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In this exercise, you create new family types from a mass family file.

616 | Chapter 17 Massing

Training File

■Click File menu ➤ Open.

■In the left pane of the Open dialog, click Training Files, and open Metric\Families\Massing\Box.rfa.

Create 3 family types

1On the Design Bar, click Family Types.

2In the Family Types dialog, click New.

3In the Name dialog, enter 15000 mm x 18000 mm x 12000 mm, and click OK.

4In the Family Types dialog, under Other, for Width, enter 15000mm, for Height, enter 12000
mm, for Depth, enter 18000 mm, and click Apply.

5Click New, and for Name, enter 68000 mm x 9000 mm x 18000 mm, and click OK.

6For Width, enter 68000 mm, for Height, enter 18000 mm, for Depth, enter 9000 mm, and click


7Click New, and for Name, enter 46000 mm x 6000 mm x 11000 mm, and click OK.

8For Width, enter 46000mm, for Height, enter 11000 mm, for Depth, enter 6000 mm, and click


9Click OK.

10Click File menu ➤ Save As.

11Save the file as Box-Training.rfa.

In this exercise, you opened a mass family file and created 3 new types of this family file.

Creating New Mass Family Types | 617

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