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Reliance Communication - Marketing Research

Reliance Communication - Marketing Research

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Published by: Mazhar Zaman on Jul 21, 2014
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgement 2
Abstract 3
Introduction to
Indian Telecom Industry 4
About Reliance Communications Ltd. 8
Organiational !tructure o" Reliance Communication Ltd. #3
$arket Researc% #4
&ro'ect (ndertaken #8
Ob'ecti)e o" t%e *ro'ect #+
,escri*tion o" &ro'ect 2-
Limitations 22
$et%odology 23
Literature Re)iew. Telecom &olicy
In)ironment 24
/C0 $atri1 28
!2OT A3AL4!I! 2+
&rogress o" t%e &ro'ect 3#
Result 5 Analysis 36
!uggestions 63
Additional 2ork 64
Learning 71*erience
&ro"essional 6+
&ersonal 8-
A**endices 8#
71ecuti)e !ummary 89


I would first like to thank Mr. Salim haq, CEO, Reliance Communications Ltd.
Lucknow for giving me the opportunity to work in this organization.
Now I would like to thank Mr. Gaurav Singh, Manager - Marketing and my
company guide, Reliance Communications Ltd. Lucknow for giving me the
opportunity to work in this esteemed organization and giving me the opportunity to
work on this project which helped me gain immense knowledge. I also thank him
for the guidance provided y him in the process without which it could not have
een possile for me to complete the task successfully. I am grateful to him for
giving me the opportunity to work on the market of reliance !oile.
I gratefully acknowledge the help rendered y entire the marketing team at
Reliance Communication for helping me y providing all the re"uired knowledge
and information during the project.
Now I would like to thank MISS. G!"#!, our honorale #acaulty of $#RL#L
I!S%I%%E O& M#!#GEME!% %EC$!OLOG' for permitting me to do my
project in this valuale organization and for constantly guiding me in learning
new aspects of the corporate world and giving me a etter insight of the things.

In recent years, the adoption of the mobile phones has been exceptionally rapid in
many parts of the world, and especially in India where mobile phone are common as wrist
watches. This research will try to investigate consmer behavior in celllar phone mar!ets where
there is stiff competition among the varios players as to captre the ntapped mar!et share. This
research srveyed "## Indian consmers and retailers in " different ma$or cities of the %& east
circle. This is done throgh 'estionnaire method and the reslt will try to find ot the preference
of consmers while prchasing the new handsets. This will also help the company to lanch new
bndled offers to the consmer and to decide its mar!eting and selling strategy.
This research will conclde of contribtions and proposes ideas for ftre stdies in this area.

The Telecom indstry in India is the (
largest networ! in the world meeting p with global
standards. &resently, the Indian telecom indstry is crrently slated to an estimated contribtion
of nearly )* to India+s ,-&.
The Indian Telecommnication networ! with ))#.#) million connections is the fifth largest in the
world and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. Today, it+s the fastest
growing mar!et in the world. The total sbscriber base has increased by .#*. In the last " years
ot of " sbscribers / were wireless sbscribers. Conse'ently, wireless now acconts for (..0*
of the total telephone sbscriber base. The wireless technologies crrently in se are ,lobal
System for 1obile commnications 2,S13 and Code -ivision mltiple Access 2C-1A3. There
are primarily 4 ,S1 and ( C-1A operators providing mobile services in )4 telecom circles and
. metro cities, covering /### towns across the contry.
There are " types of players in the telecom indstry5
• State owned company 2BS67 and 1T673
• &rivate Indian owned companies 2Reliance Commnications, Tata Indicom3
• 8oreign Invested Companies 29tch:;ssar:<odafone, Bharati Telecom, Idea, B&7
mobile, Spice Commnications3

The new strctre of Indian Telecom Indstry is shown in figre below =
$inistry o"
O" India
,e*artment o"
Services <ale
added services
8ixed service
provider in
-elhi and
7-T and 8ixed
telephony except
-elhi and
"i1ed ser)ice

8rom the time of telegraphs Indian Telecom Sector has witnessed an immense growth and has
diversified into varios segments li!e, fixed line Telephony, mobile Telephony, ,S1, C-1A,
>77 etc. The telecom indstry is growing at a fast pace introdcing newer technologies.
6ow it+s time to welcome the mch: awaited ", technology to earn very high revenes from the
vale added services provided by the technology. The technology is initially being lanched on
C-1A platform.
" , or third generation technology is convergence of varios second generation
telecommnication systems. The technology is intended for S1ART&9?6;S = mltimedia cell
phones, video broadcasting, and other e:commerce services sch as, stoc! transactions, and e:
learning will now be made possible mch faster. It offers "mbps speed for downloading, which is
very high as compared to that of the / , technology. The " , technology provides for internet
srfing, downloading, e:mail attachment downloading, adio:video conferencing, fax services,
and many other broadband applications.

• AIRT;7
• I-;A
• 9%TC9
• C;77 ?6;
• S&IC;
• ;SC?T;7
• @?S9I@A T;7;C?1
• 9;AAC?1
Abo't Rel(ance comm'n(cat(ons ltd)

The 7ate -hirbhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India B an India where the common man wold
have access to affordable means of information and commnication. -hirbhai, who single:
handedly bilt India+s largest private sector company virtally from scratch, had stated as early
as )4445 C1a!e the tools of information and commnication available to people at an affordable
cost. They will overcome the handicaps of illiteracy and lac! of mobility.D
It was with this belief in mind that Reliance Commnications 2formerly Reliance Infocomm3
started laying 0#,### rote !ilometers of a pan:India fiber optic bac!bone. This bac!bone was
commissioned on /E -ecember /##/, the aspicios occasion of -hirbhai+s F#th birthday,
thogh sadly after his nexpected demise on 0 Gly /##/.
Reliance Commnications has a reliable, high:capacity, integrated 2both wireless and wire line3
and convergent 2voice, data and video3 digital networ!. It is capable of delivering a range of
services spanning the entire infocomm 2information and commnication3 vale chain, inclding
infrastrctre and services B for enterprises as well as individals, applications, and conslting.
Reliance+s milestone is to execte complex global:scale pro$ects to facilitate leading:edge
information and commnication services affordable to all individal consmers and bsinesses in
India. They want to offer nparalleled vale to create cstomer delight and enhance bsiness
prodctivity. And not only expand their bsiness in the contry bt go beyond Indian borders
and enable millions of IndiaHs !nowledge wor!ers to deliver their services globally.
Reliance 1obile offers telecom services in the form of &ostpaid cards and &repaid cards along
with R world and variety of <ale Added Services 2<AS3. They also offer 8>& phones by the
name of Reliance 9ello and data card and modem connection by the name of Reliance 6et
Connect, all forming the prodct line of Reliance Commnications.
Abo't S*) D*(+'b*a( Amban(

>e will not be giving Reliance Commnications a $stice if we won+t be tal!ing abot its
fonder Sh. -hirbhai Ambani.
8ew men in history have made as dramatic a contribtion to their contry+s economic
fortnes as did the fonder of Reliance, Sh. -hirbhai 9 Ambani. 8ewer still have left behind a
legacy that is more endring and timeless.
As with all great pioneers, there is more than one ni'e way of describing the tre genis of
-hirbhai5 The corporate visionary, the nmatched strategist, the prod patriot, the leader of
men, the architect of India+s capital mar!ets, and the champion of shareholder interest.
Bt the role -hirbhai cherished most was perhaps that of India+s greatest wealth creator. In one
lifetime, he bilt, starting from the proverbial scratch, India+s largest private sector enterprise.
>hen -hirbhai embar!ed on his first bsiness ventre, he had a seed capital of barely %SI "##
2arond Rs ).,###3. ?ver the next three and a half decades, he converted this fledgling enterprise
into a Rs 0#,### crore colosssBan achievement which earned Reliance a place on the global
8ortne (## list, the first ever Indian private company to do so.
-hirbhai is widely regarded as the father of India+s capital mar!ets. In )4FF, when Reliance
Textile Indstries 7imited first went pblic, the Indian stoc! mar!et was a place patroniJed by a
small clb of elite investors which dabbled in a handfl of stoc!s.
%ndanted, -hirbhai managed to convince a large nmber of first:time retail investors to
participate in the nfolding Reliance story and pt their hard:earned money in the Reliance
Textile I&?, promising them, in exchange for their trst, sbstantial retrn on their investments.
It was to be the start of one of great stories of mtal respect and reciprocal gain in the Indian

%nder -hirbhai+s extraordinary vision and leadership, Reliance scripted one of the greatest
growth stories in corporate history anywhere in the world, and went on to become India+s largest
private sector enterprise.
Throgh ot this amaJing $orney, -hirbhai always !ept the interests of the ordinary
shareholder ppermost in mind, in the process ma!ing millionaires ot of many of the initial
investors in the Reliance stoc!, and creating one of the world+s largest shareholder families.


7ate -hirbhai Ambani bilt Reliance from scratch and in /( years got it a place among the
world+s top 8ortne (## corporations. The fact that he too! barely a 'arter of a centry to do that
is what ma!es this achievement special. Thogh rooted in traditional Indian vales, -hirbhai was
a 'intessential modern man = a man of the 6ew 1illennim. This was reflected in his passion for
mega:siJed pro$ects, state:of:the:art technology, and high prodctivity.
9is corporate philosophy was short5 KThin! big. Thin! differently. Thin! fast. Thin! ahead. Aim
for the bestK. At Reliance, he inspired all to better the best in the world. -hirbhai was clear that
edcation alone can empower people. A great commnicator himself, he commnicated to inspire,
gide, edcate, and, motivate. -hirbhai !new the power of information and commnications and
how it can be harnessed to achieve these goals and to ma!e time and distance irrelevant. -hirbhai
wold often say that if a telephone call cold be made cheaper than the post card in India, it will
transform every home, empower every Indian, remove every roadbloc! to opportnity and growth,
and demolish every barrier that divides or society. 9e was of the view that Infocomm
2information and commnication3 wold energiJe enterprises, galvaniJe governance, and ma!e
learning an experience and life, exciting. Reliance Infocomm is a fascinating otcome of this
powerfl conviction, a ma$or initiative to translate this dream into reality.

Reliance Commnications envisions a digital revoltion that will bring abot a 6ew >ay of 7ife.
A -igital >ay of 7ife for a 6ew India. The missions of the Company are achieved throgh the
following sb missions5
 >ith mobile devices, net ways and broadband systems lin!ed to powerfl digital
networ!s, Reliance Commnications will sher fndamental changes in the social and
economic landscape of India.
 Reliance Commnications will help men and women connect and commnicate with
each other. It will enable citiJens to reach ot to their wor! place, home and interests,
while on the move. It will enable people to wor!, shop, edcate and entertain themselves
rond the cloc!, both in the virtal world and in the physical world. It will ma!e available
television programmes, movies and news capsles on demand. It will nfrl new
simlated virtal worlds with exhilarating experiences behind the screens of compters
and televisions.
 %sers of Reliance Commnication+s fll range of services wold no longer need
adiotapes and C-s to listen to msic. <ideotapes and -<-s wold not be necessary to
see movies. Boo!s and C- R?1s wold not be needed to get edcated. 6ewspapers and
magaJines wold not be re'ired to !eep abreast of events. <ehicles and wallets will
become nnecessary for shopping.
 Reliance Commnications will disseminate information at a low cost. K1a!e a telephone
call cheaper than a post cardK. These prophetic words of -hirbhai Ambani will be a
metaphor of profond significance for Reliance Commnications. Reliance
Commnications will reglarly nfold new applications. Continally adapt new digital
technologies. Create new cstomer experiences. Constantly strive to be ahead of the
 Reliance Commnications will transform thosands of villages and hndreds of towns
and cities across the contry.


This is ?rganiJation Strctre of Reliance Commnications 7td.

C(t1 D(st+(b't(on
Cent+e 2CDC3
&o+ld 2R&3

1ar!et research is the process of systematically gathering, recording and analyJing data and
information abot cstomers, competitors and the mar!et. Its ses inclde to help create a
bsiness plan, lanch a new prodct or service, fine tne existing prodcts and services, and
expand into new mar!ets. 1ar!et research can be sed to determine which portion of the
poplation will prchase a prodctLservice, based on variables li!e age, gender, location and
income level.
1ar!et research is generally either primary or secondary.

In secondary research, the company
ses information compiled from other sorces that appears applicable to a new or existing
prodct. The advantages of secondary research are that it is relatively cheap and easily
accessible. -isadvantages of secondary research are that it is often not specific to yor area of
research and the data sed can be biased and is difficlt to validate. &rimary mar!et research
involves testing sch as focs grops, srveys, field tests, interviews or observation, condcted
or tailored specifically to that prodct.
Ma+ket Resea+c* fo+ b's(ness 4lann(ng:
1ar!et research is for discovering what people want, need, or believe. It can also involve
discovering how they act. ?nce that research is complete it can be sed to determine how to
mar!et yor specific prodct.
8or starting p a bsiness there are a few things that are important5

Ma+ket (nfo+mat(on :
1ar!et information is ma!ing !nown the prices of the different commodities in the mar!et, the
spply and the demand. Information abot the mar!ets can be obtained in several different
varieties and formats.
;xamples of mar!et information 'estions are5
). >ho are the cstomersM
/. >here are they located and how can they be contactedM
". >hat 'antity and 'ality do they wantM
.. >hat is the best time to sellM
Ma+ket segmentat(on
1ar!et segmentation is the division of the mar!et or poplation into sbgrops with similar
motivations. >idely sed bases for segmenting inclde geographic differences, personality
differences, demographic differences, se of prodct differences, and psychographic differences.
Ma+ket t+ends -
The pward or downward movements of a mar!et, dring a period of time. The mar!et siJe is
more difficlt to estimate if yo are starting with something completely new. In this case, yo
will have to derive the figres from the nmber of potential cstomers or cstomer segments. Bt
besides information abot the target mar!et yo also need information abot yor competitor,
yor cstomers, prodcts etc. A few techni'es are5

Cstomer analysis
Choice 1odeling
Competitor analysis
Ris! analysis
&rodct research
Ma+ket +esea+c* met*odolog1-
1ar!etstrat ses a combination of indstry:standard and proprietary methodologies for
researching and pblishing reports. Research pro$ects incorporate a rigoros process
encompassing !ey milestones sch as planning, design, data collection, interpretation, analysis
and reporting.
The Research &rocess 8low encompasses -esign, -ata Collection, Analysis N Interpretation,
and Report &ac!aging N Conclsion.
>hile the research methodology and coverage may vary based on mar!et area or type of report,
the methodology section of each report discsses the following5
&rpose of the report
Scope and definition
1ar!et segmentation and regional coverage
Report limitations
Research sorces
Sample 'estionnaires

+(ma+1 Resea+c* -
;xtensive primary research is performed, sing best practices in srvey design, exection and
data interpretation. <endors, end:sers, distribtors, prospective cstomers and others who are
part of a mar!etHs ecosystem : are invited to complete web:based srveys. Oestionnaires are
cstomiJed for the report as well as for the target grop within a mar!et. 8ollow:p primary
research is also performed in the form of detailed phone interviews.
>e will soon be lanching a comprehensive 'arterly adit program to trac! medical e'ipment
prchase trends.
Seconda+1 Resea+c*-
As part of secondary research we review and analyJe hndreds of information sorces and
distill or findings into !ey conclsions, ta!e:always and recommendations. Sorces inclde
indstry N trade pblications, pblished mar!et and investment research reports, white papers,
statistical databases from government and other sorces and company web sites.

+o5ect 'nde+taken
A3 &ro$ect
Stage )5 %nderstanding telecom indstry.
a3 Ta!ing wee!ly pdates.
b3 1eeting p with retailers.
c3 AnalyJe the sales report and varios offers lanched by the company.
d3 ,:" days activity
e3 Research methodology.
f3 -esigning 'estionnaire.
Stage /5 Srvey
a3 Collection of data.
b3 Sorting of data according to need.
c3 %nderstanding data.
d3 AnalyJe the data by sing pivot table and pivot charts.
e3 Research methodology.
f3 8indings.
g3 Recommendations.


The ob$ective of the pro$ect is to stdy the motives of the consmer in the %& ;ast circle as well
as give insights into the se of mobile phone services inclding the perceived vale added
services, and to collect general information abot the ser.
As there is stiff competition so in order to offer best to the cstomers this research will help the
company to nderstand their needs and preference which can help in lanching new prodct and
services to cater those needs. 8or example if after doing the research the reslt comes that
cstomer is loo!ing for a camera phone in medim price range then company can lanch the
handsets which can cater the needs of the people in that particlar segment.


At ))#.#) million connections H Indian Telecom Industry; is the fifth largest and fastest growing
in the world. The sbscriber base has grown by .#* in /##( and is expected to reach /(# million
in /##F.
The wireless technologies crrently in se H Indian Telecom Industry H are ,lobal System for
1obile Commnications 2,S13 and Code -ivision 1ltiple Access 2C-1A3. There are
primarily 4 ,S1 and ( C-1A operators providing mobile services in )4 telecommnication
circles and . metro cities, covering more than /### towns across the contry. And the nmbers
are still growing for H Indian Telecom Industry H. H Telecom Industry in India H is reglated by
HTelecom Reglatory Athority of IndiaH 2TRAI3. Three types of players exists in H Telecom
Industry India H commnity :
• State owned companies li!e : BS67 and 1T67.
• &rivate Indian owned companies li!e = Reliance Commnications and Tata Teleservices.
• 8oreign invested companies li!e = <odafone:;ssar, Bharti Tele:<entres, ;scotel, Idea
Celllar, B&7 1obile, Spice Commnications etc.
Reliance = A-A ,rop+s flagship company, Reliance Commnications, is IndiaHs largest private
sector information and commnications company, with over .# million sbscribers. It has
established a pan:India, high:capacity, integrated 2wireless and wire line3, convergent 2voice,
data and video3 digital networ!, to offer services spanning the entire infocomm vale chain
throgh its 0#,### rote !ilometres of a pan:India fiber optic bac!bone and with the commitment
to reach at each and every village of India.
-e to the large nmber of the player and stiff competition and as switching cost of the service
provider is also very hence companies are facing the problem of consmer retention. 9ence in
order to retain the consmer and to increase the profit, service providers are trying to offer their
cstomers prodct and services tailored to their demands and expectations.

In recent years, the adoption of the mobile phone has been exceptionally rapid in many parts of
the world , and especially in India where celllar now a day+s almost as common as the wrist
watches, T%is e1*loratory study attem*ts to in)estigate consumer *urc%asing be%a)ior and
"eatures w%ic% t%ey look w%ile *urc%asing a new cellular *%one .T%is *ro'ect will sur)ey
t%e consumers and looked at t%eir moti)es to *urc%ase new %andsets on one end and t%eir
satis"action le)el regarding a"ter sales ser)ice etc on t%e ot%er end. T%is will try to e1*lore
t%e *re"erence o" )arious brands o" mobile by t%e consumer w%ile *urc%asing t%e new
%andsets in all *rice ranges i.e. low< medium. u**er and %ig% ranged *rice %andsets
This stdy will not be only limited to the consmer end bt will also explore the other end of the
coin which is bac!bone for any of the bsiness that is the retailers end, what are their perception
regarding the brands and the handsets choice and stoc! availability of varios handsets, margins
on different handset, prodct featres and after sales service in different price ranged i.e. low end
price range sets, medim range, pper price ranged sets and high price ranged sets, with more
focs on reliance as a service provider and its competitor offering the bndle handsets same as
that of reliance.

There are varios actions which persons ta!e in prchasing and sing prodct and service,
inclding the mental and social processes that precede and follow the actions. These depends and
differ on individal to individal depending on his perception and expectation, a prodct which
satisfies one consmer may not be satisfying the other consmer becase he may have different
demand and expectation from the prodct and service. ;xternal environmental factors play a
ma$or role in consmer behavior and the mar!et dynamics also affects the behavior and natre of
the consmer. As this stdy is being done in the %&2east3 circle this will only able to depict the
cstomer preference and behavior in this region only till certain period of time till the mar!et
dynamics is not changed. This research will also be able to give the clear view only for the
parameters inclded in the research and any derived reslt from the above parameters may or
may not provide the right reslt.


The methodology of the whole Research process which is to be condcted is given
Opportunity Identi!"tion
#$"nnin% t&e re'e"r!& de'i%n
(e$e!tin% t&e re'e"r!& )et&od
(e$e!tin% t&e '")p$e 'i*e "nd
'")p$in% pro!edure
D"t" !o$$e!tion
Codin% "nd D"t" e+"$u"tion
D"t" "n"$y'i', re'u$t "nd
-eport prep"r"tion

LIT7RAT(R7 R7:I72. Telecom &olicy 7n)ironment
Indian telecommnications today benefits from among the most enlightened reglation in the
region, and argably in the world. The sector, sometimes considered the Cposter:boy for
economic reforms,D has been among the chief beneficiaries of the post:)44) liberaliJation.
%nli!e electricity, for example, where reforms have been stalled, telecommnications has
generally been seen as removed from Cmass concerns,D and ths less sb$ect to electoral
calclations. 1ar!et: oriented reforms have also been facilitated by lobbying from India+s
booming technology sector, whose contined sccess depends on the 'ality of infrastrctre.
-espite several hiccps along the way, the Telecom Reglatory Athority of India 2TRAI3, the
independent reglator, has earned a reptation for transparency and competence. >ith the recent
resoltion of a ma$or dispte between celllar and fixed operators 2see below3, Indian
telecommnications, already among the most competitive mar!ets in the world, appears set to
contine growing rapidly. >hile telecom liberaliJation is sally associated with the post:)44)
era, the seeds of reform were actally planted in the )4E#s. At that time, Ra$iv ,andhi
proclaimed his intention of Cleading India into the /) centry,D and carved the -epartment of
Telecommnications 2-?T3 ot of the -epartment of &osts and Telegraph. 8or a time he also
even considered corporatiJing the -?T, before sccmbing to nion pressre. In a compromise,
,andhi created two -?T:owned corporations5
1ahanagar Telephone 6igam 7imited 21T673, to serve -elhi and Bombay, and <idesh Sanchar
6igam 7imited 2<S673, to operate international telecom services. 9e also introdced private
capital into the manfactring of telecommnications e'ipment, which had previosly been a
-?T monopoly.
These and other reforms were limited by the nstable coalition politics of the late )4E#s. It was
not ntil the early )44#s, when the political sitation stabiliJed, and with the general momentm

for economic reforms, that telecommnications liberaliJation really too! off. In )44., the
government released its 6ational Telecommnications &olicy 26T&:4.3, which allowed private
fixed operators to ta!e part in the Indian mar!et for the first time 2celllar operators had been
allowed into the for largest metropolitan centers in )44/3. %nder the government+s new policy,
India was divided into /# circles roghly corresponding to state bondaries, each of which wold
contain two fixed operators 2inclding the incmbent3, and two mobile operators.
As grond:brea!ing as 6T&:4. was, its implementation was nfortnately marred by reglatory
ncertainty and over:bidding. A nmber of operators were nable to live p to their profligate
bids and, confronted with far less lcrative networ!s than they had spposed, plled ot of the
contry. As a reslt, competition in India+s telecom sector did not really become a reality ntil
)444. At that time the government+s 6ew Telecommnications &olicy 26T&:443 switched from a
fixed fee license to a revene: sharing regime of approximately )(*. This figre has
sbse'ently been lowered 2to )#*:)/*3, and is expected to be redced even frther over the
coming years. Still, India contines to derive sbstantial revene from license fees 2IE## million
in /##):/##/3, leading some critics to sggest that the government has abrogated its
responsibilities as a reglator to those as a seller. Another, perhaps even more significant,
problem with India+s initial attempts to introdce competition was the lac! of reglatory clarity.
&rivate operators complained that the licensor = the -?T = was also the incmbent operator. The
many stringent conditions attached to licenses were ths seen by many as the -?T+s attempt to
limit competition. It was in response to sch concerns that the government in )44F set p the
Telecom Reglatory Athority of India 2TRAI3, the nation+s first independent telecom reglator.
?ver the years, TRAI has earned a growing reptation for independence, transparency and an
increasing level of competence. ;arly on, however, the reglator was beleagered on all fronts. It
had to contend with political interference, the incmbent+s many challenges to its athority, and
accsations of ineptitde by private players. Throghot the late )44#s, TRAI+s athority was
steadily whittled away in a nmber of cases, when the corts repeatedly held that reglatory
power lay with the central government. It was not ntil /###, with the passing of the TRAI
Amendment Act, that the reglatory body really came into its own. Coming $st a year after

6T&:44, the act mar!s something of a watershed moment in the history of India telecom
liberaliJation. It set the stage for several !ey events that have enabled the vigoros competition
witnessed today. Some of these events inclde5
P The corporatiJation of the -?T and the creation of a new state:owned telecom company,
Bharat Sanchar 6igam 7td 2BS673, in /###Q
P The opening p of India+s internal long:distance mar!et in /###, and the sbse'ent drop in
long:distance rates as part of TRAI+s tariff rebalancing exerciseQ
P The termination of <S67+s monopoly over international traffic in /##/, and the partial
privatiJation of the company that same year, with the Tata grop assming a /(* sta!e and
management controlQ
P The gradal easing of the original dopoly licensing policy, allowing a greater nmber of
operators in each circleQ
P The legaliJation, in /##/, of I& telephony 2a move that many believe was held p de to
lobbying by <S67, which feared the conse'ences on its international monopoly3 The
introdction in /##" of a Calling &arty &ays 2C&&3 system for cell phones, despite considerable
opposition 2inclding litigation3 by fixed operatorsQ

P And, more generally, the commencement of more stringent interconnection reglation by
TRAI, which has moved from an inter: operator Cnegotiations:basedD approach 2often sed by
the stronger operator to negotiate ad infinitm3 to a more rles:based approach. All of these
events have created an impressive forward:momentm in Indian telecommnications, reslting
in a vigorosly competitive and fast:growing sector. India has also sffered from its fair share of
reglatory hiccps. 1any operators 2mobile players in particlar3 still complain abot the
difficlties of gaining access to the incmbent+s 2BS673 networ!, and the government+s
insistence on capping 8-I in the telecom sector to .4* 2a move made in the name of national
secrity3 limits capital availability and ths networ! rollot. In addition, IS&s, who were allowed
into the mar!et nder a liberal licensing regime in )44E, contine to hemorrhage money, and
have been pleading with the government for varios forms of relief, inclding the provision of
nmetered phone nmbers for Internet access. -espite initially
impressive reslts, the growth of Internet in the contry has recently stalled, with only E million
sers. Broadband penetration, too, remains tiny
/C0 $ATRI=.

In bsiness level strategy , mar!et share and prodct life cycle are important constrcts. Both of
them are have been ta!en into consideration in a widely !nown model !nown as BC, prodct
&ortfolio matrix. This model helps the managers to develop a bsiness level strategy which
finally deals with how a organiJation can compete in a given bsiness.
BC, growth share matrix displays the positions of bsiness nits on a graph of mar!et growth
rate against their mar!et share relative to competitors. It contains . cells 'estion mar!s, stars ,
cash cows and dogs.
Reliance as one of the leading player of Indian mobile indstry will reside in >uestion marks.
These bsiness nits are characteriJed by low mar!et share and high growth rate. They demand
high investment becase their cash needs are high. &otential sers are naware of new prodcts
and services of organiJation. As reliance faces togh competition from Airtel, the leader in the
telecom mar!et with the maximm nmber of sbscribers.
Cash Cows Dogs




10x 1x .1x
Relative Market Share

 ,ood financial condition of the company to tac!leLmeet any short term financial
 ;mployment of the world+s most advanced technology i.e. C-1A to provide service to
it+s cstomer at low cost.
 9igh level of brand awareness of or brand Reliance India 1obile among cstomer.
 Competitive price strategies.
 ,ood visibility and advertisement of Reliance India 1obile , it has direct impact on
cstomer+s mind.
 ,ood networ! coverage across the city.
 Innovative mar!eting, sales, and distribtions
 Introdction of new Services fre'ently
 >orld class <ale Added Services nder one fnction of R:>orld.
 7ow brand acceptability.
 &oor retailing experience of the company and there by not meeting the total cstomer
 Some improper planning by the company management li!e company wants to increase
the penetration throgh the tie ps with ban!s, electronic retail otlet, bilders etc. bt
policy is not clear.
 Telecom networ! is not the biggest.
 6o. of dissatisfied cstomer base is too big.
 Call center do not respond 'ic!ly.

 Indian telecom mar!et is second largest mar!et of the world.
 7atest technology C-1A and low cost advantage.
 >ea! distribtion system of the Tata:Indicom which is biggest competitor in C-1A.
 R:world emerged as or %S&Q we have to mil! it as mch as possible.
 The opening of newly constrcted flats and malls will provide a great nmber of
potential cstomers.
 1obile was considered as the lxry bt now the trend has been changed, it is
considered as the necessity ths the nmber of the byers are increasing at the rapid
 Sstained high growth rate in the economy.
 Spending power among pblic had steadily increasing
 &oplation mix moving favorably towards a yonger age.
 Aggressive mar!eting policy by the rivals.
 Competitors can ta!e an advantage of lower brand acceptability.
 -iversification of many ,S1 companies to fixed wireless terminal mar!et in which
Reliance and Tata are en$oying monopoly.
 ;ntry of new entrants li!e I-;A, <irgin in Ra$asthan circle.
 6ew attractive plansL schemes introdced by the competitors.
 ;ntry of <odafone in Indian mar!et, which is going to invest I. bl. and targeting hge
cstomer base.

The beginning of the pro$ect started with nderstanding the mobile mar!et and its dynamics in
the %& ;ast circle. The mar!et pdate was ta!en on wee!ly basis, sometimes twice in a wee!
This helped s to nderstand the conter bac! policy of the companies in the mar!et and also
gave the insight !nowledge of the companie+s margin to channel and retailers. It also helped s to
nderstand the varios prodct lines of different service providers2the details o( this )ork is not
included in the re*ort as it )as the con(idential data )hich cannot +e disclosed as *er the
com*an, norms-. 8rther in the pro$ect to nderstand C-1A handset penetration and cstomer
preference in competitive landscape, two 'estionnaires are designed one for the retailer and
other for the consmer.
O%;STI?66AIR; -;SI,6I6,5
The design of the 'estionnaire is done !eeping in mind the basics learn in the classroom
starting with the 'estions of ta!ing the details of the retailers then moving forward with the
'estions which give a good start to the srveyor in filling the 'estionnaire, then coming to the
main 'estions in the middle and then finishing with the lighter end ta!ing the sggestions from
the retailers in order to improve the performance of the company in a open ended 'estion.
The retailer 'estionnaire consists of six 'estions which see!s that how many handsets a retailer
is able to sell in span of a and what is the ratio of varios handsets i.e. blac! and white, color,
color 81 and mltimedia handsets.
It will also as! the retailer abot the preferences of the consmer while prchasing the new
handsets. >hether heLshe goes for the brand, offer tariffs featres or other aspects while
prchasing the handsets.
This will also try to find ot how retailers are happy with the incentives given p by different
mobile operating companies.

It will also as! the retailer abot the preference of consmer regarding the featres that what
featres they want in different handsets category. This will help the company to lanch featres
with the desired featres in the desired category and price range.
?ther than this a other 'estionnaire consisting abot E 'estions has also been as!ed by the
consmers which will also try to investigate that expectations of the consmers while prchasing
the new handsets and which are the areas they loo! while prchasing the new handsets. The
brand which they prefer the most, what are featres they want in different price range etc.
The copy of the both 'estionnaire are attached in annexre.
The srvey of the retailers is done in 7c! now, @anpr and ,ora!hpr. The choice of the cities
is based on the analyses which are the maximm nmber of sbscribers and most important
cities of %& east circle 2As per the gide lines of the company gide3.
!am*ling met%od. The following procedre was followed before execting the sampling
SAMLE SI.E- Sample siJe of )## for the retailer and )## for the consmer is ta!en for
each of these following Cities.
 7c! now
 @anpr
 ,ora!hpr

As the retailers are nevenly distribted in the cities so random sampling method was considered
dring the sampling, bt it was !ept in mind that all the ma$or areas of the city are considered
and all type of retailers i.e. category A,B,C are considered while srveying the retailers.
TOOLS- .o "n"$y*e t&e "/o+e 0ue'tioner 1e 1i$$ /e u'in% t&e 2o$$o1in%
o 4( o5!e
o 4( e6!e$
o 111.'ur+ey*.!o)
!A$&L7 LOCATIO3. >e wold be doing are srvey in " citiesQ
7c! now


./#SE0 O! CER%#I!


7O-A8H#9- -E.AI:E-( A;A:<(I(:
Fi% 1: .&e )"r=et '&"re o2 +"riou' te$e!o) p$"yer' in
>od"p&one "nd Airte$ "re do)in"tin% in 7or"=&pur "nd
re$i"n!e r"pid$y !"t!&in% up


Fi% 2: .&e "+er"%e +"$ue in "$$ t&e 'e%)ent per
The above graph shows the average percentage of the total sales of the retailer. Color handsets
en$oys the ma$or share in total handsets sold by the retailer, next to that is the blac! and white
handsets while color and mltimedia handsets have the third and forth positions.

8ig "5 ,raph showing the preference of bndle handsets with different service provider
The above graph shows that 6o!iaRAirtel is the most preferable option to the consmers while at
second place reliance positions itself in the mind of the consmer available in bndle offer with
7, and classic.

8ig .5 ,raph showing the preference of sers while prchasing bndle handsets
The above graph shows the preference of varios factors while prchasing bndle handsets by
the ser which clearly shows that validity and brand are the strongest factors which cstomers
loo!s while going for bndle handsets. while attractive offers and featres also have an impact
on the prchase of new bndle handsets.

8ig (5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing BL> handsets

The above graph shows the preference of varios featres while prchasing BL> bndle handsets
by the ser which clearly shows that weight and battery bac!p en$oys the strongest position
among the featres which cstomers loo!s while going for bndle handsets. while phone boo!
and sms storage also have an impact on the prchase of new bndle handsets.

8ig 05 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing color handsets
The above graph shows the preference of varios featres while prchasing Color bndle
handsets by the ser which clearly shows that Screen siJe and battery Screen resoltion en$oys
the strongest position among the featres which cstomers loo!s while going for handsets

8ig F5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing 81 handsets
The above graph shows the preference of varios featres while prchasing 81 bndle handsets
by the ser which clearly shows that hands free and spea!er en$oys the strongest position among
the featres which cstomers loo!s while going for bndle handsets.

8ig E5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing 1ltimedia handsets

The above graph shows the preference of varios featres while prchasing 1ltimedia bndle
handsets by the ser which clearly shows 1ixed response in mltimedia segment bt camera and
bletooth are the most preferred options in the mltimedia handset segment

8ig 45 ,raph showing the average of varios handsets sold by a retailer
The above graph shows the average vale of the handset which a retailers are able to sell in a
month in which BS67, I-;A and BS67 are leading from rest of the competitions.

:9C8;O? A;D 8A;#9- -E.AI:E-( A;A:<(I(:
8ig )#5 The average vale in all the segment per retailer
Airtel, Reliance and <odaphone are the three ma$or brands which the retailers deal with. Airtel
and reliance was the most preferred brands among the retailers. Tata Indicom is the least
preferred service provider amongst the retailers

8ig ))5 The average vale in all the segment per retailer
The average vale of the sales for the Blac! and white handset is arond /4 Lretailer, in Color
9andset it is "(, where as in 81 and mltimedia it is "0 and )..2shown percentage wise3

8ig )/5 ,raph showing the preference of bndle handsets with different service provider
)3 In all the segments 6o!iaRAirtel is the most poplar combinations which Retailers opted for .
/3 Sony R Airtel, RelianceR7, correspondingly are occpying the second and third spot
"3 TataR9waie is the least preferred combination

8ig )"5 ,raph showing the preference of sers while prchasing bndle handsets
Attractive offers and after sales service were the two important reasons ,why cstomers goes for
the Bndle offers.

Tariffs and featres correspondingly contribte to the second and third spot.

8ig ).5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing BL> handsets
>eight, Spea!er phone, S1S storage and Battery bac!p are the " most preferred featres in
the Blac! and white segment


8ig )(5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing BL> handsets
In the color handset segment color screen, screen resoltion and spea!ers are catching the eye of
the sers.

8ig )05 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing 81 handsets
In 81 segment ,consmers are loo!ing for 81 radio, media player and to a great extent ,&RS
facility in the handset. Screen resoltion is also the decisive factor in the prchasing behavior.

8ig )F5 ,raph showing the preference of featres while prchasing 1ltimedia handsets
In mltimedia segment camera and memory stic! are the top most preferred featres.
Consmers are also loo!ing at ble tooth and infra red facility in the handset
8ig )E5 ,raph showing the average of varios handsets sold by a retailer
)3 Airtel and <odaphone are off corse the leading margins providers to the retailers where as
reliance rapidly catching p .

/3 1ost of the retailers ran! Airtel and <odaphone very good and reliance good in their rating.
"3 Retailers was discontent with the margins given by Tata Indicom and BS67.

8ig )45 ,raph showing percentage of sers sing different mobile operators services
1ost of the consmer we covered was having <odaphone, Airtel and reliance as their " top most
priority,we can say these three are the 1ost dominant players while others are the emerging
palyers with not mch mar!et share.
8ig /#5 ,raph showing percentage of sers sing different mobile handsets

4otoro$", :7 "nd ;o=i" "re t&e t&ree pre2eren!e' o2 t&e !on'u)er'. .&e
re"'on 2or u'in% ;o=i" 1"' t&e /r"nd +"$ue o2 t&e ;o=i", 1&i$e :7 1"' u'ed /y )o't
o2 t&e peop$e u'in% re$i"n!e 1&i$e ot&er' &"nd'et' 1ere o2 )ediu) pri!ed r"n%e
1&i$e in &i%& end )u$ti)edi" &"nd'et' ;o=i" do)in"te' t&e )"r=et

8ig /)5 ,raph showing percentage of sers sing different mobile handsets category wise
The consmer was having their mobile handset in the range between )(## to /"##. Shows that
the ma$or chc! of the consmers li!es color 81 handsets ,which is one of the most common
and highest percent of the selling handsets. This is also being shown p by the retailers as
shown above.


8ig //5 ,raph showing percentage of sers sing different mobile handsets category wise
Srely every one wanted 6o!ia as their handset with any service provider, bt no!ia R reliance
and no!iaR airtel is the leading combinations followed by samsng against any others in the eyes
of the sers.
8ig /"5 ,raph showing featres preferred by cstomers while prchasing handsets in range from
In FFF:)### range battery bac!p and weight are the / most preferred featres the consmers
loo! at while phone boo! and S1S storage are also significant deciding factor while prchasing
new handsets

8ig /.5 ,raph showing featres prferred by cstomers while prchasing handsets in range from
In this range hands free and battery bac!p are the most preferred featres the consmers
demand while games is also significant featre at which people loo! while prchasing new
handsets, other than that of featres in mobiles ranging from FFF:)###


8ig /(5 ,raph showing featres preferred by cstomers while prchasing handsets in range from
In this segment we got some mixed response bt srely color screen and 81 radio was the
leading choice of the cstomers.
8ig /05 ,raph showing featres preferred by cstomers while prchasing handsets in range from
Camera, memory and color screen was leading as a preference among the sers in this segment
1ostly all the retailer are for the views that 6o!iaRAirtel is the most selling
handset in all the segments 2BL>, Color, 813 and RelianceR7, with <odaphoneR
classic Comes in second and third spot respectively.

The most preferred featres in the Blac! white segment is >eight and Spea!er
phone whereas in the color R81 phone, 2radio, screen siJe and resoltion3 comes
as the ma$or priority for the ser.
In mltimedia segment memory and camera phone are the amongst the apex
priority for the sers.
It is clearly evident that retailers considered reliance as an average brand and
placed it at nmber three regarding the incentives given to them.

The sggestions which can be given based on the analysis wor! and feedbac! of retailers and
consmer are as follows5
)3 The 'ality of the handsets given p by reliance is not satisfactory, the classic handsets
did not performed p to the expectation of the retailers and consmer and the isse needs
to loo! p rgently.
/3 The after sales services and the activation of the new handsets ta!es more time as
compare to the other players which need to be improved becase cstomers don+t want to
wait after prchasing a new handsets.
"3 There shold be tie p with 6o!ia for handsets bndling, as it has its own brand image in
the mobile mar!et.
.3 The cstomers care of the reliance do not responds 'ic!ly which need to be addressed
and resolved as soon as possible.
(3 Reliance shold also pay attention on color mobile and 81 handsets as these
are the emerging segments.
03 The reliance as an brand in mobile sector is loo!ed as brand which provides
cheap handsets and call rates , hence I wold sggest brand personification of reliance
mobile targeting yoth and positioning reliance as style statement.
F3There shold be proper offers and promotion to all high end handset of eliance becase high
end mltimedia handsets have the lowest share among the total sales of handsets.

Additional 2ork
Besides all these activities I was also very eager to learn abot the T?tbond 1ar!eting+.
K?tbond mar!etingK incldes promoting a prodct throgh contined advertising, promotions,
pblic relations and sales. I was also involved in the sales promotion and advertising activities
time to time.
There was an activity of sales promotion and advertising dring the /.
of may to /4
especially to promote the R=>orld services. I have got opportnity to monitor this activity which
leads me to nderstand abot the exection of sales promotion and advertising activities.
;6<ISA,; C?11%6IO%; 2 &vt 3 7imited , an event management company has ta!en
contract of organising this activity. I was wor!ing with ;nvisage people and directing them
according to my official gidelines to ma!e this event sccessfl.

I express my sincre gratitde to $r. Ab%i'it Tri*at%i 2the head of sales promotion and
advertising3 who given me the great opportnity to monitor this activity. 9e helped me a lot
dring this wor! and and given me a deep insight of exection of sales promotion and
advertising activities.
6ow I wold li!e to than! $rs. C%etana !ing% 2 the head of vale added services 3 who helped
me in nderstanding abot vale added services provided by Reliance. She has added valable
!nowledge in my !nowledge ban! by telling me thoroghly abot R=>orld services.
I am also highly than!fl to $r. !%a%ans%a% ?%an 2 the mar!eting = coordinator in
;6<ISA,; C?11%6IO%; 3 who helped me a lot dring this wor!.

8or promoting the R=>orld services and especially the service of chec!ing the reslt of )#
class by R=>orld which was going to be declared after few days, Reliance has organised
basically two !ind of activities5
)3 Road Show in varios crowdy areas of the city.
/3 A stage show in >A<; 2one of the big shopping mall in the city3
Road s%ow
The road show had been condcted to promote the reliance from /.
may to /4
may /##E.
There were )# promoters on bi!e wearing the T: shirt and cap of reliance to get attention of
people and create visaliJation. ?ne promoter was having the mice and annoncing
continosly abot how to chec! the high schoolsLintermediate reslt by R:world. They were
also distribting the flyers to the pblic. They were trying to gather the crowd and convincing
them to se R=>orld services. Their basic ob$ective was to ma!e aware the people abot R=
>orld services li!e exam gr and career conselling etc.
I was visiting there time to time to chec! that whether the show is catching p or ob$ective or
!tage !%ow
A Stage Show had been condcted in >ave 2one of the big shopping malls in the city3 having the
same above mentioned ob$ective in mind from /.
may to /4
may /##E. The timing of the
show was 0."#pm to 4."# pm every day. 1ost of the high class and sophisticated people visit in
that mall.
There were a female anchor who was rnning the show. She was as!ing people to come on the
stage and then enteracting with them. She was as!ing the people abot R:>orld services and

ma!ing them aware of all the services provided by R=>orld. At last she was as!ing people to
sing a song on the stage. And the people who were singing was gifted by some priJes.
Besides this there were two male and two female promoters who were distribting prodct gide
and flyers to the adience and also telling them abot R:>orld services.
I was there to monitor the activity. I was also interacting with the adience and commnicating
them abot R:>orld services. And I was also getting the feedbac! from the reliance sers so that
I can have an idea abot what exactly the people thin! abot Reliance 1obile which helped me a
lot in nderstanding the consmer behavior.
Aindings and !uggestions
The following things I have observed there in the activityQ
The sond system was not compatible for that particlar place and activity.
The female promoters were not very good in interacting and commnicating with
the adience and visitors.
The total footfall was arond "## from 0.oo to E.## p.m. in the mall.
The people who have sng the song and not got the priJes while the reslt was
declared as excellent. That was a bit irritating for them.

I thin! the show shold be started sharp at (."# p.m. so that the crowd can be
gathered before involving in some other activity.
There shold be some priJe or gift for each and every participant 2li!e !ey ring or
chocolate3 who so ever comes on the stage .
The sond system shold be changed.
There can be displayed any video related to reliance com. if available for promoting
the brand on the screen in which the songs list is being displayed.
The female promoters shold be well dressed and good loo!ing to attract the crowd.
They shold have an appeal to attract the crowd and shold have a siJJling

L7AR3I30 7=&7RI73C7
1ar!eting is the wide range of activities involved in ma!ing sre that yoHre contining to meet
the needs of yor cstomers and getting vale in retrn. 1ar!eting activities inclde Kinbond
mar!eting,K sch as mar!et research to find ot, for example, what grops of potential cstomers
exist, what their needs are, which of those needs yo can meet, how yo shold meet them, etc.
Inbond mar!eting also incldes analyJing the competition, positioning yor new prodct or
service 2finding yor mar!et niche3, and pricing yor prodcts and services. K?tbond
mar!etingK incldes promoting a prodct throgh contined advertising, promotions, pblic
relations and sales.
1ar!eting managers develop the firm+s mar!eting strategy in detail. >ith the help of
sbordinates, inclding prodct development managers and mar!et research managers, they
estimate the demand for prodcts and services offered by the firm and its competitors. 1ar!eting
managers develop pricing strategy to help firms maximiJe profits and mar!et share while
ensring that the firm+s cstomers are satisfied. In collaboration with sales, prodct development,
and other managers, they monitor trends that indicate the need for new prodcts and services,
and they oversee prodct development. 1ar!eting managers wor! with advertising and
promotion managers to promote the firm+s prodcts and services and to attract potential sers.
1ar!eting managers are following two types of CommnicationsQ they are Below the 7ine
2BT73 and Above the 7ine 2AT73.

L7AR3I30 7=&7RI73C7
The organiJation that I wor! with is Reliance Commnications 7imited, 7c!now 2%.&3. This /
months period of my wor!ing in sch a hge organiJation gave me a real time exposre to !now
abot the organiJational wor!ing process. Reliance Commnications is India+s largest
information and commnications service provider with over "/ million sbscribers. It is doing its
bsiness by continosly delivering differentiated prodcts and services that provide high
bsiness vale in retrn. I decided to do an internship in Reliance commnication becase it+s a
larger sector that is booming now a day. The completion of any tas! depends pon the co:
operation, coordination and consolidated efforts of several resorces of !nowledge, energy, time
and above all the proper gidance of the experienced seniors.
I mst than! RC?1 for giving me sch an exposre, this was the great experience, and I wold
li!e to than! all those people whom I have wor!ed with in these / months.
It was a great pleasre to wor! with Reliance commnication and overall it was a great learning
experience and nderstanding for me

S%R<;S ?6 R;TAI7;RS
C*annel a+tne+ deta(ls Deta(ls of t*e Inte+7(ewed Ind(7(d'al
-et"i$er ;")e ;")e
C$u'ter@'u/ !$u'ter Cont"!t ;o
)3 >hat are the different Brand that yo deal withM
Reliance Airtel <odaphone Tata Indicom
Idea BS67
/39ow many 9andsets category wise yo are able to sell in a monthM
Blac! N >hite Color &hone Color 81 &hone
"3>hich is the most preferred 9andset in the below mentioned categoryM
2Ran! ) to F3
,7TAIL! 6?@IA
.3>hy cstomer goes for the Bndle 9andstM 2Ran! ) to F3

Tari""s Aeatures :alidity Talk time /rand A"ter sale
(3Tic! the most preferred featres which a cstomer demand while prchasing a handset
in the different ranges given belowM
/EATURES %lack 8
Colo+ Colo+
*one book
SMS Sto+age

Sc+een S(9e

/M Rad(o
$ands f+ee
Med(a 4la1e+

;3Rank t*e se+7(ce 4+o7(de+ acco+d(ng to (ncent(7e g(7en to 1o'<2=
$(g*est >; Lowest3
AI-.E: .A.A
ANY SU##ESTION??????????????????????????????????????????????????????


On cons'me+s

)3 >hich mobile networ! yo are singM
Reliance Airtel <odaphone Tata Indicom
Idea BS67
/3 >hich mobile 9andset yo are singM
Samsng Classic Sony 7, 1otorola Spice
9aier Ben' 6o!ia
"3 Select the price of yor mobile handsetM
FFF.))## ))#):)(#) )(#):/"## Above /"##
.3 %nder which Brand name yo wold prefer to have a 9andsetM


(3 Rate the service provider that yo will prefer for a new connectionM
Reliance Airtel <odaphone Tata Indicom
Idea BS67
03 Ran! the most preferred featres which a cstomer demand while prchasing a
handset in the different ranges given belowM
3okia !amsung !ony
L0 $otorola Classic @aier

*one book
SMS Sto+age
Colo+ Sc+een
/M Rad(o
Med(a 4la1e+
$ands f+ee

ANY SU##ESTION???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Bradner, S.2/##/3. ,iving away their ftre. Network $orld, Ag /0, )42".3,/E.
7i,C.1. 2/##/3. The effects of promotional activities on brand decision in the celllar telephone
indstry. %he journal of product & 'rand management, ))2)3, ./:()3
Ri'elme, 9. 2/##/3. S1S5 @eep it plain and pithy. #ar (astern (conomic Review, )0(2"F3,.#:
The Indian telecom indstry)440:/##0QCountry Industry #orecast Report )ervice.

Consmer Behavior April /##0 report
1alhotra 6.@. !arketing research. &rinceton pblication " edition
>ebsites of six ma$or player 2Airtel, <odafone, Reliance, BS67, Idea, Tata Indicom3.
!tudent 3ame. Amit @mar -wivedi
7nrollment 3um. #FLCBSL)/).
Institute. Cosmic Bsiness School, 6ew -elhi.
3ame. Reliance Commnications 7td.
Address. 1agnm plaJa, ;ldeco greens, ,omati 6agar, 7c! now.

2ebsite. www.reliancein"o.com
T(tle of t*e +o5ect-
$AR?7TI30 R7!7ARC@ O3 CO3!($7R /7@A:IOR< &R7A7R73C7 O3 C,$A @A3,!7T
&737TRATIO3 2IT@ CO$&7TITI:7 LA3,!CA&7
The ob$ective of the pro$ect is to stdy the motives of the consmer in the %& ;ast circle as well
as give insights into the se of mobile phone services inclding the perceived vale added
services, and to collect general information abot the ser.
As there is stiff competition so in order to offer best to the cstomers this research will help the
company to nderstand their needs and preference which can help in lanching new prodct and
services to cater those needs. 8or example if after doing the research the reslt comes that
cstomer is loo!ing for a camera phone in medim price range then company can lanch the
handsets which can cater the needs of the people in that particlar segment.
Met*odolog1 'sed-

1B Opportunity Identi!"tion
2B #$"nnin% t&e re'e"r!& de'i%n
3B (e$e!tin% t&e re'e"r!& )et&od
4B (e$e!tin% t&e '")p$e 'i*e "nd '")p$in% pro!edure
5B D"t" !o$$e!tion
6B Codin% "nd D"t" e+"$u"tion
7B D"t" "n"$y'i', re'u$t "nd !on!$u'ion
8B -eport prep"r"tion
+o5ect g'(de-
3ame. $r. 0aura) !ing%
,esignation. &roduct $anager C$arketingD
Date of 5o(n(ng- 9
Date of s'bm(ss(on of +e4o+t- 9

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