Sample Question Paper

Course Name : Computer Engineering and Computer Technology Course Code : CO/CM/CD Semester Subject Marks Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. 4. Assume suitable data if necessary. 5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order. Q.1 Attempt any FOUR. a) List eight traits (properties) of good software tester. b) Explain the Unit Testing method with example. c) What is backward & forward compatibility testing? d) Explain the Gray Box testing. e) Describe Beta Testing. f) Describe four steps for carefully & methodically planning test cases. Q.2 Attempt any THREE. a) What is goal of a Software Tester? b) What is Bugs? List four software failure terms. c) Explain coding standard & guidelines. d) Explain four essential elements to a Formal Review? Q.3 Attempt any THREE. a) List four subroutine parameter errors. b) What does static white box testing mean. c) Explain the Integration Testing method with example. d) Illustrate the impact of testing multiple versions of application software. 12 Marks 12 Marks 16 Marks : Sixth for CO/CM and Seventh for CD : Software Testing : 80 Time: 3 Hrs.


Q.4 Attempt any TWO. a) Explain State Testing with state transition diagram.

16 Marks

b) What action should b e perform on software when attempting to race condition bugs? c) Give eight low-level specification techniques? Q.5 Attempt any THREE. a) How to identify the hardware standard? b) What is difference between translation & localization c) Explain the capability Maturity Model (CMM). d) Describe the role of Inter Group Responsibilities in test documentation. Q.6 Attempt any THREE. a) What are the goals of Test planning? b) Illustrate accessibility Testing. c) What does web site testing mean. d) Describe the analysis Tools. 12 Marks 12 Marks

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