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1 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m
2 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m
1) My brother didnt let me use ---- that perfume
because there was only ---- in the bottle.
A) some of/a few
B) many of/quite little
C) much of/a little
D) enough of/several
E) most of/ many more
2) We are in need of ---- money since
----the machinery in our factory has been out of date.
A) some/several
B) enough / so much
C) a good deal of /a lot of
D) too much / each of
E) a number of / plenty of
3) Whenever it rains cats and dogs in this area, the
houses on ---- sides of the river are
---- flooded.
A) each/each
B) all / both
C) either / several
D) several / both
E) both/all
4) An old woman asked me for ---- bread but I couldn't
give her ---- because my son had consumed all of it.
A) some/any
B) several / no
C) a little/a few
D) plenty of/so many
E) a bit of/so much
5) ---- of the cotton in Turkey is grown in Adana. In other
words, ---- cotton fields are found in Adana.
A) Every / every
B) Much / some
C) Some/either
D) Most/most
E) So many / too many
6) Our university held ---- conferences but I was able to
take part in ---- of them.
A) plenty of/all
B) a lot of/ several
C) some / most
D) every / each
E) a great number of /whole
7) We are all unanimous that ---- racial discrimination is
based on ignorance.
A) quite
B) enough
C) some
D) little
E) most
8) It's obvious that the fight between ----countries will
not come to an end. ---- is willing to negotiate a cease-
A) both/Neither
B) every / Each
C) all/Every
D) whole/Little
E) several / Either
9) ---- countries had been fighting for six years until ----
of them decided to negotiate a cease-fire.
A) All / many
B) Some / so much
C) Both / either
D) A lot of/neither
E) So many / too many
10) ---- of the teachers we have interviewed so far ----
that our educational system needs to be changed
A) All/thinks
B) Too much / think
C) Some/thinks
D) Each/thinks
E) Most / thinks
11) The estimated number of children born annually with
major congenital malformations ---- to be 3 million.
A) are reported
B) have been announced
C) will declare
D) are to report
E) has been reported
12) In the last six years ---- major studies have
consistently associated high intakes of vitamin E with
reduced risk of heart disease.
A) little more
B) a great deal of
C) so much
D) too much
E) a number of

3 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

13) I learned ----about teaching from my experiences in
the English classroom.

A) every
B) too many
C) a number of
D) a great deal
E) plenty of

14) I think there is ---- that he does not deserve. He is ----
of the best-tempered man that ever existed.

A) something / each
B) anything / none
C) nothing/one
D) everything / some
E) a little/most

15) Nationalism, theology, the exquisite glories of war,
business, and racism have----at one time or another
functioned as the primary yardstick for human belief

A) every
B) enough
C) little
D) either
E) each

16) The new couple of compensation systems are starting
to link the broker's pay to the client's success. ----can
be successful by jumping in and out of the stock
market in panic or euphoria.

A) Each
B) All
C) Whole
D) Enough
E) Many

17) It's a curious fact that in ---- ages and all societies, ----
numbers of people are attracted to the gentle, not the
strong, to the sufferers and not the successful.

A) every / great
B) several / some
C) all / large
D) any / very much
E) enough / plenty

18) Did you hear the news that ---- today on BBC at 8
o'clock? It was really devastating for me.

A) have broadcast
B) were broadcast
C) will be broadcast
D) was broadcast
E) has broadcast
19) The number of payphones ---- from less than 500 to
nearly 7000 covering virtually all urban, rural and
market centers in the last two months.

A) have increased
B) will increase
C) was increasing
D) has increased
E) are increasing

20) The police ----a noteworthy investigation into the
causes of the last attempts to assassinate the P.M.

A) is conducting
B) have been conducted
C) are conducting
D) was conducting
E) has been conducting

21) Mumps ---- a disease with painful swelling in the neck.

A) are
B) have been
C) were
D) is
E) will be

22) For most of ---- past two and half ---- million years ----
human beings left their garbage where it felt.

A) -/a/ the
B) a /the /a
C) the /the /the
D) the/a/-
E) -/the/-

23) He says that at ---- end of ---- busy day sleep is ---- best

A) the / the / -
B) an / a / a
C) the / a / the
D) - / - / the
E) the / - / -

24) By 1948 it was clear the relationships of the two sides
were deteriorating, and ---- of them was very happy.

A) neither
B) enough
C) each
D) both
E) all

4 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

25) Jessie arranges to have the kids tested. ---- of them
undergoes an echo-cardiogram, which can reveal only
symptoms, not the actual disease. The results calm
her ---- of the kids show symptoms.

A) All/Some
B) So many /Most
C) Most/No one
D) Each/None
E) Some /Many
1 C 6 B 11 E 16 A 21 D
2 C 7 E 12 E 17 C 22 D
3 E 8 A 13 E 18 D 23 C
4 A 9 C 14 C 19 D 24 A
5 D 10 D 15 E 20 C 25 D


5 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m


1) Family rifts rarely involve the transgressions of just
one person. In most disputes ---- the participants
share ---- degree of blame.

A) every of / a little
B) all / some
C) each / plenty of
D) whole / enough
E) some of / too many

2) In the office there was ---- noise that I couldn't focus
on my work.

A) very much
B) enough
C) so many
D) so much
E) too much

3) He made ---- noise about the poor food in the
restaurant and decided not to eat anything there

A) too many
B) a little
C) enough
D) few
E) so many

4) There is some meat in the refrigerator. Let's consume
it because it has been for ---- a long time there.

A) very
B) too
C) much
D) quite
E) enough

5) The two dogs were fighting over a bone ---- was able
to eat it because a very fierce and strong dog came
and took it.

A) Each
B) Either
C) Some
D) Neither
E) Enough

6) In the construction of the building ---- sand was mixed
with cement to make concrete.

A) several
B) a number of
C) such many
D) so many
E) a large quantity of
7) Sand has been used in large quantities in the building,
so I won't be surprised if it collapses after ---- earth

A) every
B) too much
C) very much
D) some
E) each

8) When we run out of bread we use flour to make
bread. But now we have ---- flour left.

A) very much
B) several
C) hardly any
D) too much
E) enough

9) After standing in a queue for more than two hours, I
had ---- patience left.

A) enough
B) any
C) no
D) several
E) too much

10) As we were making innovations in our shop, we had
to keep guard the ---- night.

A) all
B) half
C) each
D) very
E) whole

11) Instead of meeting friends for a meal, she arranges to
walk or go bike riding with them. There's not enough
time in her day for a social life and exercise. This is a
nice way to have ----.

A) neither
B) each
C) both
D) either
E) too

12) It is important to understand how the kidneys
function. The two bean shaped organs, ---- about the
size of a fist, house an elaborate filtering system that
processes about 200 quarts of blood - the equivalent
of 500 cans of soda - daily.

A) every
B) each
C) some
D) neither
E) none

6 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

13) Of their three daughters, I find Jane the ---- beautiful

A) very much
B) much more
C) enough
D) too much
E) most

14) My aunt gave birth to healthy twins last night. ---- is
so sweet.

A) Both
B) Every
C) All
D) Whole
E) Either

15) We are really happy to hear that the acoustics of the
hall we are going to hold our conference in ----

A) has been
B) were
C) is
D) have been
E) is to be

16) Phonetics ---- the study of speech sounds and their

A) are
B) has been
C) is
D) was
E) have been
17) When the military ---- control in a country, democracy
can not be mentioned any longer.

A) is taking
B) have taken
C) are taken
D) was taking
E) took

18) Do you see ---- boy playing over there? He is ---- one
who broke my car's windscreen yesterday.

A) a/-
B) the/the
C) the/-
D) -/the
E) a/the
19) ---- Inca was ---- civilization ----people of which were
more cultivated than any other civilization of that

A) -/a/the
B) The/a/-
C) An/the/the
D) -/the/a
E) The/-/-

20) Mercedes Benz and Lexus have ---- developed systems
that send out radar beams to detect the car in front
and adjust your speed before you get ---- close.

A) so / so
B) more / much
C) each / little
D) both / too
E) none / enough

21) You can try ---- of these two dishes; they are ----

A) one / either
B) neither / all
C) both / all
D) both / either
E) either / both

22) When I decide to take rest on a weekend day, my
twins become a great hindrance ---- of them insists on
going to the zoo with me.

A) either
B) both
C) all
D) neither
E) every

23) ---- of the complaints were taken into account, but
not ----of them.

A) Several/all
B) Plenty / the whole
C) Every / some
D) Most / a majority
E) Some / a number

24) Nowadays we have ---- things to do than we used to.

A) so many
B) several
C) too many
D) a lot more
E) far many

7 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

25) I tried the two alternatives you told me.
Unfortunately, ---- of them worked.

A) both
B) all
C) either
D) some
E) neither
1 B 6 E 11 C 16 C 21 E
2 D 7 E 12 B 17 A 22 A
3 B 8 C 13 E 18 C 23 A
4 D 9 C 14 E 19 A 24 D
5 D 10 E 15 C 20 A 25 E


8 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m


1) On winter days the sun shines fewer hours and less
skin is exposed to its rays. But the winter sun can be
---- damaging to exposed skin ---- you were sunning at
the beach.

A) as / as if
B) such / that
C) so / that
D) neither/nor
E) both/and

2) ----Turkey does to win E.U. membership will rationally
guarantee the security of Greece.

A) Whenever
B) Whichever
C) However
D) Whatever
E) Wherever

3) Mete held two jobs in addition to going to night
school; ---- he was nearly always tired.

A) on account of
B) as a result
C) regardless of
D) inasmuch as
E) however

4) ---- what direction you follow after school, you will
encounter tests of one kind or another that requires
you to use your language skills.

A) However
B) Lest
C) No matter
D) Whereas
E) But

5) She made an immediate appointment with another
doctor for a second opinion, ---- her insurance
company had not yet okayed the visit.

A) as though
B) owing to
C) or else
D) as a result
E) even though

6) In his opinion, civilization is the art of living in towns
of ---- everyone does not know everyone else.

A) so size that
B) such size that
C) more size that
D) both size and
E) as size as
7) Senator notes that the government has no ----
important responsibility ----to stand up for the rights
of American citizens, especially when they cannot
stand up for themselves.

A) much / that
B) so/that
C) such / that
D) more / than
E) a great deal / as

8) ---- she had failed at love, it wouldn't have been the
end of the world. "We are in control of our own lives.
We are bettered by meeting other people" she says.

A) Even if
B) When
C) As though
D) However
E) Because

9) When they are just talking normally it sounds ---- they
are having a fight.

A) even if
B) if
C) whether
D) though
E) as if

10) Man replying to broker's sales call: "I'll keep you in
mind ---- I'm ever crazy enough to entrust all my
savings to a stranger on the phone."

A) much as
B) nevertheless
C) in case
D) consequently
E) though

11) Most of our aches and pains are treatable, but ----
we're willing to talk about them candidly and
accurately with our doctors.

A) in case
B) furthermore
C) no sooner
D) only if
E) though

12) ---- none of the six tennis players had never met
before, they knew each other by reputation.

A) However
B) Although
C) Since
D) While
E) Seeing that

9 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

13) In Germany, termination of pregnancy is legally
possible only ---- a woman has consulted one of the
country's 1,690 counseling centers.

A) until
B) as
C) though
D) by the time
E) after

14) Researchers are investigating ---- prayers of others
can heal.

A) whether
B) in case
C) however
D) which
E) whatever

15) ---- the doctor knows, ---- he can help you.

A) So much / that
B) As/so
C) If/so much
D) The more / the more
E) Least/least

16) ---- the carping of critics, more and more people took
note of her talent and charisma and word spread
about her riveting performances.

A) Although
B) Lest
C) However
D) For
E) Despite

17) He is ---- a waif and a stray person ---- he is liable to be
drifted where any current may set.

A) so / that
B) as / as
C) more / than
D) so / as
E) such / that

18) ---- widespread calls for his resignation, International
Olympic Committee President declined to step down.

A) although
B) much as
C) in spite of
D) because
E) since
19) The economy has to grow at a faster rate than the
population increases; ---- a prosperous future for the
whole of southern Africa will remain nothing more
than a mirage.

A) so
B) yet
C) since
D) although
E) or else

20) Suriname is ---- a South American State; it is ---- a
Caribbean country which plays an active role in
regional organizations and initiatives.

A) just / and
B) not only / also
C) neither/nor
D) either/or
E) both/and

21) Those immigrants lived with the secret hope of ----
going home with money ---- getting better
accommodation and bringing their families over.

A) neither / nor
B) not only / and
C) either/or
D) both/but also
E) such / as
22) ---- the children are on mother's milk, ---- likely they
are to become obese.

A) So much / that
B) The longer / the less
C) When / as a result
D) If/so that
E) Whenever / however

23) The rescue plan would ---- free the trapped girl ----
hasten her death.

A) either/or
B) both/and
C) not only / but also
D) neither/nor
E) so / as

24) ---- stay on top, our company highlights customer
service as its priority.

A) As for
B) In spite of
C) Seeing that
D) In order to
E) Much as

10 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

25) Personal success can grow out of the ashes of
business failure ---- you are willing to take experience
in stride.

A) although
B) however
C) if
D) moreover
E) unless
1 A 6 B 11 D 16 E 21 C
2 A 7 D 12 B 17 E 22 B
3 B 8 A 13 E 18 C 23 A
4 C 9 E 14 E 19 E 24 D
5 E 10 A 15 D 20 A 25 C


11 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m


1) ---- she failed to win the Italian presidency last spring,
her high profile and wide-spread popularity
influenced the final selection.

A) However
B) When
C) The moment
D) Just as
E) Though

2) ----the Indonesian government has declared martial
law, it is refusing to admit international peacekeeping

A) While
B) If only
C) By the time
D) Only if
E) Despite

3) ---- leaving the office, I realized that 1 had forgotten
my wallet.

A) When
B) Until
C) Upon
D) The moment
E) Despite

4) The point seems to be that a person does not have to
abandon the past ---- be part of the future.

A) due to
B) owing to
C) in order to
D) much as
E) till

5) ---- he was charged with murder, he was protected by
friends and did not return for hearing, ---- he would
be prosecuted for political reasons.

A) Despite / only of
B) When/until
C) Although / for fear that
D) Seeing that / because
E) After / owing to

6) I once had a patient who was ---- she loaded her dirty
dishes into the clothes dryer instead of the dish

A) such sleep -deprived that
B) both sleep-deprived and
C) more sleep-deprived than
D) so sleep-deprived that
E) too sleep-deprived to
7) This new study sheds light on how memory works and
raises questions about ---- we should use genetics to
make people brainier.

A) unless
B) what
C) where
D) whether
E) much as

8) ---- a player advances into the chess game, ----
becomes the involvement of his ego.

A) When / so deeper
B) The most / such deepest
C) Most / more deep
D) The more / the deeper
E) More / deeper

9) ---- thousands have fled the province, hundreds of
others reportedly have been killed.

A) By the time
B) However
C) Only if
D) Provided that
E) While

10) ---- search and rescue teams, the U.S. dispatched
three ships carrying 900 Navy sailors and 2,100
marines to assist in relief efforts.

A) Besides
B) While
C) Owing to
D) However
E) On account of

11) There's no longer room for debate about ---- a HIV
positive mom should breast-feed----bottle-feed an

A) why/and
B) such / that
C) how / which
D) neither / nor
E) whether / or

12) Warm and loving families contribute positively to the
mental and emotional health of members ---- when
they are children ---- throughout their lives as well.

A) yet/and
B) not only/but
C) neither / nor
D) like/as
E) either/or

12 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

13) ---- they had entered the narrow gap, they climbed
down the steep sides of the cave.

A) In case
B) Unless
C) On account of
D) Despite
E) After

14) She climbed steadily for nearly half an hour ----
realizing she was alone.

A) while
B) before
C) even if
D) as soon as
E) nevertheless

15) Patients should contact their physician ----they are on
the drug, but should not stop it ----they have talked to
the doctor.

A) when / if
B) although / after
C) while/once
D) so that / much as
E) if/until

16) I can feel comfortable taking these tablets because
they're safe to take ---- prescribed once or twice a

A) such
B) like
C) the same
D) as
E) when

17) A company holds interviews ---- it can find the best
person for the job.

A) the moment
B) once
C) as soon as
D) in order that
E) when

18) My mother was ---- engrossed in the television
program ---- she failed to hear the doorbell.

A) not only / but also
B) so/that
C) more / than
D) such/that
E) both/and
19) When the hurricane suddenly headed south, the radio
station began broadcasting the news; ----, everyone
was prepared for the storm, and no one was injured.

A) due to
B) nonetheless
C) consequently
D) furthermore
E) besides

20) In the cold mountain air, Rich ---- wore long
underwear, but he put on two pairs of insulated
gloves ----.

A) except/though
B) both/and
C) neither / nor
D) either / or
E) not only / as well

21) ---- classroom populations are changing, the face of
early childhood curriculum must also expand and
grow to meet the needs of the twenty-first century.

A) Hardly
B) After
C) Where
D) No matter
E) Just as

22) Few crimes have ---- strict inventions ---- an air-plane
hijack. There must be an aircraft, a plan to divert it
and hijackers willing to risk their lives and those of

A) so many/that
B) such / as
C) less/than
D) far more / than
E) not only / but also

23) Late in December the heavy rains came, and the river
climbed to the tops of its banks. When the water
began to rise in a serious way, my parents made plans
---- the river should invade our house.

A) as though
B) as if
C) although
D) in case
E) whenever

24) Scientists are searching for prayers ---- can heal the

A) whether
B) lest
C) however
D) which
E) that

13 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

25) ---- hard they had tried to persuade the hooligans not
to make any attempt to take their revenge on the
supporters of the other team for beating four of their
friends severely after the match, they were

A) As
B) So that
C) For fear that
D) After
E) However
1 B 6 D 11 E 16 E 21 E
2 A 7 D 12 B 17 D 22 B
3 C 8 D 13 E 18 B 23 D
4 C 9 E 14 B 19 C 24 E
5 C 10 A 15 E 20 E 25 E


14 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m


1) I was driving in rush-hour traffic ---- without warning
the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes.

A) only if
B) as far as
C) when
D) because
E) owing to

2) You have to start living with the consequences of your
decisions early; ---- you'll learn from your mistakes
and make better choices.

A) so
B) however
C) in the mean time
D) only if
E) whatever

3) ---- the new century begins, the two sides are signing
deals on transport, tourism, environmental
regulation, taxation and, most significantly, anti-

A) Because
B) Although
C) Even though
D) As
E) Seeing that

4) There was no way of finding how they were
managing, ---- the floods had put the telephone out of

A) so
B) for
C) thus
D) however
E) hence

5) In every Roman city the centre of civic life was the
forum, a paved open place, inaccessible to wheeled
traffic and surrounded by the chief temples and public
buildings ---- by offices and shops.

A) such as
B) the same as
C) similar to
D) in addition to
E) as well as
6) ---- you present your requests professionally and not
as demands, a good company will consider the things
that are important to you.

A) As long as
B) However
C) Because
D) Seeing that
E) Owing to the fact that

7) I say to my friend Arent you lucky," because ----
examples of bad management you see ---- you'll learn.
I learned more from my worst boss than I did from my
best. I took notes on how I would not manage.

A) so many / that
B) as many / as
C) so much / that
D) the more / the more
E) such / that

8) For man to direct himself in life and distinguish
between what is good or bad for him needs a
minimum of around fifteen years, ---- many animals
can do this very soon after they come into the world.

A) For this reason
B) However
C) Meanwhile
D) Provided
E) While

9) The strength of the hot Alanya sun gave him terrible
sunburn ---- he had not used any lotion.

A) although
B) while
C) only if
D) since
E) otherwise

10) Over the years I ---- several articles and two books on
animal intelligence experiments and the controversy
that ---- them.

A) was writing / was surrounded
B) will write / will be surrounding
C) have written / surrounds
D) wrote / has surrounded
E) am writing / is surrounded

15 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

11) The issue of global warming ---- heated debate
recently. Is the burning of fossil fuels and increased
concentration of carbon dioxide in the air a serious
threat or just a lot of hot air?

A) was given rise to
B) is giving rise to
C) will be given rise to
D) was giving rise to
E) has given rise to

12) I feel so exhausted. I ---- the garden for two hours and
I ---- for single moment.

A) am weeding / am not resting
B) have been weeding / haven't rested
C) was weeding / didn't rest
D) have weeded / haven't been rested
E) will weed / haven't rested

13) Life in villages of China ---- around temples, where
people ---- to ask for things.

A) has revolved / have gone
B) will revolve / have gone
C) revolved / were going
D) revolves / go
E) were revolving / went

14) When I first ---- my baby ---- with Down syndrome, I
was devastated.

A) learned / born
B) have learned / is born
C) had learned / was born
D) will learn / will born
E) learned / would be born

15) How can you imagine I will forget the first time I ---- a
speech in front of so many people? No one could ever
notice how fast my heartbeats were.

A) was delivered
B) have delivered
C) would be delivered
D) delivered
E) will have been delivering

16) Jack ---- part in our conversation tonight since he ----
an appointment with his doctor.

A) wasn't taking / was made
B) isn't going to take / has made
C) hasn't taken / makes
D) won't take / is made
E) didn't take / made
17) Our Prime Minister ---- so exhausted by the time he
---- his visits to neighbouring countries.

A) would be / finished
B) was / was finishing
C) had been / would finish
D) is to be / will finish
E) will have been / finishes

18) Bert, my co-worker, ---- past the bank every day and I
have been asking him to pay my bill for me, but he
keeps forgetting, so I ---- it myself.

A) has gone / do
B) will go / am doing
C) goes / am going to do
D) went / was doing
E) did go/did do

19) My grandpa's health ---- until he ---- taking alcohol.

A) was deteriorating / gave up
B) had deteriorated / has given up
C) deteriorated / gave up
D) will deteriorate / is given up
E) deteriorates / is giving up

20) Over the past decade or so, europhysiologists ---- on a
particular molecule they believe could well be at least
one version of Hebb's coincidence detector.

A) focused
B) were focusing
C) have been focusing
D) had been focused
E) would be focusing

21) Finally they ---- a doctor, who ---- to her, but it was a
physical and spiritual low point.

A) will find/ has attended
B) found / would attend
C) have found / attended
D) found / was attending
E) are to find / attends

22) Roberto ---- very well in the final, probably because
he ---- several long and difficult matches in the earlier

A) hasn't played / had had
B) wasn't playing / had
C) hadn't played / would have
D) didn't play / had had
E) won't play / will have

16 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

23) The moment one of the neighbouring countries ----
the border agreement the other day, our military
forces ---- an unexpectedly great attack.

A) violates / will launch
B) will violate / launch
C) has violated / has launched
D) had violated / were launched
E) violated / launched

24) Taking into account what he ---- twice previously ----
at the board meeting, the committee ---- to make a
remarkable increase in our salaries.

A) had / proposed / decided
B) has / proposed / have decided
C) is / proposing / decides
D) was / proposing / was decided
E) will / propose / will

25) It ---- the eighth medical facility the girl and her
mother ---- that hazy spring afternoon in 1993.

A) is / have visited
B) has been / were visiting
C) had been / have visited
D) was /had visited
E) is / will visit
1 C 6 A 11 E 16 B 21 B
2 C 7 D 12 B 17 E 22 D
3 D 8 E 13 D 18 C 23 E
4 B 9 D 14 E 19 C 24 A
5 A 10 C 15 D 20 C 25 D


17 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m


1) It ---- the eighth medical facility that the girl and her
mother ---- this year.

A) had been / were visiting
B) is / have visited
C) was / had visited
D) has been / were visited
E) will be / had been visiting

2) Three hospitals and four clinics ---- already ----to treat
the girl's raging kidney infection because she ----
broke and lacked medical insurance.

A) had / refused / was
B) have / refused / is being
C) was / refusing / has been
D) have / been refusing / was
E) would / refuse / would be

3) Tomorrow at 3 p.m. I have to be available at the
board meeting, but I have a number of reports to be
typed tomorrow. I think I ---- them by then.

A) have typed
B) will typed
C) am typing
D) am to type
E) will have typed

4) The most unusually packaged tourist ---- our country
at this time next week.

A) has visited
B) is visiting
C) is to visit
D) will be visiting
E) has been visited

5) As the new millennium ---- the potential for further
development ---- limitless.

A) will approach / will seem
B) approaches / seems
C) has approached / seemed
D) is approaching / had seemed
E) had been approaching / would seem

6) It ---- a long while - until Jan. 1, 1989 - before Europe
jointly ----hormones in food.

A) had taken / was outlawed
B) took / outlawed
C) is taking / outlaws
D) has taken / had outlawed
E) will take / outlaws
7) In France, he ---- at the hostel for the past 26 years.

A) lived
B) has lived
C) would be living
D) is living
E) has been living

8) After decades of campaigning by animal welfare
groups, the E.U. Council of Ministers last month ---- to
outlaw battery cages for hens by the end of the year

A) would be agreed
B) has agreed
C) agreed
D) had been agreed
E) agree

9) There ---- many changes since these services ---- by
the state.

A) were / took over
B) had been / were taken over
C) are / have taken over
D) have been / were taken over
E) would be / were to be taken over

10) For decades, duty-free shopping ---- as much a part of
international travel as passports and plane tickets.

A) will become
B) is to be
C) had become
D) becomes
E) has become

11) The girl ---- and ---- with all the force of youth and
fullness of life, until, by little and little, her passionate
exclamations ---- off into broken murmurs as if she
were in pain.

A) raged / battled / trailed
B) is raged / battled / have trailed
C) would rage / battle / were trailed
D) rages / battles / will trail
E) had raged / battled / were trailed

12) A few days before my son ---- kindergarten, he
declared that he ---- to go to school.

A) starts / doesn't intend
B) will start / wouldn't intend
C) was to start / didn't intend
D) started / hadn't intended
E) has started / doesn't

18 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

13) While the leaders ---- the problems prevailing over the
party a few days ago, they ---- that some of members
were spying them.

A) have been discussing / have discovered
B) were discussing / discovered
C) are discussing / discover
D) had discussing / were to discover
E) were discussing / were discovered

14) This time last year he ---- his book. He ---- it in October
and ---- it to the publisher in December.

A) wrote/finished/sent
B) had written/sent
C) was writing /finished/sent
D) is writing / will finish /send
E) has written /would finish /send

15) Her driving force is an insatiable curiosity about life,
which she ----since early childhood.

A) was exhibited
B) will exhibit
C) is exhibited
D) has exhibited
E) exhibited

16) Normally, we ----two rises in salary a year, but this
year we ---- just one rise on account of the low export
rates of our company.

A) will get / will give
B) get / are giving
C) are getting / are given
D) have got / have given
E) get / will be given

17) The last time I ---- them, they ---- for final exams were

A) have seen / are swotting
B) would see / would swot
C) had seen / swotted
D) saw / were swotting
E) see/will swot

18) Over 200 million people ---- their own mobile phones
by the end of 1997, and estimates ---- mobile users at
400 million by 2000 and one billion by 2008.

A) will have had / number
B) was having/ number
C) had had / number
D) have had / number
E) is having / are numbering
19) My daughter ---- pirate swords for her sons just
before she ---- home from vacation.

A) purchased / flew
B) had been purchased / was flying
C) was purchasing / has flown
D) purchased / would fly
E) was purchased / flew

20) To make sure we ---- plenty of time to eat breakfast
and get ready in the first day of the school, I ----
everybody up early - so early that it was still dark.

A) have / wake
B) had had / have waken
C) had/woke
D) are having / am waking
E) will have / will wake

21) After we ---- the judges for normal olfactory senses,
we ---- them to rank odours and their intensity.

A) screened / had trained
B) will screen / will train
C) were screened /trained
D) have screened / train
E) had screened / were training

22) I ensure you that the police team ---- earlier if they ----
about the robbery in due time.

A) would arrive /informed
B) will arrive / are to inform
C) were to arrive / had informed
D) arrive /have informed
E) would have arrived / had been informed

23) He has neither the time nor the patience for the rigid,
conservative practices that ---- in French business for

A) were dominating
B) dominated
C) have dominated
D) are dominated
E) had been dominating

24) 112 billion tons of the volume of the world's oceans
---- under the earth's crust each year. Only 23 billion
tons ----.

A) have disappeared / have reappeared
B) disappear / reappear
C) will disappear / have been reappearing
D) were disappearing / were reappeared
E) are disappearing / will be reappearing

19 | S a y f a w w w . d i l p o r t a l i . c o m w w w . o m a r h o c a . c o m

25) The Italian word paparazzi ---- buzzing insects'. The
photographers often ---- flies as they swarm around a
celebrity victim.

A) is meaning / are resembling
B) has meant / have resembled
C) was meaning / have swarmed
D) means / resemble
E) would mean / were resembling
1 B 6 B 11 A 16 E 21 D
2 A 7 E 12 D 17 D 22 E
3 E 8 C 13 B 18 A 23 C
4 D 9 D 14 C 19 C 24 B
5 B 10 E 15 D 20 C 25 D