Þersuas|ve 1echn|ques ] Log|ca| Ia||ac|es Gu|de

Þersuas|ve Appea|s: Def|ne

1. Lthos:

2. Þathos:

3. Logos:

Þersuas|ve Appea|s: Lxamp|es

1. Lthos:

2. Þathos:

3. Logos:

Þersuas|ve 1echn|ques: Def|ne

1. Understatement:

2. Cverstatement (nyperbo|e):

3. Ana|ogy:

4. kepet|t|on:

S. Cause and Lffect:

Þersuas|ve 1echn|ques: Ident|fy and Lxp|a|n

1. “I have to have this operation. It isn’t very serious. I have this tiny little tumor on the
bra|n.” (Holden Cau|f|e|d, !"# %&'("#) *+ '"# ,-#.

2. "Wr|t|ng a book of poetry |s ||ke dropp|ng a rose peta| down the Grand Canyon and
wa|t|ng for the echo." (Don Marqu|s)

3. "I'm exper|enced now, profess|ona|. Iaws been broke, been knocked down a coup|e of
t|mes, I'm bad! 8een chopp|ng trees. I done someth|ng new for th|s f|ght. I done
wrest|ed w|th an a|||gator. 1hat's r|ght. I have wrest|ed w|th an a|||gator. I done
tuss|ed w|th a wha|e. I done handcuffed ||ghtn|ng, thrown thunder |n [a||. 1hat's bad!
Cn|y |ast week I murdered a rock, |n[ured a stone, hosp|ta||zed a br|ck! I'm so mean I
make med|c|ne s|ck!" (Muhammad A||)

4. "She's safe, [ust ||ke I prom|sed. She's a|| set to marry Norr|ngton, [ust ||ke she
prom|sed. And you get to d|e for her, [ust ||ke you prom|sed."
(Iack Sparrow, 1he Þ|rates of the Car|bbean)

S. "Many of today's k|ds are engaged |n sedentary pursu|ts made poss|b|e by a |eve| of
techno|ogy unth|nkab|e as recent|y as 2S to 30 years ago. Computer, v|deo, and other
v|rtua| games, the ready ava||ab|||ty of feature f||ms and games on DVD, p|us h|gh-tech
advancements |n mus|c-||sten|ng techno|ogy have come down |nto the range of
affordab|||ty for parents and even for the k|ds themse|ves. 1hese pass|ve pursu|ts have
produced a downs|de of reduced phys|ca| act|v|ty for the k|ds, often w|th the exp||c|t
or |mp||c|t consent of the parents...”
(Mack|e Sh||stone, /&(0*# 1"*23'4+#53 647- 82&+ 94) :*73. 8as|c nea|th Þub||cat|ons,

6. "My toaster has never once worked proper|y |n four years. I fo||ow the |nstruct|ons
and push two s||ces of bread down |n the s|ots, and seconds |ater they r|f|e upwards.
Cnce they broke the nose of a woman I |oved dear|y."
(Woody A||en, "My Speech to the Graduates." !"# ;#< =4)0 !*>#3, Aug. 10, 1979)
Log|ca| Ia||ac|es: Def|ne

1. C|rcu|ar keason|ng:

2. Ia|se Cause:

3. Cver-Genera||zat|on:

4. Cver-S|mp||f|cat|on:

S. na|f-1ruth:

Log|ca| Ia||ac|es: Ident|fy and Lxp|a|n

1. A man owns a Iord truck. It breaks down on h|m. A fr|end of h|s reports that he once
had a Iord that a|so broke down. 1he two men reason that a|| Iords must be
unre||ab|e, shoddy veh|c|es.

2. Schoo| v|o|ence has gone up and academ|c performance has gone down ever s|nce
organ|zed prayer was banned at pub||c schoo|s. 1herefore, prayer shou|d be
re|ntroduced, resu|t|ng |n schoo| |mprovement.

3. A black cat crossed Joe’s path, and later that day his computer crashed. If it weren’t
for that cat, his computer wouldn’t have crashed.

4. I [ust won a hundred do||ars on the |ottery. It was great. I took that do||ar t|cket back
to the store and turned |t |n for one hundred do||ars!

S. You can’t give me a C. I’m an A student!

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