I never realized how unhealthy I was until I wrote down what I ate for three days between July

– 3
, 2014. By using the program, SuperTracker I was able to view my food intake in a deeper matter.
SuperTracker is a government program that helps the user know more about their food intake. When
you first register for the program, questions about your age, gender, physical activity, height and weight
arise. These questions are asked in order for SuperTracker to gather the recommended food targets.
According to SuperTracker, I must consume 1800 calories because I am an eighteen year old female.
One, who is 5’6 in height and weight 135 pounds. My daily food group target recommended that I eat 6
ounces of grains, 2 ½ cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits, 3 cups of dairy, and 5 ½ ounces of proteins.
Thus, the program is designed to help the individual see if their status meets the requirements set by
the program. SuperTracker has a graph and data that better illustrates where the individual falls because
it shows the total percentage of the target food.
On the food day, I consumed 897 calories. Therefore, I needed to consume 903 more calories to
fulfill my calorie limit of 1800. I fell under my percentage goal of 90-110 % for the entire food category
except for protein since I consumed 4 ½ ounces of protein. For starters, I didn’t eat breakfast so eating
two slices of whole-wheat bread with avocado would made me fall to my 90-110 percentage at 107%
since I only consumed 69% of grains. Also, I would have consumed an additional 2 ½ ounces of grain
which would have met my target of 6 ounces of grains. As lunch approached, I snacked on a 6 oz
strawberry low fat yogurt. This yogurt was my only dairy food consumption for the day, which put me
under my percentage goal. I needed 67% more dairy to reach 90% of my recommended dairy
consumption. In addition to my added breakfast, I would accompany the two bread slices with two cups
of milk. By adding milk to my breakfast, I would have reached the recommended 90% of dairy. Since I
also fell under my fruit percentage goal, the whole avocado sliced onto the two bread slices would have
put me in my percentage goal. For dinner, I ate a simple ham sandwich. If I added vegetables to my
plate, I would have met my vegetables percentage goal. Vegetables would include ½ cup of the
following: kale, broccoli, and carrots. Together these added food choices would have added to 899
calories, which would have met my daily calorie limit. I passed my sodium recommended intake by 371
mg. I passed the sodium level because of the 1 foot long sandwich I ate for dinner. Ultimately, I wouldn’t
have eliminated any food choices on day 1 because I fell so low on my calorie limit.
On day two, I ironically passed my calorie limit by 592 calories. I again fell under the
recommended percentage of all the food categories except for protein and fruits. Although on day two
the percentages weren’t as low as day one. If I consumed another ounce of grains by eating toasted
bread I would have reached the target of 6 ounces; hence, I reached 86% of the recommended 90-110%.
I lacked dairy and vegetables on day two. I reached 26% of dairy- albeit; I would have reached 91% if I
added a glass full of milk for breakfast, cheese to the salad I ate for lunch, and 1 cup of yogurt for a
snack. I thought I ate sufficient vegetables but only reached 46%; thus, I would have added ¼ cups of
broccoli and spinach to fulfill the 90%. The reason why I passed my calorie intake by 592 calories and
protein by 10 ½ oz was because I consumed a raw steak for dinner. Thus, I would have cut back on the
steak and only consume about 2 ounces of the steak to eliminate some of the unnecessary calories, oils
and saturated fat. I didn’t pass my sodium limit of 2300 mg since I consumed 869 mg but I did pass my
oils by 5 tablespoons and my saturated fat limit by 2 grams.
On the third day, I consumed 1750 calories out of my limit of 1800. I passed the recommended
percentage when it came to consuming grains, fruits, and protein. However, I fell under the recommend
percentage when it came to vegetables and dairy. I would have reached the target of 2 ½ cups of
vegetables and 3 cups of dairy if I added 1 cup of vegetables for lunch and 2 ½ cups of dairy for
breakfast. These additional cups would have brought my 58% of vegetables and 19% of dairy to the
recommended percentage of 90-110. I passed my sodium limit of 2300 by 1206 mg and I passed my
saturated limit of 20 g by 4 g. I ate a lot of processed cookies which is why I passed my limit of saturated
and sodium limit.
Overall, I noticed that my food intake was all over the place. For instance, on the first day I
didn’t consume as much food when compared to the third day. However, I consumed more calories on
day two than any other day. I lacked the consumption of vegetables and dairy on all three days.
Throughout the three days, my grains, fruits, and proteins intake become better at reaching the
percentage goal. Therefore, SuperTracker helped put my eating habits in perspective and helped me
realized that I was an unhealthy eater. I began juicing vegetables such as kale, broccoli, sweet potato,
cumber, etc in order to meet my required limit of nutrients. I also started doing smoothies to fulfill my
dairy intake requirements. I should note that I take vitamin pills to fulfill the lack of vitamin A, C and E in
my diet. Ultimately, SuperTracker helped me become more conscious of the nutrients that I consume as
well as my recommended limits in grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and protein.