Comparative Culture - Level 5 / 2nd In-term Exam Sample Makeup Exam Spring 2009

1. First, put  next to the correct statements and  next to the incorrect statements. Then, underline the incorrect part and write your correction. (5 pts)

2. Circle the correct answer. (2 pts) 3. Translate the following terms into Arabic. (3 pts)
4. Fill in the blanks with the correct word(s). Sometimes there are several correct answers that can fit into one blank. Please only write one answer. (6 pts) 5. Give ONLY ONE example for the following items. Be careful with your spelling!!!! (2 pts)

Why would an American be attracted to the advertisement on the right? Please write only one 7. The following comic reflects a British cultural value. Briefly compare and/or contrast this value in 2 cultures (British and American). The cultures are provided for you next to the blank lines. (2 pt)


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