1. Do you have your own mobile phone?
a) Yes b) No
2. How many mobile phones do you have?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) More than 3
3. Which type of mobile connection do you use?
a) Prepaid b) postpaid c) both
3. What brand is your mobile phone?
a) Nokia b) Samsung c) Sony Ericson d) Other
4. How often do u change your mobile?
a) Every year b) Every two years c) Every three years d) Five years and above
5. Is the design of a mobile phone important for you?
a) Yes b) I don’t care c) Not at all
6. You often use your mobile phone to?
a) Calls b) SMS c) Internet d) Face book
7. Which mobile operator do u use?
a) Airtel b) Vodafone c) BSNL d) Docomo
8. How much money do u spend on mobile services per month?
a) 1-20 rupees b) 20-50 rupees c) 50-100 rupees d) more than 200 rupees
9. How many SMS do u send per day?
a) 0-10 b) 10-15 c) 50-100 d) More than 100
10. Buying a new mobile phone for you is important for?
a) Making calls, SMS b) Camera, MP3 Player c) External appearance d) Emotional Satisfaction
11. Which of these is your favorite feature in the phone?
a) Camera b) Internet Browsing/applications c) Gaming d) Text messaging
12. What size would you prefer your screen to be?
a) Small (1.0 to 2.4) inches b) Medium (2.5 to 3.5) inches c) Large (3.6 to 4.4) inches d) Any of these
13. What do you consider important when choosing a mobile phone?
a) Functionality
b) Name of Brand
c) Look and Feel
d) Applications Store
e) Interoperability
f) Connectivity
g) Pricing
h) Advert
14. What type of phone would you like to have?
a) Flip Phone b) Slide Phone c) Tough Phone d) Smart Phone
15. Do you use your mobile phone while driving?
a) Never b) Just when sms comes c) Only when answering a call d) Only in emergency
16. Are you worried about the possible health risks of using mobile phones?
a) Yes b) No
17) Do you use any other features of your mobile phone? If so, how much time do you spend on this feature?