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PDS TUTORIALS: Isometric Extraction

This chapter contains the information required to generate isometrics

interactively and view them in the model.
This is a brief overview of the procedure to create isometric drawings.
For more detailed information on Isometric Extraction, see the PDS
ISOGEN Reference Guide.

Isometric Extraction Exercise

Review Iso Drawings graphically reviews an isometric
drawing in the Piping Designer modeling environment.
Select Analyze Data from the Piping pull-down menu.

I sometric Extraction
Generate an isometric for a single pipeline.
1. Enter the PDS Control Shell environment.

2. Select your project from the list.
3. Select Isometric Drawing Manager.

4. Select Interactive.

5. Key in the piping file name for Model Number.
6. Key in the equipment file name for Model Number.
7. Key in the pipelines for Pipeline Name.
The system automatically fills in the Iso Drawing File with the first
Pipeline Name - .ISO.
8. If you want a different name, select the block and key in the desired
name for Iso Design File, the system automatically adds the .ISO
9. If you want a different extension, select the block and key in the
desired extension.

10. Accept the form with Confirm. The system processes the pipeline

11. If you get an error, it will have to be corrected before ISOGEN will
work, then re-submit.

12. The pipeline processed successfully, then Exit.

13. Select View Graphics.

14. Select the isometric drawing from the list.
15. Select Confirm.
The system brings up the isometric design file, where any MicroStation
menu will work.

Review I SO Drawings Exercise
Review an isometric drawing that was already generated:
1. Toggle Select Line ID from Model to Select Line ID from List.
2. Select 0104-MMA from list.
3. Select Confirm.
The system brings up the isometric design file as a reference file.

Lab 1
Generate an isometric of pipeline MMA0104-XIN-2C0032-P and then plot
Lab 2
Use the ISOMETRIC DRAWING LIMIT to place limit points on pipeline
MMA0104-XIN-2C0032-P, rerun the isometric and then re-plot it.