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Women Around

Women Around

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Published by: saadkaf on Dec 01, 2009
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In spite of her tender age, Fa!imah suffered a great calamity
that filled her heart with sorrow and distress. Soon after she came out
of the tormenting boycott, her mother suddenly fell ill and became
bed-ridden. She was completely startled by that suffering that
afflicted the purest and the noblest of all mothers.

It did not take long before Khadeejah died in that illness.
Fajimah and her sisters were severely grieved by the death of their
mother. And the Messenger of Allah (~) also immensely grieved for
the death of his precious and dutiful wife.

The Makkan period of thirteen years was really hard upon the
Muslims generally, and the Prophet's household particularly. Fatimah
witnessed many of the events of those years.

She witnessed the migration of her sister, Zaynab and her
husband, 'Uthman along with many Muslims to Abyssinia.

She had witnessed the disbelievers putting harmful things on
her father while she was crying and screaming, and her father told

318 Fo.{imah az-Zahro.'

her, "My daughter, do not cry, for certainly, Allah will protect your

Shewitnessed the revelation of the verses of the Qur'an. And
she was extremely happy whenever she listened to the clear verses of
Allah's Book being delicately and touchingly recited by her father.

After the death of her mother, she found, in front of her, great
responsibilities towards her father while he was facing difficult and
bitter situations in the course of calling to the way of Allah. She
shared these great responsibilities with her sister, Urnrn Kulthoom,
who tried to ease things for her.

Fatimah was really forbearing. She doubled her efforts, bore
the difficult events with patience and endured hoping to get her
reward from Allah. She stood beside her father to compensate him for
what he lost through the dead of her mother, the most precious
mother and the noblest wife. And the Messenger of Allah (~) gave
his daughter, Fatimah abundant love, affection, compassion and care.

The little Fatimah, the bereaved and the responsible girl really
needed this love and this care. Which heart is then bigger that
Muhammad's, and which compassion is greater that his?!

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