Bitul B’rov
Shiur 1- Packet 1 - Sep. 7 (W) YD 109
1) Rov heter, 2) miut issur a! ") the issur ca#t $e nikkar to $e mutar.
%here are t&o t'pes o( ta#aroves-
a) )ach $#)ach (ph'sica))' mi*e! to+ether) a!
$) 'uvesh $#'uvesh (ph'sica))' separate). ,t !oes#t matter &here the pieces o( meat are,
as )o+ as the' create a sa(ek (eve i m' three homes- u!er the um$re))a o( m' sa(ek).
Acharei Rabim Lehatot
-akor (or .itu) .#rov/ Shemot (23,2) 0charei Ra$im 1ehatot
%he pashut pshat is that 'ou shou)!#t (o))o& the ma2orit' to !o &ro+, $ut the Rishoim
u!ersta! the posuk to mea that 'ou D3 (o))o& the ra$im.
Chullin 11a (!)" uses the pasuk (or 4a#lenan busar ruba5- , (i! meat i the street
&here there are 9 kosher $utchers a! oe tre( $utcher a! it#s mutar.
%his is !i((eret (rom $itu) $#rov &hich is a mi*ture.
Rashi- 6hu))i 97$ (p")- sa's that &e use 0charei 8ara$im 1ehatot to teach that &e
(o))o& the ma2orit'. Rashi is a chi!!ush to use this possuk to !ea) &ith $itu) $#rov.
Ruba $’issa kamun- the 9 $utcher shops a! 1 tre(, a)) the shops are e*tat, so , ca sa'
the piece is see $asar rov a! is mutar.
Ruba $’lessa kamun- someoe ki))s aother perso a! the .5D asks &hether the
perso ki))e! &as a tre(ah i the p)ace &here he &as ki))e!. %his is 2u!+e! $ase! upo the
statistical rov o( most peop)e $9c most peop)e !o#t have tre(ot.
Rav Chaim (P7) a! R’ Shimon Shku- e*p)ai ho& Rashi ca use this posuk.
.5D is the source o( $oth !iim a! there are t&o steps i the .5D process-
1) !etermie the p#sak- 2/1, 2) $ut sti)) &e ee! a .5D o( " a! &e o)' have 2, so o& it
must $e that &e use rov to sa' that it#s as i( a)) " a+ree to this ru)i+.
%hese t&o processes are automatica))' itercoecte! i the process o( .5D- the 2u!+es
vote &hich is 1) a:)ea $usar ru$a a! the 2) the' use rov a! the " ar+ui+ 2u!+es are
cosi!ere! " cocurri+ 2u!+es $9c the ma2orit' o( 2u!+es (the 2) s&a))o& up the miorit'
(the 1) to make it )ike it is uaimous. ;%os. i .5<.=
"" This Rashi is an e%lanation &or the man' (emaras that assumes that bitul rov
alies b' taaroves)
*ne erson eatin( the Bitul B’rov
+) Rosh 6hu))i (p>) ? 'ou ca eat a)) " pieces o( the taaroves to+ether $9c the "
piece o(
meat is 4cha+e! to muttar5- ;is-hapech )eheos hetter=.
Shita,- i .5- (p7)- $' %ak(a <ohe $' maser $ehaima (a(ter the aima) &as coute!
the the aima) 2umpe! $ack i a! o& the' are a)) patur). %ose(os asks there- &h'
!oes#t $ate) $#rov@ app)' (the Rosh#s !e(iitio o( $ate) $#rov) a! there shou)! sti)) $e a
chiuv to cout the rest. %he S5- Auotes the Rosh- it is uc)ear &hat the Rosh &ou)! sa'
.’var Abraham" is a possi$)e as&er (or the Rosh/ the D50 ma!e a (amous commet
re+ar!i+ Se(ira that the reaso &h' &e !o#t cout each !a' o( se(irah as a sa(ek 'om is
$9c a cout must $e $#va!aus.
.' tak(ah kohe as &e)), each aima) &i)) ot $e va!ai the 10
R’ Shimon Schku" Shaare /osher (p10-11)- $ase! upo the Rosh the issur &as
ehpach )#heos heter. RS5S (e)t that ehpach )#heos o)' app)ies $' a case o( $itu) $#rov
$ut ot $' a:)ea $usar ru$a &here he sa's that a averah b’sho(e( &as !oe0 %he (act
that 'ou use! rov !oes#t u!ermie the (act that 'ou !i! a averah a! 'ou ee!
;.ut !oes#t the %orah sa' that it is mutarB- %he (oo! ca $e assur, $ut muttar to eat=
++) Rashba (p12) ar+ues &ith the Rosh- 'ou ca eat each piece $' itse)(, $ut not a)) o(
them to+ether. You ca a)&a's sa' that the other piece &as kosher.
Ra’ah i .e!ek 8a-.ais (12)- ar+ues &ith the Rash$a#s svara $9c )#maskaah 4he ate
the piece o( tre(,5 so &hat t'pe o( +ame is this@ 8e is ot happ' &ith the otio that a
perso ca sa' that 4this is ot the tre( piece5 a! the eat a)) three o( the pieces.
+++) Tose&os Ri$ (p1C)- has a thir! opiio. 8e sa's that oe perso ca#t eat a)) three
pieces, $ut at )east t&o peop)e must eat them, so &e !o#t sa' that a' perso ate the issur
$#va!aus (see Ra#ah). 8e there(ore !isa+rees &ith the Rash$a.
1roo&s &or Tose&os Ri$
0) B,B ("1$)- 2 +roups o( &itesses testi(' a$out a certai situatio a! each set !irect)'
cotra!icts the (acts state! $' the other +roup (a#!im macheshim). We ko& i this case
that oe +roup is )'i+, $ut .5D !oes#t ko& &hich +roup is )'i+.
D) What !oes .5D !o i (uture !i torah $9c $oth +roups are sa(ek pasu), !oes this
u!ermie their che:kas kashrutB
0) 1) some sa'- that 'ou ca )et a perso (rom +roup 0 or +roup . testi(', $ut ot
2) some- 'ou ca#t )et either testi(' to remove moe' that someoe has a cha:akah o.
B) 1esachim 12a (p1>)- 2 streets- oe is tahor a! oe is tameh a! $oth are i reshus
ha-ra$im. ,( oe perso +oes !o& oe o( the streets a! aother perso +oes !o& the
other street (oe o$vious)' $ei+ tameh) i( $oth come to ask the Ra$$i i( the' are tahor at
the same time the he ca#t sa' the' are $oth tahor, $ut i( the' come oe a(ter the e*t
the he ca te)) them $oth that the' are#t tameh (rom a sa(ek.
Tose&ot Ri$ sa's that i( a perso ate a)) three pieces these +emaras prove that this perso
is va!a' eati+ the issur a! there(ore the %orah ca#t $e permitti+ this sceario. 8e
there(ore ar+ues &ith the Rash$a- a! (ee)s this is m#!eoritta.
+++B) Tose&ot 6hu))i 100a (!#h .eriah)- sa's that !i((eret peop)e shou)! eat the "
pieces a! seems that this is o)' m#!era$aa.
S’ma(- seems to sa' that it is a chumrah a! the chiuv (or t&o peop)e to eat the pieces is
o)' m#!era$aa.
3aramah" takin( out one iece &or the kohen
-ishna Arlah- (p19-21) sa's 'ou ee! to take oe o( them a&a' as the 4assur piece5 to
+ive to the kohe.
/erushalmi (p22)- the reaso to remove oe o( the (ruits o( the mutar ta#aroves is ot
$ecause $itu) reAuires the 4attribution to something else.5 .' terumah, the (oo! $e)o+s
to the kohe a! the' !eserve their moe' a! 'ou ca#t !o $itu) o the moe' o(
someoe e)se, so 'ou must repa' the kohe. .ut, b' a taaroves o& issur there 4oul$ not
nee$ ha’aramah)
+5) Rashi- 05E 7Fa- sa's that &e ca $e ma#arim $' thi+s other tha terumah a! he
reAuires this $' $itu).
-aharam -’Rutenbur(" &ou)! thro& oe o( the pieces a&a', $ut that &as $ecause he
&as a t#:a!!ik. Rea))' he !i!#t have to !o that, $ut he ha! e*tra perishut.
Rosh (p2F9>)- sa's he !oes#t ko& &here haramah &ou)! app)' $e'o! a case o( +e:e)
hashevet ((rom the kohe).
""Sha’areh .urah-(p2C) 'ou !o#t ee! to $e machmir a! thro& oe piece a&a', like
Tosefot/ S’mag, but not the Rashi.
""S,A 109 (p27-29)- Auotes Rash$a, %ose(ot9S#ma+.
""Rama sa's !o %ose(ot a! Auotes the -aharam ()echumrah).
+s this machlokes 6Rosh7Rashba8 on a $eoritta or $erabanan level9
1) 1ri -e(a$im (p1")- Rash$a a+rees &ith the Rosh m#!eoritta a! this is o)' a
mach)okes m#!era$aa. This is the ashut shat in the machlokes)
2) Tose&os Ri$9;Ra’ah (perhaps)=- (e)t that the Rash$a ma!e his statemet o a !eoritta
+& 'ou $on’t eat the trei& iece because 'ou :$on’t 4ant to eat trei&,
%o!a', ever'oe uses the ku))os o( rov $' mi)k/ that most co&s are#t trei(. ;0ccor!i+ to
Rav Shimo Schupp 'ou !i!#t !o a averah9 usi+ the Rosh.=
Shalah- (p"0)- Auotes a Gemara .#rachot that a perso &ho sa's 4, 2ust &o#t eat it5 is
)esser tha a perso &ho +oes throu+h the area a! (i!s a re)ia$)e heter a! the eats it.
8e sa's 'ou are#t a -oreh 8oraah to $e a machmir. You shou)!#t $e machmir.
B’nei /issaschar-(p"1) e*te!s the Sha)ah to $itu) a! sa's that a perso ca eat the
taaroves a! it he)ps i 3)am 8a$ah (to (i* the k)eepot). You shou)!#t $e machmir.
D) What a$out the +emara 6hu))i &hich sa's ot to eat a aima) that the Ra$$is ha! to
paski oB
0) 8e sa's that this +emara is ta)ki+ a$out &he a svarah &as use!, $ut ot oe that
there &as a heter o them.
Rabenu /onah" +ssur 5’heter- !o#t a!! to the tre(ot o( cha:a) i( 'ou !o#t have to, $ut
i( 'ou &at to $e machmir a! a!! to the chachamim, the 'ou have that ri+ht. You
shou)! sta' a&a' (rom somethi+ that is 4sha!'.5 You ca $e machmir.
1ischei Teshuva (So)es 1imucha) Auotes ,ssur Heher, $ut the Auotes others that sa'
that it is Imius.# You shou)!#t $e machmir.
-aharam -erutenber(’s Shut- (p"F)- &he he &as 'ou+er he use! to make (u o(
the peop)e &ho &aite! $et&ee mi)k a! meat. 8e the (ou! a piece o( cheese i his
mouth a! the he !eci!e! to &ait. You ca $e machmir.
-aharshal" sa's it is mius to $e machmir, $ut i( it happee! to 'ou the 'ou ca a!!
oto 'ourse)( (a! he a+rees &ith the 'outh(u) -aharam). You shou)!#t $e machmir
-aharsham- i( somethi+ is +oi+ to $e muttar tomorro& the 'ou ca#t eat it to!a', $ut
i( it &o#t $e mutar, the 'ou ca eat it (DS15--!avar she'esh )o matirim).
D) %he -aharsham !oes#t u!ersta!- i( $itu) is a +oo! heter, &h' !o 'ou ee! to &ait
a! 4eat it $#heterB5
0) 8e thiks (rom DS15- that 'ou cou)! thik that there is a pro$)em ()ike the ,ssur
H#heter) a! cou)! $e machmir. You ca $e machmir.
Rav Schachter- sar!ies/ some are packa+e! $' machie a! some are packa+e! $'
ha!. %he oes that are packa+e! $' machie chop o(( the stomach a! the oes
packa+e! $' ha! sometimes cotai stomachs &ith o-kosher (ish.
PS0</ the sar!ie cas that are a)rea!' i the pu$)ic are $ate) cha! $#trei. , the (uture
the' &i)) esure that a)) the sar!ies have their stomachs cut o((. 8e assumes that 'ou
ca#t a!vertise that somethi+ is kosher i( a perso is usi+ ku)ot.
/e$eas 3ata’aroves
Shiur 29 Sept 12- (-) Packet 2
Bitul b’rov- 'ou ee! to have 'e!eas hata#aroves i or!er (or somethi+ to $e $ate) or
else there is no $in bitul.
-ishna Terumot- (>,7)- %erumah (a))s ito 100 6hu))i a! 'ou &ere ot a$)e to take
oe ra!om piece out o( the mi*ture to +ive to the <ohe (+e:e) hashevet) &he aother
piece o( %erumah (e)) ito the mi*ture, so o& 'ou have 2/100.
D) ,s there a !i $itu) a! &hat happes to the issur terumah (ie !oes it tur ito heter)B
0) %5<- %he (irst is#t $ate) a! sure)' ot the seco! piece.
02) R# Shimo permits the t&o pieces.
;hat is the machlokes b7t T< an$ RS9
Rav -ebartenura (1)- sa's that R# Shimo#s heter is o)' &he there is 'e!eas
hata#aroves (Y%), $ut i( there is o Y% the there is sure)' o $itu). 0!, i( there is 'e$ea,
$ut the Je& !i!#t have the opportuit' to +et a piece out $9( the e*t oe (e)) i the the
mach)okes is &hether the $itu) is comp)ete! i( 'ou !i!#t !o ha#aramah (taki+ out a
piece (or the kohe). R5S sa's that the attempt to remove oe piece is eou+h.
Tose&ta Terumot (C,C) (p") (the source o( this .arteura)- Auotes this mach)okes a!
a!!s the )a+ua+e o( 'e!ea.
-ishna Rishona (p1-2)- $ase! upo the %ose(ta- &ou)! sa' this svara is o)' $' terumah
a! ot $' other issurim.
Rambam- 8i). %erumot (1",C)- a)so uses this )o+ic o( 'e!ea (paskis )ike R5S).
Ra’ava$- sa's that the Ram$am is (o))o&i+ a shitah 'echi!ah (R5S) a! he thiks that
Ram$am shou)! (o))o& %5<.
/erushalmi- Kr)ah- (11a-11$) (>-C) 8a)acha 1- this !i o( 'e!ia is !iscusse!.
%his meas that the same met:ios ca $e tre( &9o 'e!ea a! kosher &9 'e!ea. Perhaps
this is a specia) !i $' terumah $9c 'ou ee! ha#aramah a! the o)' &a' to +et to
ha#aramah is to have 'e!ea, $ut i the other areas o( issur &here there is o !i o(
ha#aramah, the there &ou)! $e a automatic $itu).
=%tension o& 'e$ea be'on$ terumah
Rosh- (p7) is the (irst to e*te! 'e!ea $e'o! terumah to the rest o( the issurim.
What is the svara o( the RoshB
R’ Shimon Schku (Sha#arei Yosher) (p9)- a ta#aroves ee!s to $e 1) mi*e! to+ether
(meurov), 2) )a!as ha-sa(ek a! ") miut issur. Perhaps uti) 'ou ko& that the issur is
there, the there is o ta#aroves 'et b7c a ta’aroves is &orme$ b' the sa&ek o& the
in$ivi$ual, so $e(ore he has a 'e!ea there is o ta#aroves a! there(ore it ca#t $ecome
$ate). %his &ou)! o)' $e $' 'avesh $-'avesh.
By lach b’lach this would NOT be true, b/c you don’t need a yedea to create this
ta’aroves. 8ere, the ph'sica) ta#aroves e*ists $e(ore the 'e!ea.
.itu) is a c)ash $9t issur a! heter. ,( there is o 'e!ea the &e !o#t vie& it as issur a!
heter. 8e sa's that the yedea creates the clash that was previously there, but is
meaningless if it wasn’t known beforehand.
Rav Solovechick- the yedea creates the ledas hasafek (sa(ek a$out &hat to !o o&, a!
a(ter it is !oe the there is o sa(ek). %he Je& has to ko& a$out it to create a )e!as
hasa(ek (or the $itu) to take a((ect.
Ra’ah" permits a!!i+ to C0 oce the mi*ture &as $ate) 'avesh $-'avesh.
;hat i& there is a bitul 'avesh b’'avesh an$ then the taaroves is cooke$9
Shulchan Aruch (109,2) (p1") sa's that i( 'ou &at to cook the taaroves a(ter the issur is
$ate) then 'ou nee$ >2, eve i( 'ou#)) eat them separate)', because no4 it’s a case o&
nesinas taam) You#re a))o&e! to a!! to it $e(ore 'ou cook them to make sure there that
it#s .S (Ra’ah).
Rema Auotes the Rosh#s opiio that i( 'ou have ko&)e!+e a! are mevate) the taaroves
the 'ou ca eat it a)) a(ter 'ou cook it eve i( there is#t C0. %he Remah &i)) o)' a))o&
this $#makom he(se!.
Cookin( in 2 ots accor$in( to the Rashba b7& 'e$ea
Shach- (109,12) sa's that oce 'ou have 'e!ea, the taaroves is mutar m’$eoritta a!
a&ter the 'e$ea 'ou ca cook the taaroves i 2 pots. ,( the taaroves &as cooke! b7& 'e$ea
the there is a sa(ek !eoritta a! &e are machmir eve accor!i+ to the Rash$a.
Bach- (p12) ;!5h p#sak= permits a perso to cook the taaroves i 2 ots even be&ore
there 4as 'e$ea. You ee! 'e!ea, $ut 'ou !o#t ee! the 'e!ea to come $e(ore the
$ishu). ;Ye!iah ca#t $e a chiuv !eoritta or e)se the cooki+ &ou)! u!ermie a'
su$seAuet $itu).=
-aharam Shick- sa's that perhaps the .ach ho)!s that 'e!ea is o)' a $in $erabanan
;or that 'e!ea is#t ee!e! $' taaroves.=
R’ Simon" !oes#t ko& i( this -aharam Shick is correct.
+s 'e$eah a $in $eoritta or $erabanan9
Shach sa's this !i is !eoritta (or a chumrah !era$aa i the Rash$a-B)
Bach sa's it is !era$aa.
-inchat /aakov7Shulchan Aruch 3arav (p1>) e*p)icit)' sa's that 'e!ea is a $in
$erabanan ;$9c i( it &as a !eoritta the the reAuiremet o( 'e!ea &ou)! $e a ecessit' $9(
.archei Teshuva Auotes R’ Shlomo <lu(er (Shut) (rom %uv %am 1#Daas- (p17-19)-
Shochtim +et hu+r' a! the' cut o(( a part o( meat (or themse)ves a! the' (i+ure that
there &i)) pro$a$)' $e a (e& tre(ot &ith &hat the' are shechti+ a! the the' thro& a&a'
a (e& (or tar(ut. ,( the' )ater (i! a tre(ah, the the' have a)rea!' $ee mevate) some a!
the' !i! ha#aramah.
D) ,( the' a)rea!' cooke! it i their pots a! the' !i!#t have 'e!ea $e(oreha!, &hat
the' ate &as $#sho+e+, $ut shou)! the vesse)s $e kashere! $9c there &as o 'e!eaB
0) R# Sh)omo sa's that he &i)) $e me)ame! :echus o the shochtim &ho take (oo! $e(ore
'e!ea. ,( 'ou have o c)ue, the there is a )ack o( 'e!ea, $ut here the shochtim !i! a
maaseh o( thro&i+ a&a' some pieces i case there shou)! $e some tre(ah, the it is as i&
there 4as 'e$ea. ack of knowledge means you have no clue. 8ere, the' suspect it#))
happe a! the' !o a maaseh $ecause o( it a! there(ore the' have ko&)e!+e.
%here(ore, the pots are#t tre(.
-ekor Chaim- (se(er Lesevot o Pesach)- chamet: is a issur mashehu (a' part) *?
1=SAC3, $ut i( it &as mi*e! $9( Pesach the it is cosi!ere! $ate).
What happes i( 'ou !i!#t have a 'e!eas ta#aroves uti) Pesach a)rea!' $e+aB
8e has a sa(ek a$out this.
?ikkar 3a+ssur
Shiur "9 Sept 1F- (W) Packet "
?ikkar 3a+ssur- ,( 'ou have a vat o( meat a! 'ou ca reco+i:e the tre( meat, there is
o $itu) ha-issur. %his is a !i !eoritta accor!i+ to R# Simo.
;hat i& 'ou have the means to e%tract the issur" are 'ou obli(ate$ to make it nikkar
or is it mutar9
Ramah (97,F) (p>)- i( che)ev (issur karet) (e)) ito a !ish o( C0/ %he Ramah sa's 'ou
must a!! co)! &ater to chi)) the !ish a! +et the che)ev out &he it co+ea)s a! 4it is as
i& 'ou see it.5 ;,( it is#t 1/C0 the the a$i)it' to take it out !oes#t he)p $9c the meat is
a)rea!' tre( a! the taam e*te!s throu+hout.=
+s the re@uirement a chiuv $eoritta, $erabanan or chumrah b’alma9
Ramah Auotes -or$echai i the ame o( the Rokeach- (p1)- i( che)ev (e)) ito a pot
the pour i co)! &ater a! remove the che)ev.
(,( 'ou ca#t (i! the Rokeach, +o to the Se(er 8a0ssu(ot, the ta)mi! o( the Rokeach).
Se&er 3aAssu&ot- there are 4ashe ma#aseh5 &ho &i)) pour i co)! &ater a! +et it out.
%his is !e(iite)' ot a chiuv@
+ssur 5’heter-(p") Auotes the Raava a! sa's that it is a 4mit#vah5 to pour i co)!
&ater, $ut ot a chiuv.
;%his e((ects the $u+s i the LY6 &ater &hich ca $e remove! &ith a (i)ter.=
Li@ui$s an$ removin( issur
Bach- (97,F) (pF)- sa's that this ca he)p the mi*ture even 4hen there is ?*T 1A>2.
Shach- (97,1C) asks ho& the remova) o( the che)ev ca he)p the ratio +et to 1/C0 a! he
Rav -oshe sa's that $' )ach, the %aam a! -amashut are the same. Whatever )iAui! (ie
che)ev) 'ou take out o( the pot, &e assume 'ou have take out that amout o( taam as
+mrei Baruch7 A,3ashulchan- (p7)- +eera))' &e are machmir, $ut $' li@ui$s/ the
taam an$ the mamushut are the same thin( a! there(ore shou)! 'ou $e a$)e to +et out
the actua) )iAui! the 'ou are a)so +etti+ the taam as &e)) a! the the shiur o( 1/C0 is
)ess. %here(ore he ho)!s that eve )ess tha C0 is eou+h (or $itu).
R’ Bimmerman Auotes Tos&ot Cha$ashim &ho uses a -isha i 3r)ah to prove that i(
'ou ca e*tract a issur (eve i( 'ou ca#t see it) tha it#s $ate).
.eoritta or .erabanan
+) 1lesi-(p11) 3e&se$- i( the &ater &i)) rui the (oo! the &e !o#t app)' this ha)acha. ,(
'ou ca +et ri! o( it the 'ou shou)! ()ike a DS15-).
Baa$ei 3aShulchan- i( it is a !i !eoritta the 'ou must pour i the &ater, $ut i( it &i))
$e ruie! the 'ou !o#t have to. %his seems to $e a $in $erabanan.
++) Cileon -aharsha- (p>)- ikkar is a !i !eoritta.
Ran- (p9) proo( to G- (rom Sukkah/ i( 'ou are $ui)!i+ the sukkah u!er a tree the 'ou
ca $e! the tree oto the sukkah top a! mi* the tree $raches &ith other $raches a!
$e me$ate) the tree $raches.
D) ,t is ikkar ha-issur a! this is a !i !eoritta that it is ot $ate)@@
Ran sa's that this is#t a rea) $itu), $ut it is a special din by schach $9c 'ou o)' ee!
>0M kasher schach to $a! schach. %his has othi+ to !o &ith the +eera) $itu) o( the rest
o( the %orah ;&here there is a !i o( ikkar= $9c here is ikar ha-issur. %he Ra#s Auestio
is $' a !i !eoritta a! he (ee)s that ikkar &ou)! $e a pro$)em.
Ta# is a+r' at the L’vush- 1#vush aske! a Auestio a$out the !i $itu) i sukkah a! he
sai! that ikar is o)' assur m’$erabanan. %he %a: sai! that this is ot &orth' o( $ei+
&ritte and it is definetly deoritta.
0vichai/ %he mach)okes ca $e &hat the )eve) o( 4ikkar5 is ee!e! to create a chiuv to
remove the issur o a !eoritta )eve).
.SL- b' utensils
!"# $f the cleaning lady took a tref spoon and put it back into the regular spoons
+) 3e&se$ removes kelim &rom .SL- status
Rashba- .ais 8a<at:ar (p12-") this is Y.Y a! cha! $-trei, so it#s $ate) $#rov.
.K%, this is a .SL- $9c 'ou ca kasher the spoos@
8e sa's that anything you have to pay money for or have a hefsed it is#t a DS1-, $9c a
DS15- is somethi+ that 'ou !o#t pa' a'thi+ to (iish a! perhaps 'ou !o#t ee! to
!o the ha+a)ah $9c o( the issur ikar either (P)esi a$ove).
S,A- (102,")- Auotes the Rash$a.
Ra’ah- .e!ek 8a$ais- (p1")- ;ar(ues 4ith Rashba8) ,( a tre( spoo +ets mi*e! i to
other spoos (eve i( it#s ot a DS1-) it is cosi!ere! 4ikkar ha#issur5 $9c ha+a)ah ca
remove the issur a! there(ore this is a $eoritta @uestion b7c 4'ou ca take the issur out
$' kasheri+ ever' oe o( the spoos.5
Boa#- Auotes the misha i -ei)ah (C,C) that i( 'ou have a pi++'$ak a! oe Auarter
that ha! ke!usha (e)) ito the other Auarters a! the someoe spet the (irst Auarter,
R50k sa's that 'ou are -aa).
D) 0(ter the (irst coi &as spet, there shou)! $e a $itu) cha! $#trei a! the cois shou)!
$e $ate) !eoritta@ .96/
1) 8ek!esh is a DS15- ($ei+ po!eh)- $ut here it is a !eoritta !i a! DS1- is#t a
issur !eoritta
2) %he coi ca $e !avar chashuv- that is a)so ot a !eoritta
01) .oa: sa's the )ack o( $itu) must $e onl' m’$erabanan or e)se he ca#t u!ersta! it.
A2) Tose&ot Cha$ashim- it#s possi$)e that this misha is )ike R5Y a$out mi $#mio.
Pro$)em/ the Ram$am Auotes this -isha a! he !oes#t ho)! )ike R5Y.
0") 3ver here 'ou ca $e po!eh and can e%tract it even though it’s not visible@ %his
pshat i the misha is like the Ra’ah that removin( an issur nikkar is a $eoritta $in0
Pro$)em/ &e ho)! )ike the Rash$a.
.arkei Teshuva (p17) ;more machmir= eve i( there#s %ircha Ge!o)ah tha 'ou sti)) ee!
to take out the issur.
++) 3e&se$ muat is .SL-
-aharil Shut (i Shach) ar+ues &ith Rash$a a! sa's a he(se! muat is sti)) a DS15-.
8e a)so sa's that this case +S a .SL- m’$eoritta, $9c 4aitin( 2! hours also creates
bitul automaticall', a! 'ou the come to a Auestio o)' m#!era$aa.
R’ Solevechik- &ate! to sa' that to!a' &here there is )itt)e e((ort to +et &ater perhaps
kasheri+ is a DS15-. ;R# Simo sai! that the Rav &as mistake a$out his (acts
coceri+ that time perio! a! the )eve) o( e((ort.=
+++) The heter must come m’meila
Shach- (102,7) Auotes the -aharsha)- sa's that this case is L3% a DS1- case a'&a'
$9c DS1- must come m’meila a! $' ha+a)ah 'ou ee! to !o a actio. , this case
&here the he(se! is sma)) a perso must !o ha+a)ah $9c o( ikkar.
+5) Thro4 out a kli
Bach- thro4s out one kli ()ike -aharam), $ut &e !o#t sa' 'ou have to thro& out a k)i.

Taam <’+kkar (1)
Shiur F9 Sept 19- (-) Packet F
Taam <’ikkar- 1) meat cooke! &ith ve+eta$)es a! the remove! 3R 2) &he the
meat$a)) is ot $#ei a! is is$ate) $#rov, $ut sti)) ee!s C0 $9c o( taam k#ikkar.
+A -ishras
Bami$bar (>, 1"3) (p1-2)- a La:ir ca#t have +rape pro!ucts or 4mishras aavim.5
Rashi- 4-ishras5 meas- a'thi+ that +rapes are soake! i (or a certai amout o( time
$9c o( the +rape taste i the &ater.
1esachim !3b"!!a (p") -ishras- is oe o( the sources o( taam k#ikkar $9c 'ou are#t
cosumi+ the actua) +rape, o)' the taam o( the +rape. %his is cosi!ere! as i( 'ou are
eati+ the actua) issur. %he +emara sa's that this !i is ot o)' $' a:ir, $ut is app)ie! to
a)) issurim (rom a ka) v#chomer &ith ur)ah a! ke)aim ($9c 'ou cou)!#ve sai! that mishras
is o)' app)ie! to a:ir &here mishras is assur $9c o( +rapes, a specia) !i $' a:ir).
F"$- some sa' mishras is L3% use! to )ear the !i o( taam k#ikkar, $ut heter mit#tare&
l’issur ('ou o)' +et makkos i( 'ou eat a k#:ais o( issur, $ut i( 'ou eat ha)( k#:ais issur
p)us ha)( k#:ais o( kosher (oo!, the heter (oo! coects &ith the issur to make the eater
o$)i+ate! to )ashesN a! &e !o#t ho)! this &a'.) %his is )eare! (rom mishras &here the
$rea! is !ippe! ito thick &ie a! $9t the &ie a! the $rea! 'ou ha! a k#:ais.
++A Basar B’chalav
FF$- (p>) %hose opiios ()ike R50k) that )ear heter hamit:tare( (rom mishras, have to
)ear %<, (rom a !i((eret p)ace, perhaps this is (rom basar b’chalav. %he mi)k +oes
isi!e the meat a! is ot $#ei so it assume! %<, or e)se there &ou)! $e o !i o( .5..
Duestion/ Wh' !i!#t the chachamim )ear out taam k#ikkar (rom mishras a! ot $5$B
Ans4er/ .9c .5. is a chi!!ush that t&o kosher i+re!iets cause tre( a! perhaps 'ou
ca#t )ear to the rest o( the %orah.
Duestion/ .' <e)aim &e have the same chi!!ush a! &e teach (rom it. ;%ose(os 05E=
Ans4er/ .5.- 'ou ee! mi)k i the meat o)' &he there is !erech $ishu). %his is L3%
2ust a !i i taam, $ut o)' taam $' $ishu).
.5. is the a chi!!ush a! taam k#ikkar ca#t $e prohi$ite! (rom this.
DuestionA %here(ore, R50k ca#t )ear (rom mishras or .5., so ho& !oes he )ear that
taam k#ikkar is assur m#!eorittaB
+++A Ciuli -i$ian
Rel'/ R50k &i)) )ear (rom the 4(iuli mi$ian5- hechsher ka)im sho&s that the taam i
the pot &i)) $e m#assur ka)im9(oo!.
So &h' !o#t others )ear (rom +iu)i mi!iaB
Ans4er/ %aam must a!! a positive taste to the (oo! a! ot a taam pa+um a! a(ter 2F
hours the taam is ot +oo!. Ove &9i 2F hours there is some pa+um a! sti)) the %orah
&as m#assur, so perhaps &e ca#t e*te! this issur to other !iim.
R50- sa's it is#t pa+um
+5A Chatas
5a'ikra (>,11)E 4ko) asher 'i+ah $uhem 'ik!ash5- this o)' app)ies &he there is a heat
e)emet. %he taam i& the korban +oes ito the other (oo! a! 'ou must !o to the other
(oo! item &hatever the !i o( the kor$a !oes.
Eevachim 97$- (p7)- Auotes this pasuk. %he taam +ives it status.
5A B’roah B’shela
Bami$bar (>,13"22) (p9-10) #roah b’shela/ the kohe +ets the :#roah a! the a:ir +ets
the rest.
Chullin FGa" the :#roah +oes to the kohe, $ut (irst 'ou cook it &ith the rest o( the ram
a! the the taam &i)) +o ito the (oo! o( the a:ir. %he +emara )ears that the taam is ot
tre( $9c the taam is $ate) i the vo)ume o( the rest o( the ram, 1A>2 or 1/100.
=%amle/ i( Kr)ah (ora+e 2uice) (a))s ito &ater- &e have a rov, $ut taam k#ikkar sa's
that &e sti)) &i)) taste the ur)ah i the mi*ture. We sa' that uti) there is C0 times the
issur, &e assume that 'ou &i)) taste the taam eve &ith the $itu) rov.
Chullin 97$- $oth $itu) C0 a! 100 are (rom :roah $#shae)a.
Tose&os- sa's that z’roah b’shela and the din of 60 is a kabalah and Z” is only an
ashma!hta. %he chachamim ha! a mesorah that most (oo!s )ose there taste i C0.
+s taam k’ikkar a $erabanan or a $’eoritta9
Rashi- taam k’ikkar is a $erabanan/ $' ku!shim (Rava) taam is assur eve 1000/1
m#!eoritta, $ut $' chu))i a! :#roah it is C0/1 m#!era$aa. Rashi sa's that a)) the
sources o( taam k#ikkar are o)' a asmachta. "ou are only liable for the deoritta if you
eat the real thing and not the taam.
&' is also mederabanan- $9c the taam is o)' !era$aa $' eve mi $#sheao mio. %he
!eorittas are $' a:ir a! ku!shim. (,t is possi$)e that C0 is !eoritta.)
Shitah -ekubet#es- sa's that Rashi !oes#t ho)! that the shiur C0 is !eoritta.
Ra$$i -a'$ruch- &ate! to sa' that Rashi cou)! sa' that C0 is a !eoritta accor!i+ to
Rashi $9c Rashi !oes#t use C0 as a shiur o( taam, $ut o( a separate shiur o( $itu), so %<,
ca $e a !era$aa a! C0 ca $e a !eoritta.
.=*R+TTA shitahs that are m’chalek/
Rosh (p1"-F) Auotes ma' shittos &ho sa' taam k#ikkar is !eoritta )ike R,T.
La(ka -ia $9t Rashi a! R5% a! his co))ea+ues- i Rashba %oras 8a.ais (p1>)- i( , am
+oi+ to measure a pot a! , +o to measure it a! it spi))s. %he Auestio is &hether C0 is a
!eoritta or a !#ra$aa. ,( there is a sa(ek C0, this mach)okes is crucia).
.archei -oshe- Auotes/
Se&er Terumah- We are ohe+ )ike R5%.
Ra’aviah- sa's that &e ho)! )ike Rashi.
0! &e ho)! )ike R5%.
S,A (97,2)- sa's that taam k#ikkar is a !i !eoritta a! the C0 is !eoritta a! sa(ek C0 is
!eoritta )echumrah.
Chicken an$ -ilk ?ishaech
Ramah %oras 6hatas (Auoti+ (rom +ssur 5’heter" Ra’ah)- chicke a! mi)k mi*e! a!
ishpach/ &e have a sa(ek a$out C0. ,t &ou)! seem to $e a !era$aa a! shou)! $e
)#ku)ah, $ut the Ra#ah sa's shou)! $e treate! as a !eoritta.
Shach - sa's that the &ho)e issur is o)' a !era$aa ho& ca &e sa' that &e shou)! $e
machmir a! treat it )ike a !eoritta. Shach sa's that i the +ssur 5’heter he sa's that
chicke is rea))' a !eoritta a! there(ore chicke is a sa(ek !eoritta (a! that is &hat the
Ra#ah must ho)!).
Ta#- (97,C) (p22)- Auotes the Ramah a! sa's that he &o#t thro& a&a' this shittah. 8e
sa's that the chachamim &ere +ivi+ chi:uk to their &or!s, &here i ma' areas the
chachamim +ave ma' e*tra chumros to chicke as i( it &as a !eoritta.
Ba$ei 3aShulchan- ho)!s )ike the Shach, $ut is 'ou &at to $e machmir )ike the %a:
the 'ou ca (tuvoh a)av $racha).
.aas Shotim
S,A (97,")- &hat i( 'ou the mi*ture spi))s a! 'ou !o#t ko& ho& to measure, that is
ot permitte! to $e a sa(ek C0 a! &e are machmir.
Ta# (97,C) ca))s this a 4!aas shotim5 (rom the -or!echai.
Rashi v) R,T l’ma’aseh
A&ikei /am- (p2") Auotes the Rosh (Yomah)- a cho)eh s$5sakaah o Sha$$as &ho ee!s
to eat meat a! either 1) shecht the aima) outsi!e or 2) ask the +eti)e e*t !oor (or tre(
-ost Rishoim sa' that 'ou shecht (or him $9c 1) issurim are hutar o sha$$as (or the
cho)eh a! 2) eve)ah is ma' issurim.
What a$out Sha$$as vs. tre( or kosher 6hicke soupB 8ere the Auestio is here it is o)'
taam &hich is a !#ra$aa accor!i+ to Rashi, so he re)ie! upo Rashi.
D) .ut !o#t &e ho)! that taam k#ikkar is a !eorittaB so he &et to R’ Simcha Beli(. R’
Cha'im Solovechik sai! that it &as muttar, $ut R# Simcha Ee)i+ remem$ere! the
teshuvah o( the Civos *’lom that &e !o#t ho)! )ike R5% )#ku))ah. ,( Rashi is the more
machmir opiio the &e shou)! ho)! )ike Rashi.
This ’sak is not a va$ai like R,T, but merel' l’chumrah, so on Shabbas 4here R,T
4oul$ be a kulah 4e have to be somech on Rashi)
1ri -i(a$im (p2F)- sa's that &e paski )ike R5% i vadaos, &e &i)) eve use it )#ku)ah.
1ri -i(a$im (p2C) i Shaar %a#aruvos- asks the Auestio a$out &hether it is )echumrah
a! perhaps this is &hat the Rash$a is sa'i+.
.arkei -oshe- the miha+ is )ike R5% ()#chumrah).
;e (enerall' hol$ like R,T even l’kullah)
Taam <’+kkar (2)
Shiur >9 Sept 22- (W) Packet >
Avo$ah Bara (C7a)- k’#ais b’che$ei achilas ras- ()ike mat:oh o pesach)
Pras- is a prusa, a ha)( o( a )oa( o( $rea!. 0 )oa( ca $e C or 7 e++s, so a pras is "
(Ram$am) or F e++s. ;2k:aisP1e++= %his meas o Pesach to $e 'o:eh the mit:vah o(
mat:oh, oe &ou)! ee! to eat oe k#:ais i the amout o( time that a perso ca eat "
e++s &orth.
%he Gemara &i)) sa' i a!!itio to 1/2 (Rov) a! 1/C0 (Shishim), there is a)so a mi!!)e
cate+or'9shiur o( 1/1-C is <.0P a! 1/7->9 is L3% <.0P. , ever' "9F e++s &orth
'ou#)) +et a k:ais o( che)ev.
Avo$ah Barah (C7a-$) sa's i( it is <.0P a! 'ou eat the taaroves it is ca))e! 4taam
umamasho5 a! 'ou +et ma)kut. Greater tha that, it is assur $ut 'ou !o L3% +et
ma)kut. What !oes this meaB
;0vichai/ Where is the !eoritta source (or k$apB Does ever'oe ho)! o( itB
<.0P is a 81- (ha)acha )#moshe) that teaches that a'thi+ eate &9i the time
reAuire! to eat a pras is cosi!ere! as havi+ $ee eate as oe act o( eati+. Over'oe
ho)!s o( it.=
%hree shiurim o( $itu) o( taaroves/
1) 1/2- rov
2) 2-C is a)so a shiur o( $itu), <.0P.
") C0
%here is a !i((eret ha)acha !epe!i+ o the cate+or' that 'ou are i.
1) Rambam- -aacha)os 0suros (1>, 1-C) (p7)-
a) 1/2- $itu) rov $' a)) cases e*cept 151 -.S5-.
$) 1/C- $' L,L -BS,- the 4rov5 is C or e)se the mi*ture is ot $ate) (m’$eoritta) a! i(
a perso eats a 4hole ras then he (ets malkos. (%his ca $e a issur $#ai or %<,).
c) 1/C0- up to C0 (rom C is a issur $erabanan a! 'ou ca#t +et ma)kos.
%he Cemara i Avo$ah Barah meas that i( 'ou eat the shiur tha 'ou +et ma)kut $ut i
the seco! case 'ou !o ot eat the shiur so 'ou !o#t +et ma)kut.
2) R’ Chaim <ohen i Rosh 6hu))i (Perek 7) (p11)-
%here are " cate+ories, $ut a)) are !eoritta uti) C0 a! a' sa(ek is a sa(ek !eoritta.
a) 1/2- -i $#mio cha! $#trei &orks, $ut ot $' -.S5- 1.51.
$) 1/C- i( the issur#s !esit' is up to 1/C all 'ou nee$ to eat is one k’#ais to (et malkos
$' m$s5m )$5) $9c it is so !ese)' assur a! there(ore the heter is :nishaech l’issur,
(vs. Ram$am &ho sa's that 'ou must eat the &ho)e pras).
c) 1/C0- is a $eoritta, $ut the heter is#t ishapech there(ore there is o ma)kos (vs.
Ram$am- o)' !era$aa).
, the (irst case i 05E 'ou ate a ke:a'it o( %aarovet &hich &as <.0P $ut i the seco!
case it &as L3% <.0P. , that case it is assur $ut 'ou !o#t +et ma)kut.
3) R’ Taam i Rosh (p11)- %<, is !eoritta a! a)) cases are heter ishapech )#issur.
a) 1/2- -i $#mio cha! $#trei &orks.
$) 1/C- see 1/C0
c) 1/C0- m$s5m )$5)/ eve at this sta+e heter is nishapech l’hios issur a! ot o)' 4ot
$ate)0, %here(ore, if one eats one k’(ais they get malkos at any #oint a! it is a)&a's a
sa(ek $eoritta. (R# 6haim sai! that 'ou must eat a k:ais at )ess tha 1/C.)
05E is !iscussi+ mb,m b’ain (so there is o $itu)) a! 'ou must eat a k:ais to +et
ma)kos or e)se 'ou !i!#t eat eou+h issur to +et ma)kos. %his +emara has othi+ to !o
&ith %<, $9c it is a case o( m$5m.
R5% sa's that 05E is ta)ki+ a$out mi $#mio i a case &here tre( meat mi*es &ith the
other meat, $ut 'ou see the tre( meat a! there is o !i $itu).
R# Yochaa is sa'i+ that 'ou must eat a k#:ais to +et ma)kos. ,( 'ou eat the mi*ture $'
scoopi+ out a! eati+ the ta#aroves 'ou &o#t +et a )ot o( the issur (2e))'$eas) a!
there(ore 'ou &o#t $e a$)e to eat a k#:ais o( the issur i k#!ai achi)as pras. %his +emara
has othi+ to !o &ith taam k#ikkar a! it is mi $#mio.
;0vichai/ Wh' o)' a k:ais a! ot the &ho)e prasB .9c the heter is ishapech.=
!) Rashi- 'ou o)' ee! a rov m#!eoritta a! the rest is a asmachta (%<, is a !era$aa)
a! there(ore he#)) )ear 05E as a case o( $#ai. %he Auestio is &hether 'ou ca eat the
reAuisite amout o( issur i the time reAuire! to create a chiuv ma)kos.
The Rambam’s $erabanan is >">2 an$ Rashi’s is &rom 2">2) 8e &i)) )ear the Gemara
0vo!ah Earah simi)ar to R# %am.
H) Tose&os (p")- Auotes R’ /ose& -’*rlians- rea))' !eoritta 2/1 is $ate). %<, is assur
(rom +i)u' mi!'a (4taaveru $u#aish5), so i( 'ou eat the taaroves the 'ou are o’ver on
an assa' an$ 'ou 4ill ?=5=R (et malkos b7c it is an issur asse'.
R,T- ar+ues &ith the R# Yose( $9c/ the assa' is sa'i+, i( 'ou !e)ete Irov# $ase! upo
taam the 'ou have a issur o( eve)ah.
1ike pisulei mikdashim- see %ose(os 6hu))i. %his is a case o( a 1) ru)e (ive)ah), 2) the
there is a e*ceptio (rov), ") a! the there is a e*ceptio to the e*ceptio (+iu)i
mi!ia), so !o &e +o $ack to the ori+ia) ru)e or !o &e 2ust have the assa' o( the ")
e*ceptio to the e*ceptio.
;%he aima) &as suppose! to $e $rou+ht as a kor$a a! it has the !iim o( a kor$a, the
aima) +ot a mum a! cou)!#t $e use! (or a kor$a a'more, the the posuk sa's that
'ou ca 4eat it.5 , this case the ori+ia) issur o( +i:ah a! avo!ah sti)) app)' eve thou+h
4ti:$ach5 !oes#t app)' a'more. %his is a case o( a )av &ith a heter a! the the ori+ia)
)av sti)) sta's a! 'ou ca +et ma)kos (or that.=
Baal 3a-aor (p27)- the +emara i Pesachim (FF$) sa's that &e )ear %<, !eoritta to ko)
ha%orah (rom a ka) v#chomer (rom a:ir, i( a:ir that has a issur that is ot a issur o)am
or a issur haa#ah that it has %<,, the a)) the rest o( the issurim &hich are )#o)am &ou)!
a)so have the !i o( %<,.
.K%, 'ou ca#t +et ma)kos (rom a ka) v#chomer, 4ei oshim,5 there(ore 'ou ca#t +et
ma)kos (or %<,.
Rashba- has a !i((eret &a' to u!ersta! this.
Rashi is Rambam
Beis /ose& (97) (pF)- c)aims that Rashi a! the Ram$am are the same. %his meas that
Rashi &ou)! a)so sa' )$5) m$s5m is a issur !eoritta up to <.0P.
-inchas <ohen (p>)- Auotes .5Y a! ar+ue! )ike &e ori+ia))' sai!. Rashi &ou)! ho)!
that eve 15.1 -.S5- $' $#ai it is $ate) $rov.
Rabbenu Taam is R’ Chaim <ohen
Tur (97) (p12)- Auotes the shittah o( R# 6haim <ohe a! sa's that Ra$$eu %aam sai!
this shittah, that i( 'ou have 1/C the 'ou +et ma)kos.
B,/- asks &h' he Auotes R# 6haim <ohe, a! sa's that the' rea))' a+ree that R5%
4oul$ onl' sa' nishaech u to <BA1 a! ot )ike the Rosh sa's.
-inchas <ohen (p1F-1>)- cha))e+es this .5Y $9c R5% sa's nishaech eve &ith
+reater that 1/C.
5ilna Coan- (p17) ca))s the %ur a taus so(er.
Chat#i Bais
3eter mit#tare& l’issur/ i( a perso eats a ha)( k#:ais he is ot +ive ma)kos. ,( this (e))
ito a taaroves &9o C0 times its status, !oes the ha)( k#:ais make the rest o( the k#:ais
assur acc. to R5%B
Accor$in( to R,T 4ho hol$s that heter is nishaech l’issur even u to >2A1, is there
a svara to sa' that the heter is onl' nishaech i& there is 1 k’#ais o& issur, or 4ill it
even be nishaech b' I #ais9
R,T &ou)! sa' that the hal& k’#ais can (enerate an issur i the rest o( the mi*ture $9c
&hat is the !i((erece $9t eati+ oe k#:ais stam or $ase! upo heter ishapech.
Chullin (97a) (p17)- a Q :ais o( &at (e)) ito a taaroves o& meat, 'ou &i)) o)' ee! "0
ha)( :aisim to $e m#$ate) it. 8is (ather as&ere! him a! sai!/ 1) that is :i):u) shiurim
!era$aa a! 2) chat:i shiurim are !eoritta.
Cha#on +sh (p19) - ho& ca the +emara ca)) the issur a chat:i shiur i( R5% &ou)! sa' it is
ishapech $9c the there &ou)! $e a shiur sha)em@@ %he (act that the +emara ca))s the Q
:ais a chat:i shiur even thou(h it 4as in a taaroves, meas that it !oes L3% create a
shiur :ais (rom ishapech ;there(ore there is o heter mit:tare( )#issur=.
%here(ore, the 65, sa's that o Risho ho)!s o( esapech o( a Q :ais up to C0, there(ore
R5% ca#t sa' this (rom the +emara o( 6hu))i.
J3e sa's that R,T $oesn’t hol$ o& nishaech l’heter u to >2 an$ R,T is reall' R’
Chaim <) like B,/ sai$)K
1esachim (FF$) (p20)- $ri+s a mach)okes $9t the 6hachamim a! R50 i a case &here
kosher $rea! is !ippe! i thick &ie &here some o( the chat:i shiur o( &ie remais $ai
o top o( the $rea!. R50 sa's that heter is mit:tare( )#issur eve i this case.
Rashi- sa's that i( the &ie &ou)!#ve seepe! ito the $rea! the a)) &ou)! a+ree that the
!i o( heter mit:tare( &ou)! app)', $9c %<, is a !eoritta $' a:ir.
R’ Akiva =i(er (p21)- asks the same Auestio that the 65, aske! o Rashi, that it seems
(rom the Gemara 6hu))i that 'ou ca L3% sa' heter ishapech )#issur $' a Q shiur.
0s&er (or R5%
Chelev an$ Chuluv (milk) an$ meat" mb,m or mbs,m9
5ilna Coan sa's that the che)ev a! the meat are ca))e! -.5-.
Ran (p2")- sa's that che)ev is -.5- &ith $asar.
R5% is ta)ki+ a$out min b’sheano mino@@, there(ore 1) R5% sa's that heter is ishapech
i a case o( m$s5m a! chat:i shiur a! 2) the +emara i 6hu))i is !iscussi+ a case o(
m$5m $ecause it is a$out Q :ais o( che)ev (a))i+ ito $asar.
D2 on R,T) Chullin (107)- Q mi)k a! Q meat is ca))e! chat:i shiur, there(ore there
ca#t $e a shiur o( ishapech ($9c a 4chat:i shiur5 is ot ishapech).
This case too 4oul$ be a stirah to R,T 4ho hol$s chat#i shiur is nishaech)
?achalas /ehoshua- (p22) (97) a! Auotes the Ra &ho#)) sa' mi)k9meat is ca))e!
-.5-. %here(ore, $9c R# %am is ta)ki+ a$out -.5S- a! the Gemara i 6hu))i is
ta)ki+ a$out -.5- a! &e ca save R# %am (Auotes S50).
Like C,+
R’ ;illi(- &ate! to +ive a svara that %<, &ou)! o)' $e sai! $' a shiur k#:ais so ever'
piece eate is a car$o cop' o( that ori+ia) piece. Chat#i shiur can’t e%cee$ its shiur)
Rash (%#vu) Yom)- chat:ei shiur o)' &orks to $e ishapech i( it is 1) $#ai a!
2) achsheva' ('ou (ee) that the piece is chashuv to 'ou), there(ore, perhaps i a taaroves
it &ou)! not be nishaech.
1lesi (p2C)- sa's that the iitia) issur (the Q :ais Auatit') can never be e%ceeded.
Like R,T
R’ Soloveitchik" sai! that the chi!ush o( the %orah is that 'ou have to eat a ke:a'it &ith
taam issur i it even i& it be(an as less than a #ais. %here(ore, it !oes#t matter &hat &e
starte! out &ith ori+ia))'. This is against the )*$++
R’ Simon- the +emara is tr'i+ to u!ersta! ho& much heter is ecessar' to $e m’batel
a Q :ais, C0*. %his !oes#t mea that the hal& #ais can’t be mit#tare& l’heter00 %he
!iscussio o( 4chat:i shiur assur5 is 2ust a a!!itioa) statemet o( the +emara a$out
chat:i shiur a! !oes#t u!ermie the potec' o( chat:i shiur maki+ shiur sha)em.
Therefore, the ,emara does not impose a difficulty on -’ Tam.
1ri -i(a$im (p27)- sa's that chat:ei shiur can cause a 4ishapech )#heter5 a! make it a
shiur sha)em.
R’ Simon- You +et ma)kos &or the taam o& tre& an$ not the tre& itsel&, so &h' shou)! it
matter &hat causes it.
Taam <’+kkar (3)
Shiur C9 Sept 2C- (-) Packet C
1esachim (-isha-">a) (p20)- there are > thi+s that 'ou ca make mat:oh o( a! these
are the > thi+s that ca $ecome chamet:. (%here is a Auestio &hether shi$o)es shuo) is
Rice is ot oe o( the > species a! 'ou !o#t (u)(i)) 'our o$)i+atio e*cept (or R#
Yochaa $e Luri &ho sa's rice ca $ecome chamet:. You ca#t (u)(i)) 'our chiuv
mat:oh e*cept &ith a +rai that 60L $ecome chamet:.
,rerah- the pricip)e that &heat ca make the rice a$)e to $ecome chamet: itse)(.
-ishna Challah (",7) (p1-2)- i( 'ou have a !ou+h &ith &heat a! rice ()our a! 'ou
$ake the mat:oh. ,( most is rice !ou+h, $ut there is sti)) a nesinas taam o( the &heat to
the rice, 'ou ca sti)) $e 'ot:eh the mit:vah o( mat:oh.
D) ;hat is this base$ uon9
+) Taam
Bevachim (77a)- %<, must $e !eoritta (rom mat:oh a! there(ore a' (oo! that has the
taam o( the ikkar (&heat) is su((iciet to make a !i mat:oh as &e)).
D) 3 a' shitos that sa' %<, is !era$aa (Rashi9Ram$am)B
0) %he misha must $e sa'i+ that 'ou achieve the )eve) ecessar' to $e 'ot:eh mat:oh
&9 o)' taam o( &heat, eve thou+h taam is#t k#ikkar. ,t must $e that ot o)' the actua)
&heat, $ut eve taam o( &heat &ou)! $e eou+h (or mat:oh.(--B--)
++) Crerah
/erushalmi Challah- Perek Risho (p7)- rice ca#t $ecome chamet: (or mat:oh, $ut the
rice, &he it is are $ake! to+ether &9 &heat (&hich ca $ecome chamet:) causes the rice
to be able to become chamet( as well a! the taaroves is there(ore rau' )#chimut:. What
is happei+ is that the &heat is tras(erri+ the rice ito &heat. 8o&ever, i( the &heat is
so sma)) that it#s ot L% (ota' taam) tha it ca#t covert the rice ito &heat.
$f this is true then you don’t have to come to taam k’ikkar deoritta.
D) ;hat is the relationshi o& the Bavli an$ /erushalmi9 A?.77 +s it onl' 4heat or
an' o& the H minei $a(an9
/erushalmi- )ears (rom +rerah, there(ore o)' )imite! com$iatios (usi+ &heat
e*cusive)') &ou)! $e a$)e to cha+e the rice to a chamet: pro!uci+ etit'
Bavli &hich sure)' app)ies &ith a' o( the > miim $9c it is a)) a$out taam.
Rambam (6hamet: K#-at:oh C,>)- Auotes the misha that i& there is taam $a(an in
the taaroves ()ess tha C0/1) 'ou are 'ot#eh. The Rambam hol$s like the /erushalmi
(+rerah) a! reAuires esias taam. %he Ram$am has to ho)! )ike the Yerusha)mi $9c he
!oes#t ho)! o( %<,.
Raava$- ar+ues a! sa's that 'ou are o)' 'ot:eh i( there is <.0P o( &heat/ore:, $ut a
sma))er ratio (1/CR) &ou)! ot $e a$)e to (u)(i)) 'our o$)i+atio. %he Raava! ho)!s o( %<,
(!eoritta), $ut he !oes#t ho)! o( heter is#hapech e*cept $' <.0P there(ore that shiur is
R’ Chaim (8i)chos 6hamet: .#-at:oh)- .av)i a! Yerusha)mi are comp)emeti+ each
other. %<, +ives the taam o( &heat i the rice, $ut it#s sti)) ot 4)echem5 uti) 'ou have
+rerah. 2 !iim- 1) taam p)us a 2) !i )echem $ase! upo +rerah.
6a 'ou make a $racha o( Ia) achi)as mat:oh# o a app)e cooke! &ith mat:oh, there(ore
'ou ee! a !i o( +rerah as &e))@
D) R’ Simon- there is o k:ais o( mat:oh i the app)e, &e assume )#chumrah that the
&ho)e app)e &as (u)) o( the mat:oh, $ut &e !o#t assume that )#ku))ah@
/erushalmi Challah (",>) (p>)- ,( 'ou have a rice a! &heat taaroves, !oes the cha))ah
ee! to have F" e++s &orth o( &heat Ie*c)usive)'# to $e cha'av i cha))ah or !o 'ou o)'
ee! F" e++s a(ter +rerah &ith the rice (ie F2 &heat R 2 rice e++s)B
Ramban (8i)chos 6ha))ah) (p10-1")- !iscusses the -isha i 6ha))ah a! sa's that 'ou
ee! $oth to+ether.
1) %<, sa's that the &heat is ot $ate) $ut 'ou !o#t have mat:oh &ith it.
2) 3ce the &heat is ot $ate) (&hatever that shiur is 1/C or 1/C0) %80L 'ou have the !i
o( +erara.
, +erara, the rice ca ot e*cee! the ori+ia) amout o( &heat i the taaroves. You
there(ore ee! a shiur o( F" e++s o( &heat to $e micha'ev the rice.
R’ Shimon o the Ram$a- You ca#t e*cee! the shiur o( the &heat (ie i( the shiur ca#t
$e micha'ev the the taaroves &ith the &heat ca#t $e 'ot:eh i mat:oh). W9o a shiur o(
chiuv cha))ah it &o#t he)p to micha'ev the rice.
Seci&ic or abstract chamet# @ualit'
%here are > t'pes o( !a+a/ is their a$i)it' to $ecome chamet: $9c the' ca potetia))'
$ecome chamet: or are the' o)' a$)e to $ecome chamet: i( the taaroves ic)u!es the >
t'pes o( !a+a p)us &aterB Does this particu)ar !ou+h ee! to $e a$)e to $e chamet: or
o)' that the !ou+h i a$stract ca $ecome chamet: shou)! &e have 80D &ater i %8,S
;hat is the $in about usin( mei eros &or mat#oh9
Some sa' that it $ecomes chamet: too (ast a! 'ou &o#t $e a$)e to stop it (rom
$ecomi+ chamet:.
1esachim ("Ca) (p21)- asks &hat i( 'ou have (ruit 2uice 0LD &aterB ,t sa's ot to use
mat:oh ma!e &ith hoe' o the (irst i+ht o( pesach.
Ri& (p22-")- it is mista$er )ike R50 that 'ou ca put mei peros &ith &ater.
Baal 3a-oar- sa's that the Ri( is &ro+, there is o proo( (rom !uvsha $9c &ho sa's
that there &as &ater i that taaroves.
Ramban- sa's there ha! to $e &ater there. ,( there is o &ater the it &o#t $e rau'
.ivrei /eche#kel" the mach)okes $9t the .58a- a! Ram$a is &hether the taaroves (o(
&heat) must $e ra'ui )e!a' chimut: (.58a-) or this particu)ar !ou+h must $e a$)e to
$ecome chamet: a! 'ou &ou)! ee! +rerah (Ram$a). 8e Auotes the Rosh.
Rosh- (p19)- e*p)ais the shitah o( the Ram$a usi+ the .av)i a! the Yerusha)mi/
%<, sa's 1/>0 is#t $ate) $9c there is a taam o( &heat, $ut it is like 4heat 47o 4ater. %he
!i o( +rerah is ee!e! $9c it is ot eou+h that it has the taam o( &heat, $9c Ram$a
ho)!s that this seci&ic $ou(h nee$s to have 4ater an$ be able to become chamet#) ,t
is ot eou+h to 2ust have oe o( the miei !a+a &9o &ater. %his is &h' the Ram$a
reAuires the !i o( +rerah.
,( there is a mach)okes $9t the .av)i a! the Yerusha)mi there is a importat L5-/
.av)i- it ca $e thi+s other tha &heat (a! rice), $ut eve oats a! rice, $ut the
Yerusha)mi &ou)! o)' a))o& &heat (a! rice).
Ta’am <’+kkar (!)
Shiur 79 Sept 27- (W) Packet 7
6a 'ou eat tre( meat that (e)) ito a pot o( kosher meat i( it is ishapech (it#s a sa(ek a!
it is sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah $' mi $#mio)B
R’ Shachter Auotes i +kvei 3aT#on(p2)- the Auestio &as that tre( meat &as put ito
the pot o( kosher meat (or a &e!!i+, it &as !ishe! out to the peop)e a! &e !o#t ko&
&hether there is C0. %his )ooks )ike a simp)e Auestio o( -.5- $' ishpach.
R’ Chaim sai! that 'ou have to +o l’chumrah i this case $9c the o-kosher meat &as
ot sa)te!, so ot o)' is it tre(, $ut it a)so has a issur o( $)oo! (a issur kares). %he
$)oo! is mi $#sheao mio &hich is ta#am k#ikkar !eoritta a! 'ou have to +o
)#chumrah. (Yot:eh mi ha#assur (Y-,) is assur m#!eoritta.)
-- .ut, the ha)acha is that $)oo! &hich &as cooke! is o)' m#!era$aa a! there(ore it
shou)! $e a sa(ek C0 m#!era$aa.
-- R# 6haim respo!e! that this $)oo! is (rom a tre( aima) a! the ha)acha is that
a'thi+ that comes (rom a o kosher aima) is a)so tre(. R# 6haim sai! that the $)oo! is
o)' !era$aa $' the $ishu), $ut it is a)so a issur o( tre(ah o it a! there(ore a issur o(
tre(uss remais o the $)oo! a! there(ore it remais a issur !eoritta. %he $)oo! (rom a
tre(ah is o !i((eret (rom mi)k (rom a tre(ah.
Tose&os (Pesachim 22a) (p")- sa's that a aima) that !ies &9o shechita- there is only an
issur of ni$elah on the meat and there is no issur of ne$eilah on the dam.
R# 6haim#s chi!!ush is that Tose&ot case is limite$ to nevala $ecause eva)a happes
a(ter !eath. 3ur case is a tre( case &hich happes 4hen the animal is alive, there(ore the
$)oo! a)so has a issur o( Y-,. 0(ter !eath there is o issur o( Y-,.
1esachim (22a)- 6hi:kiah a! R# 0$ahu- R# 0$ahu sa's ever' time it sa's 4)o tocha)5 it
is a)so a issur o( haa#ah. What a$out ive)ahB
Gi! haashe- sa's 4)o tocha),5 $ut it is muttar (or haa#ah $9c it is (rom a ive)ah a!
nivelah is muttar b’hana’ah.
.)oo!- it uses 4es ha#aret: tishpechu kama'im5- &hich is a passuk that sa's that blood
is like water. .ust as water is muttar b’hanaah so to blood should be muttar.
Tose&os- &h' !o#t &e )ear $)oo! (rom ive)ah i( ivei)ah a)so has is muttar $#haa#ah
(ie &h' (rom &ater)B
0) Srom here it seems that $)oo! is ot a part o( the ive)ah.
Sources &or +ssur /ot#eh
1) Ha'ikra (11,F) a! Devarim (1F,7-7) sa' that the came) (+ama)) is assur.
Bechoros (C$)- &h' !o 'ou ee! 2 times/ 0) oe is came) (rom came) a! oe is came)
(rom a co&. 02) 6hachamim/ oe is to sa' the came) itse)( is assur a! the seco! is (or
the mi)k o( the came).
2) Ha'ikra (11,1>)- 4$as ha#'aaah5 the !au+hter o( the ostrich- &h' the !au+hter o( the
Chullin (CF$)- the 4$as5 is the e++ o( the ostrich eve &he it is e!i$)e a! it !i!#t
$ecome a aima) a! 2ust )ike the ostrich is assur, a)so the e++ is kosher.
") Ha'ikra (11,"1)- 4a#)eh ha#tema'im )uchem5-
Chullin (112$) (p1F)- this comes to a!! the 4t:ir, rotuv, kippah5 o( the tre(( aima) (ie.
the stu(( that oo:es out o( the aima)).
These three 1esukim sho4 us that +ssur /ot#ei is .eora'ta, but all the sukim are
&rom issur asse')
+s it like the ori(inal issur or a searate issur" is there malkos or an issur asseh &or
these $eorittas9
Chullin (CFa)- i( the e++ (orms (rikmah) a em$r'o the 'ou +et ma)kos, i( ot the 'ou
!o#t +et ma)kos.
Tose&os- D) Yo:eh mi assur- &h' !oes it ee! to $e a em$r'o, it is sti)) 'o:eh mi
ha#assur eve i( it !oes#t $ecome a em$r'oB /0rom Tosefos’ 1uestion it seems that the
issur yo(eh seems to be the same as the animal itself and there would be malkos
generally by anything that is yo(eh23
0) %he ha)acha is that a sheret: ca#t $e eate a! it is a)so m#tameh. .' tumah o(
sheret: it ee!s rikmah, there(ore the +emara is sa'i+ here, that this is &h' sheret:
reAuires rikmah to +et ma)kos i this case.
Rambam- sa's that there is ?* -AL<*S on 'o#eh min ha’assur. 8e sa's that
rikmah makes it ito a sheret: o its o& ri+ht so there(ore it +ets ma)kos, $ut +eera))'
'ou !o#t +et ma)kos (rom I'ot:eh.#
Chavos .aas-
D1) Wh' !o 'ou ee! a specia) )imu! o( 4ha-temaim5 to sho& that a 4'o:eh mi haissur5
is assur !eoritta, &h' !o#t &e use %<,B
2) What !o those &ho sa' %<, !era$aa !o &ith these pesukimB Do &e cosi!er them
0) %<, a! 'o:eh mi ha#issur are !i((eret (perhaps some Y-, ca $e &9o taste) a!
there(ore %<, ca#t $e use! to teach me Y-,.
02) Y-, seems to $e &orse that %<,, so the posuk $' Y-, &ou)!#t automatica))'
ic)u!e %<,.
Bechoros (C$)- ho& !o &e ko& that &e ca !rik mi)k +eera))'B 0) -i)k seems to $e
(orme! (rom the $)oo! a! .) it is 4aver mi ha#chai5 $' 'o:ehB
-- Perhaps $9c $asar $#cha)av is assur imp)ies that cha)av is muttar.
-- Lo, perhaps $asar $#cha)av a!!s o the issur haa#ah.
3uman milk
Rambam- huma ()esh/ eati+ the meat o( a perso !oes#t +et ma)kos (rom 4)o tocha),5
$ut &e ko& it (rom 4:oss hacha'ah asher toch)u5 that it is a issur asseh. %his posuk
imp)ies that 'ou ca o)' eat these aima)s a! ot other aima)s (or humas).
-a(i$ -ishna (p17)- perhaps this is &h' 'ou ca have mi)k (rom a &oma, $9c it is ot
a issur )av, $ut o)' a issur asseh. %he issur asseh is o)' o the ()esh a! ot o 'o:eh.
(0v/ %hat &ou)! $e &h' 'ou &ou)!#t ee! a separate posuk to sa' that huma mi)k is
?ot ever'one a(rees to R’ Chaim
R’ Chaim"$' a trei( aima) the $)oo! is a issur 'ot:a', $ut L3% a eva)a.
1ri -i(a$im (p20)- sa's that $ishu) &i)) take o(( the issur o( $)oo!, $ut ot the other
issur that is o the $)oo! ()ike R# 6haim).
Rambam (p17)- i( 'ou cook meat &ith cha)av o( a !ea! aima), 'ou !o#t +et ma)kos $9c
'ou are o)' o#ver i( it is mi)ke! &he it &as a)ive. -i)k that &as i the aima) &he
shechte! is o)' a !era$aa.
1ri -i(a$im (p21) (itro to -e)icha)- eve thou+h the Ram$am paskis that it is ot a
issur !eoritta o( $asar $#cha)av, he sa's that it is ive)ah a! it is a+aist the R# 6haim.
%he Ram$am is o)' sa'i+ that 'ou are patur o the issur o( $asar $#cha)av, $ut 'ou are
sti)) o#ver o eati+ ive)ah. (vs. R# 6haim) 8e &ou)! sa' that eve a ive)ah is assur,
&hi)e the R# 6haim &ou)! sa' that it is mutar.
Bach (p19)- sa's that 'ou !o#t +et ma)kos (rom $asar $#cha)av, $ut (rom ive)ah. (v) R’
?eos /aakov- Auotes the Pri -i+a!im a! sa's that the tre( aima) create! the mi)k a!
that is &h' it is tre(, $ut oce the aima) is !ea! (evei)ah) it ca#t create a issur-
su##orts R’ %haim.
Tose&os ;.eit:ah C$= (p2F)- i( there are e++s i the rooster &hich is a tre(ah, the reaso
that the e++s are assur is $9c the chicke is a tre(ah a! ot $9c o( evei)ah. (R’ Chaim
bases himsel& on this))
R’ Chaim *#er- is a+aist R# 6haim
Shnas on 1esach
?o$eh B’/ehu$a- ha! a Auestio a$out importi+ shapps o Pesach (kosher )#pesach)
&9o chamet:. %he' &ou)! ship it i (rom 0mster!am a! +o'im &ou)! se)) it to the Je&s.
%he +o'im o)' &ate! to put o oe sea) o it istea! o( t&o. ,s a sa(ek o( !eorittaB
-- %he chamet: shapps a! the o-chamet: shapps taste! !i((eret)', so it &ou)! ever
$e rov chamet:, $ut perhaps the' &ou)! put i some chamet: a! ot rov. %here(ore, i(
the issur &as o)' !era$aa the &e ca re)' $#sa(ek o oe sea).
6AvichaiA ;h' isn’t this a case o& -BS,- b7c the shnas taste$ $i&&erentl'98
.' tre( mi)k the poskim &rite that one seal is (oo$ enou(h $9c the tre( mi)k is
$iscernible so the +o'im &o#t mi* a )ot o( it ito the mi*ture. ,( the issue is !era$aa
the oe sea) &ou)! $e (ie.
;0vichai/ 3o4 can 4e tell the $i&&erence b7t the milk (tre&ah an$ re(ular)98
Who sa's it#s a !era$aaB -a'$e it#s -.S5- a! it#s a !eorittaB
0) Possi$i)it' ,/ L5. sa's that mi)k is Y-,. %he o)' chashash o( the mi)k is that the'
put i some tre( mi)k. 3e sea) is ok $ecause the o)' pro$)em &ith tre( mi)k is Y-,
&hich is a !i !eoritta. UPerhaps $' shapps as &e)) it &ou)! $e (ie to o)' have oe
.) Possi$i)it' ,,/ Rambam- sa's there is o ma)kos $' mi)k. %<, !eoritta is o)' sai! $'
maacha)ot asurot i( there is a issur )av. .ut, $' mi)k perhaps 'ou !o#t sa' %<, !eoritta
$9c mi)k is ot a )av, $ut a issur 'o:eh. (%his &ou)! $e $9c a)) the sources o( taam
k#ikkar are $' )aavim.) This is why you can only have one seal 4by an issur yo(eh5.
Conclusion o& Rambam/ %hat is $' mi)k, ho&ever, $' chamet: &e sa' %<, is !eoritta
a! there(ore $' the shapps it is o +oo!@ There&ore, 'ou can’t brin( a roo& to
chamet# &rom milk b7c it is an issur lav an$ not 'o#eh an$ there&ore one seal is not
Chasam So&er (p29)- perhaps there is a issur (or +o'im to eat e++s or mi)k $9c o( aver
mi hachai. Who sa's the heter o( 4ere: :uvas cha)av u#!vash# is (or +o'im a! perhaps
it shou)! $e assur (or themB (%his is the heter (or Je&s) %his &ou)! the $e a 4)i(e
0) Ove thou+h the $e oach !oes#t have the heter, the' a)so !o#t have the issur o(
'o:eh (or a#ver mi hachai.
-- %he 6hasam So(er sa's that 4hatemaim5 &as o)' sai! $' Je&s a! ot $' Go'im, so it
shou)! $e mutar.
-inchat Chinuch sa's that !air' pro!ucts are mutar (or +o'im $ecause there &as ever
a issur.
1lesi (p"2)- sa's that 4hatema'im5 &as o)' &ritte (or Je&s a! ot Go'im.
D) What a$out 0$vaham +ivi+ 4mi)k a! meat5 to the a+e)s a! he +ave them a#ver
mi hachaiB
0) %here(ore it must $e that it is ot a#ver mi hachai a! the' !o#t have the issur o(
Bitul /avesh B’/avesh
Shiur 79 3ct 10- (-) Packet 7
*ne( /om Tov (p1)-
D) ,( 'ou have t:it:is &ith rov $ei+ )#shma a! some are ot )#shma (or " mat:os i (rot
o( 'ou a! oe is#t $ake! )#shma), is oe o( them a sa(ek !eoritta a! assur or is it $ate)B
%his seems to $e a case o( Y.5Y cha! $#trei $ate).
0) .itu) is o)' to take o(( a issur, but bitul can’t be used to give an ob6ect a positive
attribute 4like l’shma5 when that positive attribute is needed.
Raa'ot use$ b' *ne( /om Tov to rove thisA
+) Rov misos b,$
Chullin (11a) (pF)- Tose&os (R,T) aske! a Auestio- there are F misos $5! (a! &e are
assumi+ that ski)ah is the harshest i this case) a! &e have i (rot o( us " ski)ah a! 2
sre(ah peop)e a! &e !o#t ko& &ho is suppose! to +et &hich puishmet.
%o +ive ever'oe ski)ah it#s ot (air to the sre(ah peop)e a! the opposite is#t correct (or
the ski)ah peop)e.
D) Wh' !o#t 'ou (o))o& the rov a! +ive ever'oe ski)ah eve thou+h it is the more
chamur opiioB
0) Whe &e (o))o& rov i !iei e(ashos it is o)' to $e m#cha'ev peop)e i the !eath
pea)t'. We use rov to sa' that the perso he ki))e! &as#t a tre(ah, $ut here &e ko&
a)rea!' he#s cha'av misah there(ore rov ca ot sa' W8,68 mitah he#s cha'av.
%his is a stra+e chi)ukB *ne( /,T sa's that to +ive someoe Sera(a the' must ee! a
positive +mar !i that he#s cha'av sera(a. .itu) $#rov ca#t +ive him that maa)eh &hich
he ever ha!. %here(ore this is a proo( (or *ne( /,T.
=t# =re# (p>-C)- 0LSWOR S3R R5%- &e have a cocept o( rov i the %orah a! ae!im
(&itesses) i the %orah. You ee! ae!im o the maaseh that happee! (the !etai)s), the
rov &i)) te)) me that the perso &ho &as shot &as a rea) $ar ka'amah. .' ski)ah a!
sre(ah- &e are usi+ the rov to !e(ie the maaseh that &as !oe (ie !i! this perso !o
chi)u) sha$$as or $as kohe she:isa) a! that reAuires ae!im. Rov ca o)' $e use! to
!e(ie the (acts that are c)ear
*ne( /om Tov- this i!ivi!ua) ee!s a +mar !i (or sre(ah to +et sre(ah, a! rov !oes#t
+ive him the 4+mar !i5 (or the I&orse puishmet# so the $5! ca o)' +ive the )esser
++) <orban 1esach
1esachim (77$) (p7)- > aima)s &ere $rou+ht as a kor$a pesach a! the ski is
separate! (rom the meat a! the skis are put i oe p)ace a! the aima) meat i aother
p)ace. %he' the (i! a mum o oe o( the skis a! makes it a tre(ah a! &e !o#t ko&
&hich is the tre(ah.
What happes to the > aima)sB You have to $ur them a)) $9c o( sa(ek tre(ah a! sti)) a))
the peop)e are patur (rom pesach shei (i( the pasu) came a(ter the :rekas ha!am $9c at
that poit it &as mutur to eat the aima)).
D) Wh' is#t this cha! $#trei $ate)B
*ne( /om Tov- sa's that this a)so proo( to his shittah. 8ere the $itu) ca#t make
somethi+ a kosher kor$a a! shechte! )#shem kor$a.
(Chavas .a’as (p7) is a)so sesitive to this Auestio).
This ma' be a machlokes b7t Rashi7Tose&os in Bevachim
Bevachim (77a) (p9)- ,( a perso che&s pi++u), tameh a! oser to+ether the he is#t
cha'ev $9c &hi)e 'ou are che&i+ it $ecomes Iaio ikkar# a! &e !o#t ko& &hich
issur is $ate) i the other issur. %he pro$)em &i)) $e that &e ca#t +ive a hasra#ah $9c the
sma))er part (i.e. pi++u)) &i)) take o the Iame# o( the )ar+er issur (ie oser) a! &i)) $e
ca))e! oser (a! 'ou ate a k#:ais ;"9F oser a! W pi++u)), $ut $9c &e !o#t ko& &hich
item &as $ate), &e ca#t $e m#cha'ev at a)).
Rashi e*p)ais this is $ecause &he 'ou are che&i+ the meat, at a' +ive time 'ou
&o#t $e che&i+ eAua) pieces a! oe &i)) $e $ate). You are !e(iet)' eati+ a k:ais o(
o( oe the issurim a! &ou)! $e cha'ev, $ut 'ou !o#t ko& &hich oe 'ou are cha'av.
Tose&ot sa's ho& are 'ou cha'av at a))B Oach piece &i)) )oose its shem issur a! it is
L3% mi:tareph to the other issur.
Rashi a! Tose&ot are ar+ui+ &hether $itu) simp)' takes o(( the issur or ca it actua))'
!o somethi+ positive a! make it ito aother issur.
/B,/ .eoritta an$ .erbanan
Chullin (9C$) (p10)- +i!im are cooke! to+ether &ith other +i!im (i( 'ou reco+i:e it 'ou
must take it out or e)se it is assur).
Chullin (99$-100a) (p11)- &hat a$out rovB .eriah is !i((eret. %he Rishoim sa's (rom
here that a)) 'ou ee! is rov.
Tose&os sa's that rov is a)) 'ou ee! eve m#!era$aa ('$5' m$5m).
Ran (p12)- -.5- Y.5Y o)' reAuires rov eve m#!ra$aa a! the Ra#ava! is &ro+
as the +emara i 6hu))i imp)ies (see .5Y 109,1)
Ra’ava$- sa's that 'ou ee! C0 m#!era$aa eve (or -.5-. Whe the +emara sa's
4$ate) $#rov5 it meas 4C0,5 eve thou+h this is ot the pashut pshat. %he +emara &as#t
!iscussi+ the actua) shiur i this case.
/B,/ -BS,-
Lorma))' it &i)) $e ikkar haissur, $ut this is a case &here it is ot c)ear.
Shach (109,7) (p19)- De(ies possi$)e cases o( '$5' m$s5m-
1) shochet shechte! three aima)s a! oe o( the three ki(es that &ere use! &as pa+um
a! the shochet !oes#t ko& &hich aima) he use! the pa+um ki(e o.
2) Grou! up a! &e ca#t see it
") 1ooks the same a! has a !i((eret taste
Ra’ava$- sa's eve m$5m reAuires C0, sure)' $' this case.
Se&er 3aTrumah- sa's that &e reAuire C0 $9c 'ou ma' come to cook the mi*ture a!
the 'ou#)) have a issur )ach $#)ach.
+ssur 5’heter- is ot happ' &ith the reasoi+ o( the Se(er 8a%rumah. You ca taste
each oe a! taste the !i((erece a! S%,11 ot ko& &hich is assur, so it is )ike ikkar
ha#issur. .ut, &he there is C0 it &ou)! $e too har! to (i! so it#s mutar.
S,A (p19)- $ri+s !o& the .aa) %rumah sa'i+ that it reAuires C0.
/B,/ b' an +ssur .’rabanan
Shaare .ura (p1C)- Stirah i the Shaare Dura $ase! o his 2 commets/
1) $' a issur !era$aa a)) 'ou ee! is 1/1 to $e a$)e to eat it, $ut it shou)! $e +ive to
t&o peop)e.
2) 6ha! .#trei- +ive to t&o peop)e, a Je& a! a Go'.
Shach (109,9) $ri+s !o& the stirah i the Shaare Durah/ 1) 1/1 vs. 1/2 a! 2) 2 Je&s
vs. Je& a! Go'.
1) is !iscussi+ m$5m '$5'
2) is !iscussi+ m$s5m a! &e !o#t &at the Je&s to ko& that there &as a !i((eret
taste a! perhaps the Go' &i)) eat the tre(.
A$$itional on the machlokes Rashba7 Ra’ah
1ri Cha$ash/ 7hat is the din of a tref kli that was placed back into the drawer b/f
Rashba" $ate)
Ra’ah" ot $ate) a! ikar ha#issur
7hat about by a case of basar b’chalav where the meat kli mi%ed into milk utensils8
P56 sa's that there is a chi)uk $9t a tre(( ki(e a! &ith a mi)k ki(e that (e)) ito the meat
kives. %he Rashba &ou)!#t sa' that the ki(e &as $ate) &he it comes to .5.. , this
case it is ikkar ha#issur $9c 'ou are +oi+ to serve stri+ $eas a! the' are +oi+ to
taste )ike mi)k so it is ikkar haissur a! there(ore it is a pro$)em.
You ca o)' $e maki) &he it comes to -.5- a! ot i( the' have !i((eret tastes i
the cut)er'.
Teimas <&eilah
Shiur 99 3ct "1- (-) Packet 9
-’ -osensweig& 'il#ul is defined as assuming that e$eryone is assuming e$eryone else’s
Teimas <&eilah (%<)- the cases &here &e re)' upo a +o'ish che( i a cases o( -.S5-
to !etermie the taste o( the (oo!.
1) ;hat is the $ichotom' b7t T< an$ the shiur o& >2 4hich 4e have assume$ as
the stan$ar$ o& bitul, ho4 $o the' 4ork to(ether9
1ri -i(a$im (Si&si .aas) (P20)- sa's that there are F shitos that e*p)ai the !ichotom'/
0) Rashi (6hu))i 97a) (P2)- <(ei)ah is a Ichumrah# that is reAuire! $e'o! the
sta!ar! o( C0. Rashi reAuire! that the issur $e m#$ate) $#shishim a! the a)so
reAuires a k(ei)ah to taste the mi*ture i a' case &here it is possi$)e. (<(ei)ah is
a a!!e! compoet.)
.) Tose&os (6hu))i 97a)- sa's that k(ei)ah ca $e use! as a a!!itioa) aveue to C0,
the Je& ca either use C0 or k(ei)ah.
6) Ramban (P7)- sa's that C0 is +eera))' reAuire!, $ut k(ei)ah is uti)i:e! i a case
&here the piece o( tre( &as remove! (rom the pot a! &e have a sa(ek ho& much
o( the issur actua))' &as sprea! ito the kosher mi*ture &hich is L3% C0 times
the actua) issur. , this case, the Ram$a a))o&s a k(ei)ah to c)ari(' &hether i this
case the taam that &as emitte! &as $ate).
D) Rambam (p>) as e*p)aie! $' the B,/ (pC)- a k(ei)ah is a)&a's use! ()#chumrah
a! )#ku)ah), a! o)' &he a k(ei)ah 60L#% $e use! is C0 use!. %his is &h' the
Ram$am uses o)' the )a+ua+e o( 4ose taam,5 a! ot C0.
1ri -i(a$im sa's that the -echa$er ho)!s )ike the Ram$am.
Ramah- sa's that &e !o not ask +o'im to taste the (oo! to!a' i cases o( ta#aroves.
2) .o 'ou nee$ a che& ($avka) or is an' (o' able to taste the &oo$ an$ hel in the
%here are 2 possi$)e reasos to speci(ica))' reAuire a +o' che( a! ot a re+u)ar +o'/
1) %he che( is )ess )ike)' to )ie a! has more at stake i( he &ou)! )ie
2) %he che(#s pa)ate is &hat &e reAuire a! there(ore o)' a che( &i)) !o.
0) Ra’ah (.e!ek 8a.ais) (p7)- o)' a k(ei)ah ca $e use! eve &9o maisiach )#(i
tumo (m)5t).
Tose&os (!#h samchii)- the che( ca $e $e)ieve! $9c he &i)) (ear his 2o$ i( he )ies
i (oo! matters, 4!#)o merah che:kaso.5 ;8e !oes ot !iscuss a re+u)ar +o'.=
.) Rashba (%oras 8a.ais ;F,1,1Ca=) (p7-9)- S8,%%08 ,/ sa's that a re+u)ar +o' ca
$e use! $' m)5t, $ut a k(ei)ah ca $e to)! &h' he#s $ei+ aske!. ;Go' !oes#t
ee! cu)iar' schoo).=
6) Rashba- S8,%%08 ,,/ Rosh (p")- reAuires a k(e)iah an$ m)5t.
D) Rambam acc. to .5Y- !oes#t reAuire k(ei)ah 3R m)5t (opposite o( Rosh). 0'
+o' ca $e use! a! he ca $e to)! &h' he is $ei+ aske!. ;<(ei)ah meas 4!oi+
a maaseh k(ei)ah.5=
S,A" is )ike Rash$a ,
R’ 1erlman (%orah H#Daas Joura))- re+ar!i+ the &ater issue/ he sa's that taam9visio
o)' reAuire the acuit' o( orma) peop)e a! ot a e*pert. %he Auestio is &hether taam
is the same as si+ht usi+ the Rash$a#s (irst opiio here.
Rabbenu Cershom i Shach (p17)- i( a k(ei)ah is $ei+ use! $9c o( 4!#)o merah,5 the
the Je& shoul$ not be allo4e$ to use m)5t, $9c the che( &i)) have more o( a e*cuse (or
havi+ $ee mistake a$out the e*istece o( the taam issur &he he is $ei+ aske! m)5t
a! ot as 4the che(.5 ;,O Rash$a ,=
%here(ore, a'oe &ho reAuires m)5t an$ k(ei)ah must ho)! that the reaso &e reAuire the
che( is (or his 4taste e*pertise5 a! &e are a(rai! that he is +oi+ to )ie.
RA,=(er" tries to give an e%planation of the -amah usi+ R# Gershom#s pshat/
We +eera))' tr' to $e somech )ike a)) shittos, $ut i these cases o( ta#aroves, usi+
k(ei)ah a! m)5t is a kullah accor!i+ to R# Gershom $9c the &e ca#t ho)! o( 4!#)o
merah.5 %here(ore, the Ramah !oes ot ho)! o( k(ei)ah at a)).
;Perhaps there ca $e 4!#)o merah5 eve $' m)5t $' a k(ei)ah. %his is a)so a chumrah a!
a ku))ah accor!i+ to the Ram$am &ho sa's to use the ke(ei)ah $ei )#ku))ah $ei
") ;h' $o 4e (ive a Co' :ne’emanus, in a case o& testimon' in the area o& issur
v’heter9 ;Bechoros- sa's that a perso &ho is 4chashu!5 i a certai area ca#t
testi(' i that area, so ho& ca a +o' $e use! (or kashrusB=
-enachos !3 (p2") is a source o( che:kato umato. %he Gemara sa's i( 'ou $u' a %a)is
(rom a Je& tha its (ie. ,( 'ou $u' it (rom a Lo-Je& &ho is a tagar/merchat tha it#s
a)so (ie, $ut i( he#s a he!i'ot tha it is assur.
Rashi e*p)ais the ta+er is che:kato umato. 3ur Rishoim take this i!ea to e*p)ai
R’ Cershom e*p)ais this +emara L3% $ase! o che:kato umato $ut rather that a ta+er
is 3< $ecause the )ike)ihoo! is that he $ou+ht it (rom a Je&, &hi)e a re+u)ar +o' cou)!#ve
ma!e the ta)is himse)(.
R’ -oshe- the uma mi+ht L3% $e $e)ieve! $9c o( 4)o merah5 $9c R# -oshe sa's that
some Rishoim !o#t ho)! o( the i!ea o( che:kaso umato or the cocept o( 4)o merah5
(accor!i+ to R# Gershom)@ %here(ore, perhaps the Ram$am mi+ht ot ho)! o( 4)o
merah5 (che:kaso umato) a! there ca $e a pro$)em $' stores that prit their
i+re!iets an$ 4e have no ri(ht to trust them.
Ta( (Siman )0&*il!hos Tzitzis+/ -amah&
R’ Chaim *#er- !ea)t &ith a a+uah &hose hus$a! &et to Ourope a! the Srech
!e(ese a+ec' prite! that he &as !ea! i the +overmet recor!s. R# 6haim sa's that
this is a cha:akah +#murah (rom -eachos a! %ose(os 6hu))i o a !eoritta )eve).
R’ /it#chak =lchanan- a)so use! +overmet recor!s are e#emaus (or a+uos.
/This is like the -a’ah and not -ashba $388
BB,< (p1>)- i( there &as a Auestio a$out &ho o&s $ees, R# Yochaa $e .rokah sa's
that a &oma or a chi)! ca sa' that the $ees came (rom oe (ie)! eve thou+h the' are#t
rea))' eema a$out !iei mamaosB
D) 0re &ome a! chi)!re 4$#ei a!usB5
0) %he a!us that &e are ta)ki+ a$out is &he the &ome9chi)!re &ere ta)ki+ (m)5t)
a! the' sai! &here the $ees came (rom. -)5t is use! $' peop)e &ho are#t usua))'
$e)ieve!. -1% o)' &orks (or eidut isha (or a+ua. What a$out the $ees# caseB ,t#s
!i((eret $ecause it#s o)' a kiia !#ra$aa. So, -1% o)' &orks $' Dra$aa a!
ei!ut isha.
3o4 can -LT 4ork b' a re(ular (o' 4here it’s a .eora'ta accor$in( to the
+) Trumas 3a$eshen (p1C)-
D) 0ccor!i+ to the Rishoim that sa' that 1) a' +o' ca $e use! R 2) m)5t ? here the
Auestio is a !eoritta issue so ho& ca the' $e $e)ieve! i this caseB
0) 0 e++ that &as $or o Yom %ov ca#t $e eate 1) $9c it is mukt:ah, 2) o)a!, ") as
a issur !era$aa. ,( the e++ &as $or o Yom %ov Su!a' the e++ is assur m#!eoritta
$9c it &as (iishe! o Sha$$as a! the hachaa is (rom Sha$$as (or Yom %ov.
--) O++s that are purchase! (rom +o'im o Su!a' Yom %ov have this pro$)em as &e)).
%he +o' is $e)ieve! to sa' that the e++ &as ot $or o Yom %ov. %his is a)so m)5t a$out
a !eoritta !i@
D) We shou)! a)so trust +o'im i the +emara ..5< ($ees)B
0) <(ei)ah is !i((eret $9c he is a uman, so he ca $e use! eve o a !eoritta )eve).
D) What a$out the Rash$a &ho sa's that eve a re+u)ar +o' ca $e use!B
0) %85D sa's that the Rash$a must ho)! that taam k’ikkar is a $erabanan a!
there(ore the re+u)ar +o' ca $e use!.
D) .ut &e ko& that the Rash$a !oes not ho)! that taam k#ikkar is a !era$aaB
++) Shach (p17919)- Auotes %85D- the +emara i ..5< sa's that &e ca o)' use +o'im
$' issurei !era$aa a! $' a+uos (o a !eoritta )eve)) ((or a specia) reaso-B), $ut the
-echa$er a! Rash$a !e(iite)' ho)! that taam k#ikkar is a !eoritta )ike R5%, so ho& ca
&e a))o& a stam +o' to !o a!usB
0) 0 +o' ca $e $e)ieve! &he it is a 4mi)sa !#avi!ah )#i+)uei5 (a circumstace &here the
Je& &i)) $e a$)e to !etermie &hether the +o' &as )'i+ &he he tastes the mi*ture a(ter
the +o' te))s him &hether he taste! the issur.) %his is !i((eret (rom other cases &here the
+o' ca#t $e cau+ht )'i+ ri+ht a&a'.
-- 0+uos issues are a)so a 4mi)sa !#avi!ah )#i+)uei.5
+++) Ta# (p17)- the area o( taaroves !oes#t reAuire a!us +emurah there(ore m)5t &i))
Teima B’+ssurin
Shiur 109 Lov 2- (W) Packet 10
Teima- meas that 'ou put somethi+ i 'our mouth a! 'ou spit it out, &h' !oes a +o'
ee! to !o it, perhaps a Je& shou)! $e a$)e to !o it. ,s it haaah &he the (oo! is it 'our
Shlah (.rachos)- i( a perso sa's hamot:i a! he !i!#t s&a))o& 'et, he starte! che&i+
a! the he ta)ke!. 8e sa's that as )o+ as 'ou taste a )itt)e $it 'ou have $ee 'ot:eh &ith
the $racha. (Cha'a A$am)
Chullin (111$) (p1)- i( 'ou have a pot &here meat &as sa)te!, the pro$)em is that the
$)oo! that came out o( the meat is o& o the $ottom o( the pot. (%he $)oo! is co)!, $ut it
is sa)t' &hich ca $e )ike roseach ;heat9roasti+=, )iAui! issur ;$)oo!= &here heter is
soake! i it, $ecomes assur- Shmue)). Lo& 'ou ca#t use the pot $9c it ha! sa)t' $)oo! i
it. %here(ore, 'ou have to $reak a pot o( cheres that ca#t $e kashere!.
a) Saltin(- is )ike heat
$) Soakin(- heter i a issur )iAui! makes the heter assur )ike cooki+.
c) .avar Chariv- a (oo! &ith a sharp taste (ra!ish) cut &ith a ki(e o( issur ca $ecome
issur eve i( it is co)! $9c the sharpess is )ike heat.
,( the ra!ish &as cut $' a meat ki(e the the Je& shou)! taste the ra!ish to see i( it tastes
)ike meat a! i( it !oes#t the 'ou ca put it ito mi)k. %he Je& ca taste the (oo! &he
the (oo! is kosher (or the Je&.
+n a case 4here the kni&e 4as o& issur 'ou can (ive the ra$ish to a k&eilah to taste the
ra$ish an$ $etermine 4hether it ha$ the taste o& the issur (ie bloo$), but the .ew is
not allowed to taste the food b/c it is a safek davar assur.
U0vichai/ i( the ra!ish taste! )ike meat, are 'ou ()eshi+BV
Bach- (9C,1 !5h asikah) (p2)- Auotes the -aharshal/ there are ma' times that 'ou +et
meat (rom the $utcher a! 'ou !o#t ko& i( he sa)te! it, 'ou are ot a))o&e! to taste it
&ith 'our to+ue $9c i( it is ot sa)te! the the Je& &i)) $e tasti+ $)oo!@
.risha (97,1)- Auotes the +emara i 6hu))i a! sa's that this +emara a)so app)ies to the
taste o( the sa(ek $)oo!' meat a! a Je& ca#t taste the issur ()ike the .ach).
Tur (Y5D F2,2) (pF->)- i( the +a))$)a!!er &as remove! &hi)e the aima) &as a)ive or i( it
&as ot there, the aima) is tre(.
(F2,") the B3,C sa's that the +a))$)a!!er mi+ht have me)te! ito the )iver a! ot that
the marah (+a))$)a!!er) &as ot there. %o !etermie &hether the +a))$)a!!er me)te! a
perso shou)! taste the )iver a! i( it has a $itter taste the 'ou &i)) ko& that the marah
&as there.
Ra’avan sa's that i( 'ou ca#t taste the $itteress &he the aima) &as ra&, roast the
)iver a! the see i( 'ou ca taste the +a))$)a!!er.
S,A (Y5D F2,"59 says that the .ew can taste the liver (or the $itter taste a! he Auotes
the %ur ver$atim.
Ramah- sa's that eve thou+h to!a' &he &e are ot $i+ tasti+ peop)e, 'ou ca taste
the )iver to!a'.
+) Shach- D) Di!#t &e 2ust sa' that a Je& ca#t taste (or issurB
0) , this case it is ver' )ike)' that the (oo! &i)) $e (ie an$ b7c the o$$s are so hi(h
that ever'thi+ &i)) $e (ie, &e a))o& a Je& to taste the (oo!.
++) Ta# (97,2) (p7)- the case $' marah a)) 'ou have to !o is stick out 'our to+ue a! 'ou
!o#t have to put the (oo! ito 'our mouth. y a taaro$es the ,e- -ould ha$e to #ut the
food in your mouth and taste, and that a ,e- !an’t do.
The Ta# 4oul$ ermit a Le4 to taste meat to $etermine 4hether it is salte$ or not)
-#!eoritta the issur is i the throat a! m#!era$aa the issur is i the mouth, $ut (or
sa(ek maacho)es assuros it is (ie to use 'our to+ue.
We seem to $e ta)ki+ a$out $i&&erent levels o& derabanan issurim/ sticki+ out 'our
to+ue is a )esser issur tha putti+ somethi+ i 'our mouth.
1r,- (-ish$et:os Eahav) (p9)-
1) sa's that sticki+ (oo! i 'our mouth is a 4issur !eoritta5 a! there is a !i o(
Ichat#i shiur b’aechus’ &ith putti+ the (oo! i 'our mouth a! is a )esser shiur
o( Ieati+.#
2) 1icki+ is o)' a !era$aa.
Sa(ek !era$aa )#ku)ah so 'ou ca )ick the (oo!, $ut sa(ek !eoritta )#chumrah so 'ou
ca#t taste the (oo! i 'our mouth.
Shach (97,>) (p10912)- the Shach sa's that the Ramah meas that &e !o#t use a +o' $9c
o( 4e#emaus,5 $ut a Je& ca $e use! to !etermie &hether the (oo! is meat or !air'.
(We &ou)! $e a))o&e! to use a Je& as a k(ei)ah).
Ateres Bahav (0%5E- the L’vush) i the Shach- sa's that &e are#t somech o a +o' or
o a Je& accor!i+ to the Ramah.
Chavas .aas- (p1")- Auotes the 0%5E
Teshuvat Rivash" asks &hether a Je& ca taste o-kosher (oo!B ,( tasti+ is muttar,
&h' !oes the +emara sa' to +et a Lo-Je&B
1) Rivash su++ests a revo)utioar' p#shat a! the re2ects it/ perhaps teimah is muttar,
a! the reaso &h' the +emara reAuires a k(ei)ah is $9c the +o' che&s it an$ s4allo4s it
a! ot that he o)' tastes it. %his meas that the +o' must s&a))o& it $e(ore &e re)' o
him. 8o&ever, 2ust tasti+ it (&ithout s&a))o&i+) is (u))' 3< a! &ou)! $e mutar (or
eve a Je&.
2) Ri$ash then says that a!tual teimah is assur derabanan. Teimah is only mutar by a
Some peop)e o)' Auote the (irst part o( the Rivash a! ot the re2ectio o( the as&er.
-ishbet#ot T#ahav Auotes T#emach T#e$ek that tasti+ is assur $ecause 'ou mi+ht
come to eat it. %his o)' app)ies to a !eoritta a! L3% a !era$aa.
;;You ca#t eat $e(ore 'ou !o a mit:vah, $ut teimah is (ie (ot a mea)9 )ess tha).
Trumas 3a$eshen sa's that eve teimah is a pro$)em $e(ore !oi+ mit:vos.==
1r,- (p1C)- Auotes the Rivash o (p9) usi+ the (irst opiio i the teshuva.
S,A (107,>)- -echaber $ri+s !o& the Rivash- 'ou ca iha)e the
Shach- sa's that the Rivash !oes#t a))o& tasti+.
R’ T#vi 1esach Mrank (p2F->)- !iscusses &hether 'ou ee! a hechsher o 'our
R’ Belski sai! he hear! (rom R# -oshe- that eve thou+h R# -oshe sai! that 'ou ca
take me!icie &9o a hechsher $9c 4)o achshevei,5 $ut vitamis ee! a hechser $9c it is
4)ike eati+.5
<resi (R# Yoasa Oi$eshit: ;more actio i P)esi=) (p19)- %85D aske! o the Rash$a
a$out ho& to use a +o' o a !eoritta $' m)5t a! Shach a! %a: +ive their as&ers ;see
Shiur 9=. You are $ei+ somech o a +o' (or a issur !eoritta, a! m)5t is o)' mutar o a
You ha! a sa(ek a! the +o' sai! it &as (ie. %hat &i)) a))o& 'ou to re)' o him a! taste
the (oo!. 8e sa's that &he 'ou are che&i+ this (oo! 'ou shou)! check out the (oo! a!
that &ou)! o)' $e a !era$aa a! &he 'ou are s&a))o&i+ it, 'ou are rea))' re)'i+
upo 'our o& 4eemaus.5
<sav So&er (p17)- &hat is the i!ea o( ee!i+ a k(ei)ahB <(ei)ah has a e*pertise. %he
e*pert &i)) $e re)ie! upo &9o s&a))o&i+ &here others &i)) have to s&a))o& it. 0 re+u)ar
+o' &ou)! there(ore ee! to actua))' s&a))o& the (oo! (ot o)' 4toem u#po)et5). Whe
'ou put somethi+ i 'our mouth 'ou +et a 4taam ka)ush5 (&eaker taste) a! the k(ei)ah
ca te)) &hether that taam &i)) $ecome a rea) taam &he it is s&a))o&e!.
;0 Je&ish k(ei)ah &o#t ko& a$out taam issur.=
+& someone eats the &oo$ b' mistake
Shut -aharsham (p20)- issur (a))s ito heter/ &hat happes i( someoe ate it $' mistake
a! o& ever'oe &ats to ko& &hether it &as mutar, is that mutarB
Perhaps ot, $9c 4milsa d’lo ramyu inshe, lav a’daate,5 &he peop)e !o ot have thi+s
o their mi! &he the' eat the (oo!, the' !o#t have it o their mi!.
Shut -aharsha( (p21)- sa's that taam k#ikkar ca o)' $e assur i( it ca $e taste! eve
&9o $ei+ preppe!. ,( the peop)e ca#t taste the (oo! &9o $ei+ preppe! it is ot assur.
%his is )ike the (amous )ie i the Rashba (p2")- sice the taam is ikkar that is the
hakarah, 4teimaso zo he hakaraso.5 Likkar meas 4ri+ht a&a'.5 %his is a+aist the
R’ Aba$e- sa's that che&i+ +um is )ike a piece o( &oo! a! that it is muttar.
Basar Shma or Taamah
Shiur 119 Lov 7- (-) P11 YD 97
What is m$5m a! m$s5mB We thou+ht that the 5m $9t the 2 cases &as that m$5m ha!
the same 4taam5 a! m$s5m ha! !i((eret 4taam.5
Avo$ah Bara (CCa)- issur mashehu )ike $' 'a'i esech a! chamet: $#pesach is
+eera))' $' m$5m. :ashehu is clearly an issur derabanan $9c rov or shishim shou)!
rea))' &ork.
3o4 $o 'ou kno4 4hether somethin( is mino or aino mino9
Rava- shma
Aba'e- taamah
We shou)! paski )ike Rava $ase! upo the Yaa) <#+am pricip)e.
Ramah (p")- paskis )ike Rava as !o the -or$echai an$ the *r Beruah
Shach- attacks the Ramah $9c the reaso (or C0 &ou)! $e %<,, so m$5m shou)! $e $9c o(
taam ot shem. 8o& ca somethi+ that has a !i((eret shem $e assur mi ha%orah.
--) What a$out the Ramah#s +emaraB %he Shach sa's that it is ot re)evat $9c that
+emara is ta)ki+ a$out a issur mashehu a&ter 4e alrea$' have >2. ,( &e a)rea!' have
C0 the taam &i)) $e a o-(actor, a! the Auestio is &hether that is eou+h. .ut, i a
case &here 'ou !o#t have C0, sure)' the taam a! ot the shem shou)! $e (o))o&e!.
-or$echai (pF)- chicke a! meat he sa's that the' have simi)ar tastes a! !i((eret
ames a! &e +o basar shma so the' are m$s5m.
Ans4erin( &or Ramah
Chavas .aas (pC)- attempts to as&er (or the Ramah. %he shiur o( C0 is a ha)acha
)#moshe m#siai. Whe it is m$s5m, the %orah reAuires a stron(er bitul a! the shiur o(
C0 is not &or taam. (%his is a+aist %<,).
R’ Soloveichik (p27)- orma))' a !i((eret shem is a !i((eret taam, so the 81#-isiai
&as a(ter the ame a! ot speci(ica))' the taam. We !o#t care &hether the taam is there
or ot 'ou sti)) ee! C0 m#!eoritta. %<, makes it stro+er that the heter is ishapech to
issur. %he shiur o( C0 is a shiur o( $itu) $' m$s5m $' shem a)oe. %his is a shiur $itu)
irrespective o( taam.
+mrei Baruch (pC)- the S50 Auotes the Ram$am#s shittah that %5< &i)) a)&a's he)p
(eve &9o C0). %he S50 a! the Ramah seem to a+ree to this Ram$am. ,( 'ou ee! C0
irrespective o( taam, the ho& ca k(ei)ah he)pB 8e !oes#t )ike the R# So)oveichik $9c
taam is importat.
Aruch 3ashulchan (p7)- &ie a! +rapes have !i((eret ame a! same taam. %he
085S sa's the Rema &ats to a!! a chumra that i( 'ou have somethi+ &ith a !i((eret
ame tha i& the' taste the same than ma'be the' have a little $i&&erent taste an$
treat it as -BS,-. 3( course, i( the taste &as !i((eret &9 the same shem tha the Rema
&ou)! a+ree 'ou ee! C0. ;%he Ramah ho)!s o( $oth shem a! taam.=
-aa$ane 3aShulchan- )ike the 085S- sa's that the Ramah i pricip)e is )ike $asar
taam, a! shem is a +i)uei o the taam (re! ()a+).
1lesi- the -echa$er sa's that i( somethi+ is ishpach 'ou have to +o )#chumrah. %he
P)esi asks &h' 'ou !o#t +et a k(ei)ah. (Perhaps 'ou !o +et a k(ei)ah a! the Auestio is
o Auestio.)
,( 'ou have >9 k:ais o( cor, 1 kosher meat a! 1 tre( meat. Srom the perspective o( the
tre( meat there is C0/1. 3 the other ha! there is a esias taam o( $asar i the mi*ture,
so perhaps 'ou ee! to u!ermie the taam o( $asar so 'ou mi+ht ee! 120 a+aist the
kosher a! tre( piece o( meat to u!ermie $asar taste. Rash$a- perhaps a $asar taste is
)ike hukar h#issur. 8e sa's this is (ie.
, this case the k(ei)ah &o#t $e a$)e to !o a'thi+ (or 'ou, $9c he &i)) te)) 'ou that there
is a meat taste. , that case 'ou &ou)! ot have to +o )#chumrah $9c o( sa(ek !#eoritta.
, a case o( ishpach it &o#t he)p (or the +o' to eat it $9c the taam that he tastes ca $e
1r,-- Auotes this P)esi a! sa's that he ha! a sa(ek i this case i his ,tro!uctio. ,(
'ou have C0 a+aist the tre( a! ot a+aist the kosher meat.
-ishna Nrlah (2,1C) (p1>-1C)- i a case &here there is terumah a! k#)ei hakerem o(
tav)i (spices) a! the kohe ca eat the %erumah a! ot the k#)ei hakerem a! the k)ei
hakerem shou)! $e assur. .' a se(ek !eoritta ca , re)' o the meat $ei+ kosher. %he
Pr5m )ears (rom this misha that 'ou are tasti+ tav)i i this case a! the tav)i o( issur
is $ate). %he Pr5- sa's he is $#sa(ek &hether 'ou shou)! have o taam $asar.
1osuk 5a'ikra ;0charei -os (1C,17) (p21-2)= $' Yom <ippur the Par a! the Sair are
shechte! a! the $)oo!s are put to+ether. , this case the $)oo! o( the Sair shou)! $e $ate)
i the $)oo! o( the Par.
Chullin- 22a (p2")- the issue is &hether 0) there is a specia) !i $' thi+s $rou+ht o the
mi:$each, .) R5Y sa's that m$5m is ot $ate).
Chullin 2"a (p2F)- i( 'ou have m$5m- tre( a! kosher mi)k- it &o#t &ork, $ut i( there is
a)so a aio mio there ie cor, ca &e sa' that the tre( mi)k )iks up &ith the cor a!
the there &i)) $e $itu) or &i)) the mi $#mio ot $e $ate).
R5Y- sa's i 6hu))i (100$) &e sa' 4sa)ek es mio k#i)u aio5 a! the m$s5m )ik (irst to
he)p the mio a! $e m#$ate) taam a! (i* the pro$)em o( m$5m aio $ate)@@
Rashba- (p2C)- ca 'ou sa' sa)ek es aio mio a! the the m$5m coects are creates a
$itu) rov a! the it &ou)! o)' $e a sa(ek !era$aa. %his is the other si!e o( R5Y#s
Ta# Auotes the Rash$a (p")-
Shach cha))e+es the Rash$a (p")- he !oes#t thik that the e*tesio o( the +emara
&hich is i the shiur $itu) ca $e e*te!e! to a mit:eus Auestio a$out &hether there is
taam a! &e shou)! +o )#chumrah.
R’ Solevechik- (p27)- coects the Shach o the Ramah a! o the Rash$a- it is a)) a$out
taam a! ot a$out shiur a! there(ore 'ou ca#t sa' sa)ek. UPerhaps taam is !i i
met:ius (,mrei .aruch).V
<ei#a$ -’sha’arin
Shiur 129 Lov 9- (W) P12 YD 97
8o& !o 'ou ca)cu)ate the C0B Do &e assume that the 4&ho)e issur5 &et ito the heter
eve &he the issur is sti)) $#aiB5
,( the &ho)e k#:ais o( the meat$a)) &et ito the cor the the meat$a)) &ou)! $e
!isso)ve!, $ut i( 'ou remove the &ho)e or a ma2orit' o( the meat$a)), ho& much taam
rea))' +ot ito the rest o( the taarovesB
%here are 2 possi$i)ities/ 0) 4b’$e$ei m’sha’arinan5 ('ou ee! C0 times the issur that
(e)) ito the heter), .) the other svara is 4mai $’na&ek menae m’sha’arinan5 ('ou
eva)uate ho& much o( the issur 'ou thik 'ou &et ito the issur.)
%he maskaa is 4$#!e!ei m#sha#aria,5 eve thou+h this is ot pro$a$)e.
4B’$e$ei m’sha’arinan5
Chullin 97$ (p1)- i a re+u)ar taaroves 'ou ee! C0/1, $' the utter 'ou ee! >9/1 a! the
k#cha) is ic)u!e! i the heter to $e m#vate) the issur.
1) %he mi)k o( a shechte! aima) is o)' assur !era$aa.
2) ,( 'ou cooke! the kcha) &ith its mi)k, the meat o( the kcha) ca#t $e eate $9c &e
assume that the mi)k $ecomes em$e!!e! i the kcha) a! ca#t $e remove! a!
the kcha) ca#t $e o#ser other mi*tures.
") %he vo)ume o( the kcha) ca $e use! &ith the rest o( the taaroves to $e m#$ate)
the mi)k vo)ume.
F) 8o& much mi)k is i the kcha)B We assume that the &ho)e vo)ume o( the kcha) is
(u)) &ith mi)k (so &e are usi+ the vo)ume o( the kcha) t&ice, oce (or heter a!
oce (or issur).
We assume that there is mi)k i the pocket o( the kcha) a! &e use the kcha) to&ar!s C0.
Chatichas ?a’asis ?evailah (C??)
,( 'ou have 1 ouce o( issur that (e)) o a 10 ouce piece o( heter, &he that 11 ouces
(a))s i aother pot- 'ou ee! C0 a+aist the issur an$ the 12 ounces o& heter. ,stea! o(
ee!i+ >0 more, 'ou ee! CC0 times the 11 issur ouces.
6LL !oes#t have to !o &ith ta#am k#ikkar !eoritta.
-achlokes -echaber7Rama about C??
-echaber- sa's that sha#ar issurim !oes ot have the cocept o( 6LL, o)' $e $asar
$#cha)av (Ra$$eu Ophraim). %here(ore 6LL !oes#t app)' $' $)oo!.
Ramah- sa's that 6LL a)so app)ies $' sha#ar issurim.
This @uestion is reall' relevant to ever' sin(le situation) ;h' $oes the
Cemara onl' ask it b' a case o& kchal9
Rashba- sa's that &e )ear (rom kcha) to 011 cases a! &e are m#sha#ar a+aist the
&ho)e item ($e!i!a'). Ove thou+h our case is o)' a !era$aa, 'et &e )ear to a)) cases,
eve $' sha#ar issurim.
Ra’ava$- it !epe!s o a issur that 'ou ca#t kasher. <cha) &i)) a)&a's $e assur a!
there(ore &e &i)) a)&a's $e m#sha#er $#!e!ei. .ut, i( 'ou have a mi)k spoo a! 'ou the
stir meat, that spoo evetua))' ca $e kashere!. ,( 'ou !o#t ko& ho& to $e m#sha#ar
the 'ou ca use 4mai !#a(ik.5 %he o)' time that &e use 4$#!e!ea5 is &he that o$2ect
ca#t $ecome kosher )ater. 0'thi+ that ca evetua))' $ecome mutar ca use 4mai
3thers !isa+ree a! sa' that &e are a)&a's 4m#sha#ar $#!e!ea5 (u)ess 'ou ko& that
there &as o issur ie ka( cha!asha).
+& 'ou kno4 ho4 much le&t the soon
Rashba- sa's it i( 'ou ko& ho& much issur is )e(t the spoo, (or e*amp)e, i( 'ou took a
e& spoo a! o)' stirre! oe k:ais o( mi)k $ut the spoo is F k:ais. Do 'ou ee!
a+aist oe or a+aist FB
0) You ca measure a+aist &hat 'ou ko& (ie 1 i this case).
,( the spoo &as (u)) &ith F k:ais ve+eta$)e a! 1 k:ais mi)k a! the 'ou put it ito
meat, ho& much issur !o 'ou haveB
Some sa' 1 k:ais a! there is a shittah that sa's > k:ais o( issur.
.o 'ou sa's C?? b' :beli'ah,
,( a spoo +ets issur i it, !o 'ou measure a+aist the amout o( issur that &et i or
a+aist OHORY%8,LG that is i the spooB
Rashba- sa's 'ou measure a+aist the &ho)e spoo.
Ramban- sa's that 'ou !o L3% sa's 6LL $' $)eos $ut 'ou o)' measure the issur.
;hat about i& 'ou $i$n’t stick the 4hole soon in the taaroves, $o 'ou have to be
m’sha’ar onl' that art o& the soon that 4ent in or the 4hole soon base$ uon the
1esachim 7Fa- !iscussi+ kor$a pesach/ the pesach &as roaste! o a &oo!e spit $9c
the kor$a must $e cooke! $' the (ire itse)( (4ke im t:)i aish5) a! L3% $' a meta) spit
(&hich is 4:)i machmas !avar acher5). %he part o( the <or$a &hich is (ar a&a' (rom the
(ire &i)) $e roaste! $' the meta) a! L3% $' the (ire. %his is ko& as XYXZ [\ X]^_` [\
3a(aos 3aS’mak (p1>)- (the Rabenu 1eret# o the $ottom o( the S#mak)- sa's that &e
)ear (rom OPQRS TUVW that meta) is XYXZ [\ X]^_` [\ so too here, sice the heat +oes
throu+h the &ho)e spoo, eve the part that is ot touchi+ the (oo!, 'ou sti)) ee! C0
a+aist the &ho)e spoo.
S,A (97,F)- sa's 'ou ee! C0 a+aist the &ho)e thi+ ($#!e!ea). ,t !oes#t matter i( 'ou
ca kasher it (ha+a)ah) or ot ()ike the XYVZ7Shach). Some sa' that i( it#s meta) tha 'ou
ee! a+aist the &ho)e thi+ eve i( o)' part +oes i ([ZS Z). (%his is a+aist the Raava!
&ho sa's 'ou !o#t ee! $#!e!ea $' meta).)
%here are 2 issues/ 1) $#!e!ea a! 2) &hether &e sa' 6LL $' ka)im or ot.
Ramban- sa's that &e !o#t sa' 6LL $' $#)eos.
,( 'ou ko& ho& much the issur &et ito the utesi) tha 'ou o)' !o a+aist that
amout (Rashba).
Rema sa's &e ho)! )ike the Rash$a, there is 6haa $' utesi)s.
Rema sa's some ho)! 3L1Y k)i cheres (&hich 'ou ca#t kasher) 'ou have 6haa $ut
other utesi)s 'ou !o#t.
Some sa' this Rema is the shita o( the Raavi$.
Rema it#s +oo! to $e machmir (or the chumrah (Ra$$eu Peret:).
C?? b' kalim
-or$echai- i( 'ou have a cheres pot that is 10 k:ais (Shach thiks peop)e mi* this up
&ith the Raava$ a! this is the opiio i the Rema). Do 'ou vie& the &ho)e cheres as
the issur or is it o)' i( it ha! a $#)eaB 8e is mich)ek $9t cheres a! other ka)im a! he
sa's that 'ou are m#sha#ar a+aist the &ho)e k)i cheres $9c 'ou ca#t kasher it, $ut a))
other ka)im that ca $e koshere! &e are m#sha#ar a+aist the amout that is i the k)i.
R’ Meivel <ohen- the k)i cheres $ecomes a !avar h#assur a! 'ou are m#sha#ar the &ho)e
Shach (21)- i the o)! S50 the' sai! it &as the Raava!, $ut the Raava! is ot a$out 6LL
a! 'ou ca#t have $#!e!ea &9o ha+a)ah, $ut this shittah is the -or!echai that 'ou sa'
6LL $' a k)i cheres.
Soli$ vs) Li@ui$ b' be$i$a'
R’ -oshe7 ?e#iv" sa's that $e!i!a' is use! o)' $' a so)i! $ecause $' a )iAui! the taam
a! mamashut are the same thi+. ,( there is mamashut )e(t, tha the taam !i! ot +o it.
8o&ever, $' a so)i! the taam has po&er $e'o! the (oo! itse)(. Ove i( a(ter&ar!s 'ou
see ho& much the so)i! &as, it !oes#t matter $9c the taam mi+ht have +oe ito the
R# -oshe sa's that eve i( &e cou)! measure ho& much &as i the so)i! issur, &e sti))
&ou)!#t ko& ho& (ar the taam sprea! out.
%he ab`c aske! $' Y\Z $ecause that is a !avar mutar. .' issurim, eve i( &e cou)!
measure ho& much )e(t the meat$a)), &e &ou)! sti)) measure the &ho)e meat$a)). [de ca
sprea! up to C0 times its amout.
Shiurei Bitul B’+ssurin Shonim
Shiur 1"9 Lov 1F- (-) P1" YD 97
Nrlah (2,1) (p1-")- (or a :ar to eat a taaroves o( terumah a! chu))i 'ou ee! a 1/100
ratio (or $itu) (this ic)u!es trumas maser, !mai a! $ekurim// ur)ah a! k#)ei hakerem
ee! 200/1). %hese issurim are mit:tare( to reAuire 100/1 a+aist a)) the issurim.
,t is o)' $' m$m that 'ou have these shiurim. .' m$sm sometimes 'ou#)) ee! more
sometimes )ess, $ut the 100/1 or 200/1 shiurim are#t ee!e!---;AvA is this true98
Bartenura- sa's that ur)ah a! k#)ei hakerem are issur achilah an$ hana’ah (a$ove the
issur o( achi)ah (or terumah etc.), so the chachamim took the %orah#s )ea! a! the'
e*te!e! the shiur (rom 100 to 200.
Rambam (1>,1"(() (pC-7)- $ri+s !o& these shiurim )#ha)acha. %hese shiurim eve
app)' to a !avar 'avesh.
Shach- this eve app)ies to ur)ah o( chut: )#aret:.
Rambam (1>,17) has a chi!!ush a$out kcha). We sai! that 'ou ee! >9Rthe kcha) a+aist
the mi)k. %he Ram$am a)so sa's that 'ou ee! >9 a+aist the mi)k. .ecause the kchal is
onl' a $erabanan, so &e are maki) &ith their shiurim.
Some learnA this Ram$am to mea that 0LY 60SOS 3S DOR0.0L0L reAuire o)'
>9, $ut most Rishoim !isa+ree &ith this.
Rashba/ %oras 8a.ais (p9)- the reaso &h' kcha) o)' reAuires >9 is $9c the meat o( the
kcha) is L3% 0SSKR a! ot that &e are +ivi+ a pricip)e that ca app)' to a)) issurei
-ilsa .’ave$a L’taamah (Tavlin)
%his is somethi+ that is put ito the mi*ture to +ive the (oo! a $etter taste. %he Auestio
is &hat the shiur is (or these (oo!s i( the' are assur (sa)t9 pepper).
Rabbenu /ona i +ssur 5’heter (p10-11)- &e ca assume that C0 is 4stam5 +oi+ to $e
m#vate) the taam $' (oo!s, $ut these (oo! items can’t rel' on this kulah o( assumi+ C0.
8e sa's that the (ear o( 0ve!a 1#taamah is onl' a $erabanan (ie to assume that there is
taam a(ter C0.)
Ran (p1")- sa's that i( somethi+ +ives o(( taam, eve up to 1000, is a issur $eoritta.
1r,- (p12) ;Pesichah8- &ats to sa' that there is a mach)okes $9t the ,ssur H#heter a!
the Ra i this issue.
Shach- Auotes the ,ssur H#heter a! sa's it is a mach)okes $9t ,5H a! Ra. L5-- is
sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah.
Ba$ei 3aShulchan (R# Seive) <ohe)- sa's that he is ot sure &hether there is a
mach)okes $9t the Ra a! the ,ssur H#heter. 8e sa's that he Ra is not ta)ki+ a$out
tav)i at a)), $ut a$out other (oo! items. 8e sa's that the taste is a !eoritta &he 'ou ca
taste the 4(oo! item itse)(.5 .' tav)i, &here 'ou are#t tasti+ the 4food itself5 $ut only
its effe!t on the food item. %his is a taam ka)ush %here(ore, i the case o( tav)i, the issur
ma' rea))' $e !era$aa. 8e !oes ot thik that the Shach ho)!s o( this !istictio.
Tavlin that has a bleah o& another issur, not that it itsel& is assur
Tose&os 6hu))i 107$ (p1C)- What happes i( the sa)t has a $)eah o( $)oo! i itB ,s it
cosi!ere! avi!ah )#tamah or !oes it +et the re+u)ar !i o( $itu) C0B
0) .9c the &ho)e +orem is somethi+ that is m#$ate) i C0, the sa)t &o#t $e more
machmir tha the issur itse)(.
Se&er 3aTrumah (p17)- a+rees to the as&er o( %ose(os, that the issur o sa)t ca#t
e*cee! the issur it came (rom.
S,A (p20)- <cha) is $ate) i >9 (a+aist the Ram$am that a)) issure !era$aa are i >9).
8e sa's that a)) issurim to!a' are $ate) i C0, $esi!es chamet:.
8e sa's that the issur $' tav)i to make it assur i more tha C0, must $e assur machmas
at#mo a! L3% $9c o( the $#)eah.
Ramah- sa's that a)) thi+s that are ohe+ to!a' are C0/1. (8e Auotes the Rash$a a! the
%ur a! ot )ike the Ram$am &ho sa's that a)) !era$aa is >9/1).
Shach- &hat a$out ur)ahB Kr)ah app)ies to!a' a! it is ot C0/1, so ho& ca the S50 sa'
that ever'thi+ e)se is C0/1B
0) , <rako& the Ramah !i!#t have to &orr' a$out %erumah, $ut ur)ah is 200/1 a! it
!oes app)' $' chut: )uaret:B 1) Perhaps it has a )esser shiur i chut:5).. 2) or perhaps the
Ramah is ot +ivi+ a e*haustive )ist a! rea))' the shiur is 200/1 $' mi $#mio.
;R’ Balman ?echemiah Col$ber(’s $echiah/ What is the shiur o( $itu) o( Kr)ah i
6hut: 1u0ret:B Sa(ek Kr)ah i chut: )uaret: is muttar as )o+ as 'ou !o#t ko& (or
+s a milsa ave$ah l’taamah anything that 4as ut in &or taam or seci&icall' these
$’varim chari&im9
Ta# (97,11) (p20)- he thou+ht that perhaps eve shuma is a mi)sa !#avi!ah, $ut he the
Auote! the +ssur 5’heter &ho sa's that a mi)sa avi!ah is )ike sa)t, o)' a !avar chari(.
Rambam i 1erush -ishnaos Nrlah- !isa+rees &ith the ,ssur H#heter. 8e sa's that a
perso shou)! $e :ahir a! ot o)' thik that tav)i are sharp thi+s, $ut rea))' a'thi+
that 'ou put ito (oo! to +ive a taste.
Some sa' $ase! o this Ram$am that &e shou)! $e machmir.
=(( 4ith chick insi$e
Chullin (p17)- i( 'ou have a e++ that has a chick isi!e/
-#!er$aa &e treat it )ike a sheret: i the e++. %he +emara has a chumrah $' e(roach
that the shiur $itu) is C1.
Tur- sa's that 'ou ee! C1 $9c there are !i((eret si:es o( e++s. You mi+ht thik that 'ou
have C0, $ut perhaps 'ou !o#t, so 'ou a!! oe to o((set the !i((ereces i si:es.
;Av/ What a$out $' 2e))'$eas or other meat piecesB .' meat, &e are m#sha#ar a+aist the
meat. What a$out i( there are $i++er e++s a! sma))er e++s, &e ca#t measure $' piece,
$ut &e must use vo)ume.=
Shiur 1F9 Lov 1C- (W) P1F /. FF
1) .o 'ou have to be m’batel the bones in a tre& animal9
2) 3o4 are 'ou m’batel them9
3) Can 'ou eat the bones i& there is no bitul9
Chullin (97$) (p2)- 1
oinion/ there is a +emara o( :#roah $ishae)a &here the kohe#s
:roah is $ei+ cooke! &ith the rest o( the aima) that there is a $itu) o( the :roah.
%he opiio that sa's C0 sa's that the $itu) ic)u!es the $oes a! the meat a! the
opiio that sa's that 'ou ic)u!e o)' the meat meas that the shiur is 1/100.
Accor$in( to the oinion that sa's >2A1, it 4oul$ seem to be that kosher bones
attach to the kosher meat in the taaroves an$ tre& bones re@uire >2% to be m’batel
them like the tre& meat)
;Shiur o( C0 comes (rom here. %os. sa's it#s o)' a asmachta $9c :roah is a m$5m case.=
Ran ("2$) (p")- &h' !o#t 'ou cout the $oes &he it comes to the shiur o( 100B
0) .9c $oes !o#t +ive out taam, so &h' !o 'ou ee! to $e m#$ate) the $oes.
%here(ore, there are 2 mach)okes $9t C0 a! 100/
1) Do &e cout the so(t tre( $oes (or the issur e)emet o( the taarovesB %he opiio o(
C0 sa's that the tre( $oes i the aima) are so(t a! there(ore the' are coute! as part o(
the issur e)emet o( the taaroves. 100 sa's the' are#t coute! to the issur or the heter.
2) Do the kosher $oe 4mater5 (he)p to&ar!s the $itu))B %he opiio o( C0 sa's that the
har! kosher $oes he)p to $e coute! a+aist the issur $9c the issur &i)) $e ispashet
(sprea! outf ito the o-tasti+ area isi!e the $oes).
Shach (99,1)- $ri+s the !istictio $9t )ach a! 'avesh $oes ()ike the Ra).
/erushalmi Nrlah (pF)- 2
oinion/ ma'$e the issur $oes can be counte$ a(ainst the
issur i( the' are har!. %he Yerusha)mi is !iscussi+ the pee)9she)) o( trumah a! the
Yerusha)mi sa's that the she))s are#t tre( a! the he)p 0G0,LS% the issur.
Rash %rumot (>,9) (perush o the -isha) (p>)- asks ho& the Yerusha)mi &orks &ith the
+emara i 6hu))iB
1) Perhaps the Yerusha)mi is !iscussi+ k)epos (she))s) a! the' are !i((eret (rom $oes
&hich ma' $e more &et ($9c k)epos have o taam &hi)e at:amos !o).
2) 8e sa's that the +emara o( 6hu))i is a ashmachta a! 'ou ca#t )ear a'thi+ a$out
$oes (rom that +emara a! rea))' at:amos o( issur ca $e coute! (or heter.
*r Baruah (p7)- 3
oinion/ the at:amos o( issur 4on’t cout (or issur, $ut the' a)so
&o#t he)p (or heter either. %he $oes o( heter are mit:tare( to the heter e)emet o( the
Shaare .urah- Auotes the 3r Earuah.
S,A (p12)- sa's )ike the Yerusha)mi that eve the at:amos o( the issur ca $e use! (or the
kosher e)emet o( the taaroves.
Ramah (p1F)- Auotes the 3r Earuah )#chumrah, $ut he sa's that the Yerusha)mi is the
ikkar shittah.
S,A- ,( there is -3068 (marro&) i the tre( $oes, the the moach he)ps the issur si!e.
Shach !isti+uishes $et&ee $oes &hich are )ach a! Yavesh ()ike the Ran))
Beit /ose& Auotes the Be$ek 3aba'it Auotes R’ /erucham that $' $oes 'ou o)' use
heter oes i( it#s -- or -0- &he there is ot taam.
;hat about the *,B" i& the bones $on’t count &or issur 4h' $on’t the' count &or
1) Some sa' that he !i! it as a +e:erah or as a chashash ot to ic)u!e the $oes o( issur.
2) Chavos .aas (p21)- sa's that there is &etess ()ach)uchis) i the issur $oes &hich
are assur. ,t shou)! cout (or issur, a! i( ot it shou)! cout (or heterB
0) There is lachluchis that comes (rom issur $oes, $ut the' !o#t have the a$i)it' to
+ive e((ect to other thi+s i the taaroves, eve thou+h there is taam $asar. %his is &h'
the $oes are#t m#$ate) the rest o( the taaroves (either (or the issur or the heter $9c there
is taam issur a)rea!' i the $oes). 3ver here the taam issur 4ill not $ecome eutra)i:e!
i the $oes $9c the $oes have the same taam issur &here the $oes ca o)' $e
micha:ek the taam a! ot $e m#$ate) the taam. The issur bones 4on’t srea$ taam
issur but also can’t neutrali#e taam issur either)
R’ <oeni(sber( on the Rav- ma'$e the &ho)e i!ea o( $ei+ m#sha#ar the at:amos ma'
$e )ike 6LL (&here 'ou have to $e m#$ate) the &ho)e piece eve i( the issur is o)' i
oe part). -a'$e at:amos are rea))' mutar, $ut the issur (the evei)ah) makes them assur
(eve i( it is o)' oe part), so 'ou have to be m’batel the bones o& the issur ()ike the
+emara i 6hu))i). %his is a $it o( a 2ump $9c this su+'a mi+ht o)' $e a$out shiura'
;hat about the ke$airah (ot) itsel& to be m’batel the issur an$ m’sha’ar to the
Chullin 97$ (p1)- the pot ca $e see i oe o( t&o &a's/ 1) 'ou use the 4&ho)e5
ke!eirah or 2) the amout o( heter $)eios that &ere i the pot &a))s &9i 2F hours.
Chullin 97a (p1)- the +emara there sa's that the &a))s o( the pot ca#t $e use! $9c the
&a))s o( the pot s&a))o&e! up heter (oo! 0LD issur (oo!, so ho& ca 'ou accept o)' the
heter part to $e a!!e! to the heter i the pot.
3o4 $o 'ou learn these 2 (emaros9
1) Rashi (F\b) ho)!s that the &ho)e shittah o( 4ke!airah5 &as e+ate! $' 97a a! &e
o)' )ook at the (oo! isi!e o( the pot. %he +emara o 97a u!ermie! the svara o( 97$
a! there(ore &e !o#t use the pot &a))s at a)).
2) Rambam- ho)!s that &e D3 ic)u!e the amout o( the issur that &as s&a))o&e! up
(rom the beleos o& the ke$airah.
Rashba (%oras 8a.ais) (pC) sa's that &e are ot m#sha#ar 4ke!airah at:mah5 $9c this is a
!eoritta Auestio. We shou)! o)' $e m#sha#ar 4&hat comes i (rot o( us- )#(uaeu5
(&hat is isi!e the pot). 8e is a(rai! o( $e)eos $9c o( the issur that is a)so i the &a)).
Therefore, if you see that the issur didn’t shrink and the heter did, then you can be
mit(taref the pot walls and therefore -ashi and the -ambam can be saying the same
thing, perhaps.
Tur (p11)- sa's that the +u( hake!airah D3OSL#% 63KL%.
Wh' &ou)!#t it coutB
1) R’ <oeni(sber( &rom the Rav- sa's that the pot is ot ca))e! part o( the taaroves, $ut
R# Simo !oes#t a+ree.
2) 1erisha (p11)- the ke!airah a)rea!' has a )ot o( (oo! i the pot &a)), so that &i))
prevet thi+s (rom eteri+ ito the pot &a))s.
;hat about ke$airah cha$asha9 Ove this case is 4)o p)u+.5
;.' a tre( pot &9i 2F the pot &a))s &ou)! $e use!. %he &a))s are a)&a's use! )#chumrah.=
Rashba (p7)- makes a $istinction b7t mb,m an$ mbs,m, he sa's that i cases o( m$5m
the pot &a))s ca $e use!, $ut i m$s5m the pot &a))s ca#t $e use! $9c it is a Auestio o(
a !eoritta.
S,A (p1>9C)- Auotes the Rash$a.
6Be$ek 3aBais- ;.5Y &rote a .e!ek 8a.ais o his o& .5Y=- $' at:amos to $e
mit:tare( he sa's o)' m$5m or $' m$s5m &here there is a k(e)iah, $ut ot $e m$s5m &9o
a k(ei)ah.=
;hat about eatin( the at#amos issur themselves9
K)ess the pshat is )ike the 6havas Daas or there is moch, &e shou)! $e a$)e to eat the
$oes o( issur themse)ves.
Rambam (p17)- i( 'ou eat a evei)ah, (or the $asar 'ou +et ma)kos, $ut (or the $oes a!
the hor etc. 'ou are patur $9c 4the' are ot rau' )#achi)ah,5 $ut the bones ect) are reall'
assur (eve thou+h the' are#t mit:tare( to issur)0 The' are still a $avar assur0
;oul$ this Rambam be a(ainst the -echaber 4ho sai$ like /erushalmi Nrlah" that
the issur bones are seen as mit#tare& l’heter9
Celatin is $rie$ out (sul) an$ then reconstitute$ ($oes that un$ermine the sul)9
R’ Chaim *#er (p17)- teshuva a$out +e)ati (he is the $i+ makil)- eve thou+h the
Shach9Ra are machmir $' &et $oes, i( the' are !rie! out the the' are ot )ach
a'more. %he Ram$am is a)so ot a pro$)em $9c he too is ta)ki+ a$out &et $oes.
-aa$anei Asher? sa's the the &et $oes shou)! $e mit:tare( to the issur@@
R’ Ahron <otler (p20)- &as the machmir shittah o +e)ati $9c o( 4achshevei, (i(
somethi+ is i(sa) (assur) a! 'ou eat it a! cosi!er it chashuv to 'ou a! this is a
issur !era$aa).
%he -echa$er seems to $e a+aist the Ram$am ;$9c the -echa$er sa's that eati+ $oes
is mutar= (eve thou+h o$o!' Auotes this mach)okes). %he Ram$am ho)!s o( achshevei
i( 'ou eat the piece o( (oo!, eve thou+h there is o taam i it. ,( the $oes happe to $e
i the pot the there is ot a pro$)em ;$9c that is#t achsheva'=. R# <ot)er sa's that the
Ram$am is o)' assur m#!era$aa (a! +e)ati mi+ht $e a issur !era$aa).
;R’ Simon sai! it mi+ht $e a !eoritta.=
--.oes ma' $e 4'ot:ei mi ha#assur5 a! that is &h' the' are a pro$)em.
-e$icine an$ 5itamins
R’ -oshe sa's that me!icie is ot cosi!ere! achshivei (R’ Belski sai! that vitamis
&ou)! ee! a hechser $9c 'ou are eati+ them (or their (oo!9utriets).
Cha#arah on chulent
R’ -oshe a! R’ Shlomo Balman a$out chu)et. R# -oshe sa's &e !o#t eat the $oes
a! RSE50 sai! that $oes ca#t $e (u))' cooke!, so 'ou ca#t put chu)et $ack o the
(ire. %his is i( the' are eati+ the $oes $9c $oes are a)&a's +etti+ so(ter.
Ain -ivatlin +ssur L’chatchilah (A)
Shiur 1>9 Lov 21- (-) Packet 1>
+s A-+L an issur $eoritta or $erabanan9
+) Ra’ava$A Se(er ,ssur -ashehu (p")- !eoritta, the pea)ties are o)' !era$aa.
++A) Chullin (97a-99a)- is#t the case o( :roah $#shai)ah a case o( 0-,1B
%he +emara sa's that the case o( E. is a chi!!ush a! there(ore 'ou ca#t )ear out (rom
E. that -.5- is $ate).
++B) Rashi (p2)- sa's that the chi!!ush $' E. is 0-,1. We )ear (rom here that Rashi
ho)!s that A-+L is a $eoritta, $9c the +emara is ta)ki+ a$out a chi!!ush o a %orah
Rashba/ %oras 8a.ais- Auotes Tose&os that the +emara i 6hu))i $' E. meas that it is
a mit#vah to $e m#vate) )#chatchi)ah. .ut $' a)) other cases 'ou ca $e m#vate) issur
)#chatchi)ah. So A-,1 is a !era$aa. We !o#t (i! a'&here e)se that it is a mit:vah to
$e m#vate).
-ost Rishoim sa' it is Dra$aa a! that is the ormative vie&.
R’ Akiva =(er (3s 2) S3NT- $ri+s a L- $9t the Rash$a (!era$aa) a! the other
Ra#ava! (!eoritta)/
L5-- accor!i+ to the Raavi! eve sho(e( &ou)! $e assur, $ut i( it#s o)' a issur
!era$aa the sho+e+ &ou)! $e mutar.
.e #asken that if it’s mazid it’s assur but if it is shogeg it’s muttar
?o$ah B’/ehu$ah S3NT (Duestio F>) (p7-7)- A-+L is a $erabanan b' lach b’lach,
$ut $' 'avesh $#'avesh &here 'ou mi* a tre( meat a! kosher meat a! $ei+ m#vate)
issur meas that 'ou are eati+ the $ai issur $9c there is no iruv (mi%ture), this bitul
issur is an issur $eoritta. E. is a )ach $#)ach mi*ture.
%his ca e*p)ai a +emara i Chullin (1!2) (p9), $' the case o( the met:orah $ir!s, &here
oe is shechte! a! oe is set a&a'.
D) ,( the met:orah &ats to use $ir!s (rom the ir hae!achas- ca he use them (or the
taharas hamit:orahB
0) %he +emara sa's that he can’t use them.
D) ,s the issur o( usi+ the ir hae!achas $ir! o)' a$out the $ir! that is $ei+ shechte! or
eve the oe that is $ei+ set a&a'B
,t is c)ear that , ca#t se! out the $ir! (rom a ir hae!achas $9c it is assur $#haa#ah a!
here it &i)) $e a michsho) (or others, $ut &hat a$out to shecht itB
0) ,( 'ou ca#t use it to se! out, the a)so ot to shecht.
D) Shou)! , a)&a's have to $e &orrie! a$out a ir hae!achas $ir!B
0) Lo, 'ou have $itu). 0!, i( 'ou &ou)! se! out the $ir! the it &i)) $e $ei+ m#vate)
the issur )#chatchi)ah.
%he L5. sa's that this proves that there is no bitul b' 'avesh b’'avesh an$ A-+L is a
Baruch Taam- !isa+rees &ith the L.5Y $9c i this case $9c 'ou are#t tr'i+ to $e
m#vate) the $ir!, o)' to se! it out.
Bein( -’vatel an +ssur .erabanan
Beit#ah (F$) (p1")- &oo! that (a))s (rom a tree o Yom %ov ito 'our ove a! 'ou put
&oo! that &as prepare! $9( Yom %ov o top o( this &oo! that (e)) o Yom %ov (&hich is
The gemara says that /012 only applies by an issur deoritta and not for an issur
Rashi- sa's that this is a !avar she'esh )o matirim (DS1-), so ho& is it mutar o&B
0) Sice the issur is +etti+ $urt, i this case &e !o#t have the !i o( DS1-.
Rosh (p1F)- 2ust as 'ou !o#t have DS1- onl' 4hen the issur is $ei+ $urt, there(ore
the onl' time that you !an be m’$atel issur l’!hat!hilah by an issur derabanan is -hen
the issur is getting burnt u#.
Rashba (p>)/ %oras 8a.ais-
,) ,( the issur !era$aa is ri+ht i (rot o( me , ca L3% put it ito the heter, eve $' a
issur !era$aa. .ut the case &here , ca $e m#vate) is a case &here the heter an$ issur
are alrea$' mi%e$, $ut ot i a proper amout, the 'ou can a$$ more heter to achieve
the issur)
,,) %here ca $e 2 t'pes o( !era$aas $ase! o the Ba$ei 3aShulchan/
a) +kkar $eoritta/ .asar 3a( .#cha)av (chicke)- the roots o( the !era$aa are i $asar
$#cha)av, a !eoritta.
$) +kkar $erabanan/ -ukt:ah- is a $ra! e& takaah &9o $asis i the %orah.
Perhaps 'ou ca o)' $e mosi& $' a !era$aa that !oes#t have its source i the %orah,
$ut those !era$aas that have there source i the %orah 'ou ca#t99
3R POR80PS99 a !era$aa that has ikkar (rom the %orah 'ou can $e mosi(, $ut a
!era$aa that !oes#t have its source i the %orah 'ou ca eve thro& ito a heter that
has the shiur $itu).
S,A (p2F->)- $' a issur !era$aa/ 'ou can’t thro4 it into the heter that has the shiur
$itu), $ut 'ou ca a$$ heter to issur a! heter i a taaroves (3ri+ia) Rash$a).
Ramah- Auotes Rosh that 'ou shou)!#t $e m#vate) u)ess it#s +etti+ $urt up a! 'ou
shou)!#t $e -,1 $' eve a !era$aa.
Shach (99,19) (p2>)- i( 'ou have )e(tover sheme i the meorah, it is assur $#haaah.
8e sa's that 'ou ca#t a!! to it.
.K%, 6haukah is o)' a !era$aa, so ho& ca it $e assurB
;%he Shach a)so sa's 4'esh me sheomer5=
Chavas .aas7 Beis 3aLevi (a) 8a%orah o 6haukah)- sa's there is a !i((erece $9t a
issur hana’ah an$ the issur achilah. %he ma#aseh $itu) +ives 'ou haa#ah (o& 'ou
have more sheme) a! that is assur.
1enalt' i& 'ou are -+L
-ishna Terumos (p10)- i( trumah (e)) ito )ess tha 100 a! the more heter &as a!!e!,
i( it &as ma#i$ then 'ou can’t eat it, i& it &ell sho(e( then it is mutar)
Cittin (>F$) (p11)- Auotes a mach)okes %aaim o this issue.
--We paski that &e $on’t have a knas on sho(e( utu ma#i$.
+s the issur onl' on the erson 4ho $i$ this bitul issur or even &or others9
Rambam (p12)- sa's that 'ou ca $e m#vate) issur m#!eoritta. 8e sa's that there is a
kas !era$aa. *e also says that this is only on the person that did the averah and not
on someone else.
Rashba/ (p>arro&2) %oras 8a.ais- !isa+rees, a! sa's that the issur is ot o)' o the
perso &ho !i! the $itu), $ut a)so &or an'one that the m’vatel $i$ the issur &or) We
!o#t &at the perso &ho he ha! i mi! to +et $ee(it (rom it, $9c the the perso &ho
!i! the $itu) is +etti+ haa#ah (rom it.
?,-/ &actories that are m#vate) (or their customers or that the i+re!iets !o#t &rite
a'thi+ that assur o the i+re!iets, ca &e Iassume# that it is kosher.
S,A (p1>)- assumes this Rash$a as the ha)acha.
Ramah- sa's that 'ou ca#t se)) the $itu) )#chatcho)ah to a Je&.
Shach- sa's that 'ou ca take a )esser price, $ut ot the kosher price so that 'ou !o#t
+ai (rom the issur. 8e thiks that the +ssur 5’heter#s statemet that 'ou have to (ive
a4a' the $itu) )#chatchi)ah 4$#chium5 ((ree) is )av !avkah a! it rea))' meas, take the
)esser price.
Ta#- this is o)' i( the perso that the perso the o&er is $ei+ m#vate) it (or, ko&s that
the $itu) is $ei+ !oe (or him.
(A5/ &he he eats it, or o)' !uri+ the $itu).)
R’ Akiva =(er Auotes the Teshuvas Rivash- i( 'ou have a store a! 'ou are m#vate), 'ou
are $ei+ m#vate) (or a)) 'our customers. 0' perso &ho comes to the store to $u', the
$itu) &as (or him. %his is ca))e! 4m’vatel ba’avuro5 a! ot )ike the %a:. %here is a kas
o this (oo! a! these peop)e ca#t $u' the (oo!.
;hat haens i& the erson 4ho is m’vatel is a (o' 4ho is not comman$e$ about
taaroves issur9
Perhaps the +o' is $ei+ m#vate) the pro!uct (or a)) the +o'im a! there &as o t:ivu'
(rom the Je& to the +o' to !o the $itu) (or him.
Ra$va# (p27-7)- has a $i+ chumrah/ oce 'ou are $u'i+ (rom the +o', 'ou have create!
0-,1 $9c 'ou purchase! the issur. You are putti+ 'ourse)( i a situatio &here 'ou re)'
o $itu). ;,( he 2ust !i! it (or 'ou tha it#s (ie $ut i( 'ou#re +oi+ to $' it tha it is a
pro$)em o( 0-,1.=
Ba$ei 3aShulchan (p29)- !oes#t thik that this Ra!va: is the ormative psak. %he kas
is o)' o the perso &ho !i! the $itu) a! the perso he !i! it (or. 8e thiks that 'ou ca
+ive a hechsher o a (oo! item that has o-kosher i+re!iets i it, i( the issur is $ate).
8e sa's that the Ra!va: &ou)! mea that ever' pro!uct is 0-,1. Peop)e re)ie! o this
(or -0LY 'ears@
.archei Teshuva (p">-C)- he Auotes poskim that ar+ue &ith the Ra!va:, $ut he sa's that
perhaps oce 'ou +ive a hechsher it is W3RSO $9c the 'ou are comma!i+ him to !o
the $itu).
R’ Shachter- !oes#t thik it is correct to +ive a hechsher i( the' are re)'i+ o $itu) ($9c
o( $ei a!am )#chavero).
-a’aseh Shabbas
-a(en Avraham (8i)chos Sha$$as O! o( S5< 2)- $ishu) $#sha$$as (ma#aseh sha$$as)/
cooki+ !oe $#ma:i! o Sha$$as is assur to the perso &ho !i! the act (orever a! to
others uti) a(ter Sha$$as. -50 sa's that this a)so ic)u!es a' perso that the' !i! it (or,
$ut the he $acktracks a! !oes#t make that compariso.
Rav Soloveichik- i( 'ou have a kosher $aker' that &orks o sha$$as the 'ou ca ever
eat the cakes.
R’ -oshe Soloveichik- i( &e sa' that 'ou ca#t use somethi+, that is ot a kas, $ut &e
he)pe! 'ou ot vio)ate the issur. %his issur shou)! a)so $e the !i (or other peop)e.
.' sha$$as, it is a knas o that perso himse)( a! ot o others. %he kas $' $itu)
&ou)! $e more e*pasive a! ic)u!e more peop)e tha $ishu) &hich ma' o)' app)' to
the m#vate) himse)(.
R’ Shachter- sa's that it seems to $e a kas o the m#vate) i a case o( $ishu) (B) as &e))
a! there(ore perhaps it too shou)! app)' to others.
Ain -ivatlin +ssur L’chatchilah (B)
Shiur 1C9 Lov 2"- (W) Packet 1C
A,B (""a)- +o'ish &ie that &as kept i $arre)s (ot cooke!) (or a )o+ time, &e assume
that the taam &et ito &a))s o( the $arre).
-ilue 5’erui- 'ou (i)) up the $arre) &ith eve co)! &ater (or " !a's (each times (or 2F
hours) a! spi)) the &ater out a(ter ever' !a' to kasher them. %he +emara the asks a$out
other )iAui!s a! &hether the' ca kasher the $arre) ($esi!es &ater, )ike $eer etc.).
0(ter 'ou (iish kasheri+ &ith the &ater the +emara assume! that the &ater &hich &as
use! i the $arre) coul$ be $runk a&ter the 2! hour erio$) %he reaso is that the taam
i the $arre) &i)) $e e+)i+i$)e a! that &ou)! $e &h' 'ou ca !rik the &ater. 0(ter "
times a)) the taam &i)) come out, $ut each !a's &ater has ver' )itt)e taam.
D) +sn’t that an issue o& A-+L9
+) Ran (p")- chi!!ush- he sa's that 0-,1 meas/ i( a perso is starve! a! &ats to eat "
sa!&iches a! there are o)' 2 kosher oes i the store a! the he $u's a o-kosher
sa!&ich, a! the he mi*es them to+ether, the he 4ants to (et hanaah o& the issur,
T3AT +S A-+L) .' the case o( the &ater, the Je& is not intereste$ in the taam o& the
4ine, $ut the Je& o)' &ats the &ater itse)(. , such a case, this is ot ca))e! 0-,1 $9c ,
am usi+ the -ater to drink and not for the taam of the -ine.
Proo(/ , the &ar a+aist -i!ia the Je&s &o !ishes a! i( the' &ou)!#ve &aite! 2F
hours the' &ou)!#ve $ee kosher, $ut the Je&s &ate! to eat o&, so the %orah +ave the
!iim o( hechsher kei)im.
, this case 'ou create! the issur o( the &ater a! the taam issur, so it shou)! $e a
pro$)em o( 0-,1. %he Ra sa's that these peop)e $i$n’t (et $irect hanaah (rom the
$itu) a! that &as &h' it &as mutar to permit ha+a)as kei)im. %here(ore the Ra (e)s he is
correct. 8ere there is o haaah (rom the issur.
6Rashi7Raava$9,ssur -ashehu- sa' that 0-,1 is a !eoritta. %he Ra sa's that he must $e
correct accor!i+ to these opiios.=
*rchos Chaim (p>) (R# Yose( 6haim -#1ui))- a)so $ri+s !o& this 'eso! o( the Ra.
8e $ri+s !o& the stor' o( a perso &ho (ou! his hoe' (u)) &ith $u+s. %he' to)! him
to &arm up the hoe' uti) the $u+s !isite+rate a! the (i)ter the hoe' a! the $u+s
&i)) $e straie!. .ut, eve i( 'ou +et the $u+s out, is#t there +oi+ to $e a taam i the
hoe' (R# Simo- perhaps it &as pa+um)B %he 356 as&ers that here 'ou are o)'
itereste! i the hoe' a! ot i havi+ the taam ema)im i 'our hoe'.
S,A (7F,1")(pC)- Auotes this case o( hoe' a! $u+s.
Shach (7F, "7)- Auotes the 356
Be’er 3a(olah- Auotes that the 356 ha! this ma#aseh.
A-+L in <SLB
Rashba/ %oras 8a.ais- i( 'ou have a k)i a! a )itt)e hot tre( (e)) ito the k)i. %he perso
&ats to ko& i( he has to kasher his k)i, $9c the taam o( the tre( &i)) $e $ate) i the e*t
mea) $9c it is so miima).
.ase! upo &hat &e 2ust )eare! it shou)! ot $e a pro$)em o( 0-,1 $9c 'ou !o#t &at
to taam o( the issurB , terms o( 0-,1 there shou)!#t $e a pro$)em $9c o( the Ra a!
the 356. ;Lot ever'oe a+rees &ith the Ra a! 356, a! the the'#)) have to e*p)ai
ha+a)ah u)ess the' sa' that 0-,1 is o)' a !er$aa.=
.' a kli she’$arko l’histamesh b’she&a (a hu+e i!ustria) pot), &hich is ever use! (or a
)itt)e (oo!, $ut &e o)' use it (or a si+i(icat amout the 'ou &ou)!#t have to kasher
the pot. Perhaps &e ca sa' that this hu+e pot &here a )itt)e tre( (e)) i that 'ou ca $e
-,1, $ut ot $' a sma))er pot &here the pot is#t $e use! for shefa all the time. 8e sa's
that i( there is a )itt)e $)eas issur i the <S1. it ca $e use! even 47in 2! hours, $9c &e
assume that it#)) $e use! $#she(a. .' a ever'!a' pot it &ou)!#t a)&a's $e $ate) so it is
L3% $ate).
%he Rash$a $ri+s a +emara 05E as a source (or his chi!!ush. .arre)s use! (or 05E
(&ie) the taam that the &ie &i)) +ive i is miute amout there(ore the taam that &i))
come out is mior a! it is )ike a <S1..
.K%, a o i!ustria) pot is assur to use $9c o( a +e:erah $9c o( esias taam a! it must
$e koshere!.
Tur , (p1")- ()ike the Rash$a) Auotes the !i o( <S1. a! that 'ou !o#t ee! to kasher
it. , a sma)) k)i 'ou ca#t eve use it eve i( 'ou are +oi+ to (i)) it to the top. ;0 soup
$o&) (sma))er $o&)) that a perso is +oi+ to (i)) to the top, is#t cosi!ere! <S1. &rom
a (e#erah that he mi+ht (a)) ito a michsho) $' usi+ the pot (or too )itt)e heter.=
Tur ,, (8echsher <a)im)/ he sa's that a $i+ k)i is a)&a's $ate), i( it is a sma)) k)i he sa's
'ou ca#t use it b7c o& A-+L and does not say it is b/c of the ge(erah.
1) We see (rom here that 0-,1 app)ies eve i( 'ou#re L3% +etti+ haaah (rom the issur
(a+aist the Ra)@
2) ,( the pro$)em is 0-,1 the it shou)! $e a pro$)em eve i a case o( <S1. $9c 'ou
are sti)) $ei+ -1B
;R# Ea)ma Lechemiah- <)i that#s ot !archo )ehishtamesh $eshe(a- &h' is that assur
$ecause o( 0-,1 or a +e:aragB (Duestio o .echia).
Di((erece $9t the %urs- 0 k)i that is ot <S1. &h' is it assur, $9c o( 0-,1 or a +e:araB=
,s#t the Rash$a ar+ui+ &ith the Ra a! i( it is <S1.9=
-echaber- Auotes the ha)acha i t&o p)aces as &e)). 8e sa's that A-+L is the pro$)em
o( hechsher kalim. %his is a pro$)em $9c the -echa$er Auote! the 356 ear)ier a! the
356 sa's that 0-,1 !oes#t app)' i( 'ou#re ot +etti+ haahah (rom the issur@
Rashba7Ra’ah- !o#t ho)! )ike the 356 a! Ra.
Ra’ah- is#t L%1 a issue o( 0-,1B 0ccor!i+ to the Ra 'ou are sure)' ot itereste!
i the taam. ;8e ar+ues &ith the Rash$a a! ho)!s 0-,1 across the $oar!.=
Rashba/ -ishmeres 8a.ais- asks &hat the !i((erece $9t a ke!erah that is aio $as 'oma
a! 0-,1B %he Ra#ah a! Rash$aB ho)! o( 0-,1 at a)) times that a perso is m#vate)
issur eve i( he is L3% +etti+ haa#ah (rom the issur itse)(.
0-,1- the' !o#t sa' the simp)e as&er 4that the' are ot itereste! i the taam5 )ike the
Ra9356 &ou)! sa'.
What a$out the Ra#s proo( (rom hechsher ka)imB
(1) %he proo( is o)' i( 'ou ho)! 0-,1 is a !eoritta.
(2) R# Simo sai! that hechsher ka)im cou)! a)so $e !i((eret $9c $' hechsher ka)im 'ou
are thro&i+ out the &ater a! 'ou are ot +etti+ haaah (rom the &ater. %he Rash$a
ca sti)) make a !istictio $9t ha+a)ah a! !riki+ the &ater a(ter&ar!.
D) ,( 0-,1 is the pshat, the &h' is <S1. mutarB
0) -aa$ane Asher (p21)- the Raah ar+ues o the Rash$a, he is a purist a! sa's that
0-,1 is a)&a's a pro$)em a! it is a)&a's assur a! he ar(ues 4ith <SLB0
The roblem is the Rashba) +& 'ou hol$ like the Raah all shoul$ be assur an$ like the
Ran7*,C all shoul$ be mutar9 +s it a roblem o& A-+L then it shoul$ be a roblem
b' <SLB9
-,Asher- sa's that the Rash$a mi+ht sa' 0-,1 is a (e#erah that 'ou mi+ht ot !o a
correct $itu). %hat is &h' i( it is <S1. &e are ot &orrie! a$out that $9c &e are sure that
'ou#)) !o a +oo! $itu).
Where is this e& +e:erahB %his e& +e:erah is ;:$ 4the new ge(erah is that you
won’t do a good bitul.) %his as&ers up $oth (or the %ur a! the -echa$er that it is the
same thi+@
?o$eh B’/ehu$ah S8K% (p19)-
D) 0pp)e 2uice/ the' put a tre( i+re!iet i to 4c)ear up5 the 2uice so there is o se!imet
a! ot $9c 'ou &at to eat it. %he' )e(t the (ish i the 2uice (or 2F hours so it#s ose
taam, $ut it#s $ate). 0re 'ou a))o&e! to !o thisB
1) %he (ish is !rie! a! has o taamB
2) Perhaps 0-,1 is o)' &ith haaah, here , !o#t &at to eat the (ish too, , &at the
se!imet to +o to the $ottom.
0)) i Po)a! &ere !oi+ this a! his uc)e sai! it &as assur.
0) %he Ra9356 shou)! sa' it is mutar, the Ra#ah shou)! sa' it#s assur a! the Rash$a
&ou)! sa' that this case is !i((eret accor!i+ to the L.5Y $9c i the other cases &e are
a!!i+ heter ito issur to $e matir, $ut i this case &e are a!!i+ the issur ito the heter to
(i* it.
-- L.5Y#s 'eso! is- somethi+ that &as already nisarev, the 'ou can use heter to $e
m#vate) it -hen you are not getting any hanaah (rom the issur a! 'ou can use the &ater
'ou &ere m#vate) &ith (ie the &ater (rom the &ie cask), $ut 'ou ca#t thro& i tre(
($#'a!aim a! &ith kavaah) eve i( 'ou are not p)ai+ o +etti+ a' haaah (rom it
a! $e -,1.
Beriah (+ssur -ashehu) (+)
Shiur 179 Lov 27- (-) P17 /. 122
Beriah- a &ho)e uit o( creatio/ (e*/ +i! haashe is a atura) creatio). 0 $eriah &i)) ot
$e $ate) i a taaroves.
.eriah e*ists i other p)aces i the %orah m#!eoritta a! this pricip)e &as $rou+ht (rom
those other areas to taaroves to create a issur !era$aa.
-akkos (1"a)- eati+ teve) is a issur !eoritta, $ut &hat is the shiurB
1) R#Shimo sa's that a)) 'ou ee! to $e cha'av is a ko) shehu.
2) 6hachamim sa' k:ais.
R,S sa's that it is a ko) shehu $9c o( sheret:. 0 sheret: is ot a)&a's a k:ais, $ut $9c it is
oe (u)) uit o( creatio, 'ou are )ia$)e to ma)kos i( 'ou eat the &ho)e uit eve i( it is
)ess tha a k:ais. R5S compares oe $u+ to oe kere). %his 4uit o( creatio5 has its o&
chashivus a! there(ore it shou)! $e cha'av (or ma)kos eve (or )ess tha a k:ais.
Chachamim- sai! that the $u+ is o)' assur $9c it is a $eriah, $ut that is o ra'ah to
R,S- as&ere! that 2ust as ema)ah ($u+) is a issur, so too is a chittah.
-akkos (17a)- (iishe! the coversatio/
Chachamim- a $eriah ee!s to have $ee a)ive at oe poit to $e +ive the e*tra
chashivus o( $eriah, a! a kere) &as ever a)ive.
<-$N)$<! =# B!-$;> -!?@$-!A ; @N$T O0 )-!;T$ON T>;T 7;A ;$B!.
Chullin (122b) (p")- i( 'ou eat a &ho)e kosher $ir! &hi)e it is a)ive 'ou +et ma)kos $9c o(
aver mi hacha' (eve )ess that a k:ais), $ut oce the $ir! is !ea!, the the !i o( $eriah
is remove! a! 'ou o)' +et ma)kos i( 'ou eat a k:ais o( the kosher $ir! (ie/ i( it ha!
icorrect shechitah).
,( the $ir! is a o-kosher $ir!, the it has the 4shem $eriah5 &hether it is a)ive or !ea!.
%here(ore, 'ou ca +et ma)kos (or eati+ )ess that a k:ais o( a o-kosher $ir! eve a(ter
Rashi- oe o( the reAuiremets o( $eriah is that the item must have ha! the issur (rom its
$irth (oset). (O*/ a o-kosher $ir! &as a)&a's a o-kosher $ir! a! &i)) a)&a's $e
oe, $ut a evei)ah &as ot a)&a's a eve)iah.)
<-$N)$<! C# T>! OB.!)T :@AT ;7;DA >;B! >;E T>! $AA@-
4Fmetichilas beriaso*5.
;hen a beriah is in a taaroves is it batel9
Chullin (99a-$)- sa's that a +i! haashe is#t $ate) $9c 4$eriah is !i((eret.5
Ritvah (p>)- sa's that the (act that the $eriah is chashuv $' ma)kos ($' other issurim),
the +emara e*te!e! this chashivus to taaroves (a! a $eriah is ot $ate)).
Ta# (p17)- sa's that the chachamim &ere machmir $' taaroves ()ike the Ritvah). %his is
a e*tesio.
S3NT -aharil- sa's that a $eriah mi+ht ot $e $ate) i a taarovoes m#!i !eoritta@@
-’ Ahachter & says that many of his !hiddushim are b/! he tries to find out -hi!h issurim
the !hamimim used to e3tend to the derabanan (-hi!h issurim they #atterned the issur
derabanan after+.
Ran (6hu))i)- there are severa) criteria (or the (oo! to (u)(i)) $e(ore the' are to $e ca))e!
a $eriah/ " co!itios
1) ,t must $e itrisic i the thi+. -a' issurim are#t itrisic a! the' come )ater i
the )i(e o( the aima).
2) -ust $e a $erias eshama.
") %he uit must $e to+ether (the &ho)e $u+ must $e to+ether) a! must $e cosume! as a
+s chelev a beriah9
+) Ran- sa's that che)ev is#t ca))e! a $eriah $9c/ ,% ,SL#% 011 ,L 3LO P106O 0LD
,% ,SL#% 0 .OR,08 ,S ,% ,S SPRO0D 3K% ,L -0LY P106OS.
++) Rosh (p10)- has aother svara- he is a+aist the Ra#s svara- he sa's that i( 'ou +ot
4a)) the che)ev o the kerev5 the 'ou have oe $eriah a! aother piece o( che)ev is
aother $eriah.
PR,L6,P1O 3S R3S8- .eriah is somethi+ that is ca))e! its ame o)' &he it is a
4hole unit) +& the name remains even a&ter the issur is cut u, then it is ?*T a
beriah) 6he)ev is ca))e! che)ev even i a sma)) amout (ot as part o( the aima) &he it
is &ho)e), so that is a $eriah. %he +i! haashe is o)' ca))e! a +i! &he it is &ho)e, $ut it
is ot ca))e! a +i! &he it is cut up. Levei)ah is ot o)' ca))e! evei)ah 4as a &ho)e uit5
$ut it is eve ca))e! a evei)ah 4&he it is cut up.5
-akkos (1C$)- i( 'ou +ri! up 9 $u+s a! mi* them &ith oe comp)ete $u+. Sor the
$eriah (&ho)e $u+) 'ou +et > issurim a! (or the other 9 'ou o)' +et ma)kos &he the
a++re+ate amout eAua)s a k:ais o( evei)ah. %he +emara sa's that 'ou o)' +et C ma)kos
a! ot >1 ma)kos, there(ore 'ou see that it must $e comp)ete to +et ma)kos o a $eriah.
Rash (Terumos)- the $eriah &ou)! seem to $e a issur mashehu a! ot $e $ate) i rov
or C0. The Rash sa's this is not true b7c a beriah is batel in F>2, $ase! upo a -isha
a! a Yerusha)mi.
-ishnah Terumos (10,>)- !a+ tameh that is mi*e! ito other (ish, i( 'ou have 9C0
kosher to o-kosher it is mutar 3R 10 :u: i a +rav the it is mutar.
1) +ravP 2 sa#ah,
2) Sa#ahP 2F )u+, (F7)
") 1u+P 2 )itri, (9C)
F) 1iterP100 :u: (9C00)
Rashba/ %oras 8a.ais (p129")- Auotes the Rash a! sa's that $eriah is !i((eret (rom
other issurim o( mashehu, $9c a $eriah is $ate) i 9C0.
-ost other Rishoim !o#t )ear the misha the &a' the Rash )eare! the misha. %he'
!o#t rea! the misha as !iscussi+ a 'avesh $#'avesh case. %he' )ear that 4kevishah5
has a potet taam uti) 9C0.
%he Rash )ears the misha !i((eret)'. 8e sa's that the )ie that $e+is 4ko) +rav5 is a
e& )ie a$out $eriah that has othi+ to !o &ith esias taam )ie (the (irst )ie o( the
misha). %he pashut pshat i the misha is )ike the other me(urshim a! !iscussi+
esias taam, so this Rash is a )itt)e $it o( a chi!!ush.
Lo$o!' $ri+s !o& this chi!!ush )#ha)acha, $ut perhaps it ca $e use! to $e matir the
&ater a! the $u+s.
1lesi (p2>) (R# Yoasa Oi$eshit:)- there are $u+s that (orm i (ruit, he sa's that he ca
$e matir 4i( 'ou !o#t see the $u+s.5 8e sa's that the $u+s are o)' assur 4oce the' are
purush5 (oce the' )eave the (ruit a! come outsi!e) a! there(ore these $u+s are 2ust )ike
evei)ah a! ca#t $e a $eriah. %his is $9c the' are#t assur uti) the' )eave the (ruit. (%he
(act that the $u+s must $e perush is a +e:airas hakatuv (rom 4sheret: hashoret: a) ha-
1ischei Teshuva- Auotes the P)esi.
, the summer there are pro$a$)' $u+s i the +rai that are 4visi$)e &ith the e'e5 so &h'
is it mutar $ase! upo $eriahB Kse R# Oi$eshit:#s ku))ah a! some !isa+ree.
Ba$ei 3aShulchan7 Se&er 3a=shkol (p2F)- sa's that the reAuiremet o( $eriah is that
there is a issur that is preset 4techi)as $eriaso5 a! those issurim that happe atura))'
i the )i(e o( the $eriah.
Shor ha#iska) is ot atura))' (orme! thi+ a! there(ore a shor ha#iska) that is mi*e!
ito a taaroves is ot ca))e! a $eriah a! ca $ecome $ate) $9c it &as#t $or a shor
ha#iska) a! it is#t a atura) thi+.
%he svara o( the S58 is L3% that the aima) &as $or &ith the issur, $ut a aima) ca
$e cosi!ere! a $eriah o( issur i( it &i)) atura))' (orm a issur i its atura) )i(e-c'c)e,
eve i( the aima) &as mutar &he it &as $or ()ike comi+ out o( the (ruit (or these
;;hat about neveilah, that is a)so the atura) )i(e-c'c)e o( the aima) a! shou)! a)so $e
a $eriah accor!i+ to the svara o( the S5OB=
Chavas .aas- somes to ar+ue &ith the P)esi- (something about the Rambam+.-,SSOD
Wh' is#t evei)ah a $eriahB
What a$out 4aio :evuchah5- a aima) ee!s to $e sheche!, this is a 4issur asse'5 o(
reAuiri+ shechitahB
We !o#t sa' that somethi+ is a $eriah eve thou+h there is a issur asse' o( 4aio
:evuchah5 eve thou+h the issur asse' is al4a's there.
,s the issur intrinsic ($eriah) or !i! it come (rom a !avar acher (ot a $eriah)B
%he case o( the sheret: is the orma) &a' o( the issur, that it comes out o( the (ruit a!
+oes oto the aret:. The oint is not i& it 4as create$ that 4a', but the issue is
4hether the issur comes &rom somethin( internal or e%ternall' create$) +& somethin(
unnatural haene$ then it’s not a beriah)
;What a$out evei)ah- &ou)! $e cosi!ere! a !avar acher +orem )o.=
=(( an$ ehroach
S,A (p1799)- a e++ that has a ephroach- &hat happes i( it +ets mi*e! up i others
(Auotes the Rosh).
Shach (100,2) (p19)- &hat a$out a e++ that has $)oo! i it, &hich meas it &as (erti)i:e!
a! the it !i!#t (orm. 8e sa's that -aharam +bn Chabib sa's it is a $eriah, $ut the
Shach sa's that there &as o eshama a! it#s ot a $eriah. 0 $eriah ee!s a eshamah.
8e#s ot so sure that a $e:as ephroach the he#s ot so sure $9c it#s ot a (u)) eshamah.
Be’er 3aetev- a)so sa's that a $)oo! spot is#t a pro$)em.
Shach (100,F)- a +oo! chicke that $ecame a tre(ah is a)so ot a $eriah $9c it &as#t a
tre(ah (orever.
D) Wh' !oes the Shach sa' 4ko) sheke5 a tre(eahB
0) Cileon -aharsha- sa's that there is more svara to sa' that a tre(ah is a $eriah, $9c it
is a super-aio :evuach a! it ma' $e 4assur (rom the $e+ii+5 $ut the evei)ah is ot
(rom the $e+ii+.
;%his imp)ies that aio :avauch !oes#t cout to create a $eriah.=
Brachah Acharonah
%hese are#t the orma) criteria o( $eriah, $9c a +rape is#t a $erias eshamah.
1ri -e(a$im- a piece o( +rai is#t a $eriah, $ut perhaps the chachamim sai! that 'ou
make a $racha acharoah $' a 4$eriah5
Tose&os Berachos- sa's that R# Yochaa sai! a $racha acharoah eve thou+h he !i!#t
eat a k:ais ($9c he )e(t out the pit)
/erushalmi Berachos-
S,A (p"0)- there is a sa(ek (%os. is $#sa(ek), so it is ot ri+ht to eat oe +rape.
Beriah (+ssur -ashehu) (++)
Shiur 179 Lov "0- (W) P17 /. 122
Chullin (9C$)- there is a issur to eat the +i! haashe. %he misha sa's that the +i! has a
taam that &ou)! have to $e m#$ate) i a taaroves.
6hu))i (99$)- R# Yochaa $e .rokah sa's 4ai $#+i!im $#ose taam5
Gi! 8aashe- is a mach)okes taaaim &hether there +5h has a 4ose taam.5 ,( it has o
taam, the the %orah prohi$ite! somethi+ )ike 4&oo!5 a! 4et: hu, e)a ha%orah osarto.5
What i( a +5h &as i a taaroves a! it the !isite+rate!9me)te! ito the pot assumi+
4ain b’(i$im b’nosen taam (the &a' &e paski)95
+) Rashba .ais 8a<at:ar- eve thou+h &e ho)! 4ai $#+i!im5 4e nee$ >2 i( the +i!
)iAue(ie!. ;%his ma' $e (rom a chashash !eoritta or !era$aa.=
3e cou)! ar+ue that 'ou !o#t reAuire C0 !#ra$aa $9c if it !an’t !ome to issur taam
then there should ne$er be the re4uirement of 60 $9c the chachamim &ou)!#t have
create! the issur.
Tur (p>)- sa's that 'ou ee! C0 a+aist it.
Ramban- C0 is reAuire! )#chumrah
++) -inchas <ohen- !oes#t thik that this shou)! $e true. 8e thiks that the o)' reaso
&h' the chachamim e*te!e! past $ate) $#trei &as (or taam, a! here there is o chashash
o( taam, so there is no reason to e%ten$ the amount nee$e$ ast cha$ b’trei)
0t (irst +)ace this is &hat 'ou &ou)!#ve sai! $9c 4acharei ra$im )#hatos5 app)ie! a! 'ou
!o#t reAuire C0 m#!eoritta $9c there is o taam.
%he -5< sa's that this shittah o( the Rash$a mi+ht $e the Rashba )#shitaso- the Rash$a
!iscusses &he teimas k(ei)ah is ee!e!. 8e sa's that 'ou ca use a k(ei)ah onl' i& the
issur 4as cooke$ an$ then remove$, $ut he sa's that &he the issur &as i the taaroves
&e (ee) that the k(ei)ah mi+ht have 4misse!5 the taam i the taaroves. Perhaps this is the
e*tesio o( this Rash$a $' +5h. ,( the +5h is i the taaroves the 'ou sti)) reAuire C0.
1erhas (’h has a taam kalush
Chavas .aas (100,F) (p1F)- shittah o( the 3r Earuah $' $oes &as that the' !o#t cout
(or issur or heter. %he 65D sa's that he !oes#t thik that the +5h has 4o taam,5 $ut that
4ai $#+i!im5 meas that the issur has a taam ka)ush. 8e sa's that the taam ka)ush ca#t
come out o( the +i! !uri+ cooki+, but i& 'ou eat the (i$ itsel&, then 'ou are eatin( the
taam ($9c 'ou are eati+ the +i! itse)() there(ore it &i)) assur the taaroves.
R’ Ahron Soloveichik- sa's that all ma!hlokes in metzius should be made into a
ma!hlokes of hala!ha. %he issue here &ou)! $e that the +i! has some taam, $ut !oes that
taam reach the status o( 4taam5 is &hat the' are ar+ui+ a$out.
Bu(s in the ve(tables
S,A- i( 'ou have a $o&) o( soup a! a $u+ (e)) i a! 'ou ca#t (i! it, the the &ho)e
$o&) is assur as the Ba$ei 3aShulchan sa's- $9c it is#t $ate).
6ooke! ve+eta$)es- i( 'ou see that there are 3 $u+s i the cooke! ve+eta$)es ("/ $ase!
upo the creatio o( a cha:akah).
Ba$ei 3aShulchan (100,FC) (p21)-+ives a overvie& o( F ha)achos $' $u+s i a mi*ture/
1) -iut sheano mat#u'- eve )#chatchi)ah 'ou !o#t ee! to check (or $u+s. %here is a
!i o( the %orah o( rov a! cha:akah. -i 8a%orah &e ca (o))o& rov. -#!era$aa &e
!o#t ee! to check u)ess there is a sa(ek.
;,( 'ou have a ve+eta$)e a! this t'pe o( ve+eta$)e +eera))' has o $u+s or ver' u)ike)'
to have $u+s the it is cosi!ere! a 4miut sheao mat:u'.5=
.' shechitah &e a)so (o))o& rov a! cha:akah- &e o)' check a aima) (or tre(os i
those p)aces i the aima) &here it is shechiach, $ut ot &here it is#t. We )ook at the
)u+s o( the aima) $9c it is more shechiach (it is mat:u') a! it reAuires $e!ikah
m#!era$aa $9c m#!eoritta it &ou)! $e muttar. ,( 'ou )ost the )u+s $9( the $e!ikah the
it is a sa(ek !#ra$aa.
Ramah- o)' permits the co& &he the )u+s &ere )ost i( there is a he(se! m#ru$ah.
%his is a)so re)evat (or checki+ (or shate:. ,( 'ou ca#t check it, a! it is a 4miut
sheao mat:u'5 the it is mutar to use.
2) -iut 3amat#u'- there is a chiuv m#!era$aa to check the (oo! (or $u+s. What
perceta+e makes it a ms5mB Ove i( it is )ess tha a >0M chace 'ou must check, a! i(
there is a sa(ek 'ou must +o )#chumrah.
") Sa&ek 3ashakul- there is a chiuv !eoritta to check the $u+s. .ut, oce the ve+eta$)es
&ere cooke! the the' are mutar to eat (rom a s(aik s(aikah/ 1) perhaps this oe !i!#t
have the $u+s (o( the +oo! >0M) a! 2) perhaps the $u+s $roke apart a! the the'
&ou)!#t $e $eriah a! &ou)! $e $ate).
F) -uch#ak b’tolaim- i( 'ou sa& three $u+s i 'our ve+eta$)es, eve i( 'ou &i)) &ash
them, 'ou ca#t eat them $9c &e assume that there are $u+s i these ve+eta$)es. ,( 'ou
&at to eat this the 'ou must !o a thorou+h $e!ikah checki+ each )ea( $9( usi+ it.
-ekoros &or this 3alachah
Chullin ("$) ,( someoe is !oi+ shechitah the' are assume! to $e a 4mumcheh5
Rosh- i( someoe sa's he ko&s ho& to shecht , !o#t ee! to +ive him a $echiah. %his
is o)' i( the shochet is not aroun$ an'more, $ut i( he is arou!, the &e have to +ive
him a test, b/! there are many sho!htim -ho she!ht and don’t kno- -hat they are doing.
%here is a miut hamat:u' o( shochtim that shecht &9o ko&i+ ho& to shecht.
S,A- Auotes the ha)acha that 'ou ee! to test him i( he is sti)) arou!.
1esachim (p27)- i( 'ou ret a house o the 1F
o( Lissa 'ou ca assume that the home-
o&er that 'ou are reti+ (rom !i! $e!ikah. %he +emara sa's $#(erush that i( the o&er
&as there i (rot o( 'ou the 'ou have to ask, i( he is ot i (rot o( 'ou the 'ou !o#t
ee! to !o a! (i! out.
Ran- !i((erece $9t mat:u' a! aio mat:i'- there are certai spots i the )u+s (ra'ah)
that 'ou have to check $9c the' are a miut hamat:u'.
;hat is the ercenta(e9
Di((eret peop)e +ive !i((eret source (or this $ut there are 2 c)assica) sources/
S3NT Rivash- it is karuv to >0M, i( it is >0M the it is shaku). This is a hu(e kullah
a! &e are +eera))' more machmir, 4he sa's 4karuv )#mecht:ah5
-ishkanot /aakov S8K%- sa's 10M is a miut hamat:u' a! 'ou ca use it.
Source is Cittin ("1a) &here the +emara sa's that 'ou ca eat (ruit &hich !i!#t have
terumah take (rom it i( the rest o( the (ruit is i aother )ocatio, 'ou ca prevet the
terumah (rom $ei+ assur $' ver$a))' p)aci+ the issur terumah o some o( the +rai i
'our house.
%he +emara sa's that there is a chovas $e!ikah i the (ruit " times a 'ear to make sure
that the (ruit !i!#t spoi) a! as )o+ as 'ou !o this 'ou ca re)' o the cha:akah that the'
are (ie.
Bava Basrah- sa's that i ever' 100 (ruit he must assume that there are 10 rotte oes,
$9c that is orma).
%he (ruit rots at a rate o( 10M a! 'ou must check the (ruit, so the shiur is 10M $9c the
chovas $e!ikah meas there is a miut hamat:u'.
Rav Soloveichik- sa's 12.>M $9c that is the perceta+e o( the tre(os the' (i! i the
)u+s a! 'ou must check the )u+s.
;h' three bu(s9
+) /evamos -ishah (p17)- i( a coup)e is marrie! (or 10 'ears a! the' have o chi)!re,
the hus$a! ca either take aother &i(e or !ivorce her to $e m#ka'aim peru v#revu.
D) 6a she remarr' a ma &ho !i!#t have chi)!reB
0) She is a$)e to remarr' a! sta' &ith her e& hus$a! (or 10 'ears.
D) Whe is there a issur (or a ma to marr' her i( he !i!#t have ki!sB
0) %he +emara sa's that i( she &as marrie! t&ice a! it !i!#t &ork &ith the 2
the she ca#t remarr' a hus$a! &ho !i!#t !o pru u-rvu $9c there is a)rea!' a cha:akah
accor!i+ to Re$$i.
2) %his is a)so Re$$i#s shittah $' chi)!re !'i+ $' the $ris mi)ah.
RSB,Camliel- sa's i( three chi)!re !ie!, the o the F
'ou !o#t +ive a $ris mi)ah.
") ,( a &oma +ets marrie! a! ever' hus$a! she marries !ies, ca she marr' a "

hus$a! or F
F) %his is re)evat to vestos- !oes it ee! to happe 2 or three times.
3o4 $o 4e askin 2 or 3 times9
Rosh (p20)- sa's that &e ho)! " times (or vestos, e*cept $' mi)ah a! esui (hus$a!
kept !'i+). We sa' 2 times is the psak $' cases o( sa(ek e(ashos (2 times is cha:akah.)
S,A (p22)- sa's that 'ou ee! " $u+s.
Ta#- $ri+s the Rosh a! sa's that this is#t a e(ashos case so 'ou reAuire " $u+s.
3o4 much $o 'ou look at9
What i( 'ou are a hote) a! ot mere)' a househo)!- i( 'ou see " $u+s i a hu+e amout
o( (oo!, are 'ou +oi+ to check ever' )ea(B
R’ =l'ashiv S3NT- R# Sh&a$ a! R# 1u$e &ere set to R# O)'ashiv to ask him this
Auestio a$out restaurats, summer camps, hote)s ect. 6a 'ou !o somethi+ to u-
much:ak the ve+eta$)es (perhaps sa)t &ater) &here the $u+s &i)) come to the topB
R# O)'ashiv sai! that salt 4ater shoul$ be use$ an$ then 4ash the ve(etables assumi+
that 'ou (ou! three $u+s.
Chaticha 3aRau'a L’3ischabe$
Shiur 199 Dec >- (-) Packet 19 S50 101
C3,L- is a piece o( (oo! that someoe &ou)! +ive a +uest a! m#!era$aa it is ot
Chullin (9C$)- i( 'ou have a chaticha o( evi)ah a! 'ou remove it the 'ou ca eat the
other pieces, $ut i( 'ou !o#t ko& &hich is the issur, a)) are assur.
Chullin (100a)- shou)!#t the piece $e $ate) $#rovB %he misha is ta)ki+ a$out 6851.
4=s she$arko l’manos5- o)' thi+s that are 01W0YS coute! are chasuv eou+h ot to
$e $ate).
4<ol she$arko l’manos5- eve thi+s that are sometimes coute! is#t $ate).
Ri&- !oes#t Auote 6851 (rom misha A,B (7Fa) &hich sa's that there are certai thi+s
that are ot $ate), a! it )e(t out evei)ah a! chamet: $#pesach. %his misha reAuires
!avar she#$imiia a! assur $#haa#ah. %his misha imp)ies that o)' these thi+s are#t
Ri& (pC)- Auotes the misha o( 05E a! he sa's that &e o)' sa' that the issurim
eumerate! i the misha are#t $ate).
S,A- ho)!s o( 6851.
Rosh (p7)- !iscussio o( ch5) matters/
Asurah machmas at#mah (it must $e a piece o( meat that is itrisica))' assur, ot that
it s&a))o&e! issur,) ot machmas $e)iah.
%he e*ceptio to the ru)e is $asar $#cha)av &hich is a $e)iah, $ut is cosi!ere! a issur
at:mah $9c the meat turs ito issur o( .5..
S,A (p19)- it must $e assur machmas at:mah.
Shach- sa's that this is the e& (orm o( the issur a! is 6h5) eve throu+h a $e)iah.
RA; -=AT/ ,( 'ou +o to the +rocer' store a! 'ou $u' > pieces o( meat a! the pieces
are ra&. ,s ra& meat cosi!ere! rau' )#hischa$e!B Does it )ose its a$i)it' to $ecome ch5)
)ater (ie i( 'ou $u' it ra&)B Do 'ou ee! to $' it cooke! or is it (ie to $u' it ra& a!
ko& that evetua))' it &i)) $e a$)e to $e ch5)B
Rosh- Auotes ,) 4some (e$olim5 &ho sa' that 'ou have to $u' a 4cooke! piece5 $ut the
,,) Rosh sa's the' are 4!ivrei heve)5 a! as )o+ as it ca come to the potetia) o( $ei+
rau' (or a +uest the' are ot $ate). The ersective shoul$ be &rom si#e, not 4hether it
4as cooke$)
S3AL=- (&ho)e aima))/ What happes i( 'ou have " aima)s a! oe is tre( a! 'ou
&ou)! sa' cha! $#trei, $ut, is this 4hole lamb ch,lB %he Rosh &ou)! sa' that it is 6851
i this case. %his is a !i o( chashivus- a! this is more chasuv tha eve a re+u)ar steak.
M=AT3=RS- &hat happes &he there are (eathers o the aima)B Does the oe aima)
that is tre(, make a)) the others tre(B
That is 4h' the' kee the &eathers on lon(er in the kashrus a(enc', so the animals
4on’t be batel so 'ou $on’t have shailos)
%his mach)okes $9t the Rosh a! +e!o)im is i the Rashba as &e)) a! he ma' a)so $e
oe o( these +e!o)im.
Rashba ar+ues &ith the Rosh a! sa's that the piece o( meat ca#t $e too $i+ or too
sma)). (,t must $e rau' to +ive at that timeh0v.)
Smak (p1")- i( the aima) sti)) has its (eathers o it, it is ot ch5). Smak sa's that he ca
$e m#cha)ek, perhaps i( the piece o( meat o)' ee!s cooki+ is ot a 4$i+ eou+h !ea)5
$ut reAuiri+ !e-(eatheri+ mi+ht $e a )ot.
Shaare .urah (p1>)- $ri+s !o& a stor' (rom R5% (ca))e! R# Yaakov) that oe tre( +ot
mi*e! &ith 2 kosher aima)s a! it &as $e(ore the (eathers &ere remove! a! R# %aam
permitte! the aima)s.
3o4 $o 4e askin about these @uestions9
S,A (p21)- sa's ,) that a piece o( meat that 4asn’t salte$ is#t ch5), $9c o( $a)uah isi!e.
,,) <’$ei keliah (the the k)ipa is assur), $ut that piece o( meat is#t ch5).
(101,") the mecha$er sa's that meat that has (eathers is $ate), $9c he paskis )ike the
+e!o)im that it must $e cooke!, correct si:e (a+aist the Rosh).
Ramah- sa's )#chai oha+i/ that the aima) is $ate). %he Ramah sa's that i( the aima)
is missi+ a $avar (a$ol, the it is#t ch5), $ut 2ust missi+ cooki+ is#t a pro$)em.
Shach (101,1")- sa's that the i!eas o( chashivus is $ase! upo :ma a! makom.
Rambam- sa's that chashivus is $ase! upo that time perio! a! that p)ace.
;0v/ ,s it the commuit' or the perso, ho& su$2ective is itB=
S,A (p2>)- ch5) is o)' ot-$ate) i( it is &ho)e, a! ot i( it is cut up (u)ess it is !oe
?o$eh B’/ehu$ah S3NT (p2C)- oe &oma aske! her (rie! (or t&o meta) tra's (or
$aki+. She (or+ot to te)) her that the' &ere meat, a! the (rie! ma!e mi)chi+ (oo! o
them a! she !i!#t sa' that she use! them (or mi)k. Lo& the ori+ia) &oma cooke!
meat o these tra's that !a' a! she a)so use! 7 other tra's o( (oo!f (assumi+ $e
%he krep)ach are o)' assur machmas $e)iah, $ut perhaps .5. is !i((eret. %o assur he
thiks is a mistake $9c &he 'ou have a piece o( meat a! the cha)av is $a)uah i the
piece o( meat- the there is a issur $a)uah. %he ikkar chaticha is the !avar heter o( the
!ou+h. , the !ou+h there &i)) $e cha)av a! $asar- &he it is aio rau'ah )#hischa$e!.
.ut here the ikkar is ot the meat, $ut the !ou+h.
/ou aren’t mischabe$ someone 4ith belios o& basar b’chalav, o)' the $ai (rea)
?o$eh B’/ehu$ah S3NT (p27)- a aima) ha! a ho)e i it, so it &as tre(, a! it (e)) ito
a taaroves, so it shou)! $e $ate). 3 the other ha! it is ch5).
8e sa's that it &as ot a ch5) $9c he Auotes the Ramah- sa's that the $i+ stu(( is a
pro$)em (take o(( (eathers- ca))e! m#chusar ma#aseh a! a tirchah +e!o)ah), $ut to !o a
sma)) thi+, it is#t a pro$)em. %o remove the +i! a! the che)ev, that is $i+ stu(( so the
aima) is#t ch5).
Duotes a %os.- !oes ch5) mea that the meat must $e rau' (or a Je& to eat or is it eou+h
(or it is rau' (or a +o'B 3e sa's that it must be rau' &or a Le4 to eat a! ot a +o'.
1esachim- there are 2 $o*es o( (oo! &ith 2 sectios per $o*/ ,) 0)trumah9.)chu))i a!
,,) 6)trumah9D)chu))i- 6 (e)) ito 0 or ., a! D (e)) ito 0 or .. .' !era$aa &e ca
$e maki) a! assume terumah ito terumah a! chu))i ito chu))i.
S,A (110,C) (p"F)- i( someoe ate oe piece o( a taaroves $#sho+e+, ca , assume that
that perso ate the tre( pieceB
Rashba sa's that $' a !i !era$aa &e ca assume that the oe that (e)) &as the assur
piece. %he oe piece must $e +oe (orever, ot that it is sti)) there or e)se &e have to
paski o that piece a! &e &ou)! have to sa' it is assur a! there(ore the rest o( the
taaroves it (e)) (rom &ou)! $e assur.
-aharsham- sa's that it must $e +oe, $ut eve a pachos m#k:ais is ot a))o&e! to e*ist
or e)se &e have to make a 2u!+met o that piece, so the taaroves &o#t $e muttar.
Shach- ch5) is $oth $' m$5m a! m$s5m. 8e sa's that it is a !avar chasuv a! is#t
+ssur 5’heter- sa's o)' m$5m.
1ri -e(a$im- sa's )ike the Shach.
Chelkas /oav- he &ats to put to+ether ch5) a! ri$is.
B,- (7Fa)- a perso &ats to +ive moe' to $u' (uture harveste! +rapes. 8e &ats to
+ive the moe' o& so he ca +et the (uture pro(its. %he pro$)em is that, i( the +rapes
are#t rea!' to $e $ou+ht 'et, this mi+ht $e a ri$is pro$)em. ,( the +rapes &ou)!#ve $ee
&orth much more, the +ivi+ moe' o& &i)) +et 'ou more moe' )ater, a! that is
ri$is. .ut, i( the +rapes a)rea!' e*ist some&hat the he ca +ive the moe'.
%he +emara !iscusse! &hat is too (ar i a!vace/ i( t&o thi+s are missi+, the 'ou ca
+ive moe' as i( it is 'ours, $ut three thi+s it is too (ar remove! a! it &ou)! $e sa(ek
%he 6he)kas Yoav Auotes the Ramah that a chatichah +e!o)ah is missi+ a maaseh +a!o)
a! there(ore it#s ot ch5) ()ike the Smak). 8e !oes#t ko& &h' p)ucki+ (eathers is
such a $i+ !ea). .' hi)chos ri$is he sho&s that missi+ " me)achos are a !i((eret rea)m
o( 4ai )o5 $' ri$is, there(ore $' the aima), i( it is missi+ " me)achos the it ca#t $e
ch5), $ut 2 or )ess is ch5). 8e sa's that (eathers reAuires, removi+ (eathers, me)ichah a!
$ishu) so there are three steps a! it is too (ar remove!. %his is &a' he e*p)ais the
%he ra& aima) is o)' missi+ 2 steps, so it is a)rea!' ch5). %here(ore, i( 'ou &at to !o
t:)i a! ot me)ichah, the it is o)' missi+ 2 steps a! 'ou !o#t ee! me)ichah, so the
it W3K1D $e a ch5) a! ot $ate).
.avar She'esh Lo -atirim (1)
Shiur 209 Dec 7- (W) P20 YD 102 (1977 R# -oshe Dimmerma9 -orasha <o))e))
.avar She'esh Lo -atirim (DS1-)- c)assic case/ $ei:ah sheo)!ah $#'om tov. %here
are F opiios a$out &h' it is assur (mukt:eh). %his $eit:ah is a DS1- a! is ot $ate) i
a taaroves.
,) DS1- !e(ies the ru)e o( $itu)
,,) DS1- a)so !e(ies the ru)e o( sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah
-achlokes Ran an$ Rashi 4ith the ?,-
What is the svara a$out &h' &e are machmir $' a DS1-B
,) Rashi .eit:ah ("$) (p1)- sa's that DS1- is o)' a !i !era$aa. 8e a)so e*p)ais that
the reaso (or DS1- is that 'ou shoul$n’t eat it b’issur 4hen 'ou can eat it b’heter.
-aharsham- is#t the !i o( $itu) a heterB 8e sa's that DS1- sho&s that there is a
reaso L3% to ho)! o( $itu) a! there is some $#!ieve!.
,( $itu) is a )#chatchi)ah, &h' shou)! there $e a reaso to $e machmir o the $itu)B
Ba$ei 3aShulchan (p7)- ma'$e cha:a) shou)!#ve ma!e a chumrah ot to a))o& $itu) $9c
it &i)) )ea! to #il#ul issurim, $ut the' didn’t $9c the' &ere more a(rai! o( he&se$
mammon 'israel. , a case o( DS1- there is o he(se! mammo a! there(ore the
chachamim &ou)!#ve ma!e a takaah i this area (s)ipper' s)ope theor').
%his he)ps to e*p)ai ho& Rashi is#t sa'i+ that $itu) is a $#!ieve!.
,,) Ran Le!arim (>2a) ;%e):er Ra- too much phi)osoph'=- ;the S509Shach !o#t Auote
the Ra=- there is a (u!ameta) !i((erece $9t $eriah9 ch5) a! DS1-. 0)thou+h
$eriah9ch5) are L3% $ate) i m$m a! m$sm, .SL- is batel in mbsm.
.eriah96851 are !iim o( chashivus so there is o !i((erece $9t m$m a! m$sm.
%he Ra comes to e*p)ai &hat the !i((erece is $9t the !iim o( $eriah a! ch5) vs.
1) %he !am par (+reater) a! !am sair (sma))er) a! the sair is#t $ate) i the taam.
%he cocept o( $itu) is that there is a clash $9t issur a! heter a! the heter &is i( it is
2) %he opiio o( R5Y &ho sa's m$m is#t $itu) is $9c thi+s are too simi)ar a! there is
L3 c)ash. 0ccor!i+ to the Ra$aa- the (act that oe !am is mutar a! oe is assur,
(rom that perspective there is a c)ash a! there(ore 'ou ca have $itu).
") Whe it comes to a DS1-, eve thou+h the chachamim sa' the' o)' ee! a ha)achik
c)ash (assur a! heter), &he the issur is +oi+ to $ecome mutar the e*t !a' ultimatel'
that is ot as much o( a c)ash. %his c)ash is o)' ee!e! $' m$m &here the taam is#t a
c)ash, $ut $' m$s5m there is a)rea!' a taam c)ash a! a ha)achik c)ash is ot ee!e!.
R’ -oshe .immerman- Auote! the 1nei /ehoshua (R# Simo cou)!#t (i! it)- the Ra
has to a+ree to Rashi- the Ra#s svara is o)' a svara i bitul taaroves, $ut the issue is
&h' 'ou !o#t sa' sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah. ;Ra must a+ree to Rashi that there is o
sa(ek )#ku))ah $9c o( 4a! she#tich)ea $#issur tich)ea $#heter.5=
?a&kah -inah b7t Rashi an$ Ran
T#amach T#e$ek (ot the 1u$avitch se(er)- i( 'ou have a tre( $ir! that )ai! a e++ o
'om tov, it has 2 pro$)ems (tre( a! 'om tov) a! the this e++ (e)) ito a taaroves.
Srom the perspective o( DS1-/ the 'om tov issur is /L-, $ut ot the tre( part.
.o 4e sa' that 4e shoul$ 4ait until tomorro4 an$ be m’vatel the issur o& 'om tov,
or b7c the issur tre&ah 4ill never be batel, 4e can eat the taaroves on 'om tov9
1ri -i(a$im (p")/
0) ,( 'ou ho)! )ike Rashi it &ou)! seem that 'ou shou)! &ait uti) tomorro& a! re)' o
oe $itu).
.) 0ccor!i+ to the Ran &ho reAuires a c)ash, the tre(ah shou)! provi!e a c)ash eve o
'om tov, there(ore there shou)! $e $itu) o 'om tov a! the taaroves ca $e eate.
.i&&erences b7t Beriah7C3,L an$ .SL-
1ri -e(a$im (pF)- he sa's that DS1- is sometimes more chamur/
a) DS1- !oes ot ee! to $e sha)em,
$) !e(ies the ru)e o( sa(ek )#chumrah.
<u))os/ $ate) $' m$sm (taam).
Ba$ei 3aShulchan- ((ou! i <an&ei /onah)- (ou! a reaso (or &h' DS1- is#t
$ate)/ peop)e are +oi+ to see these issurim as issure kal, $9c the issur is (a))i+ o((
tomorro&, so the' &i)) vio)ate the issur. %here(ore the chachamim sai! that it is#t $ate).
S&aik S&aikah
We use SS to matir eve issurei !eoritta. %he Auestio is a$out a DS1- SS &here &e
!o#t have the re+u)ar ru)es o( $itu) a! sa(ek !era$aa.
;hat is the $in b' SS .SL-9 7e don’t rely on safek derabanan l’kullah by EA:,
but can we rely on AA8
=]A Cha$ash- &e &at to ko& i( the +rai is cha!ahB Perhaps 'ou ca $e matir, or !o
'ou sa' that it is a DS1- ($9c a(ter Pesach it &i)) $e mutar)B Wh' re)' o it o& i( it &i))
DS1- app)'B
SS- perhaps it is 'asha a! ot cha!ash a! perhaps eve i( it &as ma!e this 'ear, it ma'
$e that it roote! i the previous 'ear (a! o& it ma' $e i a taaroves).
-achlokes Rishonim base$ uon Cemara Beit#ah
Beit#ah ("$)- a e++ is mi*e! ito 1000. %he Auestio is &hat t'pe o( e++ +ot mi*e!
,) Rabbenu Taam (R# Yaacov)- sa's that it is vadai noldah o Yom %ov a! is o)' oe
sa(ek there(ore DS1- app)ies, but if it was a safek noldah then it will be a sfaik sfaikah
and all AAs are mutar even by EA:.
,,) -or$echai (p+ 10) !isa+rees a! sa's that the $eit:ah $ei+ !iscusse! is a safek
issur a! S%,11 the +emara sai! that DS1- app)ies. %his meas that SS !oes L3%
app)' to a case o( DS1-.
+++) Rosh S3NT- &he &e !rik cha!ash $eer a! &e !o#t &ait uti) pesach (or the
:ma o( 'asha- &e have a sa(ek 'asha9cha!ash a! the' &ere treati+ this as a SS
(sa(ek 'asha a! eve i( cha!ash, sa(ek &hether it roote! i the previous 'ear)B
-ahram (B)- sa's SS DS1- is mutar.
Rosh- sa's that SS DS1- is rea))' mutar a! the reaso &h' the +emara i .eit:ah sa's
that the sa(ek e++ &as ot $ate) &as $9c $eit:ah is a e*ceptioa) case ;R5% sai! the
+emara is ta)ki+ a$out a va!a' e++=. %he Rosh sa's that it ca sti)) $e the sa(ek e++ (a!
SS is mutar). S3 &h' is#t it assurB
Shach (p12)- i or!er to have a SS, it ma' ee! that oe issur uit (e)) ito 100 uits a!
(rom those 101 uits the' (e)) ito a 2
$atch. Whe 'ou )ook at the 2
$atch, 'ou !o#t
ko& i( the $a! oe (e)) i a! the 'ou !o#t ko& &hether the thik 'ou are taki+ out
ko& is#t the issur.
SS is usua))' mutar, $ut there is a !i((erece $9t a SS $' sa&ek b’(u& a! a SS $' a sa&ek
b’taaroves. %he Shach sa's that the case o( $eit:ah is ot a rea) SS $9c there is oe sa(ek
a$out the +u( o( the issur (&hether it is a 'om tov e++) a! aother a$out the taaroves
(&hether the e++ 'ou chose &as the issur). We ca#t use oe sa(ek a$out the (u& a!
aother o the taaroves. %his is ot a +oo! SS or e)se it &ou)!#ve $ee +oo!.
;Rosh9Shach is )ike the R5% (or the 8a)acha a! the -or!echai &he e*p)aii+ the
+emara i .eit:ah.=
Be$ek 3aBais (Ra’ah)- (ar+ues o the Rosh)/ the Ra#ah (ee)s that SSs are mutar, so &h'
are#t &e matir $' SSB Ra#ah is#t happ' &ith sa(ek echa! $#+u( etc.
8e sa's that &e o)' sa' SS )#ku))ah $' a !eoritta &he
a) Teshuvas Rashba- it is a $eirur (c)ear)/ usi+ the rov pricip)e,
$) 1ri -e(a$im- i( sa(ek !eoritta )#chumrah is a ra$aa, the a)) sa(ek !eorittas are
!era$aa, the SS is a !era$aa.
%he Ra#ah !oes ot a+ree &ith the svara o( the P5- a! he sa's that a sa(ek !eoritta
)#chumrah is a !i !eoritta. %he o)' time that a SS ca &ork is &he the (irst sa(ek is
$ase! upo a !i !era$aa. ,( the (irst sa(ek is a !i !eoritta the the seco! sa(ek is
o)' a sa(ek o a !eoritta a! ot sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah.
OT/ ,( the e++ (a))s ito oe taaroves a! the ito a 2
taaroves the it is a sa(ek
!era$aa a! SS ca $e sai!.
OT2/ ,( the e++ is a sa(ek !eoritta ($9c o( hachaa !#ra$$ah ;prepari+ (rom Sha$$as to
Yom %ov- a issur !eoritta=) the &e ca#t sa' SS $9c the seco! sa(ek is o a !eoritta@@
Chamet# B’1esach
5S20 isn’t batel only is a !ase of mbm, but in a mbsm !ase it is batel (-an+.
Rambam (p1>)- &rites that DS1- is ot $ate) $' m$sm. 8e sa's that chamet: $#pesach
is is#t $ate) $9c it is a DS1-B 8is chi!!ush is that chamet: is ot $ate) eve i a m$sm
case $9c o( the pasuk 4kol machmet:es )o tochei)u.5 8e sa's that chamet: is !i((eret $'
m$sm a! he seems to $e sa'i+ a chi$$ush a$out other issurim that the' are $ate) $'
Raava$- sa's that it is a misha sh)aima, so &hat is Ram$am#s chi!!ush.
Le!arim- i( 'ou make a e!er a$out a app)e a! the 'ou have that app)e i a taaroves,
!oes $itu) occurB
1) ,s this is a DS1- $9c it ca $e u!oe a! the e!er is retroactive)' u!oe.
0 e!er is ot a DS1- $9c the' are retroactive)' u!oe. 0 DS1- meas that somethi+
that &as assur is o& mutar. .' e!arim, the e!er is cosi!ere! as i( it ever e*iste! so
POR80PS it is ot cosi!ere! a DS1-.
2) 3R99 ma'$e &he the chacham is mater the e!er it is o)' )#ha$ah a! ot
Yerusha)mi (p1C)-$ri+s a )ist o( Y1- a! 0i 1- a! it !eci!es that e!arim is Y1-.
Pei -oshe- thiks that this !epe!s upo the ature o( the hataras chacham, &hether it
is ikar m#ikarah or m#ka u)ha$ah. DS1- meas that oce it &as assur a! o& it is
mutar. ;%he Ra &ou)! sa' that a retroactive $itu) ha#e!er &ou)! ot have a c)ash a!
there(ore it &ou)! L3% $e $ate).=
;h' is .SL- onl' be mb,m9
+) Ran- c)ash
++) Toras Chatas- Auotes the +ssur 5’heter that $eriah is $ate) $' m$sm a! ot m$m.
---- %6 sa's that the ,5H is &ro+ (rom a $u+ i )ettuce (a! this is m$sm). 8e sa's
somethi+ !i((eret that the Ra &ho asks a$out the !i((erece $9t m$m a! m$sm.
-- %6 ar+ues that &he the taaroves is 4ikrah a) shem heter5 it is mutar. .' m$sm the
taaroves is ca))e! $' shem heter so it is mutar, $ut $' m$m it is ca))e! $' shem issur so it
is assur.
Ra$$i Simo thou+ht this sou!e! )ike the .a!ei 8aShu)cha.
Whe the Shach (p20) Auotes this !i- he !oes#t metio the Ra, $ut he Auotes the %6.
S,A sa's that DS1- !oes#t app)' to m$sm.
Ramah- Auotes the -or!echai that e++ &hite i( it is use! )#cha:usa ((or &hitei+ o( the
(oo!) is ot $ate).
Shem an$ Taam
Shach (p19) (102,")- mach)okes Ramah (shemah) a! Shach (taamah uti) C0)- i( 'ou
a)rea!' have C0. 8e sa's &e +o shemah here o)' &here &e !o have C0, $ut up to C0 &e
(o))o& taam a! the mach)okes $9t 0$a'e a! Rava is a(ter C0.
Rav- ch)9 $eriah is a !avar chashuv &hich !ea)s &ith hukar ha#issur a! DS1- &hich is
ot machria )#ku))ah. .' SS there is o )ai!as hasa(ek so !o#t ee! hachriah a!
there(ore it is mutar $e(ore &e eve eter ito the DS1- !iscussio.
DS1-- 'ou ca#t $e machriah )#chumrah- is a SS a )ai!as ha#sa(ek. 0) !oes#t make it as
i( there is a )ai!as hasa(ek or .) there is o )ai!as hasa(ek at a)) a! DS1- &ou)! $e
mutar ((or R% a! the -or!echai)
.avar She'esh Lo -atirim (2)
Shiur 219 Dec 12- (-) P21 /. 122
?e$arim (>7$->7a) ta)ks a$out thi+s that are DS1-/ teve) (&here 'ou ca +ive terumah
eve ver$a))') or maser shei (to po!eh the maser 4$#cho) makom shehu), cha!ash
(mutar o the 2
!a' o( pesach) or hek!esh.
L3L DS1-- k#)ei hakerem a! ur)ah.
Limitations o& .SL-
Rashba (%oras 8a.ais)- has 'eso!os a$out DS1-/
.eit:ah o( sa(ek tre(ah (!uri+ the &eek) (e)) ito a taaroves. %he Auestio is &hether
4)ater5 &e &i)) $e a$)e to te)) i( the aima) &as a tre(ah (ie i( it +ives $irth a+ai or i( it
)ives 12 moths.) 8e sa's that the sa(ek tre(ah is L3% a DS1- a! is $ate).
a) 5a$a' 'avoh- 8e sa's that this is L3% a DS1- $9c it is ot a va!a' +oi+ to $e mutar
at a' poit. %his e++ ma' $ecome assur $9c the aima) is a tre(ah.
$) B’'a$o- i( it is i a perso#s ha!s to !o, that is cosi!ere! a DS1-, $ut i( ot the
it#s ot. Tirchah- is ot $#'a!o.
Cha$ash- is ot comi+ tomorro&, a! it ma' come i a (e& moths, this is a)so a
DS1- eve i( it is 10 moths $e(ore $9c it is 4va$a' 'avoh,5 $ut it mi+ht $e a he(se!
a! there(ore ma' $e $ate).
-or$echai- c) -iskalkel- i( the (oo! &i)) $e ruie! or &i)) have spoi)e!, the it is mutar
to!a'. %his !oes#t mea a )itt)e )ess, $ut speci(ica))' that it is ruie!. %his is $9c DS1-
is a !era$aa.
(RO/ B,3aShulchan sai!, the chachamim &ate! to sa' that the &ho)e cate+or' &as
assur, $ut &e &o#t +o that (ar $9c o( mammo Yisrae)- a! $' Y1- &e !o#t have that
pro$)em, u)ess there is a he(se!.)
Rabbenu /onah/ ,ssur H#heter (pF)- 'ou !i!#t ko& the ha)acha o( DS1- a! 'ou
took the e++ a! cooke! it, i( there is C0 a+aist the e++, ca 'ou eat the rest o( the
D) +s the taam also a .SL- eve thou+h there is $itu)B
0) %he taam o( $eriah is $ate) i C0, a! the taam o& .SL- is also batel as 4ell.
-or$echai (Sha$$as) (p12)- (amous case/ mashki she:avu (oo:e! 2uice o Sha$$as).
%he 2uice is mukt:eh. ,( the (ruit a)rea!' oo:e! out o Sri!a' a! o Sha$$as it &i))
cotiue to oo:e out more. %he mukt:eh is a DS1- so ca , !rik the 2uice o Sha$$as i(
a )ot (e)) $9( Sha$$asB
--,( the item ever e*iste! as a i!epe!et uit, $ut came ito this &or)! into the
taaro$es, the chachamim &ere#t m#take o such a o$2ect.
3eter B’*&en Acher
%akaah o( the Geoim- the poit o( me)ichah is to +et out the $)oo!. %he' sai! that
me)ichah must take p)ace &9i 72 hours o( the shechitah a! the $)oo! &i)) $ecome
em$e!!e! i the meat a! &o#t $e a$)e to $e take out.
,mporte! meat is (ro:e $9( sa)te!- this is a Auestio o( &hether (ree:i+ is a va)i! heter
$9( sa)ti+. (Some poskim sa' (ree:i+ stops the 72 hour process.)
Terumas 3a.eshen- i( 'ou p)a to !o t:)i the 'ou !o#t ee! to sa)t the meat/
D) ,( 'ou he)! meat (or " !a's &9o sa)ti+B ,( this piece o( meat (e)) ito a taaroves is this
)ike a tre( piece o( meat that (e)) i a! &ou)! $e tre(, or is this a DS1- ($9c the meat ca
$e (i*e! throu+h t:)i)B
Perhaps &e shou)! sa' that 'ou have to !o t:)iB
-- DS1- meas 4the removabilit' o& the issur that it has, not that it can become
heter in another manner (heter b’o&en acher).5 %his is ot mutar $9c $ishu) remais
assur eve i( it ca $e sa)te!. %:)i &i)) ot take it out o( that issur o( $ishu), it 2ust cha+es
the situatio.
R’ Al&as sa's that the aima) &as ever assur ($9c it cou)!#ve $ee roaste!.
%he %85D (ee)s the Raviah is the ikkar ;see (urther=.
Ri& (Pesachim)- seems to ar+ue &ith this 'eso!.
1esachim (77a) (p7)- roasti+ 2 pieces i a ove/ oe &as (att' a! oe &as ot. Do &e
thik that the partic)es o( the tre( &et to the other (oo! (sme))). Rav sa's it is assur. 1evi
sa's that 4reichah is )av mi)sah5 a! it is mutar.
Ri& uses a !i((eret sceario/ he !ea)s &ith a case o( a piece o( $rea! &ith meat (ot tre(
a! kosher meat) that are cooke! i the same ove.
8e sa's that eve thou+h reichah )av mi)sah (1evi), sti)) he ca#t eat the $rea! &ith
kutach (!air') $9c the $rea! is a DS1- that cou)! $e eate &9o !air' a! ot re)' o a
$itu) o( partic)es. %his is a Y1- even b’o&en acher accor!i+ to the Ri(. DS1- !oes#t
o)' mea that the !irect issur is +oi+ to $ecome mutar, $ut eve that the (oo! &i))
$ecome mutar. 0s )o+ as 'ou (i! a permissi$)e &a' to eat it, it is a DS1-.
Rabbi Simon- sai! it is 4like5 a DS1-, $ut the Ra rea))' thiks it is a DS1- (a! he
sa's his pshat to e*p)ai this Ri(.)
Raviah- is a+aist the Ri( a! sa's that 4heter $#o(e acher5 is ?*T DS1-.
S,A (p22)- ;Rav 1i(shit: sa's that the S50 shou)! $e the )ast stop o the trai=/
102,2- Rash$a.
102,F- ki)ku)- -or!echai.
Ramah- $ri+s !o& the ,5H.
Ramah- -i( the issur is#t machmas at:moh the it is $ate), there(ore the %85D#s case is
$ate) $9c it is L3% 4issur machmas at:moh.5 Sice the &ho)e issur is (rom the !am i the
meat, the it is#t a machmas at:moh. %his is a kosher piece o( meat &ith a heter.
Shach- attacks this Ramah a! sa's that the reaso &h' the meat &as $ate) i the t:)i case
&as $9c it is L3% 0 DS1- at a)) $9c it#s 4heter $#makom acher5 ()ike the %85D) a!
L3% $9c a DS1- has to $e assur machmas at:moh. 0 DS1- shou)! $e assur eve $' a
$e)ias issur as )o+ as there is a heter at some poit.
Chamet# B’1esach
6hamet: is#t $ate) eve m$sm. Peop)e tr' to $u' mi)k $e(ore pesach so there is o 4:e
v#:e +orem5 o( the chamt: eate $e(ore pesach that causes the mi)k that &as pro!uce!.
+) Rambam (p1")- ;h' is chamet# assur b’mashehu9
,t is a DS1- there(ore it is assur. %his is a chi!!ush $9c DS1- usua))' is ot $ate) $'
m$m, $ut (or chamet: the chachamim &ere +o:er (or m$sm (rom 4ko) machmet:es )o
++) -or$echai (Pesachim) (p")- i& the issur 4ill return some time in the &uture, it is
not a .SL-, even if it will become mutar for a period of time (ie chamet:- &hich &i))
$ecome assur e*t 'ear o Pesach.)
%he reaso &h' chamet: is#t $ate) is $9c o( the chumrah b’chamet# as a issur kares,
there(ore &e are machmir $' chamet: (4$aa) 'eraeh5 etc.).
?-) Rosh (Pesachim)- chamet: o erev pesach a(ter C hours (o the 1F
o( Lissa).
What happes i( the chamet: (a))s ito a taaroves at this 2uctureB ,s it )ike Pesach (a! is
a issur mashehu $9c it is DS1-) a! the chamt: is#t $ate), or is it cosi!ere! )ike
$e(ore Pesach a! $ate) $#C0 ($9c there is ot 'et a issur kares)B
%he Rosh sa's it is $ate) (eve thou+h eati+ the chamet: &ou)! $e a chiuv ma)kos) $9c
the issur &as $ate) $9( Pesach a! this taaroves &ou)! $e mutar o Pesach.
%he Rosh seems to sa' that it is $ate) $9c 4there is o issur kares5 o the chamet: 'et.
;%his seems )ike the -or!echai $9c the chumrah o( chamet: !i!#t 'et app)' there(ore it
shou)! $e $ate), $ut the chamet: is sti)) assur a! a DS1-.=
-- -a' o)' make erev pesach mat:os &he it is $ei+ cooke! (a! make a $racha a!
sa' ha)e)). ,( there is chamet: the there &i)) $e a shai)a $9c erev pesach is a)so a DS1-.
Ran (p17)- 8o& is &aiti+ (or a(ter Pesach a matir $9c there is a issur o( 4chamet:
sheavar a)uv ha#pesach5 eve a(ter PesachB 8e sa's that 4chamet: she#avar a)uv5 is
mutar i a taaroves a! there(ore it &ou)! sti)) $e a DS1-.
(-or!echai-shaah ha$aah $ecomes issur a+ai so it ca#t $e a DS1-.)
Ramah (p27)- Auotes the -or!echai (ot a DS1-) a! there are cho)kim (Ram$am).
%he Ramah a!!s that the (oo! item must $e mutar to the perso &ho &e are sa'i+ it is
ot $ate) (or (&hich is a L- $' a perso &ho &as $#mei:i! a! cooke! (oo! o
Sha$$as.) ;,t is ot a DS1-.--B=
%he +emara sa's that cha!ash is a DS1- $' Le!arim $9c it &i)) $e mutar o the 2
o( Yom %ov. .' DS1- &e !o#t sa' sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah a! it shou)! ot $e $ate).
-enachos (C7$-C9a)- the 1
!a' o( pesach is 1> a! 2
is 1C a! it cou)! $e that 1C is
the (irst !a'. Whe ca 'ou eat the cha!ash- ca 'ou eat it a(ter 1> or 1C (sa(ek 'om).
%he chachamim &ere eati+ e! o( 1C ear)' 17, &hich is the !a' $e(ore the omer o the
($#sa(ek). %he' sai! that cha!ash i 6hut: 1a0ret: is !era$aa a! there(ore the'
!o#t ee! to &ait a! there(ore the' !i!#t &ait to the e! o( the 17
D) 6ha!ash is a DS1- a! &h' !o the' sa' sa(ek )#ku))ahB Shou)!#t the' have &aite!
the e*tra !a'B
-aharam (p20) .eit:ah (i Chi$ushe Anshe Shem o the -or!echai)/
1) %his is a !i((eret t'pe o( sa(ek. We ko& that 1> is the 1
!a', it is ot a rea) sa(ek
a'more. ;e are reall' usin( minha( avosenu b’'a$enu) We are e*perts i the moths
2) 8e sa's that the issur is +oi+ to come $ack e*t 'ear so it#s ot a DS1-.
1ri Cha$ash (p21)- sa's that $' cha!ash there is no ne4 issur the ne%t 'ear, the e*t
'ear LOW PR3DK6O has the issur, ot the o)! pro!uce@@ So he !oes#t u!ersta! the
-or!echai#s 2
Tiltul .SL-
T#lach (&ritte $' Lo!eh .#Yehu!ah) (p29)- .eit:ah o 'om tov/ i( somethi+ is
mukt:ah there are 2 issurim/ 1) ti)tu) a! 2) achi)ah.
*nce there is a taaroves, can + move the e((s or am + 4orrie$ about the .SL-9
%:)ach sa's that it#s mutar $9c DS1- app)ies onl' 4hen 'ou onl' $o somethin( *?C=
a! &he 'ou !o that actio, do it b’heter and not b’issur. DS1- !oes#t mea that &e
ca prevet 'ou to move somethi+ that 'ou &ou)!#ve move! > times, a! &e sa' that
'ou o)' move it F times.
-ishna Bekurim (Rav Dimmerma Auotes)- maser shei (e)) ito a taaroves i
Yerusha)aim, ca 'ou eat it out o( Yerusha)aim &here it is assur $#mashehu.
Bartenura- sa's that it is a DS1- $9c 'ou cou)!#ve eate it i Yerusha)aim. 8e sp)its $9t
a case o( maser shei that (e)) ito the taaroves ,L YORKS8010,- &here it is a DS1-
a! ca#t $e eate outsi!e. .ut, i( it (e)) ito the taaroves outsi!e o( Yerusha)aim the
there is a e*pese to (orce the perso to +o to Yer. to eat the (oo!, a! $' this t'pe o(
case (o( e*pese) the chachamim &ere#t m#take.
%his is )ike the svara o( the Rash$a $' ke)im &hich &ou)! reAuire ha+a)ah, a! it is#t a
DS1-. 0 tircha is#t cosi!ere! a DS1-.
?osen Taam Li&(am (1)
Shiur 229 Dec 1F- (W) P22 /. 123
L%1 is a e*tesio o( %<,, e*cept that L%1 is !iscussi+ a case &here the taam is
Wh' is#t a taam pa+um cosi!ere! a re+u)ar taam a! a issur !eorittaB
1) .evarim (1F,20) (p1-2)- 4)o toch)u ko) evei)ah, l’(er5
2) A,B (C7$) (p"-F)- 41o tocha)/5 &hatever is rau'ah )#+er is ca))e! a evei)ah a!
&hatever is ot rau'ah )#+er is ot ca))e! a evi)ah. 0'thi+ that is i(sa) (rom huma
cosumptio is ot ic)u!e! i the posuk.
.#ai- reAuires pa+um )#+amri
%aam- ee!s 2F hours
,( it is &9i 2F hours the taam +oes ito the (oo! a! a(ter 2F hours the taam is pa+um.
%his is $ase! upo R’ Shimon a! the pasuk o( 4)o toch)u.5 (See +emara 05E (or source
o( &h' this meas 2F hours).
Ran (05E) (p>)/
D) Whe 'ou have a ke!erah that is ot a $e 'omo (a(ter 2F hours) a! o& 'ou are
+oi+ to cook (oo! i it- the taam !i!#t reach aio rau'ah )#achi)ah or e)se 'ou &ou)!#t
&at to eat the (oo! a'more. ,( the taam &as pa+um the it &ou)! $e ni&sal l’achilas
a$am a! &e see that this is#t the caseB
Part 1) We see that there are t&o !i((eret sta!ar!s- i( the macha) is $ei the reAuiremet
is i(sa) m#achi)as a!am, a! $' a k)i &e cosi!er it pa+um at 2F hours &hich is#t the
same )eve) as the $eiB
Part 2) ,( the (oo! is bein, the eater is +oi+ to +et hana’ah i( the issur is#t putri!,
there(ore the (oo! must +et to the )eve) o( putri! to $e mutar. .' taam, eve i( it is#t
i(sa) )#achi)as a!am, the (oo! !oes#t ee! to meet the sta!ar! o( i(sa) $9c i a
taaroves the taam is ot a!!i+ a'thi+ positive a! this is &hat is ee!e! to cosi!er
the taam to $e pa+um. %his is &h' there is a !i((eret sta!ar! $9t the t&o t'pes.
%here(ore, the Ra sa's, i( the !avar ha#assur hels to e%an$ the volume o( the !avar
ha#matur a! the va)ue o( the e*pasio is +reater tha the )oss, the there is a et +ai
a+aist the $a! taam a! the (oo! is L3% cosi!ere! L%1, rather it is a shevach.
;0 $ei ca#t $e eutra), it is either positive or e+ative.=
Rashba (.ais 8a<at:er) (pC-7)- to make L%1 ito a heter 'ou ee!/
Taam Track/ 1) the heter (oo! must $e the rov a! the 2) it is o)' assur $' a taam)
%he o)' issur o( the taam is i( the issur has a positive taam a! L%1 is ot cosi!ere!
Bein Track/ i( the 1) issur is rov the 2) the taam must be utri$ to make the taaroves
mutar $9c the issur is the )ike $ei a! a mere taam pa+um is#t su((iciet.
Perhaps the Ra $oesn’t reAuire rov heter a! eve ro$ issur 4oul$n’t reAuire pa+um
)#+amre. ,( the $ei is a)oe the 'ou ee! pa+um )#+amri.
%he &a' peop)e e*p)ai this mach)okes/ that there are t&o &a's to e*p)ai the partia)
p+am $' taam issur/
1) rayuah l’ger (perhaps -an doesn’t need rov and only a taaroves w/ taam) (Ra) or
2) need ro$ (heter+ (Rash$a).
1ri -i(a$im (-ishpet:os Eahav 610", e! o( 18)- sa's that the Ra a! Rash$a are
R’ Simon& !ven though many 4<r*:5 say there is a machlokes b/t the -an and the
-ashba, -’ Aimon is not convinced that they are arguing. *e thinks that all agree that
you need ro$ heter b/f the taam #agum is enough (e$en the Ran+.
Chamet# on 1esach (?- b7t Ran an$ Rashba 6acc) to the ^rei$’ machlokes8)
R’ *va$iah /ose&- Auotes a stor' o( a &oma cr'i+ (or usi+ chamet: ke)im o Pesach
to make (oo! (or Pesach. 8e to)! her ot to &orr' $9c she &as a Sephar!i &oma a!
there(ore the (oo! &ou)! $e kosher.
L%1 is mutar to eat ()ike a pot a(ter 2F hours) a! a $)ieah is pa+um.
;hat about chamet# on esach9
-echaber- sa's that taam pa+um is mutar eve o pesach.
Ramah- sa's that &e are machmir a! &e sa' that L%1 is assur o Pesach $9c chamet:
is a issur mashehu o pesach.
(0)) a+ree that $9( Pesach i( the taaroves occurre! the it is $ate) a! mutar o Pesach.)
Rashba sa's that L%1 o Pesach is assur ()ike the Ramah).
1ri -i(a$im (cited earlier)- sa's that this Rash$a is )#shitaso. %he Rash$a sa's 'ou ee!
$itu) $#rov (or L%1 to $e e((ective &9o the (oo! $ei+ putri!. 6hamet: is a issur
mashehu a! there&ore there can’t be a heter o& rov so there ca#t $e a heter o( rov o
Pesach. There is no su!h thing 67 '8S/%* of bitul b’ro$.
%he Ra !oes#t reAuire $itu) $#rov a! hece this ca $e the L- $9t the 2.
S,A (10")- Auotes the Rash$a a! the Auotes the Ra#s chi!!ush.
?TL b' issur mashehu
Tose&os (05E CCa) (p11)- i( 'ou have a issur mashehu, is it sha'ach to sa' that 'ou ca#t
sa' L%1 3R9 ca it have $ee masriach a! L%1 sti)) app)ies a! the (oo!#s mutarB
+) Tose&os sa's that issur mashehu meas there is no ?TL.
+) Se&er /eraim (p1C)- sa's that i( it is a issur ko) shehu the ?TL 4on’t be mutar.
++) Terumas 3a.eshen- sa's that 4ha#machmir tuvo a)uv $racha5 $ut it ma' $e that it
can be mutar b' ?TL.
Nekudas >a:achlokes/ Do &e vie& taam pa+um as $etter tha a issur mashehu or otB
<e$erah an$ Aino Ben /omoA ho4 lon(9
%here are 2 opiios i the poskim a$out ke!eirah a! &hat the phrase 4aio $e 'omo
(0.Y)5 meas.
+) 3a(ahos Ashri (p12)- sa's that it 0.Y meas 2F hours 4ma#aes )#aes5 (rom the )ast
time it has time i it.
++) Rashi 05E (C7$) (p")- sa's that the shiur is 4)ias )ai)ah5- oe i+httime.
"" S,A (10",>) (p22)- $ri+s !o& the 2F hour shittah ($ut &e !o use the )ias )ai)ah
shittah (or some !iim.)
A,B (C>$-CCa) Auotes p#sukim (rom parshat -attos ta)ki+ a$out hechser kei)im. %he
+emara asks a$out &h' &e ee! a parsha o( hechser kei)im parsha (or, i( ever'thi+ is
mutar i 2F hours m#!eorittaB
0) %he chachamim ma!e a +e:erah o( 4$as 'omo uto aio $as 'omo.5
,( 'ou are#t machshir kei)im 'ou are o#ver o the +e:erah !#ra$aa, $ut it &ou)! seem
that the (oo! &ou)! sti)) $e (ie $9c the taam &as rea))' pa+um a(ter 2F hours.
Rashba- !isa+rees a! sa's that a k)i use! a(ter 2F hours &9o hechsher creates a
roblem to eat the &oo$)
Rosh- asks &h' 4)ias ha#)ai)ah5 &as a possi$)e shiurB
0) Peop)e !i!#t cook at i+ht, istea! the' &et to s)eep. Sice ever'oe &et to s)eep,
the pots &ere#t use!. %he !isuse causes the pot to $ecome sta)e, a! the use o( the pot
&i)) keep the pot (resh. R5%aam sa's that 'ou ee! the i+ht $9c o( !isuse.
Whe is the 4i+ht,5 at the $e+ii+ o( the i+ht or the e!B
%he Rosh a! Rashi are#t sure a$out it. Perhaps it is )ike ko!shim a! 'ou have to &ait
the &ho)e i+ht.
The Rosh there&ore has an issue 4ith Rashi’s shittah o& :linas ha’lailah),
D) We ko& that i( 'ou cook ko!shim- &he the mori+ comes the the (oo! is osar
a! the taam i the ke)im is a)so oser (a! the ke)im &ou)! have to $e $roke). ,( a)) that
'ou ee! is so& ha’lailah to make the taam pa+um, the 'ou’$ never have to break a kli
$9c it &ou)! $ecome oser a! pa+um at the same timeB
01) Rosh (ee)s that eve i( 'ou )eave the ke)im o( ko!shim uti) pa+um, i the mik!ash
the' &ou)!#t re)' o it.
02) Perhaps i( 'ou cook &ith the k)i cheres at i+ht $ut this is a !ochak.
So this is &h' he is ot happ' &ith Rashi.
%he Rosh sa's that i( 'ou use the k)i that is#t $e 'omo, the kli is assur and the food is
;h' is the &oo$ ermissible9 %his is the heter o( 4techilas beliaso li&(am.5 8ere the
taam &as +oo! i the k)i a! the it $ecame pa+um so that is &h' &e are machmir, $ut
&he the taam &et ito the (oo!, it starte! as p+am so &e !o#t sa' 4aio 'omo uto $e
%his is &h' the Rosh sa's the (oo! is mutar/ $9c the (oo! starte! o(( &ith taam pa+um.
?osen Taam Li&(am (2)
Shiur 2"9 Dec 19- (-) P2" /. 123
,( 'ou use a ke!erah &9i 2F hours it &i)) tre( up the (oo!, $ut a(ter 2F hours a)) the (oo!
is mutar a! the %orah#s parsha o( ha+a)ah &as (or the (irst 2F hours. %he chachamim
&ere m#take that eve a(ter 2F hours there is a chiuv to !o ha+a)ah uto $e(ore 2F hours.
Techilaso Beliaso Li&(am
Rashba (p")- ;(rom Rabenu /it#chak= there are 2 t'pes o( ha+a)ah/
1) a &ork is put i a pot o( hot &ater a! the the taam o( the hot (ork +oes ito the &ater
2) i( the ot itsel& is tre( 'ou $oi) &ater i the pot itse)( a! the taam comes out.
0' ha+a)ah !oe &9i 2F hours is $ei+ !oe o a taam lishvach.
D) %he taam ma' come out, $ut the it +oes ri+ht $ack iB
0) %he (ork &ou)! take $ack &hat it re+ur+itates.
D) %he k)i is#t a avi to ko& &hat it re+ur+itate! a! &hat it !i!#t. %he pot is +oi+ to
take i &hat it )et out.
0) %here are 2 possi$i)ities/
1) that there must $e C0 times i the &ater compare! to the sma)) utesi), $ut i( there &ere
$i+ pots the 'ou &o#t have C0 times isi!e the pot as compare! to the pot &a))s a!
there(ore the k)ei -i!ia !i!#t use $i+ ke)im.
2) Perhaps to use a $i+ k)i 'ou have to )eave it (or 2F hours.
So &hat !i! 'ou accomp)ishhthe taam is a)rea!' pa+um a! the 'ou ca put it i a )ess
tha C0 times mi*ture.
D) .ut the &hat !i! 'ou accomp)ish, $e(ore the ha+a)ah there &as a taam pa+um i the
k)i a! a(ter the ha+a)ah the taam &as a)so pa+umB
0) U1ike the RoshV %he (irst time that the taam &et ito the k)i &as )#shvach (techilas
beliaso l’shvach) a! a(ter the ha+a)ah the techi)as $e)iaso &i)) $e )i(+am. %his &as the
reaso (or the !era$aa. Whe it is techi)as $e)iaso )i(+am there is o chiuv 4eve5
!era$aa to !o ha+a)ah.
Rosh ;Pesachim p+2>0 (2,7)= (p12)- is !ea)i+ &ith the same Auestio as the Rash$a,
ho& !o 'ou kasher somethi+ i( it $ecomes re-a$sor$e! i( somethi+ is ot $5'.
,( it is ot $5' the the k)i ca $e kashere! &9o C0 times &ater $9c i( the taam is pa+um
the the taam comi+ $ack ito the pot is L0% $ar L0% (ose taam $ar ose taam).
+& 'ou 4ant to be machshir a kli in a tre& kli a&ter 2! hours
D) ,( &e sa' that 'ou ca#t use a aio $e 'omo to cook, &h' ca &e use it to !o
0) %he o)' reaso that cooki+ is assur is 4uto cooki+ i it $e 'omo5 &hich is a issur
!eoritta. .' hechsher ke)im, eve i( , use the tre( k)i a(ter 2F hours, the ma*imum issur
that ca come out o( the pot is the a L0% $ar L0%. .' $ishu), the (ear is a &orse case
sceario o( maki+ (oo! tre(.
You &at to use a tre( !ish&asher/
1) i( it is stai)ess stee)- !o a heat c'c)e.
2) porce)i is a pro$)em to kasher
+(ros -oshe (p+ 17-19) Auotes R’ .ovi$ Meinstein- sai! (rom this Rash$a that 2ust as
the ha+a)ah k)i !oes#t ee! hechsher (irst, so too the !ish&asher. %here(ore, a(ter 2F
hours the !ish&asher shou)! $e mutar &9o a'thi+. %he Rosh &as o)' cocere! a$out
the pot (that there &ou)! $e cooki+ i it) a! ot the hechsher k)i. ,( 'ou &at to put i
hot &ater to c)ea it, it#s (ie.
R’ -oshe &as#t rea!' to accept this k)i $9c 'ou are usi+ it (or 'our o& t#oruch a!
this is eou+h to imp)' that the +e:erah &ou)! a)so app)' $' this case a! it &ou)! $e
;, !o#t u!ersta! the !i((erece o( t:oruch $' a !ish&asher a! that o( a ha+a)ah pot,
&hich is mutarB=
R’ Shachter- is (o! o( Auoti+ R# Dovi!.
%he psak i this area !epe!s o the situatio a! the peop)e ivo)ve!.
R’ Aba$e- sai! that he $oesn’t even nee$ to 4ait 2! hours $ase! o the Rash$a $9c
there is soap i the !ish&asher a! there is techi)as $e)iaso )i(+am.
%he pro$)em is/ 1) is a)) soap cosi!ere! pa+um (caustic) a! 2) &hether &he the (irst
!ish&asher c'c)e- the &ater is re)ease! $e(ore the soap is re)ease! a! the there is a
$e)iah $e(ore the soap is use!.
;R’ <one(sber( sai! that perhaps R# 0$a!e &ou)! sa' that it is a)) oe process.=
R’ Shachter sa's the soap must $e caustic soap to $e cosi!ere! pa+um.
-a(en Ba’a$e (Sephar!ic %eshuva) (p2")- he he)! that a)) the taam is a)) pa+um i the
!ish&asher a! there(ore mi)k a! meat ke)im ca $e put to+ether i the !ish&asher.
This is not the /shkenazi! minhag.
.oes the (e#erah ben 'omo ever e%ire9
Chacham T#vi (p"0)- there is a (e#erah aino 'omo uto ben 'omo, $ut !oes that
+e:erah ever e!B Do &e ever sa' that the taam is as i( it is#t there a! it is mutar to
D) %here &as a k)i that ha! chamet: cooke! i it t&o 'ears ear)ier a! the (ami)'
acci!eta))' use! the pot o PesachB
1) %his is a mach)okes -echa$er9Remah (see ear)ier shir) a! $9c the pot &as use! 3L
POS068 the $itu) &ou)! ot take p)ace accor!i+ to the Remah, there(ore the 0shkea:
poskim &ou)! sa' that the (oo! is assur.
2) %he 6hacham %:vi sai! that it !oes#t make sese that the taam &i)) $e assur
m#!era$aa &orever. %here must $e a )imit to this +e:erah. 8e sa's that the Remah
&ou)! a+ree that 12 months shoul$ be the cut"o&& oint.
The (e#erah is onl' &or a 12 month erio$ an$ then the taam is like ahar $’almah)
65%: $ase! his psak o a +emara i A,B ("Fa) (p29)- &here tre( &ie &as )e(t i $arre)s.
%he $arre)s ca $e use! 12 moths a(ter the taam9&ie +oes a&a'. ;Some sa' this !i is
o)' a$out &ie, $ut the 6hacham %:vi e*te!s this !i to other cases.=
R’ -oshe sa's that 'ou shou)! 1) &ait a 'ear ($9c o( he(se!) a! the 2) $e mosi(
ha+a)ah " times $ase! upo the Yerusha)mi %erumos.
/erushalmi Terumos- sa's that ha+a)ah " times ca matir eve a k)i cheres.
Chacham T#vi (p"1) the sa's/
D) Who sa's that &e make a +e:erah o)' up to 12 moths, perhaps there is a +e:erah
a(ter 12 moths (or (ear o( usi+ it $9( 12 mothsB
0) /a'in nesechA even the ben 'omo 4as assur even b’$ieve$) Sor 12 moths it is
assur to use the $arre)s o( 'a'i esech at a)). ,( a(ter 12 moths &e sa' it is mutar
)#chatchi)ah, there is a clear $i&&erence b7t the heter erio$ an$ the issur erio$)
-- Tre& kli a&ter 2! hours/ a(ter 2F hours it is mutar $#!ieve! a! this ku))ah &ou)! sa'
that a(ter a 'ear it &ou)! $e )#chatchi)ah. %he 65%: sa's that i this case he &i)) L3%
make a +e:erah $9c there is not a clear $i&&erentiation b7t the issur erio$ an$ the
heter erio$)
-- Chamet# B’1esach accor$in( to the Remah/ &ou)! $e mutar $9c there is a stro+
!istictio $9t the issur perio! (eve $#!ieve! it is assur) a! the maki+ it mutar
)#chatchi)ah &ou)! u!ermie the +e:erah.
BNT, accor!i+ to the -echaber &here the pot is mutar $#!ieve! uti) 12 moths a!
the it is mutar )#chatchi)ah, the 6hacham %:vi &ou)! sa' the +e:erah &ou)! sti)) app)'.
;hat i& 'ou are (ettin( somethin( &rom a (o'9
,( the +o' has kosher (oo!, $ut he has tre( ke)im that have#t $ee use! (or 2F hours. You
ca#t te)) a +o' to cook (or 'ou, $ut i( he !i! cook, ca 'ou eat that (oo!B
Toras Chatas (p>)- Remah Auotes the Shaare Durah sa's that i( the +o' cooke! kosher i
a k)i that &as aio $e 'omo, 'ou ca eat the (oo! )#chatchi)ah $9c the +o' !oes#t have a
Rashba sa's that te))i+ a +o' to cook (or 'ou is )ike 'ou cooke! i that pot.
Tose&os 05E (p11)- the (amous case o( the mar!ah (spatu))ah) use! (or o-kosher (oo!.
D) ,( the mar!ah is o& c)ea a! has#t $ee use! (or 2F hours, ca the +o' use it to
remove kosher (oo! (rom the ove (or the Je&B
0) %he +o' is ot +oi+ to make t&o mar!ah#s (or the Je&, there(ore it is mutar to a))o&
the +o' to +et the $rea! &ith this mar!ah (the Je& ca#t use it).
-echaber Auotes this %ose(os
;Rashba &ou)! sa' &here the +o' &as $ei+ aske! to +et the $rea! out, it is assur to eat.=
+(ros -oshe (p2>)- R# -oshe has a Auestio a$out a mar+arie (actor'. Over' Sri!a'
the' &ou)! c)ea the machier' $' usi+ $oi)i+ &ater throu+h the machier'. %he'
&ou)! the ope o -o!a' mori+. %here is o mash+iach &ho ca sta' i the p)at
o Sri!a' a(teroo to see the ha+a)ah o Sri!a' a! the the kosher $atch is put o ear)'
-o!a' mori+. 6a the mash+iach assume that a proper ha+a)ah &as !oe.
1) ,( the )a& is (the 0merica )a&) that there must $e a ha+a)ah the &e ca assume that
there &as a proper ha+a)ah.
2) Rea))' o ha+a)ah is ee!e!, o)' that it is c)ea. %he issur is o the $ishu) a! the
akum !oes#t have a issur o( usi+ ke)im that are#t $#ei 'oma. %his is a +o'#s (actor'
so ha+a)ah is#t ee!e!.
Chamu$e .aniel7 Rashba (p7)- to cook &ith a k)i that is#t $e 'omo, &e &ere tau+ht
that the (oo! is a)&a's mutar. %he Rash$a sa's that usi+ the (oo! (rom the pot i( !oe
$#mei:i! (&hether a Je& or a Go') is assur. ,t is a vio)atio o( 0-,1 a! there(ore
a'oe &ho te))s a Go' to cook i a aio $e 'omo, the (oo! is assur. You ca L3% te))
a +o' to take $rea! &ith his ke)im
R’ -oshe sa's that &e !o#t ho)! )ike that Rash$a ;at the e! o( the mar+arie teshuvah.=
Chi$$ush o& the -inchas /aakovA the (e#erah never alie$ to a kli cheres
-inchas /aakov- perhaps aio $e 'omo uto $e 'omo !oes#t app)' to a k)i cheres $9c
perhaps the +e:erah &as o)' o a meta) k)i. %he chachamim !i!#t &at peop)e to thro&
out !ishes. %he +e:erah &as to (orce peop)e to !o ha+a)ah.
-a' 0chroim are a+aist the -ichas Yaakov.
Some hechsherim &i)) !o ha+a)ah &ith soap that is L%1 so the' ca u!ermie the chiuv
to &ait 2F hours.
?osen Taam Li&(am (3)
Shiur 2F9 Dec 21- (W) P2F /. 123
.evarim (1F,21) (p1-2)/ 4)o toch)u ko) evei)ah, )#+er5 ;'ou ca +et haaah (rom
A,B (C7$) (p"-F) 4ko) harau'a )#+er5- o)' evei)ah that is rau' )#+er is assur, $ut i( it
is#t the pukah issurah (the issur o( evei)ah !oes#t app)' o the issur.)
1esachim (2F$-2>a) (p>)- i or!er to +et ma)kos (or ma#acha)os asuros 'ou must eat it i
the orma) &a'. ,( peop)e &ou)! ot eat the issur ra& or $uri+ hot, 'ou &o#t +et
ma)kos (or this achi)ah. %he chiuv ma)kos is $ase! upo eati+ it i the 4!erech5 that it is
orma))' eate.
There are ) e3!e#tions to this rule/ a) k#)ei hakerem a! $) $asar $#cha)av.
, these 2 cases, the %orah ever e*presses the issur i a )a+ua+e o( 4achi)ah5 $ut o)' i
other )a+ua+e (e+. $ishu)). .9c o( this, eve i( the issur is#t eate i the 4!erech5 o(
achi)ah, 'ou &i)) sti)) +et ma)kos.
D) Are these 2 su('os relate$9
%his is a ver' (u!ameta) mach)okes o( the <resi a! 6havas Daas/
L5- 1) ,s .5. o)' a e*ceptio i !erech achi)ah (Pesachim) or is it a)so a e*ceptio
to 4i(sa) ma#achi)as a!am5 as &e))B
L5- 2) 0re the processes reversi$)eB ,s i(sa) irreversi$)e a! 4she)o k#!erech5
+) Chavas .aas (p9)" %he simp)e pshat is that these 2 su+'os have othi+ to !o &ith
each other $9c their !iim come (rom 2 !i((eret pesukim. , Pesachim the meat is (ie,
$ut ot rau'ah to eat a! i 05E it is a$out i(sa) meat (a rotte piece o( meat). Ove
thou+h $5$ is eate ra& 'ou !o#t +et ma)kos, i( it is i(sa) the it is#t ca))e! evei)ah.
3e is 4she)o k#!erech5 a! oe is 4i(sa).5 ,( $5$ is i(sa) the it is mutar.
6Toras Chaim- i( 'ou s&a))o& somethi+ &9o che&i+ is it 4she)o k#!erech achi)asoB5=
++) <resi71lesi" sa's $ase! upo the Ram$am that i(sa) is she)o k#!erech. %he P)esi
coects the su+'os a! sa's that the chumrah o $#$ a! k#h that is state! i Pesachim
a$out 4she)o k#!erech5 is a)so e*te!e! to i(sa) (a! $#$ !oes#t have the heter o( aio
rau'ah )#+er.)
Rambam (pC)- 'ou must eat the issur 4!erech haa#ah5 e*cept (or .5. a! <58 &here
haa#ah is#t &ritte.
8e the sa's that somethi+ that is 4israch5 $' $5$ a! k5h 'ou &i)) $e cha'ev (or it b7c
he inclu$es nisrach in his list o& :shelo k’$erech), .#$ a! k#h are there(ore a)so
e*ceptios to the !erech achi)ah ru)e.
8o& ca the 65D e*p)ai the Ram$amB
Bechoros (2"$)- $ri+s a mach)okes at iterpreti+ the pasuk o( 4)o toch)u ko) evei)ah,
)#+er/5 oe maa !e#amar sa's that it comes (or aio rau'ah a! the other sa's it is to
e*c)u!e saruach m#ikkarah. %he Ram$am must $e usi+ the pasuk (or saruach m#ikkarah.
-a’a$ane Asher-
D) Does the P)esi mea to sa' i( 'ou have a !is+usti+ $#$ 'ou +et ma)kos $9c it is $ai
or !oes it eve app)' to taamB ,( 'ou have a pot o( $#$ a(ter 2F hours is there is o heterB
0) Ove the P)esi &ou)!#t app)' his issur $' 4taam $#a)mah.5 .' taam it is o)' $' taam
m#shu$ach a! o)' $' $ei it ee!s israch.
+mrei Baruch- D) asks o the Ram$am &ho sa's there is a !i o( t5) ($' !evash) &hich
&as ot a case o( saruach m#ikkarahB
-aa$ane Asher- 0) the Auestio is &hether the taam &as po+em the !evash or ot.
,( the &ho)e thi+ is taam the a)) &i)) a+ree that the issur o( $#$ &ou)!#t app)', o)' $'
a $ai, eve $' israch, &ou)! it app)'.
Chavas .aas- a)so sa's that somethi+ that is 4she)o k#!erech5 is reversi$)e, &hi)e
4i(sa)5 is ot reversi$)e $9c it is 4pukah issurah5 (the issur &as remove!). 4She)o
k#!erech5 is a pro$)em i the +avrah (ie/ the meat is ra&, so o& it is ot !erech, $ut it
ca $e cooke!.) 65D sa's that she)o k#!erech is !i((eret (rom i(sa). Ge)ati is pukah
-- This is crucial &or the (elatin @uestion 4hich 4as ni&sal an$ is then reconstitute$)
The C,. 4oul$ sa' that this is not issur an'more)
.ase! upo this 65D, accor!i+ to the Ram$am9<resi &ho sa' that the +emaras i 05E
a! Pesachim are rea))' oe 2oit +emara, the' &i)) sa' that/ 2ust )ike i the +emara o(
Pesachim, (oo! eate i a aio reu'ah (ashio ca sure)' $e (i*e! (e+ ra& (oo! cooke!),
the' &i)) a)so sa' i 05E that a piece o( meat that &as israch, i( it &as recostitute!, &i))
re+ai its issur@@
Rambam- i( 'ou sa' )ike the Ram$am that the cate+or' o( aio rau'ah )#+er ic)u!es
israch the there is a pro$)em o( +e)ati.
R’ Ahron <otler- i his teshuva to assur +e)ati uses the <resi9Ram$am.
- ,( the psak &as usi+ shitas Ram$am, the +e)ati &ou)! $e issur +amur. %he 65D ca#t
rea! his pshat i the Ram$am a! there(ore &ou)! have to ho)! )ike other Rishoim.
R’ Chaim *#er- &as the matir
R’ Simon- (e)t that the 65D &as correct (or ma' 'ears a! o& he (ee)s that this is ot
&hat the Ram$am sai!, there(ore he is ot so c)ear that the +e)ati is mutar accor!i+ to
the Ram$am.
+s there an issur $erabanan b' ni&sal9
D) ,( somethi+ is i(sa) me#achi)ah, is it assur to use m#!era$aa (&hether &e are
assumi+ )ike the P)esi ;R#0hro= or the 65D) $9c o( achsheveiB
%his is a importat issue (or +e)ati a! is a)so re)evat (or Auestios re+ar!i+
me!icie, &hether the me!icie is a o#che) a! &hether achshevei app)iesB
,s achshevei a+ree! upo to a)) opiiosB
1esachim (21$)- i( 'ou char $rea! $9( Pesach a! it is o& i(sa), it )oses its shem
chamet: o pesach a! it is mutar $#haa#ah.
Rosh (p1>)- D) &h' !oes#t the +emara sa' it is mutar (or achilahB Wh' !oes it sa'
4mutar $#haaahB5
0) %he Rosh sa's that some sa' it is a)so mutar (or achi)ah, $ut this is not mistaber) 8e
sa's 4i& 'ou $eci$e to eat it then it is assur, (it seems m#!era$aa a! some ma' sa' it
is !eoritta.) %he Rosh !oes#t use the term achshevei.
Baal 3a-aor- %here are ma' Rishoim sa' that this is ot true- $9c charre! $rea! is
not usually eaten, a! the $rea! mi+ht a)so $e mutar )#achi)ah, $ut it is#t !erech to eat it.
%hat is &h' the +emara uses the )asho o( haa#ah, i a )av !avkah (orm.
Ran- a)so sa's that it is mutar (or achi)ah.
-- %hese shitos &ou)!#t ho)! o( achshevei.
Eo we hold like the -osh and not the -an8
Terumos 3a.eshen S8K%- usi+ ik (ma!e (rom $ar)e') o Pesach- ca 'ou use a pe
(rom this aio rau'ah )#achi)ah o PesachB 8e Auotes the Rosh a! uses the )asho o(
a!hshe$ei !iscussi+ the Rosh. ;1ater the %a: uses this )asho.= 8e sa's that this is o)'
(or !erech achi)ah, $ut i( ot, the the !i o( achshevei !oes#t app)'.
S,A (p19) (356 FF2,10)- Auotes the %58 a! sa's that 'ou are a))o&e! to &rite &ith
such a pe. ,t is uc)ear &hether he is usi+ the shitas Rosh or eve the .aa) 8a-aor.
Ta#- uses the )asho o( achshevei.
-,A (p19)- e*p)ais the %58, that the ik is#t $ei+ eate &ith machshavah to eat.
You are ot eati+ it (or achi)ah.
Sha(as Ar'eh (p21)- ;machmir= sa's that is it assur a! it is achshevei $' me!icie
(pro$a$)' m#!era$aa).
R’ -oshe- sa's that achshevei is#t sha'ach (or me!icie, o)' (oo! items. Soo! is $ei+
take (or achi)ah, $ut me!icie is ot a! there(ore it !oes#t matter a$out tar(us or other.
R’ Belski- eve thou+h me!icie is mutar, R# -oshe sai! that vitamis &ou)! ot $e
mutar $9c 'ou are tr'i+ to supp)emet 'our (oo! a! ot )ike me!icie to cure 'our
pro$)ems. %his is )ike (oo! a! 'ou shou)! tr' to +et those that are kosher.
Shitas Rambam
Achronim- sa' that achshevei mi+ht $e the shitas Ram$am (p2>) a! perhaps she)o
k#!erech &ou)! $e mutar, $ut it &ou)! sti)) $e assur $9c o( achshevei.
Rambam- i( 'ou eat evei)ah or tre(ah (the $oes) eve thou+h the' are#t rau' )#achi)ah
it#s assur a! R# 0hro sa's that this is $9c o( achshevei.
.' at:amos- the Ram$am !oes#t sa' it is a !avar assur a! &e !o#t ee! $itu), $ut he
o)' sa's that the' are assur themse)ves. %he Ram$am#s shitah has othi+ to !o &ith the
issue o( mit:tare(, $ut o)' the issur o( eati+ them, &hich &ou)! $e (rom achshevei.
;See shiur o 0t:amos/ *,Baruah- sa's that the $oes are eutra).=
Che4able me$icines- ot a pro$)em )ike 65D, $ut perhaps pro$)em to <resi.
1ri Cha$ash(p27)- paskis that there is o !i o( achshevei )ike the Ra a! .58.
8e sa's that the reaso &h' issurei i(sa) are assur is 4$aa) teshakt:u5 (me!icie
&ou)!#t $e teshakt:u a! there(ore &ou)! $e a pro$)em a! he sa's that there is o !i
achshevei a! &e !o#t ho)! )ike the Rosh).
Cha#on +sh (p29)- Auotes the Pri 6ha!ash/ > thi+s
+ssurei achilah that are ni&sal/ ;he cou)!#ve Auote! the mach)okes Rosh a! .58,
istea! he= Auotes the 1ri Cha$ash a! sa's that the' is mutar.
-- 8e sa's that eve those &ho &at to sa' achshevei is assur is o)' $' chamet: )ike the
%58 (&ho 831DS o( achshevei) $9c he sa's that &e ca sa' achshevei $' chamet: a!
ot $' ma#acha)os assuros (a! the chamet: o& $ecomes chamet: !era$aa).
-a)$im- s'as that the aima) that 0vraham 4ma!e,5 a! &as#t orma))' ma!e.
Bach- &ats to u!ersta! ho& achshevei &orks. Wh' shou)! there $e a !i o( achshevei
oce it is i(sa)B 8e sa's that there has to $e a limit o& achshevei a! that &he it hits
afar b’almah the it is#t achshevei. Perhaps i( it is e!i$)e i its state, it ca have
achshevei, but somethin( totall' utri$ that even in a taaroves 4oul$n’t be e$ible,
$oesn’t have the $in o& achshevei. 8e sa's there is o !i !era$aa o this either.
-- .ach sa's that certai thi+s that &e !o#t eve sa' achshevei a! other thi+s perhaps
'ou ca !iscuss.
R’ Aba$e thiks that this .ach is a+aist the %58 (ik teshuva). %he .ach &ou)!#t ee!
the svara o( the %58 to sa' the ik is mutar.
?osen Taam Li&(am (!)
Shiur 2>9 Dec 2C- (-) P2> /. 123
A,B (C7a)- &hat i( the (oo! is 4shvach a! the pa+um5 or 4pa+um a! the shvach.5
%he +emara Auotes a case o( 4shevach a! the pa+um5 a! sa's it is assur.
S,A (p2)- sa's it is assur $' either o( these cases.
;hen $oes it become assur9 +s it assur imme$iatel' or onl' later on9
Shach- sa's the taaroves is o)' assur oce it is hish$each, $ut $9( that it is mutar@ But, i(
it is shvach a! the pa+um it is a)&a's assur at the e!.
1ri Cha$ash- sa's that the taaroves is eve assur !uri+ the pa+um perio!.
Rav Soloveichik- &e u!ersta! the P56 $9c the p+am is treate! the same &a' the &ho)e
time, $ut &hat is the svara o( the ShachB
Chi$$ush/ 4=in bitul ela me’techilas ha’taaroves5- &he the taaroves is ma!e, the
$itu) has to set i imme!iate)', or it &o#t set i. ,( it is mash$each (irst, the it#)) a)&a's
$e assur. .ut, i( it starts pa+um the the taaroves is mutar a! the it ca $ecome assur.
1roo& 1A Shach
1roo& 2A -echaber- 4e(shar )#sochto assur5 meat has mi)k i it a! cooke! i cor 70
times, $ut &hat a$out the piece o( meatB 4O(shar )#sochto5 teaches that the piece o( meat
remais issur. %he Rav )ears (rom here, 4ei $itu)5 $9c the $itu) must come me#techi)ah.
Duestions a(ainst this 'eso$/
D1) 4A-+L5 seems a+aist this 'eso! $9c there ca $e $itu) ca $e a(ter the taaroves is
a)rea!' (orme!, $#!e#eve!.
0) %he Rav sa's that 4tose(es heter5 $ecomes like the ne- taaro$es.
D2) Beriah is ot $ate)- $ut i( it $reaks up eve after-ard the it is $ate).
0) %he Rav sa's that m#!era$aa &e sa' as i( it#s ot i the taaroves a! ot $#ei.
R’ Simon &ou)! rather as&er up the other t&o proo(s tha sa' the Rav#s chi!!ush/
D) 8o& !o 'ou as&er the Shach a! e(shar )#sochtoB
1) O(shar )#sochto ca $e $9c 'ou ca ever $e sure that it &as (u))' remove!.
2) %he Shach ca $e e*p)aie! $' the 1ri -e(a$im (pF)/ that the Shach is pro$a$)' a !i
!era$aa, $9c 'ou !o#t &at to $e matir thi+s that are mush$ach m#techi)aso.
Chaserah -elech7 /eserah -elech
A,B (C7a)- i( 'ou have somethi+ that is pa+um a! the o)' reaso it is pa+um is
$ecause o( a !avar mutar (ie sa)t) to make the taaroves pa+um, $ut i( the sa)t &as#t there
the it &ou)!#t have $ee pa+um. %he sa)t is a !avar mutar.
S,A (10",")- $ri+s !o& the cases a! is maki) ()ike the 2
!eah o( R51) a! sa's that
eve the o per(ect taaroves (pa+um) is mutar.
Boilin( hot 4ater in a ot that 4as last use$ &or tre& an$ is 4aitin( 2! hours9
0 pot use! (or issur at 90- a! the &ater at 110-, !oes the 2F hour perio! $e+i (rom
9 or 11 $9c at 11 the taam o( the meat &i)) come ito the &ater a! +o $ack ito the pot,
perhaps &e shou)! start the c)ock a+ai.
Se&er 3aTerumah (p11)- the &ater is C?? a! the pot is rein&use$ &ith the issur (&9o
C0). %he &ater o& is )ike a piece o( evei)ah a! 'ou must restart the 2F hours.
3o4ever, 6LL o)' app)ies &he tre(us &as cooke! i the pot a! the &ater &as
cooke! i it, $ut i( kosher meat &as use! at 90-, at 12P- 'ou use! &ater i the pot a!
the 10 0- the e*t !a' 'ou use! mi)k i the pot, !i! the &ater reivi+orate the issurB
?o, &e !o#t sa' 6LL $' heter there(ore the &a))s o( the pot &o#t $e re-i(use! &ith
the heter. %he meat taam e!s at 90- the e*t !a'.
%he Se(er 8a%erumah#s shittah assumes that 6LL app)ies $' sha#ar issurim ()ike R5%).
Smak- sa's that there are ma' maki)im i this case a! sa' that the pot is mutar. %he
taaroves is mutar $9c the taam o( the issur is ot a $e 'omo.
,t is uc)ear &hether this shitah is o)' accor!i+ to those &ho sa' 6LL o)' $' .. or
eve accor!i+ to those opiios that ho)! o( 6LL $' sha#ar issurim.
S,A (p1>)- i( a ke!erah ha! meat a! mi)k cooke! i it a! the the same !a' &ater &as
cooke! i the pot, &e start the 2F hour e)5e perio! (rom the e! o( the &ater cooki+.
-- We ca imp)' (rom the S50 that i( there &as )ias )ai)ah $9t the .. a! the &ater that
the starti+ time &ou)! $e the time &he the .. stoppe! cooki+ e)5e.
Remah" a!!s/ i( a pot &as use! (or meat at i+ht a! the e*t !a' at 70- it &as use! (or
mi)k (a(ter )ias )ai)ah) a! the (or &ater at 90-/ at 70- the pot $ecomes .. (a! &e
!o#t ho)! )ike Rashi &ho sa's )ias )ai)ah creates p+am), .K% the Remah is maki) a!
sa's that the e)5e +oes (rom 70- a! that he &i)) ho)! )ike the Smak a! Rashi to sa'
that the ke!erah itse)( !oes#t have it#s e)5e e*te!e!, eve thou+h the (oo! cooke! i the
pot is assur $9c o( ... %he Remah sa's that )ias )ai)ah at a' poit o( the process creates
a ear)ier e)5e (es )#esP2F hour) perio!.
Shach (p17) Auotes the .5Y a! sa's that &ater ca#t $e 6LL $' havi+ the $e)iah o(
.. $9c 6LL ca o)' $e (orme! i .. &he (ormi+ the issur (putti+ the meat a!
mi)k to+ether). %he Shach (ee)s that the Se(er 8a%erumah#s !i mi+ht ot $e $ase! upo
6LL at a)).
B,/- !oes#t ho)! o( 6LL $' sha#ar issurim.
Cileon -aharsha- i( the stu(( came i (resh the it &ou)! $e a pro$)em a! he (ee)s that
the &ater !oes re-ivi+orate the pot. ULat $ar Lat &ou)!#t app)' $9c it#s issur a! at $ar
at !#issurah is a)&a's assur.V
Sic' Thin(s
A,B ("9)- 'ou ca#t +et a t'pe o( sharp p)at (chi)kis) (rom a +o', $9c it cou)!#ve $ee
cut &ith a tre( ki(e. Ove thou+h &e assume $5', &he !ea)i+ &ith sharp (oo!s, &e
assume that the taam ca $e rema!e shevach eve a(ter 2F hours. %he (oo! ca pu)) out
the taam a! make a techias hamasim.
;hat about onionsB
Tose&os opiio 1/ sa's it is a)so oios
Tose&os opiio 2/ it !oes#t ic)u!e oios, o)' chi)kis.
-or$echai- this app)ies to a)) spic' thi+s that are simi)ar to chi)kis.
Ritvah (05E) Auotes the Ra’ah- &ho !eies this !i that somethi+ spic' ca re-
eer+i:e a pa+um taam ;)ike the 65Daas &ou)! sa'=. ,t is a)rea!' pa+um, so ho& ca it
come $ack.
Ran sa's there are 2 tracks to aio $e 'omo/ 1) p+am +amre a! 2) p+am purta. 0 p+am
purta, a)thou+h it is p+am, it ca have a 4techias hamesim,5 &hi)e a p+am )#+amre ca#t.
Ra’ah- !isa+rees a! sa's there are ot 2 tracks to p+am a! there(ore &he it is pa+um
it is saruach a! there is o 4techi'as hamesim5 a! the taam is )ike a(ar.
Ra’ah sa's that the +emara 05E mi+ht $e ta)ki+ a$out a case &here the ki(e &as !irt'
&ith $ei +rease a! the chi)kis is +ivi+ taam to that +rease )#shevach. 3ce the taam is
i(sa), the tre( ki(e &o#t e((ect a'thi+.
Perhaps the Ra#ah is )#shitaso.
Teshuvas Rashba/ case there &as !avar chari( a! ot chi)kis/ the chari(us &o#t $e a$)e
to make the $5' shevach u)ess there is a )ot o( !avar chari( i the taaroves.
Teshuvas Rashba (p2F)- perhaps it is o)' $' chi)kus.
S,A (p1>) (10",C)- sa's that chi)kus makes it chari(.
Shach sa's that the spic'ess has to $e the ma2orit' i the pot.
?osen Taam Li&(am (H)
Shiur 2C9 Dec 27- (W) P2C /. 12!
A,B (C9$)- a mouse that (e)) ito a $arre) o( co)! $eer a! &e assume that throu+h
kavush (soaki+ (or 2F hours) it is )ike cooki+ (&9 a heat e)emet o( 'a! so)e!es).
Rav sa's that the $eer is assur $9c it is oe o( the 7 sherat:im a! is assur to eat.
D) %he taam o( the mouse (ach$ar) ma!e the taam o( the taaroves &orse, so this opiio
must ho)! that L%1 is assurB
0) 0ch$ar $' !e(iitio is a !avar maus a! the %orah sai! it is assur, there(ore the %orah
is teahi+ me that L%1 $' ach$ar is sti)) assur.
-achlokes Rashba7Ra’ahA .varim -eusim
Rashba (pC) U4va#ae tamah5V- sa's that i( 'ou cook sherat:im9shekat:im &ith 'our
rice, it &i)) $e L%1 a! mutar.
D) Wh' !i! the %orah assur the sheret:B
0) %here are t&o tracks, the $#ai track a! the taam track. Whe it comes to the taam i
a taaroves, i( it is ose taam )i(+am the taaroves is mutar. %he taam p+am there(ore
!oes#t ee! shiur $itu)@
%he chi!!ush o( the %orah is that oe o( the sherat:im is o)' assur &he 'ou eat it
4bi&ne at#moh,5 eve i( it is pa+um )#+amre $ut &he 'ou eat it &ithi a taaroves.
Ra’ah (.e!ek 8a.ais)- !oes ot ho)! o( the 2 sta!ar!s. 8e !oes#t thik that somethi+
itse)( is assur, $ut somethi+ i a taaroves &ou)! $e assur &9o a shiur $itu). ,( the %orah
metioe! the ach$ar, the the taam is a)so assur. %his is )ike the svara i the +emara.
0' shekat:im that aren’t metioe! i the %orah are ot assur &9o +oo! taste.
/etushim she’e e&shar l’hot#eum
A,B (C9a)- i( the mouse (e)) ito ito vie+ar, &hat is the ha)achaB ,t is assur $9c the
ach$ar 4(a))s apart5 i the vie+ar a! &e are a(rai! that 'ou are +oi+ to eat oe o( these
pieces ;emartute emartut=.
Are these ieces nikkar9
Rashi- sa's it is aio ikkar. %he Auestio is the &h' is#t the mouse $ate) &he it is ot
a $eriah a'moreB
-eilah (1C$) (p")- the shiur o( issur is a k#:ais i or!er to +et ma)kos a! it &ou)! seem
that this same shiur app)ies to shekat:im $9c it uses the )asho o( 4achi)ah5 &he
!escri$i+ that issur. %he +emara the $ri+s a seco! opiio that sa's that the shiur (or
tumas sherat:im is the shiur o( a )eti).
D) Wh' there are 2 shiurim $' sheret:B 0) ,( 'ou eat the sheret: &hi)e it#s a)ive it is ot
m#tameh a! the the shiur is k#:ais, $ut &he it is !ea! the shiur is a!ashah.
-achlokes Shach an$ Ta#
Shach (p11);10F," top )ie=- sa's that 2ust a sheret: has a specia) shiur o( a!ashah, it a)so
has a specia) chumrah (aas a e*tesio o( a!asha). 0' part o( a sheret: has a pseu!o
!i o( that sheret: a! still has a status o& beriah) %he mouse cotais a issur $eriah
eve i( it cotais )ess tha a a!ashah, ie a sheret: cotais an issur mashehu.
Ta#- ;10F,1= ar+ues a! sa's that the mouse i vie+ar is assur $9c o( nikkar ha’issur
(?+). %he sheret: is visi$)e i the taaroves, $ut it is too sma)) to $e a$)e to +et it out &ith a
sieve. %hat is &h' 'ou ca#t eat the taaroves a! 'ou ca#t $e isae (si(t) it either.
Ta# sa's that ?+ is a $in $eoritta eve i( there is a shiur $itu).
Rashba7Rambam machlokes b' butter
Rambam (p1"9F)- &e are a(rai! that $utter &i)) $e ma!e (rom o-kosher mi)k. %he
!i((erece is that <osher mi)k ca cur!)e a! Lo-kosher mi)k ca#t. %he kosher part &i))
$ecome so)i! a! the o-kosher &o#t $e a$)e to so)i!i(' ()ike cotta+e cheese). %he
mikt:as Geoim sa' that 'ou ca#t eat the so)i! $9c the o-kosher is ri+ht there o top o(
the cheese, a! it is#t $ate) $9c o( L,.
The Rambam says that if you can remo$e the issur, then it should be fine.
Rashba- sa's that the Ram$am is ot correct a! it shoul$ be mutar. 0'thi+ that 'ou
can’t remove is $ate), even though it is nikkar@@ %he mikt:as +eoim a! the Ram$am
!o#t a+ree to this. %his is a $itu) $' L, as long as 4ee e(shar )#sae.5
Bu(s in ?/
.ivrei Chaim (p17)9.avi$ Shabbatai sai! that this mi+ht app)' to the $u+s i LY. We
!o#t ee! a ke(i)ah $9c o( his e*pertise. 1) ,t mi+ht ot $e ca))e! ikkar &9o e*pert a! 2)
i( it is ver' har! to ri! o( the $u+s, perhaps it is assur (a! it is $ate) as &e))). ,t is uc)ear
&ho &e paski )ike i this case. Perhaps it is possi$)e to +et part o( them out.
3akrevu ?uh L’1echushechah
Shu)s use! to $e )it $' ca!)es9oi). ,( 'ou have oi) a! the ach$ar &et ito the oi), ca
'ou use it (or the shu)B
A1) Rashba (p22) %oras 8a.ais- -hate$er is assur to eat you !an’t use for the shul (rom
the pasuk (rom -a)achi (p20) (1,7) &hich sa's 4hakrevu uh )#pechushechuh5- tr' to
$ri+ these kor$aus to 'our +overor. ,( 'ou ca#t $ri+ them to importat peop)e, the
'ou shou)!#t $ri+ them to 8ashem.
Sukkah (>0a) (p21)- ishuch hama'im, i( 'ou )e(t the &ater overi+ht, 'ou ca#t use it
overi+ht $9c &e are a(rai! that the sake )e(t poiso i the &ater eve thou+h o perso
is !riki+ it.
D) So &h' !o#t &e si(t out the poiso accor!i+ to R# Lechemiah &ho sa's that oce
somethi+ is (i)tere! there is o more +eu)iB 0) Si)teri+ is o)' mutar (or 'our private
house, $ut this &ater is $ei+ use! i the .5- a! +evoah (.5-) is a hi+her sta!ar!.
-aa$anei Asher- $ase! upo the +emara, &e ma' $e more strict.
D) Do &e sa' it is mutar to use (or the shu) &he it is ot mutar to eat 3R99 is oi) that is
eve assur to eat sti)) have a issur o( 4hakrevuB5
0) %he +emara i Sukkah is more machmir tha the Rash$a $9c the +emara sa's the
&ater is sti)) assur eve &he it is mutar (or a orma) perso to eat usi+ (i)teri+. %he
Rash$a sa's that i( it is assur to eat, the 'ou ca#t use it a! 'ou ca imp)' that i( it is
mutar (or a Je& to eat the it is mutar to use i the shu).
Rabbenu Bach'a (p2F) o Pichas- sa's that &e have to use the proper oi) (or the
meorah. Ove i( somethi+ is mutar (or eati+, 'ou sti)) shou)!#t use it (or the shu) i( it
!oes#t meet a hi+her )eve) o( Aua)it'.
S,A (p12)- sa's that &e ca $e somech o the maki)im $' makom he(se! eve i( the oi)
is assur to eat, $ut i( it is assur to eat 'ou rea))' shou)!#t use it (or the shu).
<avush <’-evushal
Shiur 279 Ja 2- (-) P27 /. 12H
<avush <’-evushalA %aam is +eera))' imparte! &ith heat, $ut it ca a)so $e imparte!
throu+h soaki+ the so)i! i a )iAui! (or a certai perio! o( time &ith the a$sece o( heat.
Re@uirements/ 1) 1iAui! i a so)i! a! 2) proper time. %his &orks $oth &a's, i( the
)iAui! is tre( or i( the so)i! is tre(, the issur ca +o $oth &a's.
Chullin (111$)(p1)- Shmue) sai! that kavush is )ike mevusha).
.oes an' li@ui$ @uali&' or onl' a shar li@ui$9
Rashi 6hu))i (97$)(p2)- sa's that kavush meas vine(ar (chomet:).
Do &e take this Rashi )itera))' a! sa' o)' vie+ar, or eve &aterB
-or$echai (.eit:ah) (p")- Rashi a)&a's sa's vie+ar &he !iscussi+ kavush. %he
-or!echai !isa+rees &ith Rashi $9c &e have a misha i Shevios that sa's/
Shevios -isha (7,7) (pF->)- ;Ramban sa's it is a mit:vah to eat peros shevios= %here is
a !i ca))e! 4shas ha#$eur.5 Shevios is o)' mutar i( that same species is sti)) o the (ie)!.
3ce there are o more o( that mi i the (ie)!, the perso has to $e ma(kir his (ruit.
%here is a !i((eret :ma o( $iur (or !i((eret species a! the it $ecomes assur to eat.
60SO/ 0 e& rose (rom Shemitah &as soake! i oi) (rom the C
'ear. ,s that rose +oi+
to make the C
'ear oi) assurB %he -isha sa's that 'ou must take the rose out $e(ore the
time o( kavush a! the oi) &i)) $e (ie.
.ut, &hat happes i( 'ou have a 7
'ear rose i oi) o( the 7
'ear a! there &as a)rea!' a
shas $iur o( that 7
'ear rose. ,( 'ou keep the rose i )o+ eou+h, the the rose &i)) $e
assur a! the oi) &i)) a)so $e assur.
%he -or!echai proves (rom here that the !i o( kavush !oes#t o)' app)' to vie+ar.
This roves that Rashi can’t be $avkah)
;hat is the shiur o& kavush9
1esachim (FF$)(pC)- &hat is the source (or %<,B Perhaps 'ou ca )ear it (rom .. $9c
the &ho)e issur is $ase! upo %<,.
We sa' that .. is a chi!!ush $9c 2 mutar thi+s make it assur.
D) <e)aimB
0) %he chi!!ush is/ i( , &ou)! soak the meat i the mi)k &or the 4hole $a' it 4oul$n’t
become BB, $ut i( , &ou)! cook .. the it &ou)! $e assur.
Rosh- Wh' is this !i((eret tha a' issur &here 'ou soak it i &ater that it &ou)!#t $e
Rit#bah" sai! that this +emara is a proo( that the shiur o( <<- is 2F hours. .' other
issurim, i( 'ou &ou)! keep the issur i (or the &ho)e !a' the the taam issur &ou)! +o
ito the heter. .ut $' .., $9c there is o issur o( <<-, .. is a chi!!ush eve thou+h it
+ets the same taam.
R’ Simon sai! that the es )#es shiur is ver' stra+e shiur. Rit:$ah is a chi!!ush to sa'
4ku)ai 'omah5 meas 2F hours.
1erhas <<- o& 2! hours onl' alies to oil, milk an$ 4ater, but 4hat about the
sharer li@ui$s like #ir (the salt' li@ui$s comin( out &rom the animal) an$ chomet#9
Rosh 6hu))i (p7)- sa's that the shiur o( <<- $' #ir is !i((eret (rom other )iAui!s. %he
shiur is 4the amout o( time that it takes to put &ater o the (ire a! it &i)) +et cooke!.5
3ther )iAui!s have a !i((eret shiur.
S,A (10>,1)(p1"-21)- sa's that the &ho)e piece o( meat is assur (rom the tre( )iAui! (i(
&ater me!ium &as use!) a! i( it &as )ess tha the 2F hour perio! the 'ou 2ust &ash the
piece o( meat a! it is mutar.
Ramah- i( ha)( the so)i! is i the )iAui! a! ha)( is outsi!e the )iAui!, it &i)) $e (u))'
S,A (10>,2)- ,( it is kavush &ith :ir or vine(ar, the the shiur is the amout o( time that
it ca $e o the (ire a! $e heate! up ((rom the shiur o( $ishu)).
,( 'ou take it out $9( this shiur, then the outer kliah is assur (i vie+ar9:ir))
Cleanin( Romaine Lettuce (-aror)
%his issue comes up o erev Pesach &he the romaie )ettuce ee!s to $e c)eae! o(
$u+s. ,( &e use vie+ar the this issue &ou)! come up.
1esachim -isha (p2F)- te))s us that the !i((eret species o( maror ca#t $e cooke! or
Te&eres /israel- ;hat is that shiur o& bishul b' #ir9 sa's that &ater is 2F hours a!
vie+ar is 17 miutes. %he shiur o( $ishu) must $e a set shiur.
Cra- perhaps the shiur o( kavush is )ike mevusha) a! the shiur mevusha) is 17 miutes,
so that is the source (or that !i.
-or$echai- sa's that kavush is " !a's a! it ic)u!es vie+ar (or that " !a' shittah.
RSB,A- sa's that vine(ar 4on’t hel 'ou even less than 1G minutes) (%his shiur is
+)eae! (rom the shiur o( a mi) &hich is 17 miutes). %he vie+ar imme!iate)' 4cooks5
k#!ei ke)ipah a! the &ho)e )ettuce is a ke)ipah, so the vie+ar &ou)! make the )ettuce
assur to use as maror.
S,A ulle$ a &ast one00
Be’er 3aColah- sa's that the S50 pu))e! a (ast oe o us- the Rosh o)' sai! his
chumrah $' #ir a! the S50 e*te!e! this shiur to vie+ar@@
8o& !o &e ko& i( this is )e+itimate or otB
Shach doesn’t thik it is )e+itimate $9c he Auotes aother Rosh that !isa+rees &ith the
S50#s e*tesio.
Rosh (p7) 05E (77$, 11)- sa's that the shorter shiur $' kavush o)' app)ies to :ir a! ot
to vie+ar.
Shach (p19) sa's that the S50 ha! o ri+ht to e*trapo)ate a! e*te! vie+ar to the shiur
o( :ir &he he#s e*te!i+ the Rosh &ho !isa+rees &ith this !i.
1ri Cha$ash- a)so sa's that the S50 is &ro+ to compare :ir a! vie+ar.
0ccor!i+ to the Ra- there mi+ht $e aother ku))ah o( havi+ 4k#!ei she'a#a)eh.5
Perhaps it &o#t $e $o)eah at a)).
R’ Simon- sai! there mi+ht $e a reaso to $e maki) o erev pesach to use vie+ar to +et
ri! o( $u+s $9c the S50 seems to $e o shak' +rou!. Perhaps $' shas ha!chak. %here are
+eera))' $etter &a's to +et out $u+s &9o re)'i+ o the Shach a! !iscar!i+ the S50.
Sa&ek <avush
+s <<- a $eoritta or $erabanan9
+ssur 5’heter- sa's that kavush is a $in $eoritta a! sa(ek is )#chumrah, e*cept (or ..
$9c it reAuires $ishu) a! by BB, GG: is only a din derabanan.
S,A $ri+s this ,5H )#ha)achah i the Ramah.
Ta#- $' %<, the issur va$a' (e)) i, $ut i our case 4&e !o#t eve ko& i( the issur (e))
i5 $9c &e !o#t ko& ho& much time e)apse!.
D) So even b' sa&ek $eoritta 4e shoul$ also be makil9
Shev Shematsa- Auotes this !i o( sa(ek kavush. 8e sa's that 'ou !o#t sa' sa(ek
m#ikkarah $' a sa(ek taaroves. 8ere the kosher is rea))' sti)) kosher a! somethi+ tre(
(e)) i, 'ou ee! to cha+e the cha:akas kosher, so there &ou)! sti)) $e a issur.
<elim an$ <<-
,( 'ou have a k)i that 2ust ha! tre( i it a! it is c)ea, the 'ou put co)! soup i k)i.
+ssur 5’heter- sa's that the k)i#s taam +oes ito the soup a(ter 2F hours a! it $ecomes
Ta#- is#t it ot a $e 'omoB %he )ast part &i)) $e pa+um.
1lesi (p2")- has 2 as&ersB
01) 8e sa's that it is har! to $e)ieve that up to 2F hours othi+ happes a! a(ter 2F
hours the ()oo! +ates ope. Rea))' the taam comes i s)o&)' a! a(ter 2F hours there is a
pa)pa$)e taam. %he P)esi sa's that the taam comes i +oes out over the 2F hours a! it is
re(eneratin( the taam over that time) ,t is 2ust that ot eou+h stu(( came out uti) a(ter
2F hours.
02) We have a mach)okes- &he !oes somethi+ $ecome L%1, )ias )ai)ah or 2F hours.
8e sa's that &e are choshesh (or )ias )ai)ah )#chumrah. ,( 'ou cook somethi+ !uri+ the
i+ht, the 'ou#)) have 2F hours a! ot the etire i+ht a! &e shou)! $e choshesh (or
L%1 )#chumrah. 8e sa's that &i)) make some perio!s )o+er tha 2F hours. 8e#)) use
Rashi a! R5% )#chumrah.
<li Rishon an$ <li Sheni
Shiur 279 Ja "- (%) P27 /. 12H
0re the status o( $e)ios i a k)i risho a' !i((eret that those o( a k)i sheiB -ost o( our
cut)er' has the status o( a k)i shei $9c is is#t use! o the (ire. %his ma' mea that a $aa)
teshuva &ou)!#t have to $e &orrie! a$out kasheri+ their cut)er' 3R99 !o the k)i risho
a! shei have the same statusB
;hat is a kli rishon9
Shabbas (F0$)- Su+'a o( 0m$atie ($ott)e)/ %he +emara !e(ie! 'a! so)e!es $o (YS.) as
the heat reAuire! to $ur the stomach o( a 'ou+ chi)!.
%here &as a case &here oe taah &ate! to put a oi) ()ask i a $athtu$ o Sha$$as.
%he re$$e sai! that this &ou)! $e $ishu), so he shou)! istea! take &ater out o( the
$athtu$ ito aother k)i a! the heat the &ater i the other k)i.
7e learn from here that kli sheni isn’t m’vashel.
Tose&os (F0$ S5-ia)- sa's that it is c)ear that a kli sheni can also be /SB, so the
!etermiatio o( k)i status ca#t $e a heat issue or e)se a k)i shei shou)! a)so $e
m#vashe). ,t must $e that the k)i risho is o the (ire a! the pot a)so $ecomes hot, so the
&a))s a! the (oo! is hot a! the heat is maitaie! i the k)i risho. %he k)i shei !oes#t
have maintaine$ heat $9c the heat is s)o&)' )o&eri+ (rom the &a))s.
- %his ma' mea that k)i risho ot o the (ire is onl' an issur $erabanan accor!i+ to
%ose(os $9c it too is coo)i+ !o& a! there(ore the (oo! is a)so.
<li sheni b' a $avar lach oure$ &rom a kli rishon
;RELG Auestio=- You &ou)! assume i( 'ou have a hot &ater ur p)u++e! i, it is a k)i
risho a! &ou)! $e cosi!ere! a) +a$eh hu#aish a! the cup it is pore! ito &ou)! $e a
k)i shei.
1ri -e(a$im (p11)- has a chumrah i( 'ou pour a !avar )ach (rom a k)i risho ito a
seco! k)i &hi)e the k)i risho is still on the &ire) 8e sa's that the seco! k)i has a !i o(
a k)i risho) 3)' oce the k)i risho is o(( the (ire ca the seco! k)i +et the status o( a
k)i shei.
Rashi (source (or Pr5-)- sa's that the $athtu$ i the +emara Sha$$as &as +etti+ its hot
&ater (rom a u!er+rou! stream (accor!i+ to Rashi) a! shou)! $e cosi!ere! a k)i
shei. The fa!t that the tanna re4uired another kli beyond the bathtub sho-ed that he
!onsidered the bathtub to be a kli rishon.
- Pr5- !e(ies k)i shei as the (irst k)i that the (oo! is poure! ito oce the (oo! is
$is_ointe$ (rom the ori+ia) heat source. %he (oo! must $e remove! (rom the (ire to +et
to a k)i shei status.
,t#s ot c)ear that %ose(os ho)!s o( this shittah. %ose(os !oes u!ersta! that there is a !i
o( k)i risho a) huaish, $ut it is pro$a$)' o)' !era$aa.
3archakah o& kli rishon
Shabbas (F2$) -isha- i()is/ 'ou ca#t put tav)i i a k)i risho that is ot o the (ire.
%his +emara sho&s that there is a issur eve &he the (oo! is ot o the (ire (pro$a$)'
/erushalmi Sha$$as- $ri+s a c)ear !e(iitio o( k)i risho as &he the (ire is u!er the
pot- this +emara seems to $e the o)' $eoritta (orm o( k)i risho.
/erushalmi Sha$$as (p>-C)- Rav Yoa sa's that the !i((erece $9t a k)i risho a! shei
is that 4asu harchek )#k)i risho5 a! 4)o asu harchek )#k)i shei.5
;hat $oes this mean9
Shevisas Shabbas has C iterpretatios o( this Yerusha)mi
1) 1ri Cha$ash (p7)- sa's that the heat is ot importat. %he issue is maki+ a
harchakah &or a kli rishon) 0 k)i risho is assur eve i( it is#t o the (ire i( the (oo! is
's5$ a! a k)i shei is mutar eve i( there is 'a! sho)etes &ater. %he misha $' i)(es is
o)' a chashash !era$aa. %his &orks &e)) &ith a)) shitos.
2) /am Shel Shlomo- sa's that the harchakah is that &e shou)! $e machmir to use the k)i
risho that is o the (ire even thou(h the &oo$ is not 's,b )ike a re+u)ar k)i risho,
3) -,A- %he harchakah is (or a k)i 1 that is ?*T o the (ire a! &hich is ?*T 's5$.
!) 5ilna Coan ;.eur 8aGra= (p10)- i( , take co)! mi)k a! put it o the (ire (or a short
amout o( time, and there is a fear that you’ll lea$e it there for a longer #eriod, this is
&here the Yerusha)mi &as +o:er o the k)i risho.
B’leah b' kli sheni
Rashba ;%oras 8a.ais=- Some sa' that o)' k)i risho ca !o $e)ios (at 's5$) $9c it ca
!o $ishu). %his is a treme!ous ku))ah $9c the 'ou cou)! +o to a tre( restaurat a! eat
o their p)ates.
Rashba $oesn’t think this is the ashtus) 8e (ee)s that as )o+ as the (oo! is (rom the
(ire it ca $e po)et eve i( the (oo! isn’t 's,b an$ even in a kli sheni)
1roo& to Rashba
1) Chullin (7$)(p1F)- i( 'ou shecht a aima) &ith a +o'#s ki(e/
Rav- pee) the outer part ($9c the $eis hashechitah ca $e cooke!)
Rabba bar bar Channah- &ash o(( (mai!iach) the p)ace o( the shechitah ($9c the $)oo!
is 4po)et har$eh,5 $ut i( ot, the it &ou)! cook).
%here(ore $oth a+ree that there is eou+h heat to +ive $e)ios a! the $eis hashechitah
is#t a k)i risho a! ca $e co)!er tha a k)i shei
-- -a'$e the Rash$a !oes#t have such a +oo! e*amp)e $9c this $e)iah is L3% a (uctio
o( heat, so it !oes#t matter ho& hot the $eis hashechitah is.
2) Chullin (7$)- i( a aima) &as shechte! a! che)ev is remove! (rom the aima), 'ou
shou)!#t put the che)ev o top o( meat $9c the taam che)ev &i)) +et ito the meat $9c it is
ver' hot &he it is $ei+ take out o( the aima).
1roo&" i( the che)ev out o( the $o!' o( the aima) is a$)e to $e po)et the a k)i shei
&ou)! a)so $e a$)e to. 8ere the che)ev is a)so !etache! so he &ats a ka) v#chomer to k)i
shei (vs. %os.).
1roblem &or Rashba- is the same as i1, the $e)iah is#t speci(ica))' a (uctio o( the
Tur- sa's Rash$a#s ra'os are#t +oo! $9c these +emaros ca o)' !o $e)ios to k!ei k)ipah.
%he &ho)e item ca o)' $e cooke! i( the heat is 's5$.
D on Tur) there is sti)) a $e)iah to k!ei k)ipah a! the other rishoim sai! there are#t a'
A) S,A- 1#chatchi)ah 'ou shou)! $e i:har ot to put hot chicke o their k)i shei, $ut
$#!e#eve! it is mutar &9o k)ipah a! ha!acha a)oe is ee!e! ()ike those that the Rash$a
Auote! ori+ia))') &he a 's5$ (oo! &as put o a k)i shei.
;hat $o 'ou $o 4ith the ol$ china9
RA,=- sa's that eve i( &e re)' o the S50, this &ou)! o)' app)' to items that ca $e
kashere!, but kli cheres, 4hich can’t be kashere$ 4oul$ be mutar l’chatchilah even
without ha(alah00
Some sa' that o)! chia ee!s to $e pot i a se)( c)eai+ ove c'c)e (&hich ca !estro'
the chia) a! other recomme! that the chia ot $e use! (or 12 moths $9( use.
-inchas /aakov- perhaps aio $e 'omo uto $e 'omo !oes#t app)' to a k)i cheres $9c
the gezerah -as only on metal kelim. %he chachamim !i!#t &at peop)e to thro& out
!ishes a! the +e:erah &as to (orce peop)e to !o ha+a)ah.
-a' 0chroim are a+aist the -ichas Yaakov.
.avar Cush an$ <li Rishon
/am Shel Shlomo (p2") $i+ chumrah o( !avar +ush/ he sa's that kli sheni onl' alies
to $avar lach, but not to a $avar (ush, $9c it maitais a k)i risho state eve o a
actua) k)i shei, $ut the (oo! item is sti)) cosi!ere! a k)i risho a! the a)) the ku))os are
+oe. 8e sa's that the tre( chicke puts $)eos ito the pot a! a)) the heterim (or chia
&ou)!#t $e there a'more@ 8e sai! that so)i!s !o#t coo) !o& )ike )iAui!s !o (his
shittah !ea)s more &ith the met:ius o( the hot !avar +ush coo)i+ !o&).
+ssur 5’heter- a)so ta)ks a$out $asar i a pot a! sa's that the &a))s that &ou)! coo) o((
the )iAui!s i a k)i shei are#t coo)i+ o(( the !avar +ush, there(ore the !avar +ush
!oes#t have the k)i shei status eve o a seco! p)ate. (8is ar+umet (ocuses more o
the &a))s coo)i+ the !avar )ach a! ot the !avar +ush.)
R’ -oshe- hot chicke i the ketchup i( the chicke is a k)i risho a! is this a$a5$ a!
ketchup is a !avar )ach eve i( it &as a)rea!' cooke!. 8e sa's that putti+ to+ether a)) the
(oo!, &he it is (u))' coo)e! ketchup &e ca sti)) $e matir.
S,A (9F,7) (p2>)- he sa's that i( a hot piece o( meat is cut &ith a mi)k ki(e, the &ho)e
piece o( meat is assur (&9o C0 a+aist the makom ha#saki). ,( it#s a $e 'omo
Rameh- !isa+rees &ith the YSS a! ,5H/ the Rameh sa's that a hot piece o( !avar +ush is
o)' assur i( the !avar +ush is i a k)i risho, $ut i( the meat is i a k)i shei the o)' a
k)ipah o( the meat ee!s to $e remove!.
Ta#- &e shou)! $e machmir )ike the YS5S.
Tose&os 05E ;Ri=- i( a perso scoops up the $oi)i+ &ater &ith a )a!e), ca 'ou use this
)a!e) (or ha+a)ah (ie is it a k)i shei)B
3e is machmir both 4a's) .' ha+a)ah &e are machmir a! sa' it is a k)i shei, $ut i a
case o( removi+ the (eathers o( the chicke &here 'ou put it i $oi)i+ &ater, &e sa'
that )a!e) is a k)i risho.
-aharil- sa's that i( 'ou )eave the )a!e) i the k)i risho )o+ eou+h it#s a k)i risho, $ut
to )a!e) out is a k)i shei.
Ta#- sa's that it is a kli rishon.
Ra'ah (rom Sha$$as (F0$) (rom am$ate case. ,( a )a!e) automatica))' is k)i shei the
-hy say 9toll b’kli sheni” and not 9toll b’kli” -hi!h -ould automati!ally be a kli sheni.
1ri -e(a$im- sa's a'thi+ (rom a (ire is a kli rishon.
R’ Shachter- i( the p)ate that the soup is poure! ito is hot the the soup p)ate mi+ht ot
$e a k)i she)ishi.
Bram ;einber(- sai! that st'ro(oam &ou)! a)&a's $e a k)i shei (ie i( it is use! as a
+ru' <li Rishon
Shiur 299 Ja F- (W) P29 /. 12H (Ja' Weistei9 .ram Wei$er+#s Lotes)
,ru' is ver' 8a)acha 1#-aaseh. You are taki+ a <)i Risho a! pouri+ oto somethi+.
0 +oo! e*amp)e &ou)! $e a sik. ,( 'ou take !irt' (mamashut) mi)k !ishes a! !irt' meat
!ishes, put them i the sik a! c)ea them to+ether &ith $oi)i+ hot &ater (rom a k)i
risho, are the pots tre(B
We have see the status o( a k)i risho o the (ire ($e)ios !eoritta) a! o(( the (ire
(!era$aa), $ut &hat is the status o( iru'B ,s it )ike a k)i risho or sheiB
Tose&os Sha$$os (F2$) Auotes a mach)oket a$out this. %he -isha sa's 'ou ca#t put a
am$ate ito a k)i risho, $ut putti+ it ito a'thi+ e)se is mutar. %ose(os the sa's that
a k)i shei is mutar, which implies that iruy kli rishon is assur.
R,T7Rei- iru' k)i risho P k)i risho (ot o the (ire)
Rashbam- iru' k5rP k)i shei
R’ Baruch- iru' cooks k!ei k)ipah.
?-A +ru' b' 3a(alat <alim
L-/ Tose&os 05E (7F$)- Rav sa's that to puri(' a &iepress (that $ecame tre( $' 'a'i
esech) 'ou ee! to sca)! it &ith $oi)i+ &ater.
R,T sa's that sice the si:e o( the &iepress presuma$)' ca#t $e !oe i aother k)i, so
sca)!i+ is !oe $' iru' k)i risho. m 'a'i esesh. %he' prove (rom here that iru' is k)i
risho a! this +emara is re(erri+ to 'a'i esech &here $e)i'ot &ere not (rom heat.
Rashbam !isa+ees a! sa's that this !i is speci(ic to a &iepress a! !oes#t app)' to
kasheri+ a pot. 8e a)so sa's that +eera))' iru' is k#k)i shei.
Tatah (avar or ilahah (avar
.e)ios reAuire heat the reaches the temperature o( 's5$. %his !e+ree o( heat &i)) permit a
$ishu) o( the &ho)e (oo! item.
What i( 'ou have oe hot piece o( meat sitti+ o top o( a co)! piece &9o a' &ater
me!ium, !oes the co)! piece coo) o(( the hot oe or !oes the hot piece peetrate the co)!
oe a! cook itB
1esachim \Ha has a mach)oket $et&ee Rav a! Shmue). What i( 'ou have hot a! co)!
meat &here 'ou put oe piece o top o( the other &here oe piece is kosher a! oe is
tre(. What 4&is5, the top &i or the $ottomB ,( $oth are hot the the issur !e(iite)'
cooks the heter a! i( the' are $oth co)! the either cooks (2ust &ash o(( the kosher
piece). ,( the 4hot piece5 &as o the (ire the the $ottom &ou)! &i u)ess the $ottom
piece +ot hot.
Rav- e)aha +avar
Shmue)- tatua' +avar
.e #asken that the bottom is the stronger #ie!e and -e go after its state, -hether !old or
hot, b/! bishul al-ays takes #la!e bottom u# :Ra$;.
%he +emara !oes sa' that eve i( 'ou ho)! tatua' +avar, i( 'ou )eave a co)! piece u!er a
hot oe, there must $e some $e)iahs o( k!ei k)epah that +et ito the $ottom piece.
Tose&os 05E- Ra$$eu .aruch sa's that the mach)okes o( R5% a! the Rash$am is $ase!
upo the mach)okes o( tatua' +avar. R# .aruch sa's that iru' is ot )ike k)i risho or
shei, $ut it i $et&ee &hich &i)) make the $e)iah o)' k!ei ke)ipah.
.e #asken like this middle shitah and iruy -ill make a kedei kli#ah assur.
8o&ever, the Tose&os ;Pesachim= sa's that ke)ipah is a chumrah, so i( the su$stace is
oe &here ke)ipah is ot possi$)e, )ike a )iAui!, &e &i)) i+ore ke)ipah a! sa' that the
iru' is )ike a k)i shei.
%he Rashbam seems to (it $etter &ith the psak o( tatua' +avar a! R5% &ou)!#t.
+& 4e askin tatua' (avar ho4 $oes R,T sa' that iru' is k’kli rishon9
+ssur 5’heter &ats to !e(e! R# %am (rom the +emara ;Pesachim=. .' tatua' +avar, the
heat source is no lon(er there (disconnected from the heat source) a! there(ore there is
a he(sek $9t the pieces o( meat a! their heat source, there(ore the $ottom piece &i)) &i.
But, $' a case o( iru', the hot item is sti)) coecte! to the (ire, there(ore &e ca#t app)'
the tatua' +avar sta!ar! a! there &ou)! sti)) $e $e)ios a! the iru' ca $e cosi!ere!
)ike a k)i risho.
1our meat _uice onto ab,' milk late
+ssur 5’heter !iscusses a Auestio &here 'ou take hot meat 2uice a! pour it oto a mi)k
p)ate &hich is aio $e 'omo.
We paske that $e)ios i a k)i are treate! i a more strict (ashio tha i( the meat (oo!
&as cooke! i the p)ate a! there is a issur eve i( the k)i isn’t $e 'omo. .ut, the $o&)
is o)' assur k!ei ke)ipah. %here(ore the k)i is assur a! ee!s ha+a)ah $ut the (oo! is
;hat haens i& 'ou $o multile iru's9
,( &e use a k)i that ha! $e)ios o( $5$ as a k)i risho (or kosher soup- !o 'ou ee! C0
a+aist the &ho)e $o&) or 2ust the ke)ipahB %he pashtus &ou)! $e that &e &ou)! $e
m#sha#ar a+aist o)' the ke)ipah o( the $o&), $ut the (ear is that man' belios 4ere $one
an$ there&ore there are man' kelios. Perhaps each e& iru' i(ects aother portio o(
the $o&)B
+ssur 5’heter sa's that it &i)) +o past k!ei k)ipah a! &i)) make the &ho)e k)i assur.
Chavat .aat sa's that o matter ho& ma' $e)ios, the iru'#s potec' stops at k#!ei
-a&lit Nmavlia <’acha$
, a k)i risho, the heat has the a$i)it' to take taam out o( oe so)i! a! put it ito aother
so)i! at the same time. Lot ever'thi+ has that po&er. %he )iAui! i a k)i risho ca
peetrate a)) the (oo! items i the k)i (ma()it a! mav)iah).
Eoes iruy have the power to take tref taam out of a solid and put it into
another solid at the same time8
Remah (9>,")- i( 'ou pour $oi)i+ &ater o !air' a! meat !ishes to+ether i a sik, the
t&o !ishes are mutar $9c iru' is ot rea))' )ike a k)i risho (u)ike R5%) $ei+ ma()it a!
mav)iah &he it comes to the t&o ke)im, so othi+ $ecomes assur.
,( 'ou put a)) 'our !ishes i the sik ($oth meat a! mi)k)- the &orst that &i)) happe is
that 'ou have iru' (&hich &ou)! make a k!ei ke)ipah o( issur i( tre( &as poure! oto the
p)ate), $ut it#s ot stro+ eou+h to take the taam (rom the meat$a)) a! put it ito the
mi)k !ishes.
Remah (C7,10) ;hi)chos -e)icha= 0eliga meas that i( 'ou &at to take o(( the (eathers
o( a chicke is to $oi) it i hot &ater. %he pro$)em is that to !o the me)i+a, 'ou must pour
$oi)i+ &ater o the chicke a! this &ou)! mea that he is pouri+ $oi)i+ &ater o the
chicke &ith its $)oo! sti)) there $9c it is $9( me)ichah a! it shou)! tre( up the chicke.
The -emah therefore paskins that 'ou ca#t !o meliga o a chicke i a k)i risho u)ess
'ou take out the assur parts a! the $)oo!, as &e)), 'ou ca#t !o meliga &ith iru' k)i
3o4 can this be, i& the iru' is not ma&lit an$ mavliah9
Shach asks/ D) ho& ca the Remah sa' $' me)i+a that 'ou can’t do it with iruy $ut &he
it comes to the !ishes to+ether &e sa' that you );N do iruy. What#s the !i((ereceB
0) Restatement o& Remah/ the Remah ho)!s that iru' is ma()it umav)it k#achat e*cept
(or &he it comes to ka)im $9c ka)im are har!er to peetrate a! the' ee! a stro+er
tras(er tha simp)' iru'.
.ut, $' chicke, iru' is stron( enou(h $ecause chicke is#t so stro+.
Shach re2ects this restatemet a! $ri+s the 3a(ahot Shara' .ura (Terumas
3a.eshen) &ho ho)!s that iru' k)i risho is ma()it umav)ia k#achat even in a kli.
%here(ore, 'ou shou)! L3% c)ea 'our !ishes &ith iru' k)i risho.
You ca#t accuse someoe that o)' has oe sik that it is mamush tre( $9c he has the
Remah to re)' o. ;%his is eve &ithout the p+am o( soap, a! at $ar at a! o 's5$
&ater.= .ut, )#chatchi)ah &e shou)! $e machmir )ike the the Shach, &ho sa's it is mfalit
uma$lia by kalim.
D) 3 the Remah/ &hat i( there is )iAui! o the p)ate &he 'ou pour the $oi)i+ &ater o
the p)ate. -a()it a! mav)iah is o)' !i((icu)t $' a so)i! &ith aother so)i!, $ut ma'$e
iru' k)i risho ca i(use (rom a )iAui! ito a so)i! or ito a k)iB
What a$out $' a !ish&asher &hich &ou)! a)so seem to have the same !iim as a sik, $ut
it mi+ht ot $e iru' $9c the heati+ e)emet is actua))' ,L the !ish&asher so it cou)! $e
cosi!ere! a k)i rishoB
Rabbi Ce$al'a Bur(er thiks a !ish&ahser shou)! $e more chamur $ecause the heati+
e)emet i the !ish&asher itse)(. %here(ore, the &ater +oi+ arou! is ot ecessari)' iru'
0)so, this &ho)e !iscussio is &ith hot &ater. ,( it#s &ith co)! &ater it#s o pro$)em.
+ru' not in the air but on a stove
What i( iru' is poure! o somethi+ e)seB
Terumat 3a$eshen (S8K%) !iscusses the case o( hot mi)k o the (ire. %he mi)k over
()o&s oto the stove a! touches a piece o( meat. ,s this )ike iru' k)i risho a! the $asar
is assurB 3r99 iru' has its specia) status $9c it is i the air uti) it )a!s, $ut here the &ater
&et oto the stove a! coo)e! o(( $9( hitti+ the meatB
%h5D sa's that the )iAui! is ca))e! iru' k)i risho as )o+ as it#s sti)) 'a! so)e!et $o. We
see a proo( (rom chame' teveria &here it sta's iru' k)i risho eve thou+h it#s ot i the
air, sice it#s ()o&i+ (rom the ori+ia) heat source.
Shach sa's it#s sti)) assur k!ei ke)ipah.
Rema" ,ru' is o)' &he the )iAui! is sti)) ()o&i+ (rom the k)i risho, $ut oce the ()o&
is iterrupte! (rom its source, it is o )o+er cosi!ere! iru' k5r a! ca#t i(use to a k!ei
k)ipah. <)i shei has L3 $e)i'ot.
Remah- a)so assumes that the !iscussio o( ilahah ga$ar verses tatahah ga$ar ca app)'
to t&o p)ates as &e)).
-aharshal !isa+rees &ith this Rema.
Belios B’li Rotev
Shiur "09 Ja 9- (-) P"0 /. 12H
T#li an$ beliah
D) What i( there is o rotev, $ut the heatin( 4as $one throu(h t#liB %:)i a)so has the
a$i)it' to $e ma()it u#mav)iah, $ut #erha#s not to the same degree as bishulB
Chullin (9C$)- a thi+h that &as cooke! &ith a +i! haashe, the !i is $ase! upo &hether
there &as taam i the thi+h to the !e+ree ca)cu)ate! $' the shiur o( $asar $#)e(es. .ut, i(
the thi+h a! +i! &ere t:)i-e! to+ether the the !i is 4ko)e( v#ache) a! shema+iah )#+i!.5
%his +emara is mashmah that 'ou ca eat the $asar even if there isn’t &' k’neged the gid.
D) Do#t &e have aother +emara that sa's that a piece o( meat that &as roaste! ca#t $e
eate (eve 4a! rosh u:o5) $9c the issur +oes throu+hout the piece o( meatB
0) %his is ta)ki+ a$out t:)i !oe &ith che)ev, &hich is !i((eret $9c it sprea!s out i the
t:)i-i+ process.
Lorma))', a )iAui! me!ium is reAuire! to tota))' peetrate the &ho)e piece o( kosher
meat, $ut this +emara teaches that i( a (att' su$stace is ivo)ve!, that is )ike a )iAui!.
,( either piece is (att' a! $oth are so)i!, the the $e)ios are#t +oi+ to +o throu+h the
tre( piece to the kosher piece.
D) %here is a case &here the aima) &as roaste! &ith (at a! it &as matirB
0) %hat &as a 4)ea5 aima).
- We are +eera))' machmir e$en though the meat might be ka!hush ()ea) a! &e &i))
treat the pieces as shame.
Tose&os (R,T)- e*p)ais the +emara i 6hu))i o( kachush to mea that kachush meat
!oes#t sprea! throu+hout the kosher piece o( meat or99 that the )ea piece o( meat has
some (at that is $ate) $#C0 i the kosher piece.
+s the shiur o& bishul an$ roastin( the sameA >29
Roasti+ &ou)! seem to $e the same as $ishu) a! the issue &ou)! $e oe o( C0
(assumi+ a (att' su$stace), $ut the Rishoim poit out that the shiur is ot the same
eve i( the roasti+ is 4m#(apeah $#ku))o.5
Rashba (p")-
Gdei Netilah- reAuires that a perso sti)) has to remove a portio (rom the kosher piece
that is roasted &ith tre( even i& there is >2 k’ne(e$ the tre&. (0 k!ei eti)ah- is the shiur
eAua) to the thickess o( a (i+er, &hich is a )ar+er shiur.)
Gdei Gelipah- i( the $ottom piece is co)! a! the top piece is assur a! hot, tatua' +avar
is the psak. .ut, eve thou+h the kosher piece coo)s o(( the piece o( issur, the +emara i
Pesachim sa's that (or the (irst (e& miutes the $ottom is cooke! a! 'ou must remove a
k!ei ke)ipah.
;h' is the shiur k$ei netilah here9
Rabbenu /ona (,ssur H#heter)- &he 'ou !o $ishu), it is c)ear that the taam &i)) $e
is#pashet throu+hout the &ho)e taaroves, $ut $' t:)i, it#s ot c)ear that it &i)) $e mi(apeah
$#ku))oh. %here(ore, &e are machmir a! &e (ear that most +ets stuck i the outer )a'er
a! there(ore a k!ei eti)ah must $e remove!. ;e are machmir both 4a's, &or >2 an$
k$ei netilah)
;%he shiur o( k!ei eti)ah must $e remove! even thou(h there 4as >2 k#e+e! the issur@=
S,A (10>,F->) (p1>9C)- sa's )#ha)acha that &e !isti+uish $9t )ea a! (att' meat a! the
shiur o( k!ei eti)ah is o)' $' a )ea piece, &hereas a (att' piece reAuires a shiur o( C0.
%his &ou)! a)so $e true i( there is a piece o( )ea tre( meat o top o( a potato that is i a
taaroves (&hich &ou)! $e t:)i). %he !i is that a k!ei eti)ah o( the potato must $e
<ese& -ishna sa's that the Ram$am ho)!s that kachush meas a miima) amout o( (at,
so it &i)) $e $ate) $#C0, $ut there is o (u!ameta) !i((erece $9t a shame a! kachush
Rambam (p2)- !oes#t have the shiur o( k!ei eti)ah, he sa's that i( there is a )ea piece
o( meat that is )ess tha C0/1 the Iko)e( v#oche),# remove the che)ev a! eat it. 0 (att'
piece o( meat is m#(apeah $#ku))oh, $ut kachush has a C0.
;e hol$ like the Rashba an$ S,A vs) the Rambam
Ain ha’baluah 'ot#eh ma’chtichah l’chatichah bli rotev
60SO 1) ,( 'ou have )ettuce a! 'ou cook it to+ether &ith tre( meat, the )ettuce is tre( $9c
there is o C0. ,( 'ou remove the meat a! p)ace this )ettuce (&9 $e)ios o( tre() o a +ri)),
a! roast it &ith kosher meat &9o shiur C0, is the kosher meat assur $9c o( the )ettuceB
0) Rashba (pC)- %he meat isn’t assur. ,( the issur is assur $9c o( $e)ios o( issur, the that
$e)iah -ill only !ome out through bishul and not through tzli. %his is the pricip)e o( 4ain
ha’baluah 'ot#eh ma’chtichah l’chatichah bli rotev.5
60SO 2) What i( the chatichah o( heter is roaste$ &ith kosher (at that &as ma!e tre( $'
$ei+ cooke! &ith tre& meatB
0) %he kosher piece o( meat is mutar eve thou+h the !avar issur is (at a! (at is treate!
)ike $ishu) $9c &e !o#t sa' that the (at ca take the tre( taam (urther tha it cou)!#ve
+oe itse)(.
60SO ") What a$out tre( che)ev cooke! &ith kosher meat, the the kosher meat &ith
$e)ios o( tre( che)ev is the roaste! &ith aother kosher piece o( meatB
0) , this case, the $e)ios o( che)ev D3 make the other piece o( meat assur.
=&shar L’ha&ri$o
D) ,( 'ou put a piece o( meat i vat o( mi)k o (ire/ 'ou the take the meat &ith $e)ios o(
mi)k a! 'ou roast it &ith kosher meat, !oes that kosher piece o( meat $ecome $5$B
1) 3 oe ha!, this piece o( meat is $#$, so the other piece shou)! $ecome assur $9c o(
the issur o( $#$ a! there is a chiuv o( C0 p)us k!ei eti)ah. ,t the &ou)!#t matter i( the
mi)k !oes#t come out $9c the meat itse)( is issur b’fnei at(moh
2) 3R99 the issur o( the (irst piece &as (rom $e)ios o( mi)k ($e)iah ma#issur), a!
there(ore i( 'ou roast it &ith the other piece o( meat the the $e)ios !o#t come out a!
the other piece o( meat is assur.
L5-/ =&shar l’ha&ri$o- is a case &here 'ou are sure that a)) the issur (i this case, the
mi)k) &as tota))' remove! (rom the heter.
;h' is e&shar l’sochto assur9
T4o ossibilitiesA 1) Rav an$ 2) Rashba
A1) Rav Soloveitchik- ein bitul ela b’techilas ha’taaroves/ eve thou+h the Rav &ou)!
sa' that e(shar )#sochto is assur $9c o matter ho& much mi)k is remove!, the meat &i))
sti)) remai assur, the Rav &i)) a+ree that i a case o( e(shar )#ha(ri!o, &here a)) the mi)k
ca $e remove!, that the meat &ou)! $e -K%0R.
This means that the milk is reall' an issur beliah, as prove (rom the psak that the
meat &ou)! $e mutar i a case o( e(shar )#ha(ri!o.
R’ <oene(sber( Auotes the Rav- as Auestioi+ &hether this piece o( meat is a issur
$a)uah or $#$ mamush.
02) Rash$a (p7)- sa's that the piece o( $#$ is cosi!ere! a issur $a)uah $9c 'ou ca#t $e
sure that ever'thi+ &as remove!. ,t is a issur o( met:ios a! 'ou ca#t +et a)) o( the
mi)k out.
Se&er 3aTerumah (p1")-
Tipas )haluv- chu)et &ith piece o( meat o top a! a !rop o( mi)k (a))s o top o( the
piece o( meat. ,( there is C0 a+aist the !rop o( mi)k it &i)) $e mutar, $ut the Auestio is
&hat is ic)u!e! i the C0/ a) the &ho)e pot or $) is it a separate $att)e $9t the piece o(
meat a! the mi)kB
0) %he +emara sa's that i( the meat is sticki+ out o( the pot (u))', the it is the mi)k
a+aist that piece o( meat a! it &i)) o)' assur the &ho)e pot i( that piece the +oes ito
the rest o( the ke!erah.
D) Wh' &o#t that piece mess up the rest o( the potB
0) Se&er 3aTerumah as&ers that this proves that the $e)ios o( the mi)k i the meat
&o#t +o ito the pot to make it assur/ a! &e sa' 4ai ha#$a)uah.5
Tur (p11)- simp)e rea!i+ is that $#$ that is roaste! W,11 0SSKR other pieces o( meat
$9c it is a issur at:moh a! make the meat ito a che(t:ah o( $#$.
S,A (p17) (9>,7)- Auotes the %ur@@ %his seems to +o a+aist the Rash$a.
Ta#- &as a!amat that the Rash$a a! Se(er 8a%erumah have to $e correct, so he &i))
sa' a !i((eret p#shat i the %ur a! S50. 8e (ee)s the Rash$a is correct $9c that is the
pashtus i the su+'ah a$out tipas cha)av, (stirri+ is the o)' &a' to create issur i tipas
cha)av) a! there(ore he must re-iterpret the S50.
A*; really means# ot that the meat +ot a $e)iah a! there$' ma!e aother piece o( meat
assur. %he S50 is !iscussi+ a case hot meat touchin( cheese a! the cheese is the !avar
ha#oser machmas at:moh an$ that is 4h' t#li can create the issur i the piece o( meat.
%he S50 is !iscussi+ the (ormatio case o( $#$ a! compari+ it to evei)ah &hich ca
make aother piece assur throu+h e+eah !uri+ t:)i, $ut the S50 is#t sa'i+ that $e)ios
o( a $#$ piece ca make aother kosher piece o( meat assur.
%he %a: sa's that the e*t )ie i the S50 (10>,7) is ta)ki+ a$out $e)ios o( $#$ (&hich is
a issur $e)iah a! ca#t tras(er to aother issur &9o rotuv).
%he Shach &ou)! sa' that this )ie must $e ta)ki+ a$out evei)ah that ha! $e)ios o( issur
a! ot $#$ &hich is a issur at:moh.
Shach- sa's that the S50 is k#peshuto.
D) What a$out the +emaraB 0) %he +emara &hich sa's that 'ou have to $ri+ it $ack ito
the )iAui! is the havah amiah, $ut oce &e )ear a$out 6LL, the &ho)e piece is $#$ a!
the the piece o( kosher meat &i)) $e assur &9 t:)i $9c ever'oe a+rees to 6LL $' $#$.
Shach Auotes the Terumas 3a.eshen ;i 8a+aos Sha#are Durah= (p1F)-
D) Wh' $' the case o( 6851 $#$ is#t cosi!ere! to $e a issur $a)uah a! here there
Rash$a sa's that it is a issur $a)uahB
0) 8e sa's that the Rash$a is correct/ i a case &here there is mi)k, )ike a case o( 6851,
the the meat is cosi!ere! +u( ha#issur a! is a issur machmas at:moh. .K%, &he
there is o mi)k, )ike i the case o( e(shar )#ha(ri!o, the &e !o#t vie& it as +u( hu#issur,
$ut is o)' a issur $a)uah.
O*amp)e/ ,( 'ou have a &oo) ta)is &ith oe threa! o( )ie, it#s ke)aim. ,( 'ou cut a&a' a
)itt)e $it o( the $e++e! that ha! the )ie stri+, the $e++e! is o& ot shate:. .#$ (or the
piece o( meat) reAuires cha)av to tri++er the issur machmas at:moh.
,( &e ca remove the mi)k (rom the piece o( meat, the it &ou)! $e mutar )ike the Rash$a
a! Se(er 8a%erumah.
*chel to kli
,( 'ou have a p)ate that is $e 'omo that is c)ea a! 'ou use! the p)ate (or hot kosher
meat &9o rotev/ %he p)ate is $a)uah, $ut ai ha$a)uah 'ot:eh m#chatihah )#chatichah $)o
3aCaos Sha’are .urah (p22)- has a chi!!ush that is assume! )#ha)acha/ $e)ios !o#t +o
(rom oe piece o( meat to aother &9o rotuv, $ut $' kelim you don’t need rotev to get
the belios.
Rayah- (rom the su+'ah o( at $ar at. 8ot (ish put o a meat k)i a! 'ou &at to ko&
&hether 'ou ca eat it &ith cheese. %he +emara sa's that the taam is too &eak.
D) Wh' !o#t 'ou matir it $9c 4ai ha$a)uahB5
0) We see (rom here that there ca $e a $e)iah (rom a k)i eve &9o rotev.
Ramah- $ri+s !o& the Sha#are Durah.
Ta#- e*p)ais that $' a (oo! it is har!er to +et $e)ios i a! out (o( a (oo! item), $ut $' a
k)i, the k)i takes i a! )ets out $e)ios more easi)'.
2 ke$eros
O*amp)e/ 2 ke)im, mi)k a! meat touch each other a! $oth are $e 'omo (ie a stove).
Shach (p20)- sa's that a k)i ca assur a (oo! &9o rotev, $ut ot (rom oe k)i to aother k)i
&9o rotev.
Remah (p29)- to +et $e)ios (rom oe k)i to aother k)i ()ike $' iru') is a hi+her sta!ar!,
$ut he sa's that &e shou)! $e :ahir.
-or$echai (p27)- is the ear)iest source o( the !i that ke)im that touch !o#t +ive taam to
each other.
R’ -oshe- sa's that 'ou ca use the same +rates a! couters (or mi)k a! meat.
%here &i)) ever $e eou+h rotuv o the couter to make it $o)eah.
D) 1erhas there is rotev b' t#li9
0) Chavas .aas (p2>)- sa's that a little sill isn’t rotev. You ee! a si+i(icat amout
o( &ater. -i)k i a meat pot reAuires C0, $ut 'ou !o#t ee! C0 a+aist the spi)). %:)i is#t
tota))' !r', $ut t:)i isn’t cosi!ere! rotev.
Remah (p2F) i $#$/ &hat happes i( mi)k spi))s over the si!e o( a mi)k pot ()ike %h5! o(
)ast time) a! it hits a piece o( meat, it ma' or ma' ot make the meat assur.
We are machmir $' $e)ios o Pesach.
R’ -oshe- has a teshuva o the tri-po!.
Chasam So&er- i( 'ou have 2 thi ke)im that touch each other, the $e)ios &o#t +o (rom
oe to the other, $ut i a thick k)i, a $e)iah i oe part &i)) +o (rom oe si!e to the other
eve i( it is thicker tha the t&o pots to+ether ;car service mashu).=
-eliach <’Roseach an$ +ssur .ovuk
Shiur "19 Ja 10- (%) P"1 /. 12H
0other case o( $e)iah that !oes#t reAuire heat is me)iach (sa)t) that is preset $9t the
issur a! the heter.
+) Chullin (97$)(p1)- Shmue) sai! that meliach is k’roseach an$ kavush k’mevushal.
D) Wh' !oes#t the +emara sa' that me)iach a! kavush are k#mevusha) eve thou+h i
$oth o( these cases there are $e)ios &9o )iAui! me!iumB
%he +emara Auotes a case o( thi+hs attache! to the +i! haashe that &ere sa)te! to+ether/
Ravia- sai! it &as assur a! R# 0cha- sai! it &as muttar.
0) %he +emara sa's that roseach can’t mean k’mevushal (rom the (act that Shmue) sp)it
$9t me)iach a! kavush, &here kavush is k#mevusha) a! rosea!h means tzli a! ot
cooki+ &ith a )iAui! me!ium.
++) Chullin (112a)(p2)- there &as a $ir! that (e)) ito sa)t' mi)k ('o+urt) &hich &as co)!/
the psak &as that the taaroves &as mutar eve thou+h the 'o+urt &as sa)t'. %he reaso
&as that o)' time that the sa)t !oes 4me)iach k#roseach5 is &he the (oo! is sa)t' to the
!e+ree o( 4aino ne’echal machmas mulcho,5 that it is ot a$)e to $e eate $9c o( the sa)t.
+++) Chullin (9C$)(p")- ho& much is the $e)iah ito the issurB
Tose&os sa's that it is i the keliah hasumuchah lo (i( 'ou ho)! o( 6LL a! i( there is
some taam, the heter ca $ecome a che(t:ah o( issur a! the 'ou &ou)! ee! C0 a+aist
the ke)ipah an$ the rest o( the aima).) <!ei ke)ipah is the shiur &he the piece o( meat
is L3% S0%%Y &ith a sa)t' piece o( (oo!.
;<#t:)i !oes#t mea )ike t:)i mamush, $9c t:)i is a)&a's a k!ei eti)ah, $ut sa)ti+ ca $e
k!ei ke)ipah.=
+5) Chullin (11"a)(pF)- kosher (ish &ith tre( (ish sa)te!/ me)iach k#roseach o)' app)ies
4hen the $avar ha’assur is the salte$ art, $ut i( the !avar hakasher is the sa)te! part,
the &e !o#t sa' that the sa)t takes the taam o( the tre( (ish ito the kosher (ish.
Psak/ %he sa)t 4ill imme$iatel' (ive belios as )o+ as the item reache! the state o( 4aio
e#echa) machmas mu)cho.5
Tose&os (11"a)- ,) i( the tre( is the !avar ma)uch it &i)) assur -hether it is on the to# or
on the bottom. %he ha)achos o( i)a#ah or tatua' +avar !o#t app)' here. You o)' have to
ask oe Auestio/ &hich is sa)te!.
;We !o#t ho)! )ike this poit i %ose(os.=
,,) %he' use! to have ke)im that &ere use! to shape the cheese ito (orms. D) 6a 'ou
$orro& the +o'#s cheese (orms &hich are $e 'omo eve thou+h, apparet)' there &as
sa)t put ito the tre( cheese &he it &as ma!e. Do &e sa' that these (orms &i)) tre( up the
kosher cheeseB
0) %ose(os sa's that 'ou can $orro& the +o'#s (orms eve i( 'ou sa)t the kosher cheese
&he its $ei+ ma!e, $9c the !avar assur is the k)i a! the !avar assur must $e sa)te!, a!
the k)i &as#t sa)te! o)' the tre( cheese/ this is ca))e! 4ain melichah b’kelim5 a! the
(oo! &i)) remai kosher.
Remah (91,>) (p1>)- sa's that ai me)iach $#ke)im is o)' $' po)et, but it 4ill be
boleah. We sai! that :ir is assur ($9c o( !am) a! that sa)t' )iAui! &i)) +o ito the k)i &9o
ho)es a! &i)) reAuire ha+a)ah eve thou+h the $e)iah is machmas me)iach.
Rashba vs) Tose&os concernin( ilaha (avar
Rashba (p>)- sa's that the !avar tumeh must $e the sa)te! oe to create issur, $9c the sa)t
i the kosher (oo! !oes#t have the po&er to pu)) the taam out o( the tre( (oo!.
Rashba (pC) .ais 8a<at:ar- disagrees -ith Tosefos/ he ar+ues that i( the tre( sa)t' piece
is tatua' the there are $e)ios tras(erre!, $ut i& the tre& iece is on to, the the issur
!oes#t +o !o& a! there is onl' a k$ei keliah o( issur.
?,-- is &he the tre( (oo! is (att' a! it &ou)!#ve +oe throu+h the &ho)e kosher item
i( it &as o the $ottom, $ut %ose(os &ou)! sa' that it is )ike t:)i eve i( it is o the top.
60vichai/ is it so c)ear that %ose(os &ou)! sa' that a sa)t' tre( i)aha &ou)! e*te! (urther
tha t:)i a! make the $ottom kosher piece, assur k!ei ku))ohB=
S,A (10>,11)(p1")- ho)!s )ike the Rash$a coceri+ tatua' +avar
Remah (10>,11)- Auotes the %ose(os as 'esh cho)kim, a! that &e are ohe+ )ike %ose(os.
S,A (10>,12)- he is matir $' the +o'ish cheese pots.
Remah- sa's that +o'ish pots is o)' mutar $#!e#eve!.
Matt' meliach
S,A (10>,9)(p9)- the re+u)ar !i me)iach is k!ei ke)ipah is o)' 47o &at, $ut the shuma
ha+i! &e shou)! $e machmir a! take o(( 4k!ei makom5 a! real fat goes through the
whole kosher piece. See S50 (or (u)) e*p)aatio.
Remah (p11)- sa's that some sa' that sa)ti+ a)&a's sa's it is k!ei ke)ipah (Ra#aviah)
.9c &e are#t e*pert &e a)&a's are m#sha#ar a+aist C0 )ike $' $ishu). ,( there is a issur
!avuk the the issur !avuk must $e C0 a+aist the issur or e)se it too is assur a! either
&a' a k!ei ke)ipah must $e remove!.
+ssur .avuk
,( 'ou have a !avar issur i the pot, &e are +eera))' m#sha#ar a+aist C0 o( a)) the other
thi+s i the pot. .ut, &hat i( the !avar issur is attache! to aother piece o( meat i the
taaroves (1R1) a! there are 90 other pieces o( meatB , this case there is C0 a+aist the
che)ev, $ut ot a+aist the issur p)us the !avuk. Do &e see this attache! piece o( meat as
issur a! a separate etit' o( issurB
O*/ the heart o( the aima) or the che)ev the heart is $)oo! a! i( 'ou cook the &ho)e
chicke &ith C0 a+aist it the it#s mutar, or e)se it#s assur.
Remah (p17) ;8i)chos -e)ichah=- $9c the heart is coecte! to other meat the there is
a issur.
This sugya re1uires the -emah’s shittah of )NN by sha’ar issurim (the -echaber
4oul$ not hol$ o& issur $avuk, b7c he onl' hol$s o& C?? b' B,B00).
Reasons &or issur $avuk
D) What is the reaso (or this !i a! that this piece o( meat is !i((eret a! it is
cosi!ere! assurB
1) Shach (72,17) (p17)- orma))' the reaso &h' &e use C0 is $9c the taam !issipates
throu+h the mi*ture, $ut $' a issur !avuk, the there &i)) $e oe spot that the taam will
be more concentrated in the piece that it is davuk to, a! that is &h' &e have to $e
machmir $' a issur !avuk. C0 is $9c o( eAua) !issipatio.
You ca &i i( the issur ha!avuk is C0 a+aist the issur itse)(/ ie misha i 6hu))i (9C$).
2) Ta# Auotes the +ssur 5’heter a! sa's that there is aother reaso/ issur !avuk is a
chashash that the chelev and the basar ha’davuk were together outside the pot &9o the
other pieces o( meat a! there &as o C0 eve thou+h there is o& C0 i the pot.
1ri -e(a$im (p20)-
D1) What a$out a issur !avuk that is o)' a issur $erabananB
D2) Does issur !avuk o)' app)' to somethi+ that &as naturall' connecte$ or eve
somethi+ that is ot atura))' coecte! ()ike a &orm em$e!!e! i a (ish9 stu((i+ i the
01) ,( the &ho)e thi+ is (rom a chashash (%a:) the it &ou)! o)' app)' to a issur
!eoritta a! ot !era$aa, $ut the (irst reaso (Shach) &ou)! a)so app)' $' a issur
02) %he Shach#s shittah &ou)! o)' app)' to a atura) coectio, &hi)e the %a:#s &ou)!
eve app)' to a o-atura) oe.
%here(ore, the Pr5- sa's $' a issur !era$aa &9o a atura) coectio that either
svara shou)! app)'. (%a: is sa(ek !era$aa )#ku))ah a! Shach &ou)! ho)! a issur i( the
coectio &as#t atura)).
O*/ 3 thaks+ivi+ &ere there is tre( stu((i+ m#!era$aa the he#! $e matir.
1ri -e(a$im (p22)- handbook for Rabbis ;356 (che)ek 1)=- a)so Auotes this ha)achah.
Chavas .aas- sa's that it has to $e 4!avuk $#to)!ah5 (atura))') ;the importat (actor= so
the issur &ou)! o)' app)' to the heart or che)ev a! ot to o-atura) coectios.
+ssur 5’heter (p2F)9 -aharil- !iscuss a app)e that ha! a &orm i it &hich is a issur
Reichah 5’Ba’ah
Shiur "29 Ja 11- (W) P"2 /. 12H
=ruvin (>>)- 'ou shou)! )ear a )itt)e a! cha:er. %he chachamim ko& this $ut the' !o#t rea))' (o))o& it.
Reichah milsa
1esachim (7Ca-$)(p1-2)- 'ou are roasti+ t&o items i the ove simu)taeous)', the
kosher is shame a! the tre( is )ea.
-av (R5Y) sa's that the kosher oe is assur. , this case, the kosher (at &i)) +o over to the
tre( meat a! the it 4ill (o back to the kosher an$ assur it)
;vs. )ast shiur &here &e sai! that the tre( piece must $e the (att' oe $9c a (att' kosher
piece o( meat &o#t $e a$)e to +et taam (rom me)ichah.=
evi !isa+ree! a! sai! that eve )ea kosher meat roaste! &ith (att' tre( meat is ot a
pro$)em, $9c reichah is lav milsah &9o a co!uit o( &ater a! 1evi paskie! this &a'
)#ha)achah (see Rashi).
Orev Pesach/ each kor$a Pesach has a +roup a! the ha)acha is that the kor$aos ca#t
$e t:)i-e! to+ether.
D) ,s#t this a+aist 1evi a! the (ear is that the kor$aos are +oi+ to +ive taam to each
0) Lo, &e are a(rai! that oe +roup &i)) take the kor$a o( aother +roup a! that is the
(ear. %his is ot speci(ica))' a+aist 1evi.
D) %he +emara the sa's that 4eve i( the kor$aos are a +!i a! t#)e &e sti)) !o#t a))o&
them to $e cooke! to+ether.5 %his imp)ies that &e &ou)!#ve thou+ht that &e cou)! cook
them to+ether a! this &ou)! meat that the iitia) pro$)em &as#t reichah, $ut &as (ear
that oe +roup &ou)! take the other +roup#s pesach a! this is a+aist RavB
0) 8e sa's that each pesach is i a pot, so there is o (ear o( taam/ eve thou+h there is
sti)) a (ear o( ia!vertet taki+ eve i this case.
D) %hat#s ot t:o)ehB
0) Rav meat that it is like each pesach is i its o& pot &here eve accor!i+ to Rav
there is o taam. ;.ut, ho& (ar is thisB=
6-albim- ko) !it:rich- ho& ca a)) peop)e eat (rom the se!er, ot ever'oe ca eat (rom
the kor$a pesach $9c 'ou have to $e si+e! up (rom $e(oreB=
,( there is o (at i the meat, $ut o)' )iAui!, the it $oesn’t create issur.
;hat about the shiur o& >2 4ith this halachah9
Ri& sa's that Rav is Rav )#shitaso that m$5m is#t $ate) a! &e !o#t paski )ike this Rav.
,#m ot sure &hat the as&er to the Auestio &as.
A,B (CC$)- a $arre) o( &ie &ith a ho)e i it, ca 'ou sme)) the aroma o( the tre( &ieB ,s
this cosi!ere! as i( 'ou !rak the &ie or otB What a$out i( a +o' sme))e! the Je&#s
.' a +o' sme))i+ the kosher &ie, a)) a+ree it is mutar.
.' a Je& sme))i+ the +o'ish &ie there is a mach)okes/
Rava- mutar, reichah is )av mi)sah.
Aba'e- assur, reichah mi)sa.
We paski )ike Rava e*cept (or 'aa) k#+am
Rashi Pesachim (7C$)- sa's the ha)achah is )ike 1evi, $9c he is )ike Rava a! &e ho)!
)ike Rava.
Tose&os 05E ;Rava= (p")- sa's that R5% ho)!s )ike Rav, $ut &hat a$out ho)!i+ )ike
RavaB R5% sa's that these su+'os !o#t ee! to $e cosistet (vs. Rashi). %ose(os
e*p)ais that these t&o su+'os are#t coecte! $9c Rava ca sa' )ike Rav as &e)), $9c
here i 05E the sme)) is a ma:ik a! i Pesachim it is#t so &e sa' that reichah is mi)sah
a! it#s assur )ike Rav.
8e a)so sa's that the ha)acha is )ike Rav o)' $' a sma)) ove, $ut &ith a $i+ ove the
&e !o#t have to &orr' a$out reichah i( it is $i+ as )o+ as it#s ot c)ose! up.
JA,B (C7a)(p>)- aother app)icatio o( reiach- i( 'ou have 'a'i esech &ie that a piece
o( $rea! &as put o top/ &i)) the &ie make the $rea! assur ;the (actors are the heat o(
the $rea! a! &hether the $arre) is ope or ot=BV
Ri&- sa's that poskim hol$ like Levi a! this memrah o( Rav has to !o &ith m$5m is#t
$ate) a! &e are a+aist R5Y o( m$5m aio $ate).
Chi$$ushe Anshe Shem- is machmir i $oth p)aces.
Summar'/ We ee! 1) &at a! 2) bas achas (that the pieces are there to+ether) &ith
roasti+ a! eve &ith a)) this perhaps &e sti)) ho)! )ike 1evi@
Rambam (p7)- seems to ho)! )ike Rav )#chatchi)ah, $ut $#!e#eve! it#s mutar )ike 1evi.
;D) ,s it a pro$)em or otB ,s he rea))' ho)!i+ ma#ikkar ha#!i )ike 1eviB=
Rashba7Tur" rehashes the su+'ah.
S,A" Auotes the Ram$am a$out )#chatchi)ah $#!e#eve! a! i( it is a big tanur the he ca
eve roast them )#chatchi)ah or eve i( 'ou !o$er one of the #ie!es the'#)) $oth $e mutar.
Tur7B,/ (p11)- +ets ivo)ve! i the issue o( sme))i+ thi+s that are assur.
B,/ ;(rom *rchos Chaim=- ca 'ou sme)) pepper i the tre( &ieB You are +etti+ the
haa#ah (rom the kosher tav)i a! ot (rom the &ie, &hat#s the !iB
Do#t use this (or hav!a)ah $9c o( hakriveu uh )#(echusechah, $ut the psak is/ i(
somethi+ is meat (or the sme)) it is assur to sme)), $ut it &ou)! $e mai)' use! (or
achi)ah, the it &ou)! $e mutar. 0! the pepper &ie &ou)! $e mutar to sme)).
S,A- $ri+s !o& this .5Y.
RB?,C- &hat a$out heter a! assur $#samim. ,t &ou)! seem to $e assur.
.ase! upo the .5Y a! 3rchos 6haim ma'$e 'ou cou)! sme)) the sme)) (rom a tre(
restaurat $9c it is ome! )#achi)ah eve &he !ea)i+ &ith $asar $#cha)av.
Steam (rom tre( soup a! 'ou put somethi+ kosher o top ito the steam.
-achshirim -isha- (or a oche) to $e m#ka$e) tumah it must come ito cotact &ith
oe o( the 7 mashkim ('a! shachat !am) that &ere !etache! (rom the +rou!.
,( 'ou have a $ath o( &ater a! a app)e o top, is it cosi!ere! as i( the app)e (e)) ito
the &aterB
Yes, a! the misha sa's that i( the $athhouse &ater is tameh, the the a$i)it' to $ecome
tameh a! the tumah come at oce.
;3r Yerusha)aim %orah Joura)/ Ya! shachat !am/ (or the ho)i!a's. Ya'i- purim, !am-
'om kippur, sheme- 6haukah, cha)av-shevuos, ta)-pesach, !vash- r5h, ma'im- sukkos.=
Rosh- co-opts this misha (rom tumah to 'oreh !eah (chi!!ush).
D) ,( 'ou have a mi)chik pot ca 'ou put it u!er a meat potB
0) 8e thiks that it shou)! $e assur eve $#!e#eve! $9c :a#ah is &orse tha reichah. %he
:a#ah is )ike $#ai.
;Tishtush ha’techumen- meas &he 'ou have !i((eret techumi &9i ha)acha a! 'ou
remove the techum a! app)' oe thi+ to aother.
R# 8oro&it: sa's that the Ru+uchuver !i! this/ i( 'ou ee! to sa' te(i)as ha!erech o the
airp)ae, he )ears (rom she)uach haka.
.risk is a+aist the pi)pu) (0vei Le:er st')e) a! 'ou ee! to ko& &he it is a
)e+itimate compariso or ot.
R# Shachter- Dam )#!am, !i )#!i, e+ah )#e+ah- there are !i((eret !iim i each case
(or sa(ek etc. so it#s ot so simp)e to app)' the !iim (rom oe cate+or' to aother.
R# Wi))i+- 'ou must te)) me &h' the cate+roies shou)! $e !i((eret or &h' it shou)! $e the
Terumas 3a.eshen- ho& hi+h up ca the heter $e a! sti)) +et :a#ah to $ecome assurB
0) "ad soledes bo ('s5$). %here(ore, peop)e &ho &ou)! ha+ their sa)amis (rom the
cei)i+ u!er mi)k pots a! the :a#ah is#t 's5$ at that poit, the sa)amis are mutar.
-echaber (p20)- Auotes the Rosh Shut.
Remah (p22)- Auotes the %h5!.
1ri -e(a$im (ha!$ook (or Ra$$i)- o)' &ats to sa' :a#ah &or mashkim an$ not &or
ochlim because it isn’t si(ni&icant 6(rom a Ram$am.=
What a$out &ith (atB 8e sa's that :a#ah o( och)im is#t )ike a )iAui!. Ove i( it makes
:a#ah it is sti)) ot a pro$)em.
Rambam (p2") %umas 3ch)im (7,F)- a$out a ()o& o( &ater (et:ok) a! there is a
sheret: o the top o( the stream a! a k)i tahor o the $ottom, is it as i( the sheret: is
touchi+ the streamB
8e sa's that et:ok is#t chi$ur (a coectio) a! there is a !i((erece $9t a )iAui! a!
thicker so)i!.
R’ -oshe- sa's that i( 'ou see :a#ah the !o#t re)' o the Pr5- $ut i( ot the ma'$e
'ou ca $#!e#eve!.
-ishkenos /aakov- sai! that the Rosh mi+ht have oversteppe! his $ou!s. 8e c)aims
that the S8K% Revash sai! that 'ou ca#t $ri+ :a#ah ito 'oreh !eah.
Rivash- sa's that :a#ah is o)' assur &he, i( the (oo! item that the :a#ah came (rom is
ishtae )#+amre (that it is tota))' cha+e! a! !estro'e!/ ie to $ur a sheret:), that the
(oo! is still assur) Dou can only bring (a’ah into maachalos asuros only if the (a’ah
was nishtaneh that it would still be assur+
=%A %he ashes o( a $urt sheret: is#t assur, there(ore the :a#ah o( a sheret: !oes#t have
a issur eve i a :a#ah state.
;.ut the S50 &et &ith the Rosh.=
Ba’ah an$ tanur
8o& ca 'ou use the ove (or mi)k a! meat acc. to the S50 a! Rosh=B
R’ -oshe- R# -oshe Sh)oss &ate! to +ive heterim (or oves ((ar a&a', vets).
R# -oshe coc)u!e! that &e shou)! $e ervous a$out cooki+ a )iAui! o( mi)k i a ove,
$ut ot a !avar oche) ($ase! upo the Pr5-) a! i( 'ou &ou)! actua))' see :a#ah the 'ou
have to $e ervous eve i a so)i!.
R’ Shlomo <lu(er- !iscusses :a#ah )#:a#ah ? the 2
:a#ah is +oi+ to $ri+ !o& the
(irst :a#ah a! ma()it previous :a#ah.
,t cou)! $e that the Rosh o)' meat- #a’ah (oin( strai(ht into the &oo$ item, a!
there(ore there is o issur o( :a#ah )#:a#ah a! our chumros are#t eve ecessar' ;i
terms o( kosheri+ a ove.=
Seco!)', there is o)' a source that #a’ah is mableah into the other &oo$ item, but no
source sa's that it 4oul$ be ma&lit, so that is aother t:a! )#hake).
R’ Shachter- there is a !i((erece $9t :a#ah a! heve), a! &e !o#t have thick steam i
our oves.
R’ Ben"T#ion ;osner (Se(er 3r Yisrae))- that miha+ Yisrae) &as ever to &orr' a$out
:a#ah. .' micro&aves he is more &orrie!.
R’ Simon- sa's that to!a' &ith vets it is )ike a taur pasuach a! &e !o#t have to $e
&orrie! a$out the :a#ah. Sa's that $e)ios are easier to create the $ei+ ma()it, so &e
ca#t automatica))' e*te! the chumrah o( the Rosh.
R’ Reuven Meinstein- sai! that a !ou$)e coveri+ is mere)' practica)- 4a $ackup.5
Cra (-ish)ei)/ 'ou ca#t 2ust rea! the ha)achah or 'ou &o#t remem$er it.
R’ -oshe sai! that 'ou shou)! )ear +emara 4a! haso(5 &hich meas +emara uti) 'ou
+et to the ha)acha. We ee! to )ear the +emaros a)e$ah !#hi)chesah.

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