Current BIG projects/groups

as of 20
June 2014
If you would like to attend any of these or know anyone that
would please get in contact asap
• Hidden Nature with Niddrie Mill and Castleview
primary school ! and " respectively# in colla$oration with
Craigmillar Community %rts& %rt# photography# discussion in
respect of the nature under your nose ' with seeds sown to
support (ees) awareness raising on $ees and worms in
general and their importance in the food chain&
• Cooking - the Big Food Con ' cooking
Mediterranean style# while learning why cheap food is so
cheap&&&what*s really in it& 2 $locks at (risto Church in
partnership with %dult +earning +ink
• Everyday Magic ' an investigation of the everyday
magic that surrounds us in the natural world with ,ood-rees#
Moredun and .andy*s /outh Clu$ as part of their summer
programmes& 0or 4'1 age group& In partnership with City of
2din$urgh council C+3&
• Forest Famiy Fun day ' in partnership with C+3 '
a one day festival event at Craigmillar Castle park
• !eminiscence project with ,olden /ears group
4"05 social group6 at the Inch Community Centre&
• "artnership/support o# Eco Gardening
group at Niddrie Mill primary school ' her$ garden and $ee
garden# with hope to help plant poppy display for 771
• Forest $ork %mini-e&porers and BIG
#orest academy' ' art# den $uilding# natural fire
lighting# tracking and more 8 "'.1# and .2 to ." with groups
at .andy*s community centre in Craigmillar and with range of
young people form +i$erton9,ilmerton& :p to 14 sessions in
• !oya Environmenta Heath Institute
o# (cotand ' in partnership with ,racemount 7alled
,arden sponsoring !0 ;ualifications in either 2lementary
Cookery .kills or 0ood <ygiene
• Heath Issues course ' In partnership with
-omorrow*s eople ' delivery of Introduction to <ealth Issues
in the Community an .=0 course addressing health
• E&hi)ition #or Craigmiar*s +,th
-nniversary Festiva# featuring school children*s
work and history of green9growing initiatives throughout 105
• .ne day #estiva event at Goodtrees to
cele$rate its 10th anniversary&
• (ponsoring/supporting /aking Group
with Craigmillar %$ility Network and N<.
• -udit o# the park $y disa$ility groups in respect of
improving access& 4dates t$c6
0or more information contact
<ilary Morrison on