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Kevin Cramer | | 701.220.6368

George Sinner seems to think the only role of North Dakota's sole representative is to cast votes. He has
demonstrated a lack of commitment to the countless hours of important face-to-face visits and phone calls
with leaders and citizens required to be the representative that the people of North Dakota deserve.
Frankly, if he doesn't want to put in the time to do the job, he should reconsider his bid for the U.S. House.
As a freshman representative and North Dakota's voice in the U.S. House, I achieved a record of
accomplishment while remaining accessible to constituents. During my first term, we reduced federal
spending, passed a Farm Bill that included the Cramer Amendment which protected North Dakota farmers
from environmental overreach by the Obama administration, advanced legislation for water issues faced by
the state, and fought the sex and child trafficking trade. In addition, I now have the pen that the president
used sign my first bill into law, which streamlines the BLM permitting process for developing our domestic
energy supply and protects our federal lands.
I'm happy to say that I represented the wide interests of all North Dakotans and twice voted to reject
raising Congressional salaries, while maintaining my home, family and connections within our state.
Unfortunately, George Sinner can't find much to talk about besides where to live and how much to get
paid. He chooses to ignore the big issues to instead play games with voting numbers regarding one day of
voting. He ignores that this job is not only about voting. It includes important work representing the
interests of our state with department leaders in Washington. North Dakotans deserve a much better set of
ideas from Sinner.
While Sinner's agenda is about showing up in Washington, my first term achieved a proven record of
results representing the people of North Dakota. We have many big domestic and international issues to
deal with. I certainly hope George Sinner gets serious about those.
Cramer for Congress, PO Box 396, Bismarck, ND 58502-0396, USA
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