Approved by: Sgt. Ames Date: 7/18/14

Grant C. Gallagher
Age: 20
City/Town/Village Potsdam State NY
Date: 07/18/14
Charge: Failed to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk Time: 03:24pm
Location: Main Street
Release/Return: Returnable in Potsdam Village Court on 08/08/14 at 08:30am.
Narrative Patrol observed the listed suspect traveling west on Main Street failing to yield to a
pedestrian who had just started to cross the street. A traffic stop was initiated and
the suspect was issued a traffic ticket for same.

Jessica J. Davison
Age: 26
City/Town/Village Massena State NY
Date: 07/18/2014
Charge: Uninspected motor vehicle Time: 11:49 PM
Location: Market Street
Release/Return: Returnable in Potsdam Village Court on 08/08/14 at 08:30am.
Narrative Above subject was observed operating a motor vehicle with no inspection
certificate. Traffic stop was initiated and a ticket was issued for the above charge.

0730 Medical alarm at Debra Drive.

0756 Residential burglar alarm at 91 Market Street.

0859 Lost property complaint.

0936 Fingerprints completed for a subject.

1020 Property damage accident on Market Street.

1055 Dog left in a vehicle on Lawrence Ave, patrol responded and determined that the dog was fine.

1101 Fraud complaint.

1303 Traffic stop on Chestnut Street, verbal warning issued.

1318 Traffic stop on Sandstone Drive, verbal warning issued.

1513 Handicap parking permit issued to a subject.

1524 Traffic stop on Market Street, verbal warning issued.

1629 Assisted the State Police with a disabled vehicle.

1644 Traffic stop on Madrid Ave, verbal warning issued.

1713 Fraud complaint on Leroy Street.

2112 Traffic stop on Hillcrest Drive – Verbal warning issued

2123 Traffic stop on Maple Street – Verbal warning issued

2210 Traffic stop on Main Street – Verbal warning issued

2211 Traffic stop on Leroy Street – Verbal warning issued

2229 Officer observed subjects trespassing on the Playground on Lawrence Avenue

2337 Traffic stop on Sandstone Drive – Verbal warning issued

2342 Traffic stop on Market Street – Verbal warning issued

2349 Traffic stop on Market Street – Tickets issued

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