“How can I analyze the make-up of a novel to increase my understanding of the plot and the author’s purpose?

” – anonymous
student, 11/14/2009

Components of a novel can be: PLOT STRUCTURE – this is the story- what’s going on, how the story evolves. Foreshadowing – Rise in Action – Suspense – Dramatic Irony – Climax – Resolution AUTHOR”S MOTIVATION – this is the messages and themes an author might want to express in his work. Remember, unlike your manifesto, which was direct and to the point, like an advertisement, the messages are more subtle in the novel. Theme Motive Motif Symbolism Metaphor

Writing Style. This is the particular manner in which an author writes. Just like a musician has his own style, so does an author. The more we develop our reading and analytical skills the more obvious it is to identify an author’s writing. “EEEUGGHHH, Sham-ON! Ehhh- heeee- heee!” I think we know who sang this. If we delve deep enough into Bradbury, we will notice a very distinct style. Word choice - Metaphor - Simile - Imagery - Allusion


Conventions Sentence fluency Alliteration

1) Define the literary terms You will be working as a group, thus receiving a group grade. Do me conscientious of your work ethic. 2) In your group, find numerous examples of each literary element. Remember, on example is not enough justification.

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