Na Mono Lage Na (Hindi – Na Jiya Lage Na

A masterpiece song by Lata Mangeshkar and Salil Chowdhury

(This page includes: Information about the song, Links for the song- different versions,
Bangla text, Easy text for Non-Bengali users of the Bangla Song, Translation of Bangla version, Translation from Hindi Version, Text of Hindi Song, Notes and Explanation for NonBengali users, who would like to sing this song. The Karaoke track is the same for both the versions, and available somewhere in the same folder. Because of Esnips’s so called ‘copy-right’ issues, the Main Songs in Bangla or Hindi can not be seen, but can be downloaded without problem. Just CLICK on DOWNLOAD button. The team for Bangla Culture Promotion wishes you GOOD LUCK. For any need may contact: . If any knows the name of the Lyricists both for Bangla and Hindi, please provide this Music: Salil Chowdhuri Singer: Lata Mangeshkar (for both versions) First song recorded was in Bangla during Pooja Hit of Lata Then this popular in Bangla song was added to the box office hit movie Anand. Anand (1970), Starring- Sumita Sanyal, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan Director- Hrishikesh Mukharjee

Links: (video) (complete song played on Instruments) (video Hindi Version) Sumita Sanyal..the actress. Film- Anand, 1970 Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan (video- amateur version- part) Version for Bangla Speaking Singers (NB. For Non-Bengali/Hindi persons see Another Text Below) Na mono lage na E jibone kichu jeno bhalo lage na Mono lage na... E nodir dui kinare dui toroni Jotoi na baai nongor bandha kache jete tai parini Tumio Tumio opar theke haay shoroni, na mono laage na... Na mono laage na Chokhe chokhe cheye kanda bhalo lage na

Ami je klanto aji shokti udhao Ki hobe aar michi michi beye beye ei miche nao Tumio Tumio opar theke jao chole jaao, na Mono laage na... Easy Version For Non-Bengali/Hindi performers
(must read the explanation together with the following text. Look at the bottom of the page)

Na mano laage na E jivane kichhu jeno bhalo laage na Mano laage na... E nadir dui kinade dui taroni Jatoi na baai, nangor bandhaa kachhe jete tai paarini Tumio Tumio opaar theke haay sharoni na Mano laage na... Na mano laage na Chokhhe chokhhe cheye kandaa bhaalo laage na Aami je klaanto aaji shakti udhaao Ki habe aar michhi michhi beye beye ei michhe naao Tumio Tumio opaar theke jaao chale jaao, na Mano laage na... Translation of Bangla Version (Na mono lage na) No I cannot set my mind I have likiing for nothing in this life any more I can not set my mind On the both banks of this river there are two boats Though I try to anchor the boats, never succeed to reach you You too Tou too from the other side of the river, have not moved I can not set my mind No I cannot set my mind I no more like flowing tears from my eyes I am tired today, my strength is vanished What is the use of falsely sailing this boat You too You too go away from the other side of the river I cannot set my mind Hindi Text: Na Jiya Lage Na

Naa jiyaa laage naa Tere binaa meraa kahin jiyaa laage naa Jeena bhuule the kahaan yaad nahin Tujhko paya hai jahaan, saans phir aayi wahin Zindagi tere sivaa haay bhaaye naa Piya teri baavri se raha jaaye na Tum agar jaao kabhi jaao kahin Waqt se kehna zara woh thaher jaaye wahin Woh ghadi wahin rahe naa jaaye na Translation of Hindi version (Na jiya lage na) No, my mind is insecure…. Its without you ….my mind is insecure… I don’t remember when I lost my heart to you… I felt relieved when you came back to me…. I don’t enjoy without you…. The life is not same without you.. My mind is insecure without you. I can’t live without you A friend can’t survive with the other If you ever go anywhere any time… Let time stand still for me That time should remain with me for ever… No, my mind is insecure without you.. ----------------------------------------------------------------Explanation: In Bangla most problematic is to pronounce O, then Chh (in hindi Kuchh –something O is pronounced in many ways, mostly in 2 ways. One is as O in english words (order,offline, onward) The other O is like in english (ozone, more) In very rare cases O can be pronounced as in english- Ounce (Aunzh). Better forget about them O as in (order, offline) s usually difficult, while the other O in (more, alone) is easier. That is in fact the charm. Its the key of secrets for speaking Bangla. And you got it. In many cases O (like order, online) has equivalents in Hindi, but it is also common to replace this particular O with A. For example. Bangla word Jibon (life) is often written as Jivan (or Jiwan) in transcription. For native speakers it is not a problem to read the transcripts. And some how it is accepted that the Bangalees (i.e. Bengalis) much more easily pick up Hindi/Urdu. Because of the possible of variation of sound vocales and dipthonges persist in Bangla (Bengali).

In Bangla ch is used for sounds like ch (in hindi words – chalte, chahoonga). Banglalees usually do write ch (both for chalte and panchhi). Because the know the words. Well, we talk about writing not Bangla, but the transcription in Latin alphabet. Its good, that now a days to differentiate between ch (chalte) and ch (panchi), we started to use an additional h for pamchi. Also for non-bengali users we started using double a fo aj (aaj), gan (gaan). But Banglaees from Bangladesh do not like to use transcription as it is used by Banglalees from West Bengal (especially from Kolkata). They are biased and influenced by hindi and other languages. For example :”Amar cholte cholte bola kotha – the Calcasians will write- Aamar chalte chalte bala katha. This is not fair, when in bangla..we have ways to pronounce the variations for O. Any way: Here are the words (just suggestions, ways for come-out, to find a nearer equivalent). But the best result comes to follow and listen/watch the song, and analyze the explanation here. mono – both O-s are like (ozone, more O) like in O in hindi Mohe (mohe bhuul za saweria) lage (in hindi can easily be pronounced as laage) means- laagta jibone, jibone (jibon+e, e is genetivus of. jibon= life, jiwan) O like (ozone) jibon can also be pronounced as jiwan, jivan , and will not be a big mistake, but nice to be accurate). Any many incld Lata/Asha have done that like Mere Jiwan (jibon) sathi kichu, kich-hu ch-is like in hindi – chod or in panchhi ch- means ch+h (accent on 2nd h, but softly) kinare- kinade (d as in hindi) Kinad+e. kinar is bank of river, kinare (of the bank) e=of dui- means do (two) toroni- toroni (simple r. like in hindi tarse), First O like (onward), Second O like (more) jotoi- joto-i , zotoi, . First O like (onward), Second O like (more), but both can be used as onward nabaai nabaai ( two words na+bai), better to make na+baai together (nabaai) to row the boat nongor (n like in chand in hindi) Both O-s are like in (more) badhaa- Wise to pronounce bandha (n like in chand), bandha- tied,bounded (like bandhan –hindi) kachhe H ( accent on H), like kuchh in hindi jete : je-te parini- parini (also allowed to make padini), but good to make r as in hindi word (paar, not paad) soroni- it should be sh-o-ro-ni. s=sh, r=d in hindi,, both O-s are like (online, onward O) miche = mich-he michi michi= mich-hi nao= simple nao chole – not also farm to make chale . Well O is (more, mohe in Hindi) chokh, chokhe- Chokhh, chokh-he bhalo- it can be valo, walo, but never balo, Bh- like bharat., O like in (mohe) kanda (kaan-da), n like in (chanda in Hindi) shokti, Sakti (power) as in Hindi by meaning, but not by pronunciation. O like onward.

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