We’ll Be Home In a Few Hours

By Elton Camp
The terminal was buzzing with activity
Passengers buying tickets, checking bags
Up the escalators and toward the gates
But only after passing a security check
Safety cannot be compromised
There must be no surprises in flight
Children ecitedly looking around
!"ather, can we get a window seat#$
% young couple commencing life
&lder ones eager for a return home
% scientist with more to contribute
The businessman to create 'ob
Seated at the loading gate, waiting
(alaysia %irlines "light )* loading
Boarding passes must be shown
Through the passage, into the plane
Carry+on bags to be stored overhead
,ach one-s assigned seat to locate
Safety belt firmly clicked in place
Stewardess- instructions ignored
% bumping ride and turn to the runway
(ighty engines roar as speed increases
The front of the plane sharply rises
,ars popping, a child cries in fear
!.e-ll be home in a few hours$
% parent assures with a hand s/ueeze
The plane reaches cruising altitude
%ll is serene so high above the clouds
Some sleep, some read, some work
%n occasional rumble of turbulence
The refreshment cart approaches
!.hat will you have to drink, Sir#$
There was no warning before it struck
% surface to air missile in pursuit
Terrified screams of those about to die
"ire, smoke, the wrenching of metal
0early three hundred souls perished
0ever having seen their attacker
% miles+long debris field as proof
That an airliner crashed that day
The murderers laugh with glee
Their air space well defended
None survive to reach their homes

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