Tues, April 13 – May 4 6–9pm Instructor: Marjorie Leggitt 303.394.0566
Note: A $5.00 prep and accessory materials fee will be requested at first class.

Note: A $5.00 prep and accessory materials fee will be requested at first class.

REQUIRED MATERIALS • Pens: KOH-I-NOOR rapidographs sizes 4x0, 3x0, 00 (these are definitely recommended!) OR purchase the Rapidograph set (#3165 SP7A) which includes the small pen sizes from 2 down to 6x0.These are much less expensive. NOTE: Look for this set at Michael's using the Sunday newspaper 40% discount coupon • KOH-I-NOOR #3080 Universal or #3085 Ultradraw Black India ink (this ink already comes with the set, no need to get another bottle) • 1 full sheet (22x28") bristol board: Stathmore, 500 series, 2-ply, plate surface (Guiry's or Meiningers) cut into four 11x14" pieces • inexpensive sketch pad: 9" x 12" or larger • tracing paper (pad or drafting trace roll "Bumwad") • pencil • kneaded eraser • repositionable tape • Viva paper towels or a 100% cotton cloth • bottle or cup for water • transfer paper (DO NOT PURCHASE - we make this in class)

OPTIONAL • chinese white watercolor or white gouache • small watercolor brush

Class supplies are available at: Guiry’s, Meiningers, Kozo Fine Arts, Jerry’s Artarama or through online art suppliers: Dick Blick; Cheap Joes.; Daniel Smith; Utrecht; Jerry’s Artarama Kozo Fine Art materials (10 E. Ellsworth Ave, Denver) has a 20% discount for Botanical Illustration Program participants with proof of registration. Bring your registration confirmation letter from the Botanic Gardens.


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