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Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers

Okaloosa County
Session Presentations
June 13, 2014
Okaloosa County
Student Discussions: Small Talk Makes a Big Difference

The best practice classroom is one where students are moving, doing, and talking. Long
gone are the rows of silent students, but getting students to talk about the task
takes developing a new type of classroom culture. This session will investigate how best
practices build a culture of "small talk" as well as engage students in content driven

Tami Ellis was a secondary science and mathematics teacher for 23 years before moving
to the district as an instructional coach last year. One of her roles for the district included
writing and presenting district professional development sessions during the 2013-2014
school year to secondary science teachers as well as school site trainings for elementary
science teachers. Tami has her master's degree in Biology and Chemistry Education and
is also certified in secondary mathematics.
Legislation and Leadership:
An Overview of Federal, State, and Local Education Policies
It used to be that teachers needed subject matter expertise and good
management skills to be successful in the classroom. As accountability, reform,
and a public focus have become signicant inuences on education, however,
teachers need to know so much more about the forces that shape what we do in
the classroom. In this session, well talk about federal and state legislation and
some local documents that signicantly impact our work in the classroom.

For the past 30 years, Elaine Crump has taught high school and college English in
Alabama, Tennessee, California, and Florida. A National Board Certied Teacher
since 2003, she is currently the English department chairperson at Niceville High
School where she teaches AP Literature and Composition and English I Honors.
Elaine is the president of the Okaloosa County Education Association.
Elaine Crump
Jordan Brophy-Hilton
Teacher Leaders: Creating the Conditions for New Teachers to Thrive
Teacher leaders can do so much for new teachers as they enter the profession.
They can support their novice colleagues through taking on formal and informal
roles to support their instructional improvement. They can also help acclimate
their new colleagues into a school culture designed to enhance educator
effectiveness. This session will explore the elements of positive teaching and
learning environmentsdrawing upon data and research from more than one
million educator surveys--- and share ideas about how teacher leaders can build
school communities that nurture new teacher and student success.

Jordan Brophy-Hilton is the Senior Director, Program Engagement for the New
Teacher Center, a national nonprot dedicated to accelerating the effectiveness
of new teachers and school leaders. At NTC, Jordan directs the expanding
pipeline of NTC partners, working directly with state and district superintendents
and other leadership to implement the NTC approach to new teacher and new
principal support. Prior to joining NTC, Jordan worked as an administrator in the
Curriculum and Assessment department for the Chicago Public Schools, as well
as taught rst grade. Jordan has a bachelors degree from Syracuse University
and a masters degree in Education from Harvard University.
Tami Ellis