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The greatest accomplishment of the 20

doubling the human life-span. Yet this has brought issues
of brain health to the fore front of public health.

Our bodies are outlasting our minds, so maximizing
brain function is very important to leading a healthy and
productive life.
Components of healthy cognitive functioning includes:

1) Language
2) Thought
3) Memory
4) Executive function ( the ability to plan and carry out tasks)
5) Judgment
6) Attention
7) Perception
8) Remembered skills (such as driving)
9) Ability to live a purposeful life
Brain issues = public health
An aging population.
Growing fear and concern about potential loss
of cognitive function.
Increased societal burden from cognitive
Greater caregiver burden.
Age is a risk factor for cognitive decline. In
2004, 1 in every 8 Americans-36.3 million-
were aged 65yrs or older. By 2030, this
number is expected to double to 71.5 million.
20% of the population will be in this age group.
Just a few pennies, right??!!
Dementia- $25,000-$75,000- For families
In 2005, Medicare and Medicaid spent $91
billion and $21billion, respectively, for
persons with Alzheimers disease.
The number of caregivers in U.S was
estimated to be 44.4 million and expected to
rise dramatically.

We must strive for healthy brains to cut cost in
public health.
Not exercises are created equal
Exercise does create a healthy mind, but new studies
with dementia suggest not all forms of exercise are
Studies present in Alzheimers Association international
Conference found that resistance training was
particularly beneficial for improving cognitive abilities of
older people
Why am I telling you this?!!!
Nearly half of young people ages 12 to 21 do not participate in
vigorous physical activity on a regular basis. Fewer than one-in-four
children report getting at least half an hour of any type of daily
physical activity and do not attend any school physical education
In June 2001, ABC News reported that school children spend 4.8
hours per day on the computer, watching TV, or playing video
Soooooo..Lets get active!!!!!

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