Reading Workshop

After reading-aloud the book The Night before First Grade, we practiced using picture clues and making connections (book to self, book to another book, and book to the world). The entire text was laid out on the floor and students used RED stickers, and GREEN stickers respectively to show how a certain picture helped them understand the story and what connections they were able to make using the text. Examples: This picture helped me understand what “twins” means. (Milena) This picture reminds me of my own dog. (Pitu) By visualizing the entire text, students could keep track of the story events. In addition to that, they could move freely “throughout” the story and place the stickers. NOTES:
*I wrote names near each sticker so each student’s contribution is visible on the printouts. * Text-mapping is a technique that enables students to actively engage in the understanding of a text while simultaneously using text as support. Later on, we will use this technique on more complex levels (underlining difficult words, locating plot or unusual features of the text etc).

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