Gib (2008) Didactics- Lecture 7

#V$cabu%ar&' is usua%%& u(derst$$d as a %ist $) *$rds+ ,-rases+ c$%%$cati$(s. "et+ )$rei/(
%a(/ua/e teac-ers (eed t$ /$ be&$(d 0*$rds'. T-e& -e%, %ear(ers 0dec$de' t-e 1ea(i(/ $)
stretc-es $) %a(/ua/e %$(/er t-a( 0*$rds'. E2e( *$rds 1a& c-a(/e t-eir 1ea(i(/ i) t-e
c$(te3t4c$-te3t c-a(/es.
T-e attitude $) )$rei/( %a(/ua/e %ear(ers a(d teac-ers t$*ards 2$cabu%ar& -a2e
u(der/$(e se2era% c-a(/es+ de,e(di(/ $( t-e *a& i( *-ic- eac- a,,r$ac- e1,-asi5ed
di))ere(t %a(/ua/e s6i%%s+ a(d+ ab$2e a%%+ t-e r$%e $) 2$cabu%ar&.
• I( t-e grammar translation method, t-e ,ri1ar& ai1 $) teac-i(/ *as a
/$$d 6($*%ed/e $) t-e )$rei/( %a(/ua/e /ra11ar.
• T-e sa1e s-$rtc$1i(/ *as ascribed %ater $( t$ t-e reading approach, *-ic-
de%iberate%& restricted its ,ri1ar& ai1 t$ b$t- i(te(si2e a(d e3te(si2e readi(/ s6i%%s+ t-us
assi/(i(/ a ce(tra% r$%e t$ t-e teac-i(/ $) 2$cabu%ar&.
• T-e direct method e1,-asi5ed t-e teac-i(/ $) $ra% s6i%%s direct%& b& 1ea(s $)
c$11u(icati$(. It *as assu1ed t-at t-e %ear(ers *$u%d %ear( 2$cabu%ar& i( c$(te3t+ as a(
i(te/ra% ,art $) eac- %ess$(.
• T-e audio-lingual a,,r$ac- c$(ce(trated %ar/e%& $( %iste(i(/ a(d s,ea6i(/ s6i%%s.
V$cabu%ar& teac-i(/ *as 6e,t t$ a 1i(i1u1 u(ti% t-e %ear(er -ad de2e%$,ed a )ir1
c$(tr$% $) t-e basic structura% ,atter(s a(d *as ab%e t$ e3,ress -i1se%) )ree%& *it-i( a
%i1ited area $) t-e )$rei/( %a(/ua/e.
• T-e cognitive approach, de2e%$,ed i( t-e %ate 7890's+ -ad t-e sa1e teac-i(/
ai1s as t-e audi$-%i(/ua% a,,r$ac-. H$*e2er+ a)ter a )ir1 6($*%ed/e $) t-e /ra11ar
ru%es+ t-e (e* s$u(ds+ structures+ a(d 2$cabu%ar& *ere /i2e( e:ua% i1,$rta(ce. T-is *as
a re(e*ed i(terest i( 2$cabu%ar&+ es,ecia%%& as )ar as t-e e3,a(si$( $) 2$cabu%ar&
6($*%ed/e )$r readi(/ ,ur,$ses *as c$(cer(ed.
I( t-e 7870's a(d ear%& 7880's+ t-e i(tr$ducti$( a(d e%ab$rati$( $) t-e c$(ce,t $)
0c$11u(icati2e c$1,ete(ce' -ad a *ides,read i()%ue(ce $( t-e de2e%$,1e(t $) )$rei/(
%a(/ua/e teac-i(/. ;uc- c$11u(icati2e a,,r$ac-es *ere $)te( %ear(er- ce(tred+ a(d
stressed t-e i1,$rta(ce $) %ear(i(/ t-r$u/- t-e use $) t-e )$rei/( %a(/ua/e %ear(i(/.
T-e& /e(era%%& e1,-asi5ed 2$cabu%ar& ,ractice.
• <r$1 t-e ,$i(t $) 2ie* $) communication theory+ t-e teac-i(/ $) 1ea(i(/ is a
,r$cess *-ic- i1,%ies e(c$di(/ a(d dec$di(/ suc- as=
I( teac-i(/ 2$cabu%ar&+ t-e i()$r1ati$( s$urce 1a& be t-e teac-er's brai(+ a(d t-e
tra(s1itter ca( be a(&t-i(/ t-at t-e teac-er uses i( $rder t$ be u(derst$$d. T-us+ t-e
tra(s1itter recei2er I()$r1ati$(
encoding decoding
0tra(s1itter' 1a& be t-e teac-er's voice (i( 2erba% e3,%a(ati$()+ -a(ds (*-e( dra*i(/ $r
,$i(ti(/ t$ a ,icture)+ body (i( de1$(strati$(s)+ $r a real object s-$*( t$ t-e c%ass. T-e
teac-er c-a(/es t-e 1ea(i(/ (i( t-e brai() i(t$ s$1et-i(/ t-at ca( be ,ercei2ed. T-is
e(c$di(/ is usua%%& a( u(satis)act$r& ,r$cess+ because it is di))icu%t t$ )i(d a( e3act
c$rres,$(de(ce bet*ee( a( idea i( $ur -ead a(d a *a& $) e3,ressi(/ it. T-us+ t-e
1ea(i(/ $) a *$rd e3ists $(%& at t-e i()$r1ati$( s$urce a(d desti(ati$(. It ca( be
,ercei2ed $(%& b& bei(/ e(c$di(/. T-e e(c$di(/ usua%%& resu%ts i( s$1et-i(/ ($t e3act%&
t-e sa1e as its 1ea(i(/. C$(sider t-e *$rd 0tab%e'+ it ca( be ascribed t$ 1a(& ,ieces $)
)ur(iture $) di))ere(t s-a,e a(d si5e.
• ;i(ce t-e 0e(c$di(/'4'dec$di(/'4tra(s%ati$( is (e2er 0,er)ect'+ *e -a2e t$
c$(sider t-e ,ractica% %i(/uistic c$(siderati$(s $( teac-i(/ 02$cabu%ar&=
STYLE----------------------- ----- MEANING IN CONTEXT
• Colloquial/formal L -Diversity of meai!
• S"o#e/$ritte E - Cootatio
• Neutral/"e%orative X - Collo&atio
I - L' iterfere&e
C - ra!e
A - (erivates
• *o+ relate( - o""osites
,e!-me(i&al. &ommer&ial/ I - "seu(o-o""osites
0oliti&al/ et&- T 1 le2i&al sets ,e-!- $or(s a+out
a otio3
M -----G)AMMA)
- "arts of s"ee&4
5A)IETIES - irre!ularities of form
of ENGLIS6 ,78/ 7SA3 - "re92/ su:2
-(erivates/$or( families
L' iterfere&e ,sou(s/ $ea# sylla+les/ stress/ sou( &4a!es/ et&-
S"elli!< sou( vs- S"elli!. a++reviatio ,if "ossi+le3

>e ca( 0c$(2e&' 4 0tra(s%ate' t-e 1ea(i(/ $) %e3ica% ite1 i( 1a(& *a&s= by
demonstration, using pictures, by verbal explanations. T-e e))icie(c& $) 2ari$us
2$cabu%ar& teac-i(/ tec-(i:ues 2aries $*i(/ t$ )act$rs suc- as= %ear(er a/e+ t-e
$b?ecti2es $) teac-i(/ 2$cabu%ar&+ a(d t-e t&,es $) 2$cabu%ar& ite1s tau/-t. Teac-i(/ t-e
acti2e use $) t-e 1ea(i(/ $) a *$rd ,r$ceeds i( t-ree sta/es= @!E;ENTATION+
@!ACTICE+ a(d @!ODCTION. ;i(ce t-ere are 1a(& ,$ssibi%ities t$ i(tr$duce
2$cabu%ar& (,rese(tati$( 4 2isua%s+ de1$(strati$(+ 2erba% e3,%a(ati$(s+ *$rd %ists+ %e3ica%
sets) >ic6ber/ (7880) i%%ustrates t-e1 b& t-e )$%%$*i(/ a%/$rit-1=
Ca( B be ,rese(ted C DDNO  Is B e:ui2a%e(t TO BC  "E; => TRN!"T#
$$ $$ $$
% % %
=== === ===
&#! NO '
===== ==== ====
$$ $$ $$
SHOW object Use defnition , syn, etc. Use X in context
- A($t-er as,ect t-at teac-ers -a2e t$ c$(sider is =
7. ACTIVE (,r$ducti2e)--%i1ited 2$cabu%ar&
2. @A;;IVE (rece,ti2e)
(INCBATION @E!IOD ((e* 2$cabu%ar& -eard4read i( di))ere(t c$(te3ts 1a(& ti1es)
( ;TE@; (i( teac-i(/ t-e acti2e 2$cabu%ar&= @!E;ENTATION+ @!ACTICE+ @!ODCTION)
teac-er d$es ($t 0*$r6' $(%& i( c%ass (see -a(d$ut Gb)+ but a%s$ 0be)$re
!T#)! $N $NTRO*+,$N- N#. %O,/+"R&0
1. 2"ead in3 4i(tr$duct$r& c$(2ersati$()= st$r&+ /a1e+ brai(st$r1i(/...
1.1. ttera(ce $) a se(te(ce c$(tai(i(/ t-e (e* *$rd
1.5. Fea(i(/ e3,%ai(ed= de1$(strati$(+ rea%ia+ cut-$ut-)i/ures+ /estures+ ,er)$r1i(/ acti$(s+
2isua%s+ 2erba% e3,%a(ati$((descri,ti$(+ s&($(&1s+ a(t$(&1s+ *$rd i( c$(te3t+ tra(s%ati$(+
de)i(iti$(s+ e3,%a(ati$(s+ *$rd a(a%&sis)
1.6. Lear(ers (es,ecia%%& be/i((ers) re,eat t-e *$rd (i( /r$u,4i(di2idua%%&) i( a( uttera(ce.
1.7. T-e *$rd is *ritte( $( t-e b$ard+ a(d %ear(ers c$,& it i( t-eir ($teb$$6s.
5. *uring the lesson 4*$r6 *it- t-e te3t= t-e 1ea(i(/ $) t-e *$rd is easi%& deduced )r$1 t-e
c$(te3t) O!=
5.1. T-e teac-er reads t-e %ess$( (be/i((ers' b$$6s s-utH)
5.5. Lear(ers re,$rt *-at t-e& -a2e u(derst$$d4a(s*er T's :uesti$(s.
5.6. ;tude(ts (be/i((ers) read t-e %ess$( i( tur(.
6. $ndependent 8or9 (e2e(tua%%&= usi(/ dicti$(aries)
6.1. T-e teac-er reads t-e te3t a%$ud+ O! stude(ts read si%e(t%& (%$(/er te3ts)
6.5. Lear(ers %$$6 u, t-e u()a1i%iar *$rds.
6.6. Lear(ers read (a%$ud) t-e te3t i( tur( (be/i((ersI i(ter1ediate)
6.7. ;$1e se(te(ces 1a& be tra(s%ated.
1. T-ere 1a& be s$1e ,r$b%e1s i( teac-i(/ some culturally loaded 8ords= )$r e3a1,%e+ t-e *$rd
0,$%itics' 1ea(s di))ere(t t-i(/s i( t-e C-i(ese a(d E(/%is- cu%tura% bac6/r$u(d (Biu-
• C-i(ese=J 1. The most important and urgent task of the nation;
2. Morale
3. The most concentrated expression of economics
4. One’s concern with the future of motherland.
• E(/%is-= #The science of go!ernment as opposed to "usiness# the arm$# law and medicine.
KL= *-at ab$ut t-e !$1a(ia( i(ter,retati$(CM
T-ere)$re+ t-e direct tra(s%ati$( $) t-e *$rd+ *it-$ut a%%$*i(/ )$r t-e cu%tura% di))ere(ce+ >ILL %ead t$ its
1isuse. M
!olution':1$($%i(/ua% dicti$(aries 1a& -e%, %ear(ers disti(/uis- t-e N di1e(si$(s $) t-e 1ea(i(/ $) t-e
a) Its de($tati$( a(d its c$(te3tua% 1ea(i(/+
b) Its c$(($tati$(+ $r ass$ciati$(s /ai(ed b& %$(/ usa/e+
c) Its st&%istic c-aracter
d) Its cu%tura% si/(i)ica(ce.
5. *ouble;multiple meaning 8ords K>$rds t-at are ide(tica% i( s,e%%i(/ a(d ,r$(u(ciati$(+ but
-a2e 1u%ti,%e 1ea(i(/s- %ear(ers 1a& be /i2e( ,ractice i( s$%2i(/ #se1a(tic ridd%esJM
e.g. %& 'h$ is a ri!er alwa$s rich(
0)ecause it alwa$s has two "anks.
;$1e ridd%es c$(tai( idi$1s t-at (eed (e2e(tua%%&) t$ be e3,%ai(ed=
%& 'hat weather do mice most dislike(
*& 'hen it’s raining cats and dogs.
LA;T+ but ($t %east= teac-ers s-$u%d a%*a&s ada,t t-eir teac-i(/ $) 2$cabu%ar& t$ %ear(ers' (eedsHHH

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