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Study Explains Why Marijuana Helps With Arthritis Pain - Leaf Science

Study Explains Why Marijuana Helps With Arthritis Pain - Leaf Science

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Published by Rowan Swanepoel
Study from medical journal
Study from medical journal

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Published by: Rowan Swanepoel on Jul 23, 2014
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Study Explains Why
Marijuana Helps With
Arthritis Pain




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5 Ways Marijuana Affects
Your Sleep

Many patients with arthritis rely on
marijuana to manage their pain,

Scientists Discover Gene For

and new research offers an

Happiness — And It’s Related


To Marijuana

Using rat models of osteoarthritis, scientists at the
University of Nottingham found that synthetic
cannabinoids could relieve pain by interfering
with signals at the spinal cord level.
The study, published last month in the open-

Canada Could Soon Have Two
Public Trading Marijuana

com/apps Get 30GB storage. arthritis patients represent the largest group of Canadians using . “We report the first evidence for the SSSSS sssss by needmed Red N° 1 (Mettrum) SSSSS sssss expression of CB2 mRNA in the human by needmed spinal cord. in particular at earlier stages of the disease. Begin a free trial! Program [Video] Advertisement They conclude that cannabinoids which activate these pathways may hold promise in treating osteoarthritis. 99. patients with Just Added Top Score Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer 7.access journal PLOS One.” Despite the lack of human trials. who was not involved with the study. looked at specific Marijuana Users Have Better marijuana pathways called CB2 receptors. Red N° 4 (Mettrum) suggesting that the body naturally facilitates this mechanism of pain relief. an Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Associate Professor of Pharmacology and 7/10 Anaesthesia at Dalhousie University. McDougall.” Advertisement Interestingly. which Cognitive Skills. the scientists observed significant changes in the expression of cannabinoid pathways in tissue samples taken from both rats RECENT REVIEWS and humans with osteoarthritic joint damage. and demonstrate a Volcano Vaporizer negative correlation with joint by yourvaporizers SSSSS sssss chondropathy (damage).9% uptime and 24/7 support. Study Finds the authors note have “well described antiinflammatory effects” when activated. According to Jason J. supporting the clinical utility of this approach. A positive correlation between the extent of chondropathy and pain has previously been reported. especially during early stages of the disease. PhD. “Our clinical and pre-clinical data support the further investigation of the potential of CB2 receptor agonists for the treatment of pain associated with OA (osteoarthritis). Gmail for Businesses Israel Has The World's Largest Medical Marijuana google. 2/10 arthritis have long reported marijuana to be helpful.

McDougall believes that natural cannabis also needs to be considered “as a way of managing pain effectively. Doctors Say Cannabis 'Should Be A Medical Option' Beta-Caryophyllene: The Dietary Google .medical marijuana for any specific condition. Statistics from Health Canada and the 36% of Canadian Consortium medical for the Investigation of marijuana Cannabinoids (CCIC) show that 36% of medical marijuana patients in Canada use the drug to treat some Atmos RAW Vaporizer 4. Although researchers seem to be taking a special interest in synthetic cannabinoids.K.” The study received funding from Arthritis Research U.S. 2/10 Next » patients in Canada have arthritis form of arthritis. Dr. and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Share: Facebook 1K+ Twitter 75 More from Leaf Science 67% of U.

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It’s basic science. 2013 AT 3:27 AM LOG IN TO REPLY Captain Jim The whole is always greater than the sum of it’s parts. But 'High' Raises Concern Cannabinoids Show Promise In Treating Bladder Pain And Inflammation  2 COMMENTS Johnny MoonOwl Why use synthetics?  (0)  DECEMBER 5.Marijuana Could Help Cannabinoids Show Promise In Slowing MS. 2014 AT 12:29 AM LOG IN TO REPLY LEAVE A REPLY .  (0)  JANUARY 5.

Our writers search media outlets and scientific databases from across the globe in order to provide the most interesting and thoughtprovoking stories to the public. CBD Medical As Cancer Marijuana Is Cures Better December 13. April 21. World’s 2013 Largest Medical Cannabis Marijuana Treatment Program For Brain [Video] Cancer Begins April 16. Advertisement MOST READ LATEST WHO WE ARE Drug Maker Whoopi Will Soon Goldberg: Hold Patent Forget Advil. Stay tuned! Exposing Marijuana Medical Companies Tw eet Marijuana April 16. 2014 First Human Trials November 12. 2014 Like Laws In The UK Israel Has The November 21. On THC. Sanjay Soon Have Leaf Science is still in beta mode. Dr.You must be logged in to post a comment. 2013 77 Share 531 . 2014 2013 Canada Could Leaf Science is a Canadian website covering the latest news and facts about marijuana. but Gupta’s New Two Public we hope to have an official launch Mission: Trading soon.


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