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Hello, my name is Fadhil Mochammad, but people usually called me Fadel.

Im 18-years-old
college student. Now I continue my undergraduate in Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring
Electrical Engineering. I have a lot of passion especially in social, music, art, and sport.
One of the reasons Im applying AIESEC is that Ive been interested to have a new experience of
organizing and socializing, especially AIESEC gave an opportunity for me to be able organize more
broadly with new people from other country. Itll give me a new experience to develop my leadership
and teamwork skills. 2 years ago, my sister had an opportunity to exchange to Japan for a year and
thats really make want to follow her step to have an experience abroad. I have a dream to introduce
technology especially in electrical world to many people, so everyone can make anything to help other
people and solve many problems with this. My another biggest dream is to develop Indonesia in
technologies and industries by learn from another country. Learn how do they organize, learn how do
they work, learn how thei culture.
AIESEC have many programs, and there some several different projects every country around
the world thatll help me to learn and understand the culture, the people, and how to interact with
people from the relevant country. In this globalization era, we have to think and act globally. Came out
from our comfort zone and try a new think to make a big impact. I think this is my big opportunity to
start a big think and have many new experiences that Ive never been experienced before. I hope I can
really get chance to be the exchange participant, because its such a great opportunity that Ill get.