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A Baby is a sweet little bundle A bundle of joy A Blessing from god A reason to rejoice It makes all our sorrows seem insignificant and small It brings happiness to one and all I thank you god for this wonderful delight for all our love and joys that seem so right

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My Prints

my hand print :

my foot print :

my hair :

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My Family

Members of my family

My family photo:

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My Medical Info

Name and Address of the hospital where i was born:

Name of my doctor: My doctors appointments Date Time Reason

My blood group :

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My First Home


Day, Date & Time I arrived at home from the hospital


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My First Photo
only me !

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About Me
my date of birth: my day of birth: my time of birth: my weight at birth: my length at birth: my hair colour at birth: place of birth: date i was given my name:

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My First's

day i first : smiled: rolled over: held a toy: crawled: sat up: talked: stood up: took a step:

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