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Sales promotion tools

Econo will reposition their brand in new way so that they have to take solid & effective sales
promotion tools. But all tools will not work in all prospects. But its our study, research & some
article show that some tools all time effective for this issue. These are
Public relation
Massive advertisement
Cause!elated Marketin" #$lso known as Cause Marketin"%
&ree "ifts & coupon
Public relation:
Most important it can increase hu"e sales because its direct relation to public as well as its also
develop company ima"e.
Ex: Econo can provide free pen to poor student or can sponsor in any school where many
workin" children work for their sustenance or can awareness important of education in '(

Massive advertisement:
$dvertisement becomes success weapon for business today. Econo can use many advertisement
media like $T) #T* & +ewspaper%, BT) #!oad show, Ball pen week%, TT) #Billboard &
,ordin"% etc.
Cause-Related Marketing (Also known as Cause Marketing:
-ts very common in the western world because they only approached this way because its very
positive. .ome folk told it emotional advertisin". /e don0t need to know the debate we have to
use it in actual way.
Ex: some one buy one Econo pen from every pen one taka will be donated to ni"ht school for
carry on their study.
!ree gi"ts # coupon:
-n our country its very attractive promotional tools because many people buy product only for
free "ift & coupon.
Ex: (1 Econo Ball pen 2( pen free
( Bo3 Econo Ball pen 2 ( coupon #Pri4e is 5haka to .in"apore air ticket%