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Spying On A Zombie Army With A Waterproof Night Vision Monocular

Spying On A Zombie Army With A Waterproof Night Vision Monocular

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Published by: api-19917185 on Dec 02, 2009
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Spying On A Zombie Army With A Waterproof Night Vision Monocular

You never know when your home town is going to be invaded by the undead. Sure, you might think that pandemic bird flu or the Far Right would be more likely to invade your town, but that's always when the zombies strike. They only strike towns that aren’t prepared for them. So, if you gather together an arsenal for fighting a zombie invasion force which includes a waterproof night vision monocular, they will be sure to stay away from your town as long as you live. There, you and your waterproof night vision monocular are already heroes. The Importance Of Keeping One Eye Open Zombies traditionally move only at night, especially on moonless nights, which is why you need to be sure your monocular is a waterproof night vision monocular. You also need to be sure it's waterproof because you not only will have to stand out in the rain and maybe hide in bodies of water, but your monocular will also be protected from flying gobs of zombie body fluids should you engage in combat. You are probably right now wondering why I'm advocating a waterproof night vision monocular rather than waterproof zoom binoculars. That's a very good thing to wonder. Many zoom binoculars tend to make a little whirring noise when the zoom function is activated. Not all zombies are alike, but the latest theories is that they sense the world through vibration and echo location, so any noise you make will give your position away. Another reason why a waterproof night vision monocular is superior to binoculars is that you are able to keep one eye open to see what is around you. Even though most of your attention will be focused on looking through your monocular, your peripheral vision can still help protect you from any roving zombie scout looking to feast on fresh human flesh. Be Willing To Get Dirty A waterproof night vision monocular is also far lighter and more portable than a pair of binoculars. Some can even be made to be mounted on your rifle or long range garden trimmer. Remember, bullets can slow zombies down, but usually the only way to stop them is to hack them into tiny pieces. Spying on the zombie army will help you know how and where to best deploy your forces. Leave all fastidiousness at home. If the only place to hide and spy is a ditch full of mud, guess where you are going to hide? You can take your waterproof night vision monocular with you on such a trip.


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