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Tupas, Chariss Dane T.

Prof. Maychell B. Jastia
$ni%ersal Pictures, Director ic& Morris an' (aurence Connor a'apte' the )or& of
*aston (erou+, ,The Phanto- of the !pera. an' -a'e it a -usical play. To cele/rate its 01

Anni%ersary, a perfor-ance )as hel' at #oyal Al/ert Hall an' )as release' on !cto/er 0, 0233.
The Phanto- of the !pera tells a story a/out a -an na-e' Eri&, )ho is a -usical 4enius
/ut )hose face is horri/ly 'isfi4ure' e%er since his /irth an' /ecause of that he has /een
shunne', hate' an' a/use' /y the society an' his -other feare' an' loathe' hi-. He falls in lo%e
)ith a youn4 sin4er, Christine Daa5 an' starts to train her to /eco-e a sin4er. He appeare' to her
as the An4el of Music, )ho her recently passe' a)ay father ha' pro-ise' to sen' her an' she
/elie%e' in - so he is nothin4 /ut an echoin4 %oice in her 'ressin4 roo-. 6hen Christine7s
chil'hoo' frien' an' s)eetheart, 8iscount #aoul 'e Cha4ny su''enly appears /ac& into her life,
the Phanto- /eco-es 9ealous. As the Phanto- has alrea'y fallen o/sessi%ely in lo%e )ith
Christine an' his %iolent an' totally lonely life has -a'e hi- horri/ly insane, the lo%e trian4le
rises into a ni4ht-are.
6hen (ot ::: chan'elier )as re%eale' I felt a-a;e' /y the effects use'. An' the hu4e
screen a''e' color to the sta4e. I fell in lo%e )ith -ysteriousness of the Phanto- )hen he has
his -as& on playe' /y #a-in <ari-loo. He portraye' the role %ery )ell as the prota4onist
turne' into anta4onist. That part particularly as&s a lot of an actor. ot only 'oes he ha%e to sin4,
he has to fin' this %ery 'eep e-otion to 'i4 into Phanto- )as rather -islea'in4 than e%il. I felt
sy-pathy for his character. His %oice is also suita/le for the part. =ierra Bo44ess, Christine Daa5
in the play, effecti%ely ren'ere' his part an' she san4 hi4h notes /eautifully. They )ere all
perfect fit for their role. The characters 'i' their part )ith professionalis-. Han's 'o)n to the-.
The sta4e )as )ell 'ecorate' that -a'e -e felt li&e I.- )ith the- years a4o. Effects are
all in ti-in4. The Phanto- of the !pera is a piece 'ifficult to sta4e /ut they 'i' it. (i&e (es
Misera/les, there )as an orchestra at the /ac&.
Althou4h I.- not a fan of !peras, I thin& it is 9ust to 'eclare that it is one of the /est
Broa')ay sho)s e%er -a'e.