Refrigerator (short form fridge) is an appliance that used for keeping food fresh by
refrigeration. The fridge works by a compressor that pumps refrigerant gas through
the cooling system where it compresses the refrigerant, which becomes hot from the
pressure and then flows to condenser coils which are either on the back of the
refrigerator or on the bottom. As the fridge cools, it becomes a liquid which flows
through a tiny expansion ale and becomes a cold, low!pressure apor, which
expands and eaporates as it moes flows into the eaporator coils, where it absorbs
heat from the refrigerator and free"er compartments, keeping your food cold and
water condenses on the eaporator will coils and drips into a pan below the fridge, the
refrigerant returns to the compressor to start the cycle again.
The fridge manufacturing process may comes with construction of outer cabinet and
door (pieces of sheet metal are either welded or clinched together and then painted) ,
inner cabinet (a thick piece of plastic slightly larger than the finished part has its outer
edges clamped and is then heated and then pulled by acuum into a mold and cooled
and inserted into the outer cabinet, and the two are snapped together before the
fixtures are inserted), cooling system (the refrigeration components are attached to the
cabinet and the copper tubing from which the coils is then attached to the fridge as a
unit and the seal on the refrigerator door is created by means of magnet laden gaskets
are attached to the doors) and testing and adding accessories (the unit is leak tested
with nitrogen and the accessories (sheles, crispers, ice trays, etc.) are added and
taped down for shipping).
#ow, concept $lectrolux %io Robot Refrigerator had been reealed which is a fridge
that features no doors or drawers, and the food items are indiidually cooled at their
optimal temperature using biopolymer gel that creating separate pods.