurgaon Hazee Md. Mohsin Sadak, Nilphamari Puran Bazar, Kalibari, Lalmonirhat Pouroshava Road, Kurigram Park Road, Gaibandha Half Rasta, Natore Pouro Biponi Bitan, Sadar Road, Joypurhat Thana Road, Shalgaria, Pabna Station Road, Near Khkalque pamp, Rangpur Muktir More, Main Road, Naogaon Nimtola More, C'PaiNawabganj

100 Naogaon 101 ChapaiNawabganj


Internship Report: Warid

Franchise Center of Warid Telecom Internationl in Khulna.

Sl # Area 102

Franchise Location

Jessore - Dora Tana More/ Chowrasta Morr; Opposite of Singer Showroom; Jessore Chowrasta. Zahurul Huq Market; Murtir Morr; Palbari, Jessore Shahnaz Complex, Boyra Bazar Bus Stand, Khulna Plot # 11, Alek Mansion, besides New Market, KDA avenue, khulna 780, Khan-A-Sabur Road; Doulatpur Bus Stand; Pabla, Khulna City Trade Centre, 75 KDA avenue, Khulna 1/4, KCC market;(besides Meena Bazar), Khan a Sabur Road, Khulna 97 Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna Vital Medical Services; East Side of Sadar Hospital; Opposite of Technical School & College; Magura S.S. Tower, 109, Sadar Road, Barisal

103 Jessore - Palbari More 104 Khulna - Boyra 105 Newmarket 106 Daulatpur 107 Shib Bari / KDA 108 Ferighat 109 Rupsha 110 Magura 111 Barashal - Sadar Road 112

Barisal - DB Road / Police Stall No. 1; East Police Line Road; Barisal - 8200 Line Badal fancy market, Mail Road 136, N.S Road, Kushtia Sayeed A. Kashem Road, Railbazar, Chuadanga H.S Road, Jhenaidha-7300 Mochipol Moor, Rupganj Bazar, Narail Moni Super Market, Polashpool, Satkhira

113 Meherpur 114 Kushtia 115 Chuadanga 116 Jhenaidha 117 Narail 118 Satkhira


Internship Report: Warid

119 Bagerhat 120 Pirojpur 121 Jhalakathi 122 Bhola 123 Barguna 124 Patuakhali

122 Khanjahan Ali Road, Bagerhat Shatabdi Bhaban, Parer Hat Road, Pirojpur 16, Moha Monpari, Jhalokathi Habib Hotel, Mohajan pottry, Sadar Road, Bhola Katpotti Sadar Road, Barguna Hotel Safari (Ground Floor), Sabujbagmor, Patuakhali


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid

In order to find what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facedby Warid Telecom International. How can they increase their market share in Bangladesh Cellular industry? The SWOT Analysis of Warid Telecom is given below .

Strengths of Warid
Superior product quality for customers Better customer relationship than competitors Extra features and services Committed and efficient staff Strong financial base Products innovations ongoing Good reputation among customers Good packages according to the target market Management is rational and understanding the situation Low price as compared to quality provided

Weaknesses of Warid
Less time in market as compared to major competitors Less coverage as compared to major competitors Less experienced employees than competitors “Seth organization”
Not able to capitalize on start


Internship Report: Warid

Opportunities for Warid
A developing market Mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances Could develop new products Extension to overseas Decline of major competitors Technologically better environment New launches More customers after relaunch

Threats for Warid
Emerging companies in market Unstable political conditions New companies in market High public expectations Low prices of competing brands


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


This program was designed to accomplish three objectives. These objectives were identified through a closer interaction and exchange of views with the management of CS. The objectives are as follows: (1) Mystery survey at different mobile operators Business Centers in order to observe the overall impression of the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). (2) To find out the satisfaction level of Warid Telecom’s subscriber. (3) Compare Warid with other operators Customer Services.

Target Groups
During my internship I used to visit the following target groups: (1) Warid Telecom international limited (2) Grameen Phone (3) Aktel (4) Banglalink (5) City cell


Internship Report: Warid

Method of Survey
Based on the topic chosen, my supervisor was assigned me to visit different Business Centers of all the mobile operators to show the current status of their Customer Service Divisions. The prime functions and activities of the Warid Quality Assurance department is control all the activities of the Customer Service department which includes Centralized Call Centers, Customer Relations Centers, Business Centers and Franchises.

Project Planning Questionnaire & Evaluation Form Preparation Train the Surveyor Sampling & Perform the Survey Data Entry & Validation Database completion & Data Analysis


Internship Report: Warid

Sample Questionnaire for Business Center Mystery Shopping February 2009
General Information Name of the mystery shopper Name of the company Location of the business center Date & time Name of the csr/counter number (applicable for warid telecom only)


Service or sales Fnf Internet Mms activation Gprs activation Edge Ownership Easy load Package change Handset setting Bill payment To activation no. Deactivate no. Termination of no. New sale(prepaid) New sale(postpaid) Other

Complaint Sim repalcement Network No coverage Call does no connect Call drop No audio Noise in audio Bamance transfer Echo problem Network busy Signal fluctuating Scratch card

New marketing promotion Zem(prepaid) Zahi(postpaid) For sms Easy load Vas

Q1.Please tell us reason for your today’s visit Q2.For resolution of this problem did you first go to? Franchise Called 786 Yes Yes No No


Internship Report: Warid

SL NO. Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 Q17


Was there a greeter in Business Center Did Greeter welcome you Was Queue Machine working Did Greeter give you the token Did Greeter guide you towards the counter Dress of the CSR Attentiveness of the CSR Way of talking of the CSR Product Knowledge Overall impression of the CSR Was your problem solved Did you come for the same problem previously Do you wish to continue using WARID Overall your work was done Over all are you satisfied



Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Don’t know Very late


Internship Report: Warid

Q18. What did you like best today’s visit

Q19. What did you not like today’s visit

Q20.Overall Business Center cleanliness

Q21. Any suggestion for improvement


Do you use Warid Do you use other connection


No No


Internship Report: Warid


Operators Gulshan/Banani Motijheel/Kakrail Dhanmondi Uttara GP AT BL CC WT -25% 5% 8% 5% 75% 13% 37% 53% 20% -10% 7% 28% 0% 0% -55% 12% -67% 0% 0% 10%

Shamoli/Mirpur -2% 12% 0% 0% -145%


Internship Report: Warid

BBC (Banani Business Center):It’s in the top position among all business centers in Bangladesh. MBC (Motijheel Business center): Its in the second position. DBC (Dhanmondi Business Center): This business center is in the third position. UBC (Uttara Businees Center): Uttara Business Center holds the fourth position. SBC (Shyamoli Business Center): It has the lowest score and takes the last position.

Business center BBC MBC DBC UBC SBC

Score of the center 15 -2 -11 2 -29

percentage% 75% 10% -55% 10% -145%

Area wise Warid Business Center Performance 100% 50% 10% 0% Score -50% -55% -100% -150% -200% Percentage Score Percentage Score 10%



BBC 75%

MBC 10%

DBC -55% Busness Center

UBC 10%

SBC -145%


Internship Report: Warid


Was there a greeter in Business Center Reception

11 73% 9

60% -15

-100% 4

67% -6




Did greeter welcome you













Was Queue machine working













Did greeter give you the token













Did greeter guide you towards the counter Dress of the CSR Attentiveness of the CSR Way of talking of the CSR

Reception CSR Perf. CSR Perf. CSR Perf.

-9 15 2 0

-60% 100% 7% 0%

-13 7 2 -6

-87% 23% 7% -20%

-15 13 14 2

-100% 87% 47% 7%

0 6 4 8 4 0 4 0 9

0% 100% 33% 67%

-6 2 12 0

-100% 33% 100% 0%



Product knowledge Overall impression of the CSR Was your problem resolved Overall are you satisfied Overall your work was done

CSR Perf. CSR Perf. FCR BC Perf. BC Perf.

-18 -3 -2 -12 -6

-60% -20% -7% -80% -13%

12 -7 6 -16 6

40% -47% 20% -53% 13%

8 3 16 8 12

27% 20% 53% 27% 27%

-33% 0% 33% 0% 50%

12 -2 4 2 15

100% -33% 33% 17% 83%


From the above table it is clearly seen that, according to the position in points and percentage Aktel is in the top position and City cell is in the lowest position. Warid is in the third position among all the industries.


Internship Report: Warid

WT GP AT BL CC Reception -1% -1% -89% 33% -100% CSR Performance. 5% 1% 37% 33% 40% FCR -7% 20% 53% 33% 33% BC Performance. -47% -20% 27% 25% 50%

Category wise Industry Performance
80% 60% 40% 20% 0% S c o re -20% -40% -60% -80% -100% -120% Operator Name WT GP AT BL CC Reception CSR Perf. FCR BC Perf.

Warid scored negative in all category except CSR Performance Bangla Link Scored positive in all categories AkTel & City Cell does not provide any Greeter


Internship Report: Warid


Was there a Greeter in the BC Did Greeter welcome you Was Queue machine work Did Greeter Give you the token Did Greeter guide you towards the counter Dress of the CSR Attentiveness of the CSR Way of talking of the CSR Product knowledge Overall Impression on the CSR Was your problem resolved Overall are you satisfied Overall your work was done

Yes Not in all BC Not all time Not all time Not all time

Yes Not in all BC Yes No Not all time

Yes Almost in all BC Yes Yes Yes

No No No No No

City Cell
NO No No No No

Well Dressed No Average No Bad No No Very late

Not too good No Poor YES Bad Yes No Late

Well Dressed Yes Excellent No Good Yes Yes Quickly

Well Dressed Yes Quite good Yes Good Yes Yes Late

Not too good Yes Not too good Yes Bad Yes Yes Quickly


Internship Report: Warid

Question wise Industry Score
100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% -10% -20% -30% -40% -50% -60% -70% -80% -90% -100%

S c o re


Was Did Was Did Did Attentive Way of Product Overall Was your Overall Overall Dress of there a greeter Queue greeter greeter ness of talking of knowledg impressi problem are you your work the CSR greeter in welcome machine give you guide the CSR the CSR e on of the resolved satisfied was 73% 60% 67% -7% -33% -100% 67% -100% -7% 100% -100% 0% -100% -7% -47% -47% 33% -100% -60% -87% -100% 0% -100% 100% 23% 87% 100% 33% 7% 7% 47% 33% 100% Questions 0% -20% 7% 67% 0% -60% 40% 27% -33% 100% -20% -47% 20% 0% -33% -7% 20% 53% 33% 33% -80% -53% 27% 0% 17% -13% 13% 27% 50% 83%


AT -100% CC -100%

Most of the cases Warid, Grameen Phone & Bangla Link Greeter was present Bangla Link Greeters are more efficient than Warid Greeter Warid CSR were less attentive while City Cell CSR are most attentive towards customers Warid failed to provide First Contact Resolution Warid is very late in case of Service Delivery


Internship Report: Warid


Total Score of the Customer Service Point of Telecom Operators [Industry Average 7%] 40% 30%

20% 10% 0% -10% -20% WT GP AT BL CC Score -10% 1% 3% 31% 13%
Operator Name







Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


Most of the cases Greeters are available The Greeters are not welcoming The Queue Machine was not working properly Greeters should be Welcoming & Friendly Training on Greeting & Gesture will help us to achieve maximum service quality

CSR Performance
CSRS are not attentive to the customers and most of the cases more interested in side talking, SMS Checking There is a significant Lack of Product Knowledge Attitude of the CSR are not friendly & welcoming The way of Talking of the CSR are failed to ensure good Customer Experience CSR are not proactive Immediate Training on Customer Service Etiquette is necessary CSR should stop interacting with each other and should not use Cell phone for personal use while serving customers


Internship Report: Warid

First Contact Resolution
The knowledge level of the complex situation handling are not similar Failed to provide complex queries solution Daily Refreshers on Top Queries will help them to provide more efficient and effective service

Overall Business Center Performance
Banani & Uttara Business Centers’ performed best Overall Business Center service delivery is very late Motijheel Business Center is very uncomfortable due to Temperature and Crowd Waiting Time is high Dhanmondi Business Center is too small so most of the time customers need to wait outside business center. We can Decorate with plants and arrange some sitting arrangements so that they can relax Dhanmondi Business Center is too small so most of the time customers need to wait outside business center. We can Decorate with plants and arrange some sitting arrangements so that they can relax while waiting More AC needs to be setup for comfortable environment as customers need to wait long for service More AC needs to be setup for comfortable environment as customers need to wait long for service


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid


With some changes at higher level including advisor to CEO, G.M Marketing much has improved this year in Warid Telecom market rating. Warid Telecom certainly has potential to capture good market and to give tough time to the competitors, but for this at least following steps should be taken Warid telecom is offering cheap rates for its prepaid and postpaid customers as Compared to its competitors but the main area they are lacking is the way to Communicate it to customers. Seth Culture should be avoided. Network should be enhanced to much more cities. There should be consistency of brand ambassadors, jingles, colors and graphics in their print and electronic media ads to create strong brand recognition. More regional departmentalization should be there, so as to create strong presence and market analysis at regional levels. More staff to should be hired in some departments to meet the requirements. There should be more decentralization and employees should be encouraged for their ideas. Compensation and benefits plans should be revised, as it can be used as a very important tool to create motivation in employees.


Internship Report: Warid



Internship Report: Warid

GLOSSARY ATL (Above-the-line advertising)
Term refers to main media expenditure, TV, print, radio, outdoor, cinema and its traditional accounting treatment. Now used for all traditional media expenses incurred through an agency; mainly used to create, maintain brand awareness/interest

BTL (Below-the-line advertising)
Expenditure on promotional activities which are used to be managed within the company (now many specialized agencies take on these task); promotional activities other than 'above the line' e.g. sales promotion, POP, direct response are examples of BTL.

Noun. Price, rate; protective tax

Noun. Purchase, sale, acquisition

Activities involved with the orderly and timely acquisition and transportation of materials required for production, and with the storage, handling and dispatch of finished goods to customers.

Marketing Communications
The formal and informal messages that sellers transmit to buyers; that can be systematic (planned) as well as the unsystematic (unplanned) promotion by a firm of its products to its markets.

Noun. Billboard (British usage); temporary tall fence made of boards enclosing a construction site; fence made of hurdles; temporary balcony made of wood that is hung from the upper walls from which missiles could be dropped

Noun. Act of operating; working, performance, handling; venture, undertaking;

Act or process of buying or selling at a market; development of a strategy for the sales of a certain product; promotion and selling services; distribution of goods

Public Relations
A deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain positive understanding, good image, between a company and its publics. Such publics include customers, shareholders, employees etc.

Total revenue amount collected for goods and services provided; see also gross sales, net sales, return on sales. Sales charge same as commission

Customer Service
The process of meeting every customer need, before, during and after the sale; the dept. responsible for looking after the customer.


Internship Report: Warid

The extent to which customers repurchase a particular product or brand.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year; equals total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports minus the value of imports.

Franchise Verb. Grant a franchise to an
individual or group; grant the right to vote

Storage for goods and services prior to customer purchase

Corporate Governance
1. The control structure of a corporation. 2. The term used, following recent Government sponsored reports, to describe the policies and procedures that the company’s directors’ employ in their conduct of the company’s affairs, and their relationships with shareholders to whom they are responsible as managers of the shareholders interests in the company, and of its assets.

Noun. Salesman; supplier, equipment salesman (for example in the field of computers, etc.); automatic machine for selling goods

Quality Assurance
The name given to the procedures used to ascertain that measurement data are good enough for their intended purpose. It involves 1. Quality control: those procedures and activities utilized to verify that the quality control system is operating within acceptable limits and to evaluate the quality of the data; and 2. Quality assessment: those procedures and activities utilized to verify that the quality control system is operating within acceptable limits and to evaluate the quality of the data.

Noun. Management (of an office, project, etc.); execution of managerial duties; people in charge of directing or managing, supervisors, leadership


Internship Report: Warid

CEO: Chief Executive Officer RSM: Regional Sales Manager ZSM: Zonal Sales Manager GM: General Manager CIO: Chief Information Officer FM: Franchise Manager BCM: Business Centre Manager BEC: Board Executive Committee CEO: Chief Executive Officer GP: Grameen Phone AK: Aktel CC: Citycell BL: Banglalink

Major Reference
(1) Newsletter of Warid Telecom Bangladesh Limited (2) Newsletter of Grameen phone (3) Newsletter of Banglalink (4) Annual Report and Press Release of All Telecom Web Addresses

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Internship Report: Warid