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lime slaking reference
lime slaking reference

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Published by: cumpio425428 on Jul 23, 2014
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THPAL Slaked Lime Mixing Tank Project
Taganito, Surigao del Norte


THPAL Slaked Lime Mixing Tank Project
Taganito, Surigao del Norte

- 1 -
1. The drawings included herein have been compiled as reference drawings which are intended
to serve as indication only of what types of works shall be performed for the accomplishment
of the Works. To this purpose, JGC has chosen presently available typical, standard, or
probably similar types of the drawings.

On the understanding of the drawings included herein being as such in nature, the Contractor
shall in no way raise any claims against JGC due to or arising out of those reference drawings.

2. The Contractor shall carry out the Works in accordance with "for construction" drawings which
shall be supplied by JGC to the Contractor on a piecemeal basis as they are produced.

JGC may from time to time issue revised "for construction" drawings and field sketches to the
Contractor who shall conform with those revised drawings and field sketches in performing the

3. The Contractor shall check all drawings and sketches furnished by JGC immediately upon
their receipt, and shall promptly notify JGC of any discrepancies, errors or omissions in regard
to site conditions and other technical documents. Any work affected by such discoveries
which is performed by the Contractor prior to clarification by JGC shall be at the Contractor's
risk and expense.

4. Omissions from drawings or misdescriptions on drawings of necessary portions of the Works, if
any, shall not relieve the Contractor from performing such omitted or misdescribed portions of
the Works.

5. If the Contractor requires detailed working drawings based on JGC supplied drawings, the
Contractor shall prepare the same at his own expense and responsibility.

6. The number of the drawings to be supplied by JGC to the Contractor shall be three (3).

The Contractor shall provide and make at his own expense any further copies required by the
Contractor. One (1) copy of the drawings shall be kept by the Contractor on the Site and
the same shall be available for inspection and use by JGC and others as authorized by JGC.

7. Upon request from JGC at the time of Completion of the Works or upon termination of the
Contract, the Contractor shall return to JGC all drawings with which the Contractor was issued
by JGC.

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